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Chapter Two…

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" The first one said. He was a large burly man whose face was covered in hair.

"Looks like a couple of travelers." The second one said. He unlike his out-of-shape friend was tall and skinny but not wiry. He had a sword at his side with his hand resting on the hilt, ready to be drawn. "Lost Travelers."

"We don't want any trouble." Elizabeth said as watched the two closely. The large one chuckled while the skinny one just grinned. Elizabeth's grip on her sword tightened as the skinny one approached them.

"Look James, this little thing thinks she can fight!" Said the skinny one. "Now that's a laugh!"

"Sweetheart, why don't' you put that down before you hurt yourself." The one called James said as he laughed along with his friend.

"What makes you so sure I'm the one who's going to get hurt?" Elizabeth said coyly. Their laughing ceased but their grins remained.

Elizabeth felt her toes curl as she saw the skinny one's eyes travel up her body.

"And I'm not your sweetheart." She added bitterly.

"Thom, if this lass want' a fight, then let's let her have a fight." James said to his skinny friend.

As if on cue the one called 'Thom' unsheathed his sword and took a stance, preparing to fight.

"Sarah, take the bag and hide over there by that tree." Elizabeth whispered to her sister. "and what ever you do, Don't let anyone near you that you don't trust."

With that said Sarah took their bag which consisted of two hunting knives, their drinking flasks, and a thin blanket, and took cover by a large oak tree a few feet away from her sister.

Elizabeth was now keeping a better eye on her opponent, anticipating his first move.

He moved to strike her right arm, (the one her sword is in) she blocked it, swung it around to her other side and shoved his sword back at him.

Thom wasn't expecting such force from such a person, he lost his footing for a second. He recovered quickly. Shock was written all over his face.

He moved to strike again but it was to no avail, Elizabeth blocked it again. She blocked every advance he tried. She even got a few strikes of her own, such as a cut to his right cheek, but that was the only time she drew blood from him.

He was not so lucky. Every time he moved to strike she deflected, this went on for quite a while till Elizabeth finally got the upper hand.

Thom was about to advance again but lost his footing on some wet leaves and fell to the ground, dropping his sword in the process.

Elizabeth used this time to take a step towards him, holding him at sword point.

"I could take your life right here if I wanted to." She said as she moved her sword's tip from above his chest to over his neck. "But I won't." She said as she took a step away from Thom. "there is already too much death in this world, I refuse to add to it." she finished as she turned and walked away from him.

As she walked away from Thom and towards her sister, she saw Sarah's smiling face turn to a look of horror as she pointed to something behind Elizabeth and yell,

"Lizzie! Look Out!"

Elizabeth spun around just in time to see her opponent's sword come crashing down, just inches from her head.

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