Son of a Kitsune

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Addition to the Family

Sarutobi, once again the Sandaime Hokage, was looking over his village with weary eyes while holding a newborn baby, keeping it safe from the public. Just moments before, the Konoha no Go-Ruden Senkō (Konoha's Golden Flash) of Konohagakure and the newly appointed Yondaime Hokage passed away in order to save the village that he loved.

The saddest thing was…the people he died to protect would not honor his last wish by honoring the fact that this young boy…no, this young man, would have the burden of being the jail cell of the Kyuubi no Yoko, while keeping himself sane from the kitsune king.

Naruto, I wish your father could have chosen someone different for this life job, although, he would never forgive himself if he did choose that route. Sarutobi thought to himself while protectively holding the baby in his fragile and brittle hands that did much throughout the Professor's long life. He was now adorned with the robes of the Hokage once again, not that he was happy about it. He knew that the Council did this on purpose to make sure they could keep his power in check, and the bastards knew that he considered Naruto like a son of his, and they wouldn't hesitate to kill him for what they thought he was.

I now understand why Tsunade and Jiraya vowed never to come back here after they left. I should have joined them, but I could never leave Kazama Arashi alone to deal with the darker side of Konoha by himself. The man was a saint and a genius shinobi, but sadly he was new to politics and ignorant to the blind idealism of the village's elders and the ways they sought to uphold their views. He thought once again as he went behind his desk and got out a small crib. He knew that he couldn't keep Naruto forever, but he'd be damned if he was out of Naruto's life as soon as it began. Turning his face to the small infant that laid asleep in his hands, he frowned at what his life would be like if he was to know of his past. Vowing to tell two people of his true last name, one now and one when he retired, the Professor signed Naruto's birth certificate as Uzumaki Naruto.

Sighing quickly, he called in Hatake Kakashi and explained everything to the man. Taking a few minutes to collect himself, Kakashi said that he couldn't take him in for personal reasons, but he would keep his eye on him. He also vowed to make sure that the Elders of Konoha would not corrupt his sensei's son. The other person was going to be hard to track but if he knew his students, he figured he knew where the seal master would turn up sooner or later.

As Kakashi left, Naruto started to cry after Kakashi's exit awakened him. Sighing quietly, Sarutobi did the best parenting job that he could and tried calming Naruto. After being successful with calming the child down, Sarutobi laid the small child back inside the crib. He knew many other people would want Arashi's son and make him into what they wanted him to be—a tool of Konoha, with an attitude like the Hyuuga's in general or kill him before he got out of hand. He also didn't want him adopted into a family that just wanted him so that they could further their own gain in order to be better off somehow. Therefore, with a long sigh, he put on the Hokage's coat and headed towards the village's orphanage.

6 years later

Naruto was just picking himself up off the ground after being thrown out of the place that he had to call home for the past six years, finally glad that he could say that he could kiss that hellhole called an orphanage good-bye. The only thing he didn't understand was why mostly everyone in the village shunned him or tried to hurt him. Sure, he did some pranks to get attention, but he didn't think that the victims of his pranks would act this angry towards him.

As he was heading towards the Hokage's office to seek a place to live, the villagers started throwing words at him as usual. He made sure to recognize those people and vowed to prank them all later. Of course this would be later on when he had a place to live. Moving along quickly, he made it to the courtyard of the Hokage Tower and started climbing the stairs that would lead to one of his few precious people. Seeing an ANBU with a bird mask, he smiled inwardly. This man was Kinomoto 'Thunderbird' Rai, the older brother to his only friend, Sakura, whom he heard was at home for the moment and taking a break from her tutors: Yukito and his summon beast, Cerberus.

As Rai noticed the young blonde coming through, he moved out of the way. Before Naruto went through the door, he quickly waved at Rai, who returned the gesture.

As the Professor heard the door open, he put his pen down and looked towards the door and saw something that still saddened him, but knowing that Naruto hated being pitied; he quickly put that emotion aside. His eyes then went towards being curious as he waited for Naruto to speak. Seeing that he wasn't going to start the conversation, he asked, "Naruto, to what do I owe this visit?" as Naruto took a seat opposite of the medium-sized office area.

"I would like my own home," Naruto said unevenly, as his breath still came raggedly to him.

"I can't do that unless there is something extremely wrong with the orphanage, Naruto. I thought I've told you that before," was the Hokage's response, but it seemed that Naruto wasn't showing his defeated pout look, which meant something was different from before. "What changed?" He asked as his voice had a defeated tone in it. Defeated not because of Naruto's look, but because of what the village had done to the unsung protector.

