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Last Hope of Mankind: Book One


Summary: Estel is raised by orcs since a young age. Read the story to found out how that came to be. How would this effect the future during the Second War?

"The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers.

The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions."

-Peter Drucker
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Chapter Nineteen


Elrond knew he was having a vision. For one thing he cannot wake up even if he wanted to and the fact that the last thing he remembered before coming where he is now, was going to sleep next to his son on his bed roll in a forest looking for his human son.

The Elven Lord looked around himself wondering where he was in this vision. It was an ancient forest, that he can tell judging the eerie feeling around him making him feel like a small child something that haven't happened to him in ages; the trees were huge and very tall telling him that the trees was alive a lot longer then he, their roots rooted deep into the ground and surround the forest floor. The forest itself was thick; there was no sunlight as the treetops were so high up that he can no see no end of the trees itself. And all around him was a misty fog the covered the ancient ground.

He knew where he was, however his brain cannot connect it to say it, as the vision was preventing him to know as it right now. His magick doesn't want him to find out, for reasons he will not know until much later. It has happened before countless times; in which it was both frustrating and annoying. This was a side effect of his Seeing Gift; he did not have the Gift of Knowing as his twin brother did the opposite gift of his own gift. A familiar sharp pain in his heart reminded him again of his brother, Elros (1/2). To the days of which his brother was alive, he would have visions of the future, past or present as he told his brother, Elros would tell him of things that he seen that he did not understand at the time. Between the both of them, as leaders both Man and the Elves were at peace, as two brothers worked together. Those days are gone now, times of which Elrond wish he can do again with his other half.

Coming back to his thoughts at hand, Elrond started to walk down a path that he now noticed that he was standing on; and as he walked the misty fog retreated showing him a clear path that stretch a few feet. Without another thought, Elrond pressed on into a walk looking around himself with caution, his hands always close to his knives that was always to his belt; he notice that he sword was not on him, thinking now he should get back into the habit of sleeping with it then leaning it on a tree beside him. He had been attacked before in his visions, and he has scars on throughout his body to prove it (another side effect of his gifts). He always wondered when he sees visions part of him would split in two as he would be two places at once, however he can never prove this.

Time passed then he saw light up ahead; as he got closer Elrond hear drumming, shouting, clapping, sounds that tells of a celebration or rather a gathering of some sorts. This puzzled him, never before has his visions brought him to a party.

When he got closer, he stopped at his tracks his eyes widen in shock. It was a gathering alright but a gathering of orcs. They surround a slab of stone in the middle of a clearing, candles, bones and odd things was place on it as a small figure was there, alongside another larger form on top of the slab of stone. The two figures was laying on their backs; stones, flowers and unknown symbols was carefully place on them as two orcs (that Elrond guessed was both female) was dancing, chanting in the Black Speech that given the Elven Lord chills down his back of hearing it. He could not see the faces of the two figures, as their faces were of that dark shadows. The other orcs was drumming drums, others was pounding the ground with either their hands or feet. Few was dancing with others such as the two inside the circle, however none beside the two ever walked into the circle that Elrond now realized was carefully drawn by stones that he failed to noticed until now was glowing ever so brighter as the chanting went on.

Suddenly everything stopped; the silence was deafening. Elrond for a short moment thought he woken up or turned deaf, but seeing he wasn't in both accounts he was still frozen of witnessing this bizarre scene before him. Part of him was curious of what he was seeing; another part of him was fearful of the orcs; these orcs have religion and some sort of leadership, something that is not good for the Free Beings of Middle Earth. If they start ganging up they would overtake them all. They weren't mindless beasts as he remembered them from the first war; creatures that were once their kin that went into madness from dark magick with no soul or free thought.

Elrond watched as the surround orcs knelled on the ground, as the two females in the middle walked towards to the two figures in front of them, still lying onto their backs oblivious of what was going on around them. The older one spoke again of the Black Tongue, raised a knife… Elrond knew he was witnessing some form of ritual but of what kind was a different matter. He had read witness accounts about orcs doing rituals ranging of sexual activity rituals to that of cannibalism. Is he witnessing one of those where one kill one of their kind with such brutality? Instead (to Elrond's relief) the orc grabbed the smaller figure's hand slicing it across its palm, dark blood pour through the wound making the thinly arm covered in it along with the stone table beneath. The other orc woman did the same on the bigger one's own hand, the cut too was deep as the two fleshly warm blood mixed all over the flat stone, onto the ground. The taller of the two orc women place the two now cuts hands together, there too mixing the blood of their palms; as this happened stones around them turned on with such brightness, that made Elrond leapt from where he hiding with a surprise yelp. Cursing at his stupidly and weakness he raised his knives facing any danger that orcs would cause just in case any of the orcs noticed him because of his foolishness, but none did as the Elven Lord sighed in a relief. He did not go back to his hiding place seeing no point in doing it again as he now in the open.

