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A Vohtarak patrol glanced up. A loud boom had thundered from the coliseum, most likely caused by viceroy Roodaka's rhotuka. But if she fired it, that must mean she was locked in battle. But who could she be fighting?

His answer came to him in the form of a rahkshi creature being shoved off of the balcony by Roodaka her self, who was busy trying to stab it with her sword.

To his surprise, the rahkshi suddenly morphed into a fairly large lohrak beast. The sudden change in size and through Roodaka momentarily off-balance with her sword, allowing the rahi to lash out and bite her. But the viceroy was quick, she twisted her body around so the beast only manage to nail her right arm which she was using to hold onto its neck. Although a painful injury, it was nothing compared to what could of happened, and the vortixx was no stranger to dealing with such a wound. Instead, she took a hold of the beast's momentary distraction with what it had done and with her free hand stabbed in the neck. The rahi wailed in agony before shaking the viceroy off of its body.

Roodaka landed gracefully on her feet and moved her hand to her injured arm. She felt blood where teeth had found its marked and grumbled. She had little time to rest, however, as the lohrak had recovered from its injury and morphed into a Kirikori Nui, an insect rahi and was now making a nose-dive for her, preparing to bite her again. Roodaka fired another one of the rhotuka to which the being just barely dodged. It had to veer hard left in order to dodge which through it off balance and caused it to tumble to the floor. It once again changed from, this time into an Artahka Bull, and charged for Roodaka.

The Vohtarak watched intently and was about to raise his spinner to defend his viceroy, but paused when a thought occurred to him. What would happen if she lost? Roodaka would die... but would that really be a bad thing? She did have a habit of killing off many of the Visorak without reason. She had done so to one of his friends not long ago... perhaps if she was gone, then Sidorak wouldn't be so bad.

Yes, that was it. The Vohtarak lowered his spinner and instead decided to watch the battle's outcome. This should be interesting...

Roodaka had no time to fire another rhotuka, so she instead side-stepped the raging bull and brought out her sword, intending to stab the creature again. But Krahka transformed into a small lava eel immediately and ducked under the sword. Landing on the ground with a thump, she changed forms again back into an Artahka Bull. She swiped at the viceroy with her claws, but the woman managed to parry the blow with her sword. Krahka let out an angry huff and swiped again only to be blocked once more. This second block had left her dazed for about a split second, all the time Roodaka needed to land a counter blow. She performed a forward uppercut, planning to cut off the rahi's head, with a clean, quick and smooth single stroke. Krahka saw it coming and jumped back to avoid the blow, unfortunately she did not move fast enough and suffered a slightly deep cut to her chest.

Krahka's eyes narrowed as she saw Roodaka's lips curve into a smile as she felt her chest burn in pain. It was obvious that close combat was not a good idea, at least not while she was in a form that was relative to her size. Deciding to change tactics, she jumped back a ways again and transformed into the body of a blue and white rahkshi, a rahi that had limited control over electricity. With this body, she could easily attack Roodaka from a distance. She focused her staff and conjured a lightning bolt to appear to attack Roodaka.

It took 10 nano-seconds for her to realize just what power this rahkshi possessed from its color, and took her exactly 1 and half seconds to react. She rolled out of the way of the bolt and fired her rhotuka in retaliation. Krahka skillfully dodged the spinner and fired yet another bolt of lightning, to which Roodaka dodged again. They continued exchanging their attacks for a while, each dodging the other's blows until Krahka felt something slam against her shoulder, which she soon realized was a wall.

Krahka let out a curse. She was trapped! The rhotuka was heading right for her, and if she didn't think of something soon, she was going to be hit... and then who knows what would happen. She knew Roodaka's spinner had the ability to horribly mutate a creature beyond recognition, and although she was fairly confident that it wouldn't effect her too much with her shape-shifting abilities, she had no desire to take any chances. She morphed into the body of a lava eel once again, and like before, the rhotuka went spinning over her head- unfortunately, Krahka had forgotten the destructive power of the rhotuka. It collided with the wall and broke through it, creating a minor explosion that nearly tore her small body in two.

