Starcrossed Pt. 8

Tyui is in total rage. No one is safe, not even the Emperor. The Emperor's guards tried to subdue Tyui but he was just too much. He was knocking them around all over the place to get to the Emperor. He ran his claws through one of them killing him instantly. Two more of the officers tried rushing him but he simply tossed them aside like rag dolls. He was about to pounce on the Emperor but, when turned around to make that pounce, there was another obstacle in his way: Jim Hawking.

"Get the hell out of my way," Tyui said. "Can't do that. Enough people have died because of you," Jim said, "I have been through hell because of you. And so has my love. And my family. I'm sick and tired of you and I'm going to defeat you." "We all are," said Gene, as he, Suzuka, and Aisha joined Jim is his stand against Tyui, even Melfina joined them. "Fine, you can all die together!" In the air he went, they stand ready. Like a family, like a team. They are absolutely ready for this, no matter what happens, they are going to stand together. But they don't have to stand alone as it seemed.

Krieto, who was recovered and transformed just the same as Tyui was, jumped him and wrestled him to the ground. "DAD! YOU'RE OK!" Aisha shouted. "Yeah, that blast from that Caster just knocked for a loop but I'm fine," said Krieto. "Your dad can do that too?" Gene inquired. "Yeah, it was hell getting in trouble around him," Aisha replied. "Tell me about it," her brother answered. They began to brawl like the two titans they are. Each strike was connecting with such for that it was like a Caster shot each time. As they were watching, Jim got an idea; he called Gene to the side and said, "One caster knocked Krieto down, think what two might do to Tyui, especially with what I have in mind." "Right, its on you, buddy," Gene said, "lets do this." Jim pulled Aisha aside, "Aisha, we have a plan and we need your help. All you need to do is get your dad out of the way. Ok?" "Right!" Aisha said with a huge smile, knowing Jim must have had a good plan, after all he always did.

Jim once again gathered his chi, much like he did last night, except this time, he enough time focus and gather all the energy he needed to fire, what he had called, his "Ultimate Shot." Not that creative, he will admit, but it fits. Gene loaded up a shell and took aim and was ready. Jim had all his power gathered together, and both he and Gene took aim. When Jim nodded his head, Aisha leapt in and grabbed dad and pulled him to the ground. At that second, Gene and Jim fired away.

The beams hit Tyui dead on and caused a huge explosion that knocked Aisha and Krieto away from the ground zero of the explosion. The smoke hadn't cleared yet but Jim ran to check on Aisha. "Aisha? Aisha?!" Jim panicked. He arrived at the spot where she and her father landed and looked her over for injuries. She looked up at him and smiled "I'm fine Jim. Thank you." They kissed again but as the smoke cleared, it revealed Tyui still standing. 'Crap, this guy's tough,' Gene thought. Jim stood up from checking on Aisha and began to advance slowly toward his opponent but, suddenly, Tyui fell over, dead as a door nail. The Emperor walked over to make sure and he confirmed it. "The former Duke, Tyui, has fallen in battle," he declared. As Jim stood there and looked toward his fallen opponent, he was suddenly shot. Jim fell on to his knees and Aisha looked like she was having a heart attack.

Gene turned around to the culprit: Pioyu with a standard firearm. She had intense fire of hate burning in her eyes especially after seeing Aisha rush to help Jim. "BITCH!" Gene yelled, as he pulled out his handgun. He turned to fire but Aisha's father suddenly got up, dashed for her with lightening speed, and ran his hand right through Pioyu. She looked up at him in total shock as she faded away. As she died, he spoke his final words to her: "Burn in hell, witch." He then withdrew his hand and reverted back to his normal state letting her lifeless body crumble.

"Jim? JIM!" Aisha yelled. "I'm...I'm ok, Aisha. It was just my shoulder. I was just too tired to keep standing. That blast takes a lot out of me." She was so relieved and happy, even though she may have lost her Ctarl family, she had Jim and her real family. Her father approached her as well as his royal majesty the Emperor. He looked around at everything and said, "I think there are some things I need to handle right now. First off, it seems like I need a new Duke, isn't that right, Krieto?" said the Emperor. "Y-y-yes, your majesty," said Krieto. "Then it is settled. I will expect you at the palace tomorrow, Duke Krieto. As far as what as taken place here, my new Duke uncovered a conspiracy and executed two traitors…with some help. Master Hawking, Master Starwind, all of you, what do you desire?" Jim looked at the others and Gene gave him the go ahead. "All I want is Aisha, your majesty," Jim said with much respect in his voice. "Then it is settled. Aisha Clanclan, I hear by relieve you of your service to the Empire. Do as you will and go in peace." With that, Aisha and the others bowed and the Emperor simply nodded his head and walked to his ship with his recovering body guards. "Oh, and Krieto, I will have my servants come and clean up this mess soon."