The orc women again chanted, the stones' light somehow left its resting place as it leapt in the air long with blue-white mist the formed above the two figures from their mouths; taking their very breathe from their lungs. Looking at the lights and the smoke like mist it was appear of them were dancing, swirling all around playfully as if they were faerie lights.

Elrond never seen such powerful magick at work for a very long time and maybe never again; for he knows he had read something about this back into books of his youth but again his gift was preventing him to recall the words that he read and learned beforehand. Elrond sighed again in annoyance he was going a lot of research when he get back to Rivendell. The elf watched as the white-bluish mist came back into their owners' mouths, as the two took their first deep breaths once again.

It was then the orcs started to leave, Elrond waiting for them to attack him as they walked passed him. But none did so, however one did walked through him and it looked around as if wondering what happened as the young orc suddenly felt chilled. Elrond looked at the smallest orc he ever seen wondering it was a child or some form of a shrunken orc. He watched as it shrugged it off and started to walk with the rest into the unknown into the forest.

"Elrond." A mystic voice said. Startled of hearing his name, the said Elf turned and came face to face with the elder orc that did the unknown Ritual. Beside her was the younger one, which now up close looked like it could be a relative. The two of them looked right at him; with those unnatural coloured eyes the Elven Lord cannot stop staring.

"Who are you?" Elrond dared to ask his voice cracked as if he was unable to breath. It was then he started to fade from his vision. "No!" Elrond yelled hoping the Gods would heed him, "I need to find my son!" Everything suddenly went black, as Elrond opened his eyes, grasping for breath as if he suddenly was incapable to breathe as if underwater, as he set up clutching his chest.

It was not yet dawn. He can hear the earliest birds chirping as the sun's light ever so slightly was upon them, he felt the hard dirt beneath him of where he sat and the smell of the freshly dewed forest surrounding them. His breathing slowed down thankfully, his blood bumping through his veins slowly down along with this heartbeat as he glanced at his young son Elrohir whom was still sound sleep beside him.

He was back.

Elrond flop back onto his back with a thump, dazed of what he just witness wondering what the vision had wanted to him to see. What does this ritual had to do with his human son? He knew that the vision was about his son; then if so was he the smaller figure he saw on the stone table? What did the orcs did to him? And what was their purpose of doing so?

But what if it wasn't him? Then what was the proposes then? Is it warning him that the War he knew is coming is sooner than any of them thought; showing him that the orcs evolved into intelligent beings from mindless beasts that they were back when Morgoth ruled?

Elrond didn't know how long he just laid there thinking of possible reasonable outcomes and reasons why his magick showed him that vision and it all adds up that he witnessed where Estel was for his wished to know where he was. It wasn't the first time this happened; where he wants to knows something so strongly that he had a vision when he goes to sleep or day-dreamed it shortly after. The first time was when seen the birth of all three of his children, he knew who they were before they were born and what strengths and weaknesses they would have back during the Second Age before he met his wife Celebrían whom he married after the First War. However his gift didn't heed him of the choice his twin brother would've made shortly after his vision of the future that resulted to his death 400 years later or the outcome of the First War and after; his wife leaving him to the West and of course Estel being lost. And there has many others but he will not think about as it is now in the past and one can no go back and change it.

Elrond never admit to anyone but he did witness his wife's kidnapping by the orcs whom tortured her in many lengths of time. He had guided his twin sons using his gifts to find their mother when they went out to look for her. He also knew she will leave him and their children that following year after she had been rescued and henceforth she sailed to the West. After his wife was kidnapped, he collapsed into a faint and he witnessed of what they were doing to his wife. It pained him that he was helpless of saving his wife that is why he lend his children to find her however she choose in the end to leave him even after he begged her not to. Time will heal her, he told her. He was healer himself; he would help her get through her ordeal. But she refused. And since then he was alone and in any sense a widower. It has been a long time since he ever loved another or been with anyone.