Krahka had been blown forward, and was now laying on the floor, confused and dazed, still in the form of the tiny lava eel. Roodaka approached her, her sword gleaming, ready for the killing blow. Krahka glanced up, her eel eyes gleaming with defiance.

You will not be rid of me that easily!

Krahka transformed into a Kikanalo. The large size of the rahi caused Roodaka to pause for a moment, giving Krahka all the time she needed. She let out a sonic roar that blew back the Roodaka into the nearby wall, and sent a bunch of Visorak, who were observing the match, scattering and running about to get out of the way. Krahka charged at Roodaka, intending to crush her with her large body, but the viceroy managed to recover quite quickly from her previous blow and leaped out of the stampeding rahi's way. Krahka was too late to stop her run, and she charged straight into the wall.

Roodaka took this time to gain some distance between her and the shape-shifter, before releasing a barrage of rhotuka spinners. Krahka noticed this, and prepared to transform into a smaller rahi to dodge just as she had done so before, when the viceroy suddenly charged forth. Krahka had been in the middle of transforming into a stone rat when Roodaka barreled into her, bringing her sword down to skewer the small rahi. Panicked, Krahka quickly morphed again into the form of a semi-large gukko-bird, blocking the viceroy's sword with her wing.

Roodaka smirked as she saw blood drip from the gukko's form. She pulled her sword out from the creature's wing and was prepared to stab her again, when Krahka swiped at her with her other wing. Roodaka effortlessly block the pitiful blow with her arms, but the attack had been used as a diversion to allow Krahka time to gather strength in her legs and leap away.

Once she was at least a bio away, Krahka decided to take a form she had hardly ever used. And that was the form of a Toa Metru.

Roodaka smirked as she found herself staring down at the perfect image of Toa Onewa. She could almost see her own face reflected in the fake Komau.

"How funny. Taking the form of the lesser of two evils now, are we?" Roodaka teased.

"Be quiet." Krahka hissed in Nokama's voice. "This will be over soon, and I prefer my prey to be silent when they die!" With a dangerous gleam in her eye she unleashed a powerful wave of elemental energy, surging with murderous intent that had never before shown in the hands of the original Toa of Stone.

Many of the Visorak that had crowded around to watch now scattered to avoid being hit by the great blast, but the evil viceroy remained perfectly still and calm, showing no sign of fear or even surprise, just simple amusement.

"How arrogant."

Moving faster than she had ever gone before, Roodaka effortlessly side-stepped the beam and rushed to wards her opponent, almost blissfully unaware of the large explosion the stray beam had caused behind her. Krahka reared back, surprised by her quick dodge. Bad mistake.

Roodaka took this precious distraction as a chance to swing her sword, with Krahka only able to parry the blow. The viceroy grinned and swung her blade a second time, only to blocked again. Several more times Roodaka quickly thrust her blade at the shape-shifter, each blow parried, but only barely.

The exchange of blows was happening so fast Krahka barely had time to collect her footing. She was so busy making sure that she wouldn't get cut that she failed to notice Roodaka bring her leg up and knee her harshly in the gut. The rahi let out a choked gasp as she nearly keeled forward, inwardly cursing herself for her slow reflexes. She gripped her proto-pistons tightly, and tensed up, waiting to feel the cold tip of her blade pierce her body.

The blow never came.

Unexpectedly, Roodaka suddenly jumped back wards. Krahka blinked, at first suspicious, but was quickly replaced with re-fund strength as she realized this was a perfect time to counter attack. Unfortunately, she never got the chance.

As the shape-shifter was just getting her bearings, Roodaka unleashed her Rhotuka Spinner. To her horror, Krahka found that she was too slow to dodge. Exhausted by the all the parrying, fighting, transforming and the massive energy wave, the rahi could do little to escape the spinner and let out a piercing cry as it hit her.

Immediately she felt herself transform. But it was not the usual metamorphosis that she had gone through millions of times before. This transformation was a forced, painful and unnatural transformation. Every fiber of her body cried out in agony, as the world around her disappeared and was replaced with a thick haze.

