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Last Hope of Mankind

Summary: AU Estel age 11 has been captured by orcs after he was attacked with pack of wolves. Why haven't they tortured him yet? Why did they take him to their village and treated his wounds? Was everything that he was taught about orcs since birth been false all this times? Are they any different from elves, humans and any other beings? And why has this orc child keep pulling his hair as if wanting to play with him? What would Estel learn from them that would help him during the War with the Ring and when he is King? Or will he in the end be killed by the other family that he only knows by calling him a traitor?

"A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbors."
-William Ralph Inge

"Elfish and Black Speech"

Chapter One


He heard his brother, Elladan, son of Lord Elrond of Imladris, cry out. Estel, barely blocked the orc's sword that was aimed to his head. The orc growled in annoyance, kicking out with a quick motion. The boy hissed as the orc knocked him off his feet, falling hard on the ground.

"I'm coming, little brother!"

He rolled to his right as the orc stabbed the ground, the creature missing him only by a few inches. Estel reached for his sword, but it wasn't there. His eyes widened in horror as the orc followed him with hellish cries, raising his bloody sword above his head, ready to kill him with a fatal blow. Estel's sword was forgotten on the ground behind the orc, dropped when he had tried to get away. The only weapon he had now was a small hand knife, and he knew it wouldn't hold out long against this wild beast before him.

The orc drew near, a gruesome smile on his face, seemingly ready to take his prize. Estel knew that it would have been a lie to say he wasn't afraid. Quickly he backed up, trying to a find a way to run, tripping over his own feet in the process. Suddenly his vision of the orc was blocked by a dark blur. Elladan had moved between them, swinging his sword at the orc.

"Run, Estel!"

Estel hesitated; he didn't want to leave his older brother behind to fight the orc. But Elrohir, Elladan's twin, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away from the fierce battle.

"Run, Estel, Ada (dad) would skin us alive if you were hurt or killed!" Elrohir told him, pushing him away from the battlefield and towards the unknown forest. A forest none of the elves knew about. Surely Elrohir was insane for wanting him to go this way.

"What about you and Elladan? Both of you will be killed!" Estel cried. More than anything he wanted to stay and help his older brothers and the other elves from Imladris fight.

"Don't worry about us, Estel! Now run! Do as you are told and don't look back! I said RUN, NOW!" Elrohir yelled as he raced back to the battle. Estel could only watch as the elf faded back into the fray of the battle, a strange feeling of emptiness overcoming him.

Estel had no choice. Either it was cowardice or obedience. Pausing to give the area one last look, Estel did as he was told. The battle cries behind him faded as he ran nonstop. Darkness crept around him like a thick blanket. Here the forest grew so thick that neither sunlight, nor wind, could creep in. Still he ran, jumping over the thick roots from the trees and making his way even further into the forest.

After what felt like forever, Estel came to a stop, falling onto his knees, and hugged himself.

He shouldn't have run. He should never have listened to and obeyed his brother. What kind of warrior runs away from a battle? Leaving his only family that he has ever known, aside from his mother, to their deaths? What kind of warrior was he when he left his friends, making them think that he was a coward?

He was a failure and always would be. Estel knew that he was weak among his brethren, the Elven Race that he lived with since the death of his father, Arathorn. The only human he knew was his own mother, who had always told him that he would someday be like his father. But deep down, Estel believed that he never would.

His father was a Dúnadan warrior. Dúnadans were a powerful, strong race, the sons and daughters of elves and humans, though they were neither. They lived twice as long as any humans around them, but with these wars, no one ever knew how long a Dúnadan truly ever lived. Some said they could live for hundreds of years, which was still considerably short in comparison with the immortality of elves.

Estel took in deep breaths as he glanced around. 'Where am I?' he asked himself. Fear crept through his heart when he discovered that he was lost.

But he couldn't be lost! Dúnadans didn't get lost! They remembered where they where, and always were able to find their way back. Estel punched the ground in anger. He should've looked around when he was running from the battle. If he had, then he wouldn't be lost!

Slowly Estel got up, shaking slightly. He cursed his weak body, slightly wishing that he was strong like an elf. He looked around seeing nothing but dirt, trees and bushes. There were no paths or trails; the forest was like unmarked maze.

