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Chapter 1

Matau remembered the time he had been first transformed into a Toa Metru. At the time, it had felt like a wondrous dream. He felt powerful, brave, strong, and handsome. He felt like he could take on the entire world, and he wanted to. No matter how bleak the situation seemed, he always felt, with his Toa powers, he would prevail. He had gladly accepted his new duties and had never wished at any time to return to his old ways as a simple Matoran.

Those thoughts and feelings had been completely shattered ever since he became a Hordika.

Now, instead of a handsome, gallant warrior of wind, he looked like a hideous monster that would haunt his dreams. Matau had always been very self-concious and sensitive about himself, sometimes even to the point of arrogance. But it wasn't just his looks that disturbed him. As a Toa, he felt powerful, courageous. He had a strong bond with his powers, and he loved it. Now, he had lost those powers, replaced by a terrible anger and strength that only seemed to come forth in fits of rage, and where often times even his own team members would not be spared his wrath.

It also didn't help that he was continually hunted down by hordes of spiderous creatures known as Visorak.

It also definately did not do any good that he was currently locked in a desperately battle against said arachnards.

Matau cringed in pain as he felt a sharp object propell through the air and slash at his left shoulder. Blood began to drip down his twisted arm, but he paid no mind to it as the pain was so blinding. It took everything he had not to cry out in agony. Instead, with his other, much shorter arm, Matau lashed out at the attacker, a Keelerak with his weapons. He let loose a rare smile as he saw the sword come in contact with flesh and literally chop a single leg off. The Visorak lost its balance, stunned by the sudden pain, was open to another attack, which Matau gleefully took.

One down, a million to go, Matau thought grimly as he narrowly avoided a Keelerak spinner. He hunched down to his knees and was prepared to launch his own rhotuka when something hard knocked into him, forcing him on his back. He found himself pinned down to a Keelerak, its large pincers threatening to snap away at his neck-

In another instant, the creature was blown off of him by a red blur. The creature burst into flames, letting out what appeared to be weak wails of pain.

Matau weakly got up, wincing as he felt his shoulder begin to throb again. He turned to his savior, intending to thank him, but frowned when he saw who it was. "Vakama..."

The Red Hordika hardly even acknowledged him. Instead, he lashed out at a nearby Visorak, clawing and biting at it. Matau glanced away, he had no desire to see such gore.

The six Hordika and Rahaga had been searching around Le-Metru for some supplies when they were suddenly ambushed by the hordes. Did they plan for this...? Matau wondered, as he slashed another Keelerak. We practically walked-strolled right into their trap...! No, Vakama lead us... this is all his fault! Like always... Deep down, he knew it wasn't really Vakama's fault completely, but ever since the transformation, he had taken to blaming everything bad happening to them on the leader, however true or not. It was cruel and unfair, but Matau had been stuck in such a state of depression, that blaming the man who seemed to be the main cause of all his pain gave him a little escape from his grief. Besides, it wasn't like Vakama ever tried to justify himself, he usually took the insults quietly, then would go off to slaughter some poor innocent creature in anger.

"They just keep coming!" a voice hissed angrily from beside him. Matau glanced at the speaker, Onewa, as he fended off several Visorak with his claws.

"Perhaps we should try to retreat," a female voice piped up. Nokama had just finished swiping away a Keelerak with her fin barbs. It was obvious from her tone and face that she was beginning to tire. Everyone was, they had been fighting practically since nightfall, and dawn was soon approaching. Had it really been that long...?

"If you see an opening to run, be my guest to point it out." Nuju snapped sarcastically.

"It would be best if we attempt to escape," Norik, a small red rahaga said. "There is a chance."

Nuju simply snorted in response.

Matau was all too happy to agree with the blue Hordika's plan, but his reply was cut short when all of a sudden a blinding pain overtook him. A Keelerak had launched its self straight at him, its pincers open and ready. The pincers found its mark around his waist and bit into his skin. He let out a cry of agony as he was thrown backwards by the force of the blow and into a tree, feeling his hips grow wet with blood. The Visorak buried its pincers deeper into his body and attempted to pin him the wood, and Matau could've sworn through his haze of pain that he saw the spider smirk.

Suddenly, the creature was torn away from his vision by a black blur. Whenua had grabbed it and yanked it out of the tree, before slicing it in half with his claws.

Matau dropped to the floor, his body practically numb all over. He felt light-headed, and it was difficult to stay awake. He managed to look up at his savior and smile slightly. "Th-thanks... Whenua..." he breathed, unconcious-ness threatening to overtake him.

The expression on the black Hordika's face was grim. "Don't thank me yet, we're still not safe." he said. As if to prove his point, a Keelerak acid spinner whizzed by his face, slightly greasing the edge of his mask.

Not wasting anymore time, Whenua draped Matau's uninjured arm around his shoulder, careful to make sure he didn't touch any of his other wounds, and began to make his way to a nearby structure for cover. The others had formed a circle around them, protecting them from the Visorak.

Iruini lightly tapped Matau. "Matau. Can you see me?" he asked.

"Y-yes..." Unfortunately... Matau nodded his head.

"Listen to me. You cannot fall asleep, Matau. Do you understand? If you do, you will die." Iruini explained, his voice dead serious.

"This is bad..." Nokama muttered, as she was watched the Visorak slowly surround them. "We have to find a way to get Matau out of here..."

"Tell us something we don't know!" Onewa hissed, holding up his claw clubs in defense, eyeing the spiders anxiously.

"Vakama, what do we do?" Nokama glanced worriedly to their leader. Unlike the other Hordika, Nokama still held a bit of faith in Vakama's skills, although as time passed, she was beginning to doubt his own sanity.