But Krahka was not going to let this stop her. She was not going to die, or let whatever powers Roodaka possessed control her. After all, she was a shape-shifter!

She focused all of her strength and willpower to stopping the transformation. Every time she felt claws grow from her hands, she shut her eyes and forced them to return to normal fingers, like those of the Toa. Likewise, for every tail, for every fang, for every unnatural (for a Toa) body part she feel in her body she would push back, in an effort to retain her form.

The pain was unbearable, and she had not sense of time. She had no clue as to what Roodaka was doing, if she was approaching her, preparing to kill her, or what. It was all secondary.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Krahka felt the pain slowly go away and found that she could retain the same form. The poison had finally passed. What was once a nightmarish throbbing in her entire body was now just exhaustion.

She opened her eyes and realized another grim reality. Though the transformation was over and done with, she found that she little strength to do anything else.

She watched as Roodaka approached her from the corner of her eye, watching her like a vulture eyed a carcass just before it feasted. The rahi bit back a pang of fear that found its way into her heart. Was this it? Was she going to die?

"How disappointing." Roodaka sneered. "You are untrained, undisciplined. You only managed to hurt my arm."

Krahka simply glared at her, though her glower looked much more pitiful than it did angrily. She simply didn't have enough strength, or enough will-power, to manage anything more.

"Still... you do show some promise." Roodaka continued, surprising the rahi. The viceroy smiled softly. "As a shape-shifter, you do have next to limitless power at your disposal... and it would be a shame to see that all go to waste."

I do not like where this is going...

Roodaka leaned in closer. "As of now, you are not strong at all. You could not kill me. But perhaps with some training, you could prove... useful."

Krahka eyes locked onto her's, considering her words. She was offering her a truce...!

"So what say you, rahi? Do you wish to join me?" The viceroy unsheathed her sword and pointed it at her neck. "Or... do you decline my generous offer?"

Krahka narrowed her eyes. This was not a choice, it was an order. Join or die. There was no option.

She was too weak to attack, too tired to transform. There was no other way. But still, she just felt she couldn't do it. Side with the ones she had vowed to kill, the ones she knew were pure evil...

Like she had been once...

No, no! She had never been like them before... had she?

Join me... or die.

Krahka glanced up, a determined gleam in her eye. No. There was only one choice.

"I choose..."

Nokama awoke to some very interesting conditions.

First, when she woke up, an incredibly foul and disgusting stench assaulted her nose. It was so bad she was almost knocked out again.

Second, she was aware of some stone-cold objects wrapped tightly around her waist, and some semi-warm pressing against her back.

Thirdly, she suddenly realized that this was all Matau's doing.

The green Hordika had apparently taken to snuggling with her during the night. It was probably just to keep each other warm, a reasonable thing to do in Ko-Metru snow lands. But, being as she was a Hordika, and smelling his breath had somehow caused her sense of control to go out of whack, Nokama had immediately taken his actions to be something that was much dirtier (though, knowing him, she was probably half-right).

"GET OFF OF ME YOU CREEP!" Nokama shouted, breaking out of his grasping and whacking him hard on the snout.

"YEOWCH! Not again-!" Matau cried, suddenly woken from his dreaming state. It took him a few seconds to register just what was going on. "Hey- whuh? Nokama-"

She whacked him again.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"For your terrible breath!" Nokama hissed. "Just what did you think you were doing!?"

"I don't know, what was I doing?" Matau asked, clearly confused.

Nokama growled again. "You know what." she hissed.

Matau narrowed his eyes and growled back. Normally, he would've kept his temper in better control when it came to her, but after what he had been through last night, he was not in the mood. He had just been rudely awoken from a very nice dream, and was being yelled at by a very moody female Hordika- his pride could only take so much.

The two glared at each other for a long while, growling and hissing. Their eyes were locked with each other's, each waiting for the other's first move. Right now, their minds were blank- all they could think about was defending their dignity.

Nokama barred her teeth, her pupils shrinking into her eyes. Then, she lunged-


Nokama whimpered in pain as Gaaki appeared and whacked her with her walking stick, immediately snapping out of her feral thoughts. She could see from the corner of her eye Iruini was dealing with Matau in a similar way.