He walked to the closest tree, pulling out his small hand knife, and carved an elven mark in the bark. It would mean nothing to any by-passers, but Estel hoped that his brothers would find it. Now he only had to figure out what way he should go. Should he go straight ahead? Or right maybe? Perhaps left was а better choice? He didn't know.

'I wish Ada (dad), Elladan and Elrohir were here,' he thought, choosing a direction and heading that way. Little did he know that he was headed in the same direction that he had just come from.


Elladan swung the blade, quickly chopping off the orc's head. Black blood gushed from the lifeless corpse, as it fell with a large thump onto the blood-stained battlefield. Elladan looked up and relief filled his heart as he saw his twin brother dispose of another orc. Elrohir returned his glance with a grin, nodding as if to say he was alright. The others around them, fellow elves, scoured the remains in search of survivors, and finishing with orcs that had somehow been overlooked in the fray.

Elrohir walked up to Elladan with a large smile. Elladan smiled back, but then stopped. He had spotted an orc that was still alive. Looking at it, Elladan guessed it was a young one. Its yellow eyes glared at him in anger and hatred. Its yellow sharp teeth gritted in pain, hands bound to the deep wound that crossed its gut. Rich dark blood poured from it. Slowly the orc was dying, but not without a fight. Its breath was getting shallower in each passing moment. Elladan pulled out his hand knife; he would not allow the creature to live, not even to suffer a slow death. He could tell that the young orc knew his end was near.

As he drew near, the orc cried out, shouting something that Elladan could not understand. Elves did not speak in the Black Tongue, but he could only guess that the creature was spouting off in curses.

"Glob ta! Ta lufut nar mar! Glob, Karanzol nar mabus-"

The orc could speak no more. Elladan had cut its throat, dark blood spilling over his hands. The elf looked at them, trying to wipe away the sticky fluid. Looking at it, he could see that it was black, but when he rubbed it on his hands it turned… crimson? It was strange, but Elladan didn't have time to think about it, his thoughts turning to other matters.

'Where was Estel?' Elladan looked around, hoping that he would see the young human safe and sound. But Estel wasn't to be seen. "Where is Estel?!"

Elrohir's face became pale. "I thought Estel was with you."

"No! Do you think he's-"

"No, brother. I told him to-"

"Told him what? Elrohir?" Elladan voice became fearful. Was Estel taken by some of the orcs that had escaped? Or was he dead?

"I told him to- run in the forest, away from the battle."

"You idiot!" Elladan yelled at his twin. What was he thinking? "That forest is cursed, Elrohir! Why did you do that?"

"I thought to keep him safe," Elrohir cried.

"We have to look for him. Or Ada (dad) will kill us! And what will Gileen do when she finds out that we condemned her only son to the cursed forest?"

"We'll find him, or die trying." Elrohir said slowly.

"You forget that Estel is not an elf. He is only a human, a human child."

"Don't worry, brother. Estel is strong. His fate is not to die in the forest, I promise you that."

"Aye, brother." Elladan hissed. He was still angry with his twin. He would yell with his brother later, however, now wasn't the time to do so. Estel was missing.

"My Lord Elladan," Elladan looked up at the voice that called his name. Dyalain, one of the surviving elven soldiers, walked up. "What should we do with the slain orcs, my lord?"

"Leave them." Elladan hissed. He knew he shouldn't take his anger out at everyone around him, but his worry for the human boy had taken precedence over simple matters. Elladan turned and started to walk towards the forest, with Elrohir.

"My Lord, what is wrong?"

"Estel is missing."

Dyalain's eyes widened, "And you think he's in the forest?"

Elladan didn't answer, his brother taking over.

"I know he's there. Tell the others to help search for him."

"As you wish, my Lord." Dyalain said bowing his head in respect, before heading off to gather the others.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 2,234

Orc Speech above: roughly translated "Spare me! I fight no more! Mercy me elf-"

Author's Notes: Yes, I finally did a LotR story. This plot was in the head for LONG time. Also note that I am not updating ANY chapters until I redo all these chapters.

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