One thing for sure that Elrond knew a few hours pass, the orcs have Estel, and guessing of what he witnessed…he was accepted into their clan. And of what he saw in the clearing where the wolves were at, they as well saved his life. His human son was safe as any was with orcs.

As Elrohir woke, Elrond told him that they need to go back to Rivendell and pack up the campsite. The Elven lord knew that his middle son was angry at him giving up on Estel so soon, but Elrond knew that there was nothing they can do now, but wait for Estel to come to them.

As they rode back to their home, Elrohir was silent in the whole trip and Elrond pretend not to notice.

Mokûrz sat the ground in his new home next to the fire adding the round flat dung into the fire every now and then, as he pulled off the last dressing on his wounds that was wrapping around his upper arm and shoulder. It has been few months since the wolf attack and now he is finally safe for him to take the wrappings off. Mokûrz could not believe that it has only been four months (it includes the time when he was unconscious after the attack) since then and it felt like forever ago.

Looking at the wounds it was ugly however even with his child like eyes he can tell that Brura did well on healing him of what basic of healing arts he seen in the village. He can count the teeth marks all forty-two of them, ranging all around his small arm and the tiring part when the wolf pulled on him to rip a piece of his flesh that snaked little part up his neck; luckily not near the jugular veins that would've killed him within a minute and down to his upper ribs near his armpits. The ripping scars were bumpy and darker in colour then his normal healthy skin as the biting marks were lighter shade, however still noticeable across his pale skin.

Kaghad said these scars are a symbol of his bravery and his will to live. Now that his wounds have healed, his father (this thought is still alien to him) has given him more shirts and coats to wear that do little to hide all his newly formed scars. The clothes that Kaghad has given him is that of high quality material telling everyone that he is that of higher status as before he was first given clothes when he first came into the tribe; before he was adopted. Where the coat wouldn't hid the neck scars, as without one the short sleeves shirts only cover half of the scars on his arm and the scars on his neck. Brura had said that the scars may enlarge some or they would flatten and become less noticeable when he gets older.

Mokûrz was puzzled by Kaghad's comment about his scars, the elves view scars as symbols of wrong doing of what happened to them in life, with their longevity even the ugliest and deepest scars disappear into thinly white lines that turn invisible unless you knew where they were. Scars are imprint of your soul that turn tainted and when you go Valinor (3) they will be healed and their souls will be purified. However the young human knew what the orc meant, these scars does show how he survived with the help of a healer, and he suppose he did show some bravery using a small knife against enlarge wolves that can take down even a Warg if they wanted to with the help of their pack. The thing that puzzled him the most was why shows them off and not hides them? He will have to ask Kaghad about this later to see if it's part of some Orc Tradition or not.

It was now the beginning of winter, which he can feel the cold as the northern winds blow through the forest. Even though the forest is thick overhead with hardly any snow falling on them it was still freezing during the night and tolerable turning the day. And without the safely of the stone walls like he had when he was living with his mother, Adar and his brothers in Rivendall; here it is different with each family living in tents it can be very cold any time of the day or night if the fire wasn't kept. And if the winds were to be too strong the tent itself can blow down. And to get around and visit people you have walk outside. And pretty soon he will have to do chores and lessons from Brura starting today which he is very nervous about. What lessons will the Witch Healer teach him?

He knew how to read and write in both common and in the elfish language. He knew his numbers as Adar had taught him along with some tutors that lived in Rivendell. But he knew that these skills will not be needed much in this tribe but he doesn't want to get out of the habit of unable to read or write.

Brura did comment that he has the healing gift much like what Adar told him before. Will he be taught more about healing…or maybe she can show him magick as Mokûrz knew that Brura is capable of? He had never known orcs capable of any magick other than destruction; as it was common knowledge that the elves and the Maiar (4) are powerful magick practitioners. Not common humans like himself, they are unable to do magick because Man is not gifted by the Valar of such things because Man is weak minded. Alar told him himself about the One Ring of Power and the First War, in which Isildur (5) foolishly allowed the Ring to overtake his mind. An elf or Maiar would not allow such things to take over one's mind that easily. Mokûrz would admit he is a wee bit jealous of not able to do any magick and always love seeing it done in front of him.