"The owners kicked me out. It was something along the lines of 'a demon can certainly fend for itself by now' or something along those lines. I've lost count as to how many things they call me by now."

The Hokage frowned at this. He knew that this would probably happen, but he hoped that it didn't come to this. He thought that after making that law that no one was to speak of the Kyuubi attack in order to give Naruto a chance to live a normal life was going to help him, but he guessed it did nothing other then cause people to find other ways to abuse the boy. He knew that he was mistreated, but he didn't know it was going to turn out this bad.

"All right, I'll give you your own apartment on two conditions. One is that I pay for your living costs, which means I am the boss in a sense. The second condition is that you get some food into that body of yours. I will be checking in every once in a while and I expect things to be up to MY expectations…"

"But Oji-san, what makes you think that the idiots who run the food store will allow me of all people to buy anything? I doubt Sakura-chan can convince her older brother to cook meals for me everyday and besides, even if she did do that, I wouldn't want to rely on my friendship in order to get something for myself." Naruto said, making the old man sigh gently. Has the village really done this to a six-year old boy? Has the ignorance and fear of his beloved home driven them to cause pain to a small child to lessen their own?

"There is an old man and his daughter that run a small restaurant near the Academy that I trust very dearly. Tell them that you will do small errands for them in exchange for meals. There names are Asakura Teuchi and Asakura Ayame and before you complain about not being able to train; they are near the Academy so they should have picked up on some ideas or you could practice things that you see from the Academy itself." He said as he handed him a place where he could get an apartment.

Naruto took the piece of paper from his grandfather and opened it and thanked him. He knew that it was in a bad part of the neighborhood, but he couldn't complain, especially since the Hokage was the one paying. Looking at the piece of paper and then glancing up, he didn't notice the few people that were following him. Once he was near his house, and out of the way of the public's eyes, they picked up a few rocks and started to throw them at Naruto. Naruto turned around just in time to receive a fist to his stomach.

"Out for a stroll demon spawn? That's very unwise." One of the villagers said as Naruto fell to the ground below him. As he fell, Naruto crumbled the piece of paper into his fist. His goal through this was to make sure that wasn't found by the people who were attacking him. If they did, he was certain that they would tear it up right in front of his eyes. As the villagers kept on kicking him, one of the attackers pulled out a small knife.

"I say we do the village a favor and finally kill the demon. What do you say boys?" the leader of the gang said as the others saw him and what he planned to do, the others moved out of the way for him. As the guy advanced, Naruto started to feel afraid, especially since the villagers were going farther than they usually did. As he started to black out, he saw the back of one man. He didn't know if he was there to help him or the villagers, but as he blacked out, he hoped that he was one of the few to help...

Rai was heading over to the orphanage in order to get the few things that Naruto was able to call his own before heading off to the location that the Hokage gave Naruto and to himself. He figured that the only reason the Hokage had given the assignment to him is that he wouldn't kill Naruto. Hate him because of his pranks, yes; kill him, no. As he headed towards the apartment, he heard screaming coming from the alley. Fearing the worst, he did a Shushin no jutsu and saw that Naruto was fading in and out of consciousness before falling completely into the black world.

Seeing the slash on the boy's stomach as Naruto blacked out, he went into full ANBU mode as he turned to face the mob in front of him. "Which one of you started this?" he asked, his hands starting to glow with chakra. The one holding the knife gladly said that he started the attack and he expected a reward for his 'heroic' deed for the village.

"The only reward you will get is either death or a session with Ibiki. Pray for a quick death," was all that Rai said before getting in one of the Kinomoto stances for readiness, the left arm and leg out a little farther than the right, which was planted to the ground with his weight more on the right leg.

"It is true then, the leftovers of the Kinomoto clan have befriended the demon, oh how the mighty have fallen," one of the villagers said. Before he could even breathe again, all four limbs went limp, as Rai just appeared where he was standing just moments ago, a smirk on his face as the man fell to the ground, still conscious and still very much alive.

While this was going on in the outside world, Naruto was starting to wake up in something akin to a sewer. Noticing a small light at the end of the tunnel, he started walking towards it. Once he got towards the lighted part of his "sewer", he saw a gate that had the word seal in the middle of it.

As Naruto headed towards the opening gate, a face stared back at him. In shock, he lost his balance and fell backwards. At this, the person who was behind the gate started laughing, the voice having a feminine tone to it. When Naruto got back up, he saw the female in full view.