"There is no need for fighting!" Gaaki scolded, glaring at her younger.

Nokama pushed back the curse that entered her mind. "Gaaki? What did... what happened to me?" she asked weakly.

The blue Rahaga stared at her. "It was nothing much." she said softly. "Forget about it."

Nokama frowned. No, it was something... she realized. We were fighting. We were both ready to kill each other, and for what? For a stupid misunderstanding... Guilt overcame her as the thought settled in.

Was this really what they had become? Mere mindless animals who killed and fought each other over the simplest things? She remembered the ash bear, the animal she had so brutally murdered before. She wondered what would had happened if Gaaki and Iruini hadn't intervened now- would Matau have wounded up like that poor rahi she killed? She shivered, and this time it wasn't from the cold.

She glanced up at Matau, who was purposely avoiding eye-contact. Although he tried to suppress it, she could see he was thinking the same thing.

"Matau... I'm sorry." Nokama apologized, taking a step to wards him. "I- I didn't mean to explode like that."

"...Don't worry-fret about it." Matau replied.

Iruini sighed and shook his head. "Toa these days..." he muttered under his breath.

"Okay, we're awake-up now. So what do we do?" Matau asked. "When do we go rescue-save our friends?"

"When the time is right." Iruini replied. "Right now, the Visorak are sure to still be on high-alert since our escape. To attempt a rescue mission now would be suicide."

"That may be true, but surely you don't think that we should just sit around and wait for things to calm down, do you?" Nokama pointed out. "Despite these bodies we possess, we are still Toa- and Toa with a duty to fulfill."

"We know this, Nokama." Gaaki nodded her head. "And while your enthusiasm is admirable, you must remember that Matau is still weak, and avoiding capture from the Visorak alone will prove difficult. We have to keep ahead of them, we can't risk another encounter."

"All we've been doing is running-away. I'm getting sick-tired of it!" Matau growled. "We've run away from the hordes, from the archives, from our Toa-brothers- this is not what Toa-heroes do!"

"I know you're frustrated, Matau. But for once in your life, you need to think things over. You will do your brothers no good if you are captured-"

"Don't you care?!" Matau interrupted. "Your own friends were captured by the Visorak, too! Aren't you even the least bit worried-scared for them!?"

"Of course I am!"

"Really? 'Cuz you sure don't act like it!" the green Hordika let out a venomous hiss, leaning into the Rahaga's face. Bad mistake. Iruini promptly boinked him on the head once again.

Matau reared back and clutched his injured head, whimpering in pain.

"I may be a lot of things, Matau." Iruini began, his eyes narrowing into slits. "But a person who abandons his friends, I am not. And don't you ever think like that!"

Gaaki sighed quietly. So much tension... we are all on edge, and right now, at each other's throats. If things keep up like this, the Visorak won't be our main problem. "We all agree that something must be done. But before we can do anything, we must calm down. Fighting amongst ourselves will do no good and only further delay us. I propose we focus on getting out of this frozen wasteland and moving on to another Metru."

"I agree." Nokama nodded. "It is obvious that none of us are very good in the cold. We should leave now. The only question is where."

Matau glanced up and mumbled something under his breath, too low for any of them to make out but was most obviously a complaint. Iruini shot him an irritated glance.

"Is there something helpful you'd like to suggest, Matau? Then speak up." he ordered. His reply was a snort.

Nokama shook her head despairingly, annoyed by the male Hordika's attitude, yet she could not fully blame him for being so difficult. A lot of things were happening in a space of little time, and it was obvious that they were all anxious to rescue their friends.

These emotions of anxiety are building up inside of us. Coupled with our unstable rage, we may be more of a danger to ourselves than realize. she thought, glancing down at her hands, wishing that her claws had been replaced once again with the fingers of that of a Toa. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she wished, prayed or begged, nothing short of finding Keetongu (if he even existed) could grant her desire.