Mokûrz's mind then went to Kaghad. The Warlord had been teaching him a lot about the orc way of life; such as the laws and about the other tribes that is scattered across Middle Earth. When winter comes and goes Kaghad told him he will company him into hunting trips and how to survive from being hunted by the Free Beings or killed mistakenly from another tribe. It was very new concept of being told of this; being hunted like a common criminal or an animal, which never happened him before as Elves and humans are never hunted. Thinking about it, it was scary thought that he kept him of falling asleep in many nights.

Either way Mokûrz is excited to be help any way with Kaghad, his father. The thought of the orc now legally his father is still new to him; not only can he claim Kaghad as his father because he take care of him it's by law as well (and Kaghad had drilled in his head since almost day one that the Laws are the law not even He has king can be above it). Back in Rivendell Elrond never married his mother, which is the only way for the Elven Lord to be his father legally as his mother is still alive therefore Elrond cannot adopt him; he is his foster father the closest thing as a father and son to the Elven Realms. To them fostering is taking care of children for someone, however having no legal rights when their family comes and gets them. The foster parents take care of them giving them a place to stay, eat and such. He was someone's son other than his mother which he hopes is still alive and soon to see her again. Their last meeting wasn't good, as he was in trouble when he last saw his mother, which pained him to think about. He knew he wasn't purpose to go into the court yard or he would get hurt. And hurt he almost did, as many of the elves were there training and an arrow also killed him. Luckily the arrow nearly missed him but if hit he wouldn't be here now. He was scold by his mother after Elrond told her what happened. The only reason he was with his brothers was because he pleads and begged to go part of him angry against his mother of siding with the Elven Lord not him.

To put it plainly he misses his mother the most. All the years he been with her, she wasn't just a person that took care of him and listens to him when everyone else wouldn't. She alone was only human beside him, and they had each other after all these years after his own father's death. Throughout all his years of living he never sway away far from his mother til that fateful day happened…he just snapped and ignored her.

Mokûrz felt silent tears flow down his face. He wipes them away not wanting to be caught crying like a baby. Kaghad is out doing kingly duties leaving him here to wait for Brura whom volunteered to watch over him until Kaghad came back on whatever he is doing. Now as the son of Warlord, it was time for him to start with his studying, Kaghad told him this morning and when everyone cools down about him adopting a human he would start teaching him how to rule orcs and such. Mokûrz will admit he is excited that he is now a Prince per say, who want to complain about that? Back at Rivendell he was nothing but a human foster child ward which the princes (his twin brothers) called him brother. He didn't have any say on anything in court or out in the battlefield. Here he had meaning in his life; which he found he was strangely happier then he felt he would . Part of him still feels guilty thinking of it because he was among orcs the enemies of elves.

Mokûrz went back into his thoughts about what Kaghad been telling him when he goes out to Brura's home to get something of what he didn't clarify. This had happened since that battle and it had to do something about that human boy, the slave as he is now known. Slavery is still alien to him but after thinking about it and asked Kaghad a few questions, he can crudely accepted that slavery is real and at times not that horrible as it sounds and what stories he been told about it as there are laws regarding slavery. After some years of servitude towards Kaghad the human boy will be released if Kaghad wish to or if the boy done a great deed that rewards him of his freedom. And if the boy gets freed; he would have the choice to stay with his former master as citizen of the tribe or leave where ever he wanted provided he gets a warg (or in some cases a horse) with a one week worth of food and water.

Sadly however nowadays most war salves either kill themselves or somehow ends up dead before they get released after the many years of servitude or they escape. Suicide was other foreign thought to him; as elves view all life sacred including their own as killing one self is against Eru. Part of Mokûrz wanted the boy to stay and not get killed; as they both are the only humans among the orcs. And if they are somewhat close to age maybe they can be friends?

Mokûrz couldn't continue these thought as Brura then came into the tent. She nodded in greeting and praised him of keeping the fire going. Mokûrz found himself pleased that he did a good job. It was then he noticed that the orc woman was carrying a lather pouch.

"What is that?" he asked her. With a toothily grin the orc woman pulled out a stone; it was blue perhaps a topaz stone he guessed of what his brothers told him of what stones were and their names. He was puzzled as what the stone is for as he knows she is here to teach him a lesson of her craft as Kaghad said it will come in handy. (6)

"Help you clear the flow of your Prana (7) this stone will. Healed are you but yet the energy that flows through you is blocked. This stone is called a Topaz it will help you with your Prana of your throat," she places her hand on his Adam's apple. "As well it will help your energy here," she then place her hand above his bellybutton. "Come closer, you will. Cross legs then."

