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Chapter Thirty

"Look Behind You."

The two guards spun around to come face to face with two very unhappy outlaws before being knocked out in a furry of punches coming from the two outlaws as Will and John walked into camp, calm as ever as if Much and Allan punching two guards senseless was an every day task.

"Enough you two." John said once he was in the camp. Much calmed a bit but Allan was still seeing red.

"Allan." Mira said quietly. That one sound made Allan freeze. Stop completely, turning his attention to the raven haired beauty that stood in front of him before holding her in his arms.

"You okay?" Much asked as he held Lizzie at arm's length, looking her once over before holding her in his arms, not even waiting for an answer.

"I'm fine, but we need to go find Sarah, she-"

"The little lass is fine, she's with Robin, Marian and Djaq." John said in his fatherly voice, Lizzie relaxed some.

"Speaking of them, we should go get them." Will said, anxious to go and get Djaq. John nodded.

"Well…I'll stay here with the girls, you don't need another ambush waiting for us when you lot get back." Much said, nodding to himself.

"I'm not being funny, but I'm staying too." Allan said. "Besides, we still have to get rid of these two." Allan said kicking one of the guards that was currently knocked out on the ground.

"Fine." Will said as he and John left the camp to go get Robin and their two wounded friends. "Have two beds ready when we get back." Will said as they disappeared outside of the camp.

"Two?" Mira asked at Allan.

"Long story." He said as he and Much started to tie the two guards up and drag them out of the camp, leaving Mira and Lizzie to make two beds for the others.


Robin sat down next to Marian, trying to keep her awake and talking. He wasn't about to lose her. Not after everything they had been through.

"Marian? Stay up with me. Please." Robin hid his tears. Sarah watched the outlaw leader from next to Djaq.

Sarah tugged on Djaq's sleeve lightly.

"Hmmm?" Djaq said weakly.

"I think you need to stay awake." Sarah said quietly. The corners of Djaq's lips turned up slightly.

"I think you're right." Djaq said just as quietly. "You're a smart girl."

"Thank you." Sarah smiled brightly at the compliment. "You're a nice lady." She grinned. Djaq smiled a little more. Sarah was very different from her cousin, but in a good way.

"There You Are!" a voice said from across the clearing. Sarah spun her head around to see who was there when Djaq grabbed onto Sarah's small childish waist, in an attempt to protect the small girl. Djaq had barely noticed Robin stand in front of all three of them, holding his sword, ready to fight the intruder.

One of Gisbourne's men had found them.

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