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His eyes searched the murky water, he scanned all the crevices, all the nooks and crannys.

He felt as though he was in the right area, just not the right particulair place.

He found another section of the island where the Demonized Aerodactyl he'd fought with earlier remained up above, only this part was beneath the water's surface.

It was what seemed to be a cave, filled with water and so long and zigging too much that even he couldn't tell if it was just a dead end or if it actually lead somewhere.

He mentally cursed in a foriegn tongue.

I might as well atleast look and see.

He swept his blades sideways, causing a friction that lurched him forward and into the mouth of the cave. A somewhat painful motion that was eased well by the cool waters surrounding his charred and cracked carapace.

He saw nothing at first, but then, as he swam up and about the curving and zig-zagging tunnel walls, he began to feel a soft warmpth and see a red glimmering light. He headed towards the glow, as if compelled.

When he felt he'd crash into the light...

He burst up above the water!

Wait! That meant, it was an underwater cavern that led to a actual air and dirt cave! He sensed other presences, though they were faint, as if hiding within themselves.

"Who are you stranger?" Came a low grumble. Fury went ramrod straight and took a fighting stance, to wich he felt his back recoil and he callapsed unexpectedly. His blades caught him and weakly held him up from a sprawl. He was used to having violent incounters due to tresspassing and thus felt a tad bit uneased about his unfit condition at the moment.

"Now, now, don't hurt the fellow, he's been injured. See? Look at those nasty burns. So don't you go hurting him Persil." A softer, and much more gentle rumbling growl said.

Fury looked up, his vision having become foggy when his spine had regected the thought of coming ashore. He saw an Almaldo...and a... Gasp! A Garchomp! But, how could a Garchomp live under water? They had to keep warm or they'd die, for, unlike Fury himself, Garchomps were cold blooded and they required a strong source of warmpth, like how they could fly and absorb even the faintest of the sun's rays and be warmed or even how they could bear to live beneath the walls of a volcano, or even zoom around in a desert's daylight hours and not get fried to the bone.

The Almaldo seemed to pause at the Garchomp's words and take a second glance upon the damaged Kabutops for a moment, lowering his raised armor clad claws. It cast a glance to its right where said Garchomp sat, surrounded by a ring of gems and stones and various other treasures. Fury noted quite a few bones and skulls lay amidst the shiny trinkets giving it a expression that spoke about greed being one's demise. "You're right, Darkcharm. He's rather battered. Hey, me boy, mind filling us in on who, what, where?"

"I'm called Fury-" The two Reptilian listeners gasped, but he nodded his head and coughed. "As I was saying, I am Fury, Kabu of the past, defender of the weak. As for what, there's a Aerodactyl that has become... A Demon and-" Another gasp, the Almaldo shook its claws wildly in disbelief. "-and she's suffering from an agressive incoherance. Where, why, up atop this very cave's surface, atop the island."

The Garchomp stepped forward, her body laden with scars and many chunks of her dorsal fin that perked up along her spine were missing, she was a survivor of the elements. Fury recoiled as best as he could, throwing himself back against the nearest wall and propping himself up while leering warily at Darkcharm and waving his blades defensively. As soon as he brushed against the stone he took note of the warmpth that seeped into him from what would normally be colder than ice.

"Oh, come now. I won't hurt you," she cast a glance behind her to Persil who rolled his eyes in disinterest, "and Persil there won't either. We've heard of you, and I want to help... We want to help." Fury narrowed his eyes.

Datkcharm... Persil... Those names...

"Are you two the ones who...who..." The Garchomp turned, then picked up something, Fury pushed back against the wall, a loud intake of breath was the only sign he let off of feeling an unspeakable amount of pain.

But he needn't flinch, for all Darkcharm did was place a simple, yet aura shrouded blue orb before him. "Fury, my good friend-"

"Friend, oh come on! Darkcharm don't you be all trusting of him!" The Garchomp threw a deathly serious glare at the Almaldo, "Persil! You hush." and turned her eyes back onto Fury. "As I was saying, you, Kabu of whom we've heard so much about, need this. Touch it, you will see, it is the Orb of Healers."

Syc fell, she felt weak, her body demanded action but her muscles screamed in defiance, every shred of her being felt like it had been minced and was now being filtered into a black fog that mae her head pound and her body bleed.

The Aerodactyl had spent so much energy, and, as if to spite herself she stood up once more and roared, her throat being so raw merely allowed a raspy hiss. This angered her ever so much.

Then she fell down, the darkness shrouded her, and began to gnaw at her soul.

Huge tears appeared upon her body, ripping open gaping wounds lined by spliced and splintered muscle that was the only thing holding her multiple fractures and severly shattered bones together.

She'd known this would happen, but in such a confused state she had ignored the fact. The one truth she'd known and knew even now...

She had been dying from the inside out, and her life was nearing its end.

She felt no peace under her blanket of black though, only hatred. Hatred and denile.

She threw her head down in a mute curse.

I hate dying.

Fury locked eyes with Darkcharm, the Garchomp only moved her toothy mouth to mumble a few old worded lines of the ancients.

"The past returneth unto thyne and fossils grow young once more as new blood fills their veins."

"So, you are her then?" Fury asked.

"I am Darkcharm yes, a strong willed survivor yes, now take this orb. We two must remain here, for if we leave this sanctuary, we too will perish like the Kabu's and fossil fools that chose not to seek refuge under the sea."