Having long red hair that flowed down to her back, she looked like she was twenty-five and was about five feet eight inches. Nestled on top of her hair were two red fox ears with peach fuzz on the inside of each, as her yellow eyes stared right at Naruto. She also had the same whiskers that adorned Naruto's face as well. She was wearing a normal red shirt with outlines of fire going down vertically on the sleeves of the shirt. She was also wearing a set of ninja pants, colored black and a set of ninja sandals, each having a kunai within the shoes. Nine fox tails were slowly swaying around her as they either seemed to dance through the air or were content to wrap around her figure in a gently manner.

Who are you, and where are we? More importantly, am I dead? Naruto asked as the female just giggled softly. It was not stinging or sarcastic like others, but gentle, more like Sakura-chan's laugh.

My name is Hosaki and we're in the inside of your mind, or more important, the seal that's on your stomach and you aren't dead, but very close to it. Your friend's brother is protecting you as we speak, but right now let's just say that I'm the reason you always heal quickly. I'm also the reason you need that ability. Hosaki said as Naruto's face went through several emotions before settling on curiosity.

Hosaki-chan, don't blame yourself for my problems. Besides, anyone who gave me trouble became a victim of my pranks as I assume you've saw. Naruto said, while Hosaki just stood there in shock. She had terrorized Konoha for personal reasons and sealed within Naruto because of it and to him it was nothing. She didn't know if she should laugh or cry at the situation. She would have loved him as a brother…she thought to herself coming back to Naruto.

But, I'm the reason you have all these problems Naru-kun. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be an orphan or have to… she started to say but silenced as Naruto hugged her. As he did this, thoughts of adopting him went through her head and she would think on that for later. After a few minutes went by, Naruto took his hands off of her neck.

Saki-chan, that may be true, but then again, it might not be true; at least I think so. One thing I do know though, and that is I wouldn't have you as a friend. Naruto said as a small grin worked its way onto his face, and soon after, Hosaki mirrored that grin with one of her own.

I don't deserve your kindness Naru-kun…not after what I did to Konohagakure, but thank you.

What are friends for? He asked before he started to fade. Saki-chan, what's going on?! Naruto asked in a panicked voice before Hosaki started to explain what was going on, hoping to calm the boy down.

The person who came to help you must have taken you to the hospital and made sure you healed there with the help of some doctors. This doctor or team of doctors is/are trying to wake you up from your coma-like sleep.

A coma?

Let's see, how can I explain it? It's where you're still breathing, but you aren't moving. It's like a long sleep and most people get worried if someone slips into one.

Oh. Alright then, I think I understand…Naruto started to speak before he started to fade in and out quicker than before. Realizing that his time was short, Naruto made sure to ask one question that he needed to be answered. Will I be able to see you again?

Yes Naru-kun, you'll be able to see me when you're asleep, or if you're unconscious, like today. Hosaki said as Naruto finally faded out and went back into his world. Sighing to herself quietly as she focused on some of her thoughts, one thought came up in particular. That one thought was, I wonder what he'll think if he ever learns that I'm the Kyuubi no Yoko… However, she quickly shook those thoughts away thinking that Naruto wouldn't mind to much, as Naruto woke up to see Rai, Sakura and the Hokage.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to take on the 'Copy-Cat' Jounin, otherwise I'd have to show the true colors of my feathers, and maybe get lucky and get a 'Raikiri' off on him…Naruto!" Rai said before noticing Naruto was awake. Sakura instantly went towards her friend and hugged him gently.

"Naruto, are you alright?!" She asked with fear etched on her face. The reason she was there and not at home was because she heard the rumors about a group of villagers finally getting rid of the demon. Hearing those, she instantly ran towards the Hokage's tower and told him what she heard. When the Hokage checked on Naruto with his Tōmegane no Jutsu (Telescope Jutsu aka his crystal ball), he saw Rai standing protectively over an unconscious Naruto and a group of either dead or unconscious civilians and some shinobi behind him. He saw Rai pick Naruto up and head towards the hospital. Grabbing his hat, he motioned for Sakura to follow him.

Rai and the Hokage chuckled at Sakura's actions, thus breaking her out of her frantic mode of worrying and she started bringing out her cards. Searching through the set of cards that she used as a medium for one of her Shikigami that could help heal him, but before she could find one, the wound started closing by itself.

"Naruto, I've made the decision to revoke the right for you to live by yourself, especially after what happened today. However, I am placing you under Rai's care, if that's alright with you." The Hokage said as he looked towards Naruto. Naruto didn't have to be asked twice, immediately taking the offer up and with that, the life of Uzumaki Naruto begins.


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