As the ship lifted off, the newly named Duke looked at his daughter and her love then he said, "I never wanted you to get married if you didn't want to. But when I thought your mother was dying and she decided that she wanted to see you married and taken care of. Heh, she had us all convinced. What an actress." "Its ok, dad," Aisha said. "Jim Hawking, while I always imagined my daughter with a Ctarl man, you are better than any Ctarl man I would have chosen for her or I could have imagined her choosing. Please take good care of her," Krieto said. "I swear on my life. I love Aisha and I always will," Jim answered with a confidence that even made Krieto recognize who he was dealing with. Aisha felt so safe just standing next to him. Suddenly Melfina said, "Um, everyone, not to ruin the moment but where did the MacDougall's go?" "Aww crap! They got away!" Gene said looking at the spot where Harry's armor laid. They also noticed that Ron's Caster was gone too. "Oh well, I guess we will just have to deal with them later. Right, Jim?" Suzuka turning to notice that Aisha and Jim were lip locked again. "Never mind," Suzuka said giving up. "Ah, don't be jealous, Suzu!" Aisha said as she was coming up from air from kissing Jim. "Must you still call me that?" Suzuka replied. "Shouldn't you get that looked at, Jim?" Mel asked, referring to his injury. "I will look at it when I get back to the ship," Jim replied. "And I'll help!" Aisha said delighted. "Well, we should get going back to Heifong then. I'm sure the phone is ringing off the hook," Gene said. "Aisha, I want to live your life and not worry about this anymore. I'm sorry your mother turned out to be so heartless and had to drag you and your friends into this web of her lies and her quest for power. This is your life, and you must live it for you, not me or anyone else." Aisha began tearing up, "Dad…" "Go in peace, my daughter. I love you and I'm very proud of you. Never believe anything different that that." They then embraced, and Jim was ecstatic. Things had come full circle, for him and Aisha, at last.

After returning to Heifong, that night, Jim was on the rooftop of the Starwind & Hawking building, meditating and smiling. Reflecting on everything that had taken place on this adventure, he sensed how much the good out weighed the bad. He then sensed his former master had joined him. He smiled again and greeted her, "Hello Master."

Suzuka said, "I told you: you can't call me that anymore. You have gone beyond that. That was evident several times during this ordeal. By the way, that technique of channeling energy through your Caster is amazing. I'm very impressed. You have come a long way, Jim."

"That was gonna be my line," Gene said. "We were going out and just wanted to let you know that you and Aisha got the place to yourselves. We will be back tomorrow at some point."

Melfina then came around the corner and said, "Jim, before we go, I just wanna say how I proud I am of you. You really shined through all this and you came out the biggest winner of all."

Gene said, turning serious, "She is right, Jim. You impressed me a lot, man. You held your own every step of the way and, like Mel said, you shined through. I couldn't ask for a better partner, partner." Gene said and winked.

"Jim, I trained you for years and you learned even quicker than I anticipated but never had a final test, until this. Like I said, you can no longer call me 'master'. Your lessons from me have ended." Suzuka's words touched Jim. "Thank you, Suzuka," Jim said standing and bowing to her. She bowed to him and left the roof.

"Well, man, we are out of here. See you tomorrow," Gene said. "Good night, Jim," Melfina said with a smile. "Good night, you guys," Jim said. They left the roof, as well, and then Jim saw their car drive off a few minutes later. He headed downstairs and saw Aisha looking on the computer at pictures of her family back on Ctarl. She kept staring at one of her and mother. He walked to her and put his hands on her shoulders and asked her, "Are you ok?" Aisha looked up at him, kissed him and replied, "Now that you are here." They spent the rest of the night talking and making out, doing more of the latter than the former though.

In the morning, while Aisha was asleep with her head on his chest, he thought about how much things had changed and how they had stayed the same. He thought about how much he had learned, what he could do, and what he had done with that. He thought about Gene, a man like his brother, Melfina, like his sister, Suzuka, who was his mentor and parent at times. And then his mind went to Aisha, and everything that she meant to him. This was the beginning in Jim's mind and no matter what happened, as long as he had her and his family, life was great.

Well, that is the story. If anyone would like to see a continuation or would like me to do another story about another anime or video game, please let me know. If I'm familiar with them, I'll do the best I can. But please, leave comments. Let me know what you think.