Sidorak tapped the armchair of his throne irritably as he stared down at his viceroy. His eyes were gleaming from the shadows of the dimly lit coliseum room, giving him a dangerous aura that even intimidated some of the Visorak. Roodaka, however, showed no sign of fear. Her face was expressionless, impossible to read. It just made him all that more angry.

"I will ask you once again, Roodaka." he began. "What happened?"

Roodaka bowed respectively, knowing that such an action had a somewhat calming effect on the Visorak leader. "A minor problem, my liege." she told him.

"Minor?" Sidorak spat, clearly not in the mood for small talk. "You call infiltrating our defenses and knocking down one of our walls minor?!"

"To be fair, my lord, the being in question was a shape-shifter, and, as you can guess, they are notoriously difficult to detect." Roodaka pointed out. "However, I was able to find it and dispose of it before it could do any... permanent damage."

Sidorak's breathing became louder, as his gasps turned to snorts. "That is exactly the problem." he rumbled. "Tell me, why did you not let the Visorak deal with the intruder once you discovered it? Because of your actions, you have been hurt!" his gaze locked onto the viceroy's bandaged arm. "I should not have to have wasted medical treatment on you."

"A careless mistake, something that I will not make again." Roodaka replied. Although her tone was calm, one could tell by the flash in her eyes that she was not happy about the comment. "I could not send the Visorak to deal with the enemy, however, because it was, I remind you, a shape-shifter. My special... talents were specifically needed." she tapped her rhotuka spinner lightly to illustrate her point.

Sidorak's glare had not lightened, indicating that he was not satisfied with her explanation. "Are you saying that my horde is not adequate for you?" he asked.

"Of course not, my lord! I simply thought to make the battle go faster by doing it myself." Roodaka said. "Anyway, you should not worry. The threat of the shape-shifter has been neutralized... permanently."

Sidorak leaned back in his throne as he crossed his arms. "Very well, then. I trust your judgment." he spoke. "Now, begone! I wish to 'address' my... prisoners."

Roodaka bowed again, a wicked grin appearing across her face at the mention of his 'prisoners'. "With your blessing, my liege." she said, before disappearing into the shadows of the hallway, closely fallowed by her Boggarak guards.

Sidorak followed her trail as she left, studying her every move. There was something odd about her today, he thought. What exactly, he did not know.

It matters not. the Visorak King told himself. She is a woman and my viceroy. She would not dare to do anything without my consent, she adores me. A smile found its way onto his mask as his thoughts turned from his queen-to-be on to his prisoners.

He turned around to a group of cages, suspended in the air. Inside the cages, four large lumps lay there, unmoving and seemingly dead. Sidorak knew better, however, and approached them.

Sidorak unsheathed his sword and poked the cage with its edge, stirring the inside. "I'm sorry," he sneered. "I do believe we were in the middle of a conversation before this whole shape-shifting fiasco started." he peered inside. "Let's get back to our business, shall we?"

Roodaka walked down the hallways, the only noises following her came from the clicking of her heels and the tapping of the Boggarak's feet. "Sidorak is indeed a fool..." she muttered. "With such a one-track mind. It is amazing he ever managed to become king of anything."

She stopped suddenly, chuckling to herself. "Which makes him the perfect pawn." she purred, as her chuckles slowly transformed into laughter. "Today has been an excellent day. I have gained a new ally... one who should prove to be very... useful."

She grinned and turned to her single bodyguard. "You know what to do." she thundered. "Go. Find the remaining Toa, and bring them back here... dead or alive."

The Boggarak then did the oddest thing that any Visorak could ever do. It looked up at its queen and spoke in perfect Matoran.

"Yes, my queen." The Krahka bowed.

To be continued...

A/N: Good grief. This chapter went through SO many revisions. First I was going to have Sidorak interrupt the fight and Krahka would get away and not join, but then I realized that meant the entire fight and infiltration would just be a big waste of time. Then I thought I could have Krahka run away and return to Roodaka with full intents to join, but something just seemed kind of... wrong, with it. Then I could NOT think of what to do with the Hordika scene. Didn't know if I wanted it to be kind of funny, or if I wanted to have Nokama dream something horrible that would freak her out again which would lead her to run away... very confusing.