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Chapter 5

In the form of a small stone rat, Krahka made her way onto the coliseum grounds, taking special care to avoid any noise so as not to attract anymore unwanted attention. It wouldn't be too long before the one Visorak she had just killed was discovered, and she wanted to complete her job before any more alarms were raised.

It wouldn't be good to give my position away to the tyrants before I am ready. She thought as she morphed once again, this time into the form of a Boggarak Visorak after confirming that there were no nearby sentries to witness the transformation.

For a moment after transforming, she stood completely still. She gave herself a moment to become used to her arachnid body, waiting for the awkward feeling of having six legs disappear before moving to take her first step. That was the biggest problem with her abilities. Although she could perfectly take the form of any living creature (provided it had a solid form) along with its powers, she could never gain that creature's bare instincts, making even simple actions such as walking or talking (in whatever) tongue difficult, despite it being second nature to the creature itself.

One, two... she counted in her mind as she moved her first left leg forward, followed by her right. Then the second left, second right, third left, third right, so on and so on until soon she was crawling along the coliseum grounds in perfect sync. She snapped her pincers for practice, feeling them clank together. In her mind, she let herself smile. Excellent. This was going along better than she had thought...

Click click click.

She froze as she saw two large shadows reflected against the walls. They could've only belonged to some Visorak.

She struggled to calm herself down and think of a plan. Don't worry about them. She told herself as she began moving, trying to act as natural as possible. Walk past them. Ignore them. Don't engage them. They'll ignore you...

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

"Hey, you!"

One of the Visorak, a large Vohtarak, crawled over to her, his pincers clicking irregularly. Krahka grimaced in her mind, although she could understand languages at a much faster pace than other creatures, it was still a pain to learn how to communicate with others. She tried to decipher the meaning of his words, and then repeated quietly back, "hey."

The Vohtarak eyed her carefully. "So... what's a pretty little thing like you doin' down here on the lower levels? Off shift?" he asked.

If Krahka had hands at the moment and wasn't trying to blend in, she would've face palmed for sure. Is this idiot trying to flirt with me? "N... No..." she spoke, struggling with the words. "Not off-shift."

"Oh. Still on sentry-duty, eh?" he asked.

"Yes... still on sentry-duty." she replied carefully.

"Is that so? Well then, you outta check me out!" he puffed out his chest proudly (or the Visorak equivalent), completely serious.

It took every ounce of Krahka's self-control to keep from groaning. I suppose idiots exist in all races...

Eager to escape from the Vohtarak's unnecessary attention (and any more pick-up lines), she left his sight without another word. She walked as quickly as she could without breaking into a frantic run to keep ahead, now even more determined to find and dispense with Roodaka and Sidorak without another incident.

As she walked, she toyed with several different ideas of how to destroy the two tyrants. Should she poison them by turning into a poisonous rahi, or should she turn into a larger rahi and simply kill them like that? In fact, whom should she kill first? At first she thought that it was Sidorak she should aim for, but as she thought about it, she realized that Roodaka was the dangerous one.

She had heard from other rahi that the viceroy was incredibly crafty and manipulative, but most of all she was ruthless. This was a woman who always thought everything through; there wasn't a single movement that she made that wasn't part of a grander scheme to further help her needs. It was obvious that she was the more dangerous one, and therefore she was the one who had to die first.

Yes, it was clear now. Roodaka had to be the first one to go, and her king would be second. Then, the island could be free...

To do what...? Krahka paused for a moment as another thought struck her. What if after defeating the two tyrants that she should take their place? What would happen then? She would assume control over the Visorak and the entire city, just as she had once planned to do so long ago before the Toa interfered...

No. I cannot. She shook her head. In the state this island is, I would indeed be ruler of nothing, just as the Toa had said. I would be no better than the tyrants themselves. It was a rather harsh reality, but it was reality. Besides, she had come to realize the downside of total control. No creature, rahi or Matoran, ever wanted to be completely controlled, to be in total enslavement to another, and it was a fate that no one should suffer.

Sidorak and Roodaka will fall and Metru Nui will be free. Krahka vowed as she began to ascend the walls to the upper levels. Today.

Krahka was busy exploring the second floor of the coliseum in an attempt to make it to the third floor when a feral scream followed by a loud thwamp echoed through the corridors. She braced herself and readied her rhotuka spinner, a defensive habit that she picked up from watching Visorak on their patrols.

It took a few moments of nothing happening for her to realize that this was a foolish move. She eased her body, but became curious as to whom or what made the sound.

She noticed there was a ledge not too far ahead and made her there. The ledge overlooked a series of grates that led down into various jail cells in the lower floors. Three of these cells were occupied.

Growing even more curious, Krahka walked towards the edge and peered down, her eyes resting on a particular cell where a large, hulking beast stood shakily, eyeing the door of bars that separated him and freedom. The creature was covered in bruises and blood, and breathing heavily from exhaustion. Yet its eyes burned with a fiery determination that both disturbed her and yet fascinated her. Then, with a cry, it charged forth and slammed against the bars only to be met with a bone-shattering crash.