The red Hordika did not respond instantly. Instead, his eyes wandered between the approaching Keelerak and his own teammates. He knew that his team's welfare came first, but the beast inside of him was crying out for battle. It was nearly impossible to drown out the voice, echoing fight! Fight! Fight! in his mind. Vakama shook his head, trying desperately to drown out the voice, when out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something.

"There!" he pointed towards a near-by building. It looked to be far more structurally sound than most other buildings they had encountered, although it was far from perfect. "It looks like a test lab... maybe there's something there that we can use to escape!"

"Any ideas on how to get there?" Nuju asked, taking note of the several Visorak stood between them and the aforementioned building.

Onewa crouched down on his legs and aimed his Rhotuka. "I'll take care of it..." he replied, releasing his rhotuka spinner.

Although the spinner hit very few Visorak, it was enough of a distraction to give the Hordika a fighting chance. With a mighty cry, Onewa, closely followed by Vakama, charged forth and began to clear a path away from the Visorak, covering for Nokama, Whenua, Nuju, Matau and the rahaga to reach the shelter.

Upon closer inspection, the building was far more decayed and uncstructually sound as they had once thought, looking like it would collapse at any given moment. But at the time, they were more concerned with finding any sort of shelter to even care. Nuju ushered everyone into an open hole in the wall, while Nokama helped Whenua carry Matau, and Iruini continued to talk to the wounded ex-Toa.

Once they had gotten inside, Onewa and Vakama turned to run towards the building, until a Visorak launched itself at Vakama and pinned him down. Onewa would've kept running despite this, his mind too concerned with survival to worry about his leader, but another Visorak managed to grab him as well.

Blast! thought Nuju as he watched the two Hordika fall. He reached for his Hordika Teeth and charged forward, joined by Whenua had left Matau to be tended to by Nokama, Iruini and Gaaki.

The Black ex-Toa fired his rhotuka, intending to free his comrades, but before he could even launch it, Bomonga suddenly appeared and whacked him on the hand with his staff. "Stop! You hit others, too." the rahaga pointed out.

Nuju soon became aware of Kualus's prescence as he began to climb on his back. "What are you doing?" he asked, annoyed.

"Trying to keep you two alive. Incoming!"

Nuju moved just in time to dodge and on-coming spinner, retaliating by launching his own. Kualus clicked in approval. "Excellent. Now, look out on to your left!"

Wonderful, a back-seat fighter. Nuju thought angrily as he complied with the rahaga's instructions. From the corner of his eye, he could see Bomonga giving out similiar tips to Whenua, although they were mostly quick one-word warnings.

Meanwhile, Nokama observed Matau wounds with concern. The green Hordika was in obvious pain, wincing with every breath he took. His lungs might've been pierced... she thought, worriedly.

Gaaki observed them from afar, her eyes darting between them and the battle raging outside. "How is he?" she asked, although she had a pretty good idea of the answer.

"Bad." was Iruini's simple reply. "He's lost a lot of blood... at least he's managed to stay concious." he frowned as Matau took another agonized gasp. "I don't know how much longer that's going to last, though."

Gaaki remained silent.

A sudden cry turned her attention away from the injured and out to the fight, where Whenua had suddenly been overpowered by several Visorak. Her eyes widened, concerned for both the black Hordika and Bomonga. She took a step forward. "No-!"

Norik and Pouks both stood in front of her, preventing her from moving. "There's nothing you can do." he told her. "Don't..."

Gaaki frowned and hung her head, but obediently stepped back closer to Nokama.

The battle was looking hopeless. Nuju stood alone, against a thousand or more Visorak, fending them off one by one. Eventually, fatigue began to take its toll, and his blows became slower and weaker by the moment. His fellow comrads had already fallen into the Visorak one by one, he couldn't even see them anymore. Were they dead? He didn't know. It was hard to tell, especially with an extra weight on his back-

"Look out!"

The warning had come too late.

Nuju shouted in surprise as several Visorak launched their spinners simoultanously. He held up his weapons as a reflex as he attempted to dive out of the way. One of them greased his side, its acid just scratching his thigh. It was enough of a surprise to knock him off guard just for a moment, which was all the spiders needed. They piled onto him, snapping the pincers angrily at the fallen ex-Toa. However, his attention was else where, as he watched the other spinners fly through the air and towards another target.

Norik's eyes widened with fear as the acid spinners collided with the walls of the abandoned building and continued to burn through, eventually hitting several support pillars. The ceiling soon followed.

Nokama jerked her head up as debris began to fall close to her, threatening to crush her. She grabbed Matau who was still too weak to move and searched desperately for an exit. Iruini and Gaaki were huddled close to them, squinting through the dust and rubble to find an escape.

Norik and Pouks, who were already standing close to an opening, called to their companions. "Nokama! Gaaki! Iruini! Over here!" they yelled, trying to grab their attention.

Nokama followed the sounds of their voices and made her way to them, narrowly avoiding a rock. As more and more debris fell, her panic began to rise. It was now simply a question of whether or not she would be crushed from the falling rocks, and it was only matter of seconds before the entire building would collapse. She had to get out of here, fast!

Matau took a weak breath. "N... Nokama... I..."

The blue Hordika shushed him. "Save your strength!" she told him.

"If we don't... make it... out of here..." Matau coughed. "I always... l..." suddenly his eyes widened with fear.

"Look out!"

With all the strength he could muster, Matau shoved Nokama to the ground as the building finally gave way completely. The walls caved in, and soon, Nokama, Matau, Gaaki and Iruini were lost.

Meanwhile, the other four brave Toa Hordika and two rahaga had fallen unconcious, unaware of the events that had taken place. And Norik and Pouks, the only two remaining rahaga, could only watch in horror as four of their closest friends... died.

Norik hung his head in defeat, not even paying attention to the Visorak who had grabbed them. "No... it's over."

To Be Continued...