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"RUKIA, IF YOU GIVE ME ROPE BURN YOU ...would be..facing my…sedatated...ass" Ichigo said drifting off to sleep. It had been one day and 10 hours since the big knock-out the midget shinigami had landed on him

"Bakamono, stay in bed and get better" Rukia said while brushing his bangs away from his eyes. He looked more calm and relaxed in his sleep. But today he looked a little ticked off and flustered. Rukia then tossed the needle into a hazard trash can and went out the door.

"How is he Rukia-chan?" said Yuzu

"He will be fine, just need to help him sweat it off and cool him down a first we need to cook him some thing to eat, neh Yuzu-chan?" Rukia said with a little beaming smile.

The Kitchen

"Yuzu, do you have any leek, parsley, fish, peanuts, ginger, rice, oil and a big pot?"

"Yes, but what do we need those for?"

"We're going to make porridge. It's delicious and healthy" exclaimed Rukia while putting on an apron

The Kurosaki house hold never knew Rukia could cook. That's why it is a surprise to Yuzu to find Rukia-nee chan finely chop leek, parsley, fish and ginger.

"Hey Yuzu-chan can you help me? Mix the washed, uncooked rice with about a teaspoon of oil,ok?"


Rukia then tossed the uncooked oiled rice into a big pot of water, set it on the stove and waited for it to have fully watery,cooked rice with the occasional stir so not all the rice sticks to the bottom. Rukia then poured in the peanut halves, the parsley, leek, slices of ginger and fish, then stirred. After a bout 20 minutes later it was done. All you have to do is add some salt.

Rukia then took out a ladel and started laddeling the porridge into a bowl that was on a tray, with a warm cup of lemon tea, a spoon and napkins.


Ichigo stirred awake. He felt hot, blurry eyed and felt like some thing slapped him in the face. In fact some thing did hit him in the face...twice...

"Can you sit up?" Ichigo heard a pretty lady said.(COUGHrukiaCOUGH)

"I guess" Ichigo said still very weak-like until he noticed that the "pretty lady" was Kuchiki Rukia but with a soft look on her face.

Rukia helping him sit up on the bed, gently proped him against his pillow. Ichigo then felt a hand unbuttoning his pajama top.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" screamed Ichigo as he tried to swap the hand away but failed to do so.

"YOU HAVE A FEVER DUMBASS, TAKING OFF AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING WILL HELP YOU SWEAT IF OUT" screamed Rukia retaliating. After she finished unbuttoning his shirt. She then took the bowl in her hand, gently scooped and blew on the porridge hen fed the blushing Ichigo, realizing what Rukia was doing. She was feeding him.

"How do you like it?"

"I don't know. What's so important about it?"

"I made it you delusional Idiot"

"well...It's decent I guess...OWW..what the hell midget?"

"Answer truthfully baka!"

"Its...good" Ichigo replied softly

Rukia continued to feed him to the very last spoon of it, and handed him the cup of still luke-warm tea and medicine.

"Don't get use to it Ichigo, once you're out of the sick bed, You'll be treated normally" Rukia said while taking back the cup.

"Ah..." was all Ichigo said

After Ichigo finished his meal, Rukia went down stairs and found a grinning Issin at the bottom of the stairs. "Rukia-chan, you care a lot about my little boy huh?""I guess I do Issin-tousan" Rukia said cooly.

It was about 2:00 pm. Yuzu was experimenting a new recipe. Karin was at soccer practise. Ichigo was sleeping like the little devil he is and Issin was tending to the patience at the clinic. Rukia had the time to herselve until her alarm went off but it wasn't the alarm of a hollow. It was her nii-sama alarm.

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