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Chapter Thirty One

"You know I was sent to go find that brat right there and I find her with the king of all outlaws, Robin Hood himself." The guard sneered. "Well, at least I can't get in trouble for not catching the brat if I just bring in your head," the guard then noticed Djaq and Marian laying down. "Or them." He smirked. Robin snarled, still in a defensive mode. "Staying silent then? Or you turn into a dunce when you became an outlaw?" the guard laughed.

"I suggest you leave," Robin said in a strained voice, as if he were trying to control himself, "while you have the chance." The guard just laughed.

"Make it easy on yourself and just hand over the little brat and yourself and I'll leave the two ladies alone." he laughed. Robin glanced down at Sarah who was glaring at the guard and holding Djaq's hand before glancing up at Robin.

Robin glared at the guard.

"I don't think so. Go run back to your master and tell him he won't be getting any of us." Robin growled.

"the only way I'm going back there is if I have one of you with me." The guard snapped.

"Get used to disappointment."

The guard had had enough and attacked.

Robin quickly defended himself, throwing his sword up in defense before throwing the guard off of him and took a step back. Robin kept his sword pointed at the guard and Sarah and the girls behind him.

"Last warning, Run while you still can." Robin said, calmly, before he saw out of the corner of his eye, the bushes move. The guard hadn't noticed. Just then, quietly, Robin saw Will and John step out of the trees and Robin smirked at the guard.

"I'm being serious here, if you don't run now, and forget you ever saw us, you won't like what comes next." The guard just laughed at Robin.

"Honestly? One puny outlaw against me, a guard?"

"Oh, I'm not alone." Robin smiled.

"I can tell, two wounded and dying women behind you and a little brat who won't let go of the saracen's hand. Not much help are they?" The guard laughed louder. Robin just put down his sword and smiled.

"But we might be of some help for him." Will shouted, startling the guard. The guard spun around to see John standing right behind him. The guard started to shake as the man mountain glared down at him.

"You, We Do Not Like." John said as he knocked the young guard out before tying him up next to a tree.

Will ran over to Djaq and Sarah, his attention on Djaq.

"Djaq? Djaq, please, talk to me, stay with us, please." Will whispered to her. Sarah walked over to John, leaving Will alone with her new friend.

"Djaq?" Will asked once more, her eyes were shut as he held her hand. "Please wake up Djaq. I can't lose you. I-" Will didn't notice a tear fall from his eye. "I love you."

"I love you too Will Scarlett, now will you please stop crying? I am not dead, nor do I plan to be for a very long time." Djaq smiled at the carpenter.

"We need to go." John said as he picked up Sarah.

"John is right, I need to tend to my patient." Djaq said, trying to get up only to be picked up bridal style and carried towards the camp by Will. Robin carried Marian, running ahead.

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