For Poet Bucky. Heheh, I'm surprised I didn't think of this, thanks!

Character(s): Colette, Kratos, Genis

Genre: Horror

Rating: K+

Timeline: In-game; before Kratos' betrayal

Colette felt tears stinging her crystal blue eyes. Her throat burned from all the time she spent running, but her pursuers…

"Help me!" The blonde cried desperately, praying that anyone would hear her plea. Still, she continued to run through the streets, and there wasn't a human presence in sight.

Her pursuers were catching up to her; Colette could feel it, but there wasn't much she could do…

Tears finally fell freely from her eyes as she choked on a sob and tripped over the uneven concrete. The blonde felt her pale skin scraped, but she didn't focus on the pain; all she heard were the predators gathering around her.

A piercing shriek rang through the air.

"Has anyone seen the Chosen?" Kratos Aurion glanced around himself, in search of familiar blonde hair.

"She went into the city to see a dog, or something like that…" Genis scratched the back of his head in wonder. "But aren't there only cats there…?"


Puzzling indeed.