Krahka winced as she heard a snapping sound resound from the creature that now let out a howl of pain. What a... stupid creature. She thought, and yet, she could not help but pity it.

What she heard next, though, shocked her.

"Stupid... stupid... LET ME OUT!"

The creature spoke. In a voice that was so very familiar to her, but took a moment for her to realize.


Indeed, it was. She recognized the two other creatures as well. There was no mistaking it, these three monsters were the same Toa Metru she had faced before in the underground tunnels, only now they were beasts.

Just as I had once been.

Krakha blinked. Where did that come from? She tried to shove the odd thought away and instead focus on the brown Toa before her, who was groveling on the ground, clutching his injured, and most likely broken arm.

Onewa. That had been his name, hadn't it? She remembered taking his form once to fool the Toa. She had to admit, out of all the forms she had stolen; his power had to have been the most fun to control. She felt like she had so much strength, it was most fun to see her enemies buried under piles and piles of stone as opposed to water or air, or fire or ice.

I should thank you, Toa Onewa. She had meant it as a mockery, to sneer at him in sniveling state he was now, but to her surprise, she found that the comment was actually... genuine. Why, she had no idea. It was a thought, he couldn't hear her, she should've had control over it. Yet, it was true. She really did-

Stop Krahka. You are getting distracted! She scolded herself. You are not here to watch and compliment some pitiful Toa; you are here on a mission. You have no time for idle thoughts... or idle wishes.

Closing her eyes, the shape-shifter forced her walk away from the ledge. But before she left the room, she paused, and turned around.

"The Visorak mutated you, didn't they." it wasn't a question, nor was it spoken loud enough for anyone other than herself to really hear, yet she felt as though she needed to say something. "Toa, I may not how exactly you came to be or why you came to be what you are, but I promise you, I will make the Visorak pay."

Cold. Too cold. Need heat.

Those were the only thoughts on the blue Hordika's mind as she and her friends trudged through the knee-deep snow and against the fierce, icy winds. As a resident of Ga-Metru, she was somewhat used to slightly cold weather, as her city was the northern most of the island, but never like this. Her metru only got as cold as water's freezing point, which was roughly 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. Ko-Metru, on the other hand, had temperatures far below that, making her, a being highly in tuned with water, at a serious risk for hypothermia.

She was so cold that she didn't even object to when Matau started cuddling up with her to; as he said it, help keep her warm. The suspicious thought that he was doing this just to get close to her did occur to her momentarily, but right now her desire for some sort of warmth trumped her pride and she accepted him. Surprisingly, though, he hadn't made any flirtatious attempts with her yet, making her wonder if he was just as desperate for body heat as she was. And considering his Metru was southern most and he didn't usually deal with chilly weather as this, it was extremely likely.

The two Rahaga followed in the back, also keeping close to the two larger beings. Gaaki, the natural born tracker, had at first been in the lead, but when the winds started to really pick up, she had to move to the back as she was just getting too much snow in her eyes.

Nokama let out a cross between a snort and a gag as she felt some snow slam into her face, blown by the wind. It sent shivers down her spine and only heightened her annoyance. We're in a freaking blizzard! she thought angrily as she wiped her snout. I didn't even know this Mata Nui-forsaken city could GET blizzards!

She had, after all, never been to Ko-Metru before.

The group had been walking around for what felt like hours and hours, with nothing but snow and more snow in sight. It hadn't been so bad when they first began, just a little bit of wind and a light snowfall, but then the blizzard hit. Now, if they couldn't find some sort of shelter and soon, there was a very real chance that they all could freeze to death.

Nokama suddenly paused and squinted her eyes. Matau looked at her.

"Do you see something?" he asked.

"I... I think I see... some sort of building." she replied. "I think it may be a knowledge tower..."

"Tower? As in shelter?" Iruini seemed to perk up at the mention (which surprised her. She didn't know he could hear her through the howls of the wind).

"Yes... yes! I'm sure of it now, I see a Knowledge tower!" Nokama cried.

Matau's eyes widened, indicating that he, too, could see the building in question. "I see it too! Come on, let's hurry-go!" he called, before taking off as fast one could go through knee-deep snow.

As the group approached, they could feel the winds die down a bit as the tower came in sight. Nokama could not hide her grin, but it soon disappeared when she saw the tower's doors.

Ice had formed around the outer rims and on the door knobs. Matau had tried to gently pull on the door but could not move it. "It's jammed!" he complained irritably.

But he was not deterred. After another unsuccessful tug at the door, the green Hordika stepped back and launched his rhotuka, breaking down the door with a controlled, tiny mini-cycle and granting the group access.

Iruini chuckled. "Great. Now we'll have to fix the door." he half joked.

