Character(s): Lloyd, Sheena

Genre: Suspense

Rating: K

Timeline: Within the Darkness Temple





An unusual noise came from the back of the twin swordsman's throat. His chocolate eyes almost held a crazed glare to them as he continued to stare at the object within his hands.

Sheena flinched as she watched the young man. "Lloyd…?" She prompted again, poking the brunette's shoulder.

"…what…?" Lloyd responded hoarsely, shifting his weary eyes towards the summoner. His orbs looked to be sunken in, and Sheena suppressed a shudder.

At first, the raven head couldn't think of what to say after gaining his attention. She stood silent for a moment, before simply shrugging and said: "Stop poking at Shadow."

"Aww…" Lloyd placed the small piece of the Summon Spirit on the floor. "That was cool!" The brunette grinned widely, in the same lighthearted attitude, as he turned to continue with the rest of the group.

Sheena shuddered openly as he turned to leave. "And I thought Raine was scary…"

Lloyd cackled quietly to himself. Darkness gooood…