This may seem a bit sudden, but after carefully analyzing the story and the plot I had in mind, I decided that, while good, it could be better. I should have chosen a different time in which to send back TK and Takato.. And now I have. In the remake of this story: Second Coming: Providence. By the time you read this it will have already been posted. Get the link from my profile instead of searching for it.

Replies to chapter four reviews are below.

Lord Pata: Patamon certainly did remember to hide the holy artifact from the others. It would raise too many questions if they saw it. How he did it remains to be seen..

Naomi-hime: I can't actually imagine TK asking the others if they see that in him. Bringing the issue to their attention would cause him problems.

BenignUser: Constructive criticism! Yay! This review really got under my skin, but in a good way (though some of it was contradicting, which I'll be getting to). Thanks for the lengthy review, now I shall respond in kind.

Neo Saiba's story and his relation to Daemon will be revealed. The role he is playing in Second Coming is something TK and Takato will both take into account. But no, Neo was not Daemon's original partner; that I have no problem telling you.

About the Virus Busters and the titles, I did consider this point before I posted the first chapter (I thought Beelzemon's slight mocking signified that..). In some aspects you're right, it is a childish affectation. I'm so glad someone picked up on that! TK clings to that title, because in his mind that is the only thing that validates him as a leader. He needs it. That shows he is a flawed character and has not fully matured. Takato doesn't care all that much and kinda just shrugs it off. He can take it or leave it.

However, there is a sad fact about the group that greatly differs from the Digidestined: they were not friends. The Virus Busters were a militant unit whose sole purpose for existing was defeating Daemon no matter what the personal cost. This is something TK established very early on, but the others followed him regardless.

Also remember what Yamaki said, " between our world's governments and the Virus Busters...". As much as he might hate it, TK is the Digidestined of Hope. He wanted the world to know that they were serious about winning the war even after the slaughter that had ensued. He needed people not give up, or he would have completely failed at life.

And I skimmed a little over the military titles and I am aware that they have been used properly. I just don't care, really. Admiral Takeru and Commander Takato rolled of the tongue for me. It just seemed to fit. I was going to make up something that sounded cooler and more... digital, but I figured they would really just look like jerks.

TK's ability to fly is a combination of Digisoul and the power of the Crests. The Crest of Love, specifically. As for what the spheres do... well from my perspective, Angemon and Angewomon delivered Tai's and Matt's to them..

Davis. When I read this part, I got a little annoyed, because this is blatant character bias on your part. Personally I don't find Davis' butchering of TK's name all that humorous either, I think it's kind of dickish. It's even worse in the Japanese version though; he calls TK, a close friend and comrade, something along the lines of "hey you!". You say to show him respect as the leader, yet I'm writing him in character. I'm just gonna assume that you assumed I was going to write him differently because of TK's respect for Davis.

And he does respect him, as do I, to an extent. One of the winning moments for Davis in my opinion was when he went to get TK, of all people, from the mental illusion. That shows great mutual respect between the two. Davis is somewhat prestigious... on the battlefield. Off the battlefield he is more childish and immature. You may not like it, and that's fine, but I don't need to hear that I'm doing a poor job with the character because you want some sort of hero worship (although you probably wouldn't feel that way if you knew what I had planned for him).

The merger was actually inspired by Avatar: the Last Airbender and the only Harry Potter fic in my favs. Older and younger selves meeting and then fusing together into a new being. They aren't the TK and Takato from the television series, nor are they the battle-scarred future selves. They are completely new people... so they can't possibly be out of character. I'm just now introducing them to you.

And there was no romance in chapter four (or at least I didn't intend for there to be). The whole time I was writing the chapter, I kept repeating in my head how I wanted it to be. Fluffier than a pair of bunny slippers, I thought to myself. All things considered, the interactions were perfectly normal as far as I'm concerned. TK and Kari are best friends, and have already admitted to caring for each other. Does a hug mean romance?

The title of the chapter, 'Different', was not only meant to expound upon the fact that TK and Takato are different from their former selves... but how they are different from each other. Didn't you find it odd that Henry, a more seasoned martial artist than Cody, didn't notice anything strange about Takato's movements (which is why I included the DDR bit) yet Cody notices something from the way TK walks? It's the difference in which they carry themselves.

Concerning Rika, I considered that she may not have been in-character. Then I rewind the episodes in my mind and remember her personal growth through the story as well as the Runaway Locomon movie. Also keep in mind that every action has an equal reaction. Takato came on strong and she felt that. It's how she expresses it that really matters. And she didn't berate herself for thinking about Takato, that was for getting flustered by his advances. Anything Rika feels for Takato couldn't be instant, considering the fifty-two plus episodes they had to acquaint. Also, Rika wasn't 'saved' because she wasn't in danger. One law of the Digimon universe: if Rika is in danger, Renamon defends her. She (Rika) would have walked all over those guys. Takato happened to take care of it first.

And what makes you think Renamon would just up and attack Takato? I'm sorry but that's just silly. If you know somebody that goes through a drastic change in one day that you aren't sure what caused, what do you do? Attack and shun them? Well these characters have stronger bonds than that, and Renamon is cautious but tactful.

As for the name shifting, I don't mind recognizing the paradoxes created by dubbing. In the fanfiction community we speak an odd combination of English and Romaji. It flows together seamlessly or butchers the language. Shrug I just write what feels natural after years of being a fan of Japanese entertainment.

Hmm. You think the dark tone of the fic is lost because of a chapter of fluff? (If you could see the evil grin I'm sporting right now, you'd completely banish the thought) Pairings don't really matter to me and won't change the end of the story; it is a fanservice. But they are not and will not be my main focus. How does that old saying go? Sometimes it's darkest just before dawn... and vice-versa.

Thanks for reviewing everyone! Check out the new story in my profile, Second Coming: Providence.