Matau however didn't seem to notice the cynicism in his friend's voice, as he stood in the entry-way with a smug smirk on his face and a puffed-out chest. "No need to thank me!" he said in mock humility.

"Good, because I'm not."


"You two, can we please get in?!" Gaaki hissed. "I'm freezing my mask off!"

"Alright, alright, calm down! Geez..." Matau stepped out of the way and allowed the two females entry.

Once inside, Nokama shook all of the snow off her body. "I'm beginning to see why Ko-Metru has so little visitors." she muttered. "Only ice-heads like Ko-Matoran could possibly enjoy living here."

"Something tells me that this isn't exactly normal weather for this place, though." Gaaki said.

"You think it's unnatural?" Iruini asked. "Possibly caused by the Visorak?"

"No, I doubt it. It just feels like one of those once-in-awhile really, really, really bad blizzards." she explained.

"Once in a life-time, huh. Lucky us." Matau grumbled darkly.

Nokama glanced around the tower with interest. She had only heard stories about these places, but she had never gone into one herself. As it was abandoned, there wasn't much that was so magnificent, but it was still interesting to see and at the same time, sad. Tables and chairs were overturned, bookcases had fallen over and maps of all sorts of sizes were littered over the floor, most of them blown away by the wind of just ripped beyond recognition. She wondered how Nuju, who had spent most of his life in these places, would react to seeing his home in such a mess.

The very thought of her quiet teammate brought her thoughts back to their predicament, and her own guilt. What was happening to them right now? Were they even still alive? What would happen if they were dead?

At least if they're dead, they won't have to deal with this nightmare... she thought, wondering if she should be envious or not. She shivered again, suddenly feeling much colder than she had ever felt before.

Matau glanced at her worriedly. "Nokama, are you okay?" he asked, moving to put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

She snapped her head towards him. "I'm FINE!" she growled, causing him to step back in surprise. Once she realized what she had done, she hung her head shamefully. "I mean- I'm sorry, I'm okay. Just... just a little tired. And cold."

Matau simply nodded slowly at her.

Roodaka stood on the balcony of the Coliseum which overlooked the distant city of Le-Metru. She had her arms crossed over her chest and was tapping her arm impatiently, as if she was waiting for someone. Beside her, a single Boggarak stood silently and unmoving, too nervous to make any noise or even the slightest movement, not wanting to do something that could possibly upset its viceroy.

"They're late." she snarled. "I was expecting a report from the Le-Metru horde by now, but nothing's come. Why is that, I wonder?" her eyes seemed to gleam with ill intent as she cast a suspicious gaze to her body guard, who began to quiver in fear. It started humming, desperate to say something that could hopefully calm her down.

Roodaka listened in with a bored look on her face. Then, her expression softened ever so slightly, and she turned to leave. "Perhaps you are right," she said as she began to walk down the hallway. "Perhaps I am being a little too impatient. These things take time, after all."

The Boggarak hurried down the hall to catch up with its mistress. "In order for one to be a good leader and a good strategist, one must have patience. The patience to think things through, the patience to execute a long, thought-up plan, and the patience to stick to one's goals. This is a necessity, not an option." Roodaka continued. "If there is one thing that Sidorak has, it is the patience to create a thorough plan, I will give him that. But in everything else, he lacks greatly. Unlike me..."

She eyed the Visorak suspiciously, with a clearly fake but wide smile. "And you. After are, you have enough patience to infiltrate my fortress, pose as my minion, and listen to my ranting, do you not?"

The Boggarak's eyes widened in shock, before narrowing. Then, before the smug viceroy's eyes, it transformed into the figure of Nokama Metru. "You are indeed as smart as your reputation says you are," she muttered coldly. "But I am not afraid. My name is Krahka, and my duty is to kill you."

The female rahi felt her anger rise as the scheming woman before her chuckled, clearly un-intimidated. "Smile all you want. You will not be so jolly once you are dead..." Krahka warned. "But before I do, tell me. What gave me away?"

"Your mannerisms are surprisingly similar to that of the fikou spider, an arachnid of similar build and looks, but completely different body language." her grin seemed to widen. "Though I must give you credit. As time went on, you did seem to pick up the movements rather quickly. Just not quick enough."

Krahka's hand morphed into a claw. She lashed out at the viceroy with all her strength, but Roodaka blocked it with her arm.

"Ah, temper, temper." she taunted. "You simply must learn to control that temper. It could make you do... rash things."

Roodaka quickly launched her rhotuka. Before it could hit, however, Krahka quickly morphed into a small hoto fly and dodged. The rhotuka went off flying until it hit a nearby pillar.

Roodaka chuckled. "Good reflexes. But this is a rather tight battlefield, is it not? What say we move to a 'broader' arena for our fight?"

Krahka, still in the form of the hoto fly, stared suspiciously at her for a long moment. Then, transforming into a lava eel, she launched herself at the viceroy. "Not a chance!"

Roodaka simply narrowed her eyes. "Very well then."

To be continued...

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