That's right! Four terrible stories in one update! Yesh! Just for you readers, because I have no faith as an author anymore! (smiles)

Wait, that's not right...

Character(s): ?, Regal,Vharley

Genre: Drama

Rating: T

Timeline: (AU) Cross-over

A blue clad man with black spiky hair slammed his hands upon the polished wooden desk he was standing behind. "Objection!" He cried, pointing his finger accusingly at the person standing in front of the Courtroom. "That's a contradiction!"

"How is that, Mr. Wright?" The judge carefully regarded the defense attorney.

"Well…" Mr. Phoenix Wright rubbed his chin in thought. "The witness stated that he had no motive, correct?"

The witness, a large man named Vharley, nodded his head in agreement. "T-that's right…"

"But…" Phoenix grinned widely as he pulled out a sheet of paper, "This is a contract that states my client gave his mines to this witness…That sounds like a motive to me," He slammed his hands again for emphasis, the same grim glint of determination within his eyes. "He obviously blackmailed my client!"

"Objection!" The cry came from the opposite side of the courtroom, belonging to the prosecutor, a silver haired man in an elegant maroon suit. "What relevance does that have with this murder, Wright?" The man smirked broadly, shrugging in a casual fashion. "Would you care to explain why you are badgering the witness about blackmail?"

"I would love to, Edgeworth." The raven haired man beamed at the shocked expression that he received from his rival. "You see…how exactly, did the witness blackmail Mr. Bryant?"

The courtroom buzzed quietly with the presented question.

"Mr. Regal Bryant is the president of the biggest company in the world," Phoenix continued; he was on a roll, "Why…he has everything…and no dark secrets." It was such a bold statement, the courtroom roared to life, until the judge slammed his gavel to demand silence.

"So, how else would Mr. Vharley convince my client to hand over his mines…?!" Phoenix took a deep breath; it was best to grasp straws and ask questions later, "He took the only one special to him!"

Immediately, Phoenix saw the effect that his guess caused. Miles Edgeworth flinched harshly, as the witness did. The court began starting a riot, but what the blue clad man saw the most interesting was his own client.

Regal looked to be as pale as a sheet. Sweat freely dripped on his brow, put he suddenly stood up with his handcuffs jingling. "Revenge!" He swore, and the blue haired man jumped unto the witness.

Before anyone could see what had happened, Vharley was dead, kicked to death by the client.

"Er…" Phoenix stared blankly at his client, covered in another person's blood.

The judge was quick to talk as everyone turned unnaturally quiet. "I find the client, Regal Bryant, for the murder of Alicia and Vharley…"