The Kabutops stared breifly at the orb, as if compelled, he began reaching out. He brushed it twice before he finally succeeded in totally touching the sphere and a soft glow traveled up his blade and to his shoulder, pausing for a second as if uncertain which way would work best. It then smoothed out over his back and tail and began to shine. After a moment he felt his flesh seal up, there were still scars from his wounds left now, but the throbbing nerves lining them had numbed.

"What? Why do you choose to help?"

Darkcharm's head shot up and she raised her claw/finger to point up, as if to the heavens above.

"One only has a single lifetime to live. So why not help all you can before you die? You of all Pokemon should realize that."

Weakly flexing his legs in a hesitating motion. His eyes remained upon the orb for a split second, the aura of which had not seemed to weaken a bit. Fury then righted himself, his blades clutching the orb. "Can this help her too?" A nod from the two, which made his eyes glitter briefly in thanks.

"Thank you both."

They nodded. He merely bowed before jumping beneath the water.

Darkcharm sighed, "I know you think all this stuff is pointless and, well so do I, but still..." "I actually feel pleased to have met him," Persil said. "After all, we've been living here for centuries, why not meet a legend or two while we're at it?"

A dark chuckle erupted from both of them. The chuckle held no malice, it was merely like the giggle of a Celebi, a snicker that comes from living long and knowing much. Much more than one would ever let on.

"He'll be back again someday."

As soon as Fury shored he sighed, nothing was left of the island.

She didn't go anywhere did she? There's no way. She'd never fly away after something like this, she'd have drowned or something and even as insane as she has proven to be, she wouldn't be quite that daft.

He saw all the debris floating; splinters were all that remained of the dense forest that once existed, rocks mashed into dust and everything else incinerated.

Craters littered the rocky ground that had no soil anymore, for the wind had swept the dust away.

He stared at the orb, pondering the thought of just leaving.

"hissh." a faint whisper like the sound of ice melting due to a Flamethrower.

What the hell?

He looked around, nothing.

Then, he walked about the barren soil, examinating the depth of some of the larger craters.

He soon found her laying more than half dead in one of the biggest ones. She was bleeding from several gashes that had ripped open along her flesh like the seams on an old teddy bear.

Fury paused, surely the 'Dactyl was dead, after all she was laying in a pool about a foot deep that was made of her own blood and life energy. He sat the orb down, placing a foot atop it while pinning it immobile with pressure.

He poked her with his left blade, poke, poke, poke, not a thing... He poked and poked again and once more.

In frustration he kicked the orb into the crater and onto corpses body, falling backwards as an unpredictable explosion of cleansing white light rang out.

"Aw Shellder!" He yelled as he was propelled backwards forcfully before he fell back into the cold abyss of ocean water.


Warm, welcoming light.

Peace, instead of the raging tension she'd been burdened with Syc actually felt calm and peaceful, she felt as though she was resting in an abyss of serenity.

She was finally at peace. The Aerodactyl wondered if she was dead, as, no way could she be alive without the damned darkness eating her being and destroying her soul.

She felt safe, wrapped in a blanket of safety and comfort.

She flailed a smidgin, like a child fighting to fall back asleep. But her body commanded her to awaken. Still, she clenched her eyes shut in defiance. Slowly a warm, sensation seeped through her flesh, warming her and making it impossible to indure the darkness behind her eyes.

When her golden orbs opened she sighed, the sun shone down like a welcoming beacon.

Life is wonderful.

Syc stretched, her muscles a tad bit sore, even though she knew she was well rested.

Her claws caught her gaze and she set to examining them, she lacked a claw on her right, as all she had was a stubby finger/toe thing instead.

It was what was attactched to her claws(the ones she still had) that surprised her, for her skin was silver! She wasn't a Demon anymore! Her body was coated in a seasoning of blue dust that felt soothing upon her scars.

She heard a voice and turned to the left to see Fury, "You... I know you. You tried to save me, you kept trying and..." her eyes flashed, "you did! You did save me, did you not?" She asked unbelieving. Fury nodded, his posture a tad bit gimpish. He must have been standing there for hours, watching her, protecting her, and keeping the Murkrow away and from picking her bones clean.

"Indeed, I- Well, you needed my assistance and- Yeah, I saved you."

Syclewind grinned thinly. "Thank you, but what of a name? Do you have one?"

He nodded. "I do. It's Fury, and you, miss?"

"Syclewind, Syc for short."

"Ah, well. Now Syc, what will you do now that you've been freed from the darkness?"

Syc shrugged. "Don't know. I haven't anywhere to go, and I really don't feel as though I belong in this time."

"Well, all I can do is wish you the best of luck in finding yourself a place in life." And he waved a dismissing blade at her.

"Then, I'll gladly take your blessing and be off."

She turned her back to the Kabutops, and stretched out her arms, flapping her silver tanned wings in anticipation. She glanced back, a frown sileincing her from speaking for Fury had already gone, a fading, white ripple was all that remained for there wasn't any other trace of the bipedal crustacean.

She sighed softly. I won't forget him, for he's The Fury...

And with that she flapped her wings rapidly, tucking up her legs as she rose, she flew off. She chose to follow the most lightened path, towards the setting sun that was about to start going down past the horizon.

I'll be off, for there's a place where I can belong.

It's somewhere out there, I can feel it, for I, Syclewind the Aerodactyl, doth live again.