Mokûrz did; as he did felt some form a spark within of the place where she touched him. He knew of what she was talking about as his Adar has spoken about energies through the body but he never was taught of such magick. Brura handed him the stone that he found was a great size into his palm. Part of it was smooth as well rough by the touch. Playing with it he find that he can feel some form of a pulse.

As Brura worked with him as hours past; made him close his eyes into mediation to feel that pulse to grow stronger to help open his two block charkas that she said was mostly blocked. She have said others need of healing but these ones that need to be addressed first for it will be of use in the near future. She spoke of him of what the other charkas do and what they govern. She said later he will have his own healing pouch of charka rocks that would have all seven to help him into his healing craft after of course he knows how to channel them to heal himself as she explained that one needs to know how to heal oneself first before one can help others. This made perfect sense and he hopes he can learn quickly enough with high marks to start practicing on others which Brura said will take a few years.

He told to practice with the blue topaz that she given him when she is not around. And if the stone 'likes' him enough she may give him that stone to keep for his future healing kit (how a stone likes a person he didn't know but he nodded to be polite when she spoke, he was happy he didn't laugh when she said the stone didn't bite him). She praised him of his first lesson that went well. He was beaming with happiness and prey that he will fail her.

She was about to continue with the lesson something about colours when they heard a great up roar outside the tent. There was shouting; cursing and what sound like someone was being beat up. Quickly the orc woman stood up and raced outside, Mokûrz not knowing what to do follow close behind. It didn't take them long of what they found; and what he saw made him stop in horror.

Ryder knew that he was fully healed from the fatal poison as the only evidence that he did was where he was shot was a black scar with matching spider web looking veins that will forever be present like dark magick had stained on him. It makes him feel so dirty just by looking at it. He knew there must be a reason why these orcs healed and saved his life but for what reason? Do they want a play toy in full health before they start to torture him for information? He wasn't afraid of death, or so he hope he isn't. He was just a lowly squire and a scout; he wasn't the best person to torture for information. Unless the orcs what to know how joust; dressing up armor on a knight; how to take care of the horses and so forth of serving under a fully trained knight. He didn't really know the layout of the castle or any of the villages surrounding in Rohan nor was he any good at scouting and knowing where he was; not even able to read a simple map. The knight he served under wasn't that high in command either, he was not an elite knight however Sir Philip (8) wasn't a pushover either he was one of the best of the regular knights whom many trained under him and if stories told to him during those scouting trips he was forced to go, Sir Philip himself turned the tides of many battles against orcs. However Sir Philip wasn't that trusted to know many secrets that would help the enemy take over as far as Ryder knew. However if Sir Philip knew any secrets then the knight never told him or given him hints of them that he can remember.

It was just his luck that he was taken by the orcs when he only had one more year to go before he became a Knight of Rohan before he was able to undergone the ceremony of knighthood. His father always preach to him since he was a small boy that he will never be a knight and it looks like he was right after all as he is a prisoner in the hands of orcs waiting to be tortured and be eaten any day now as he was fully healed.

He was tied up, sitting on a bed staring daggers at that girl that was doing whatever she is doing at the other side of the home, the same girl that cared for him since the day he woke up. He wasn't really nice to her ever since he woke up the first time, mostly because he just waiting for her to snap and break his neck. He had seen a much older looking female orc that came and go, and he figured that orc must be that girl's mother (do orcs have mothers?). He knew there was one other that lives in the place but he only seen that orc once and it was when the much older orc and the other was arguing to each another in their harsh tongue. Whatever happened the other orc never returned back to the prison. Good riddance in his opinion, the more orcs gone the better.

He pulled on the ropes again that tied to his wrists and to his ankles, his lips now bleeding slightly because he tried to chew them off but find that the ropes were too thick and rough for him to chew though. And not only were they thick, they were as well painfully tight almost closing off the blood to his hands and feet, he guessed each time he struggle the bonds would get tighter. And damn they hurt like hell. The girl ignored his struggling, his painful moans and him trying to get information out of her. He even tried to flirt with her hoping she will be fall for it. As he is almost fully trained knight he doesn't usually fall that low into dirty tricks for information but he been despite. However the orc must be a man in disguise as she didn't show that was interested him at all. He was beyond frustrated; he wanted to know WHY he is being kept prisoner. He wants to know WHY he was saved not the others as well that he knew that are dead now; his own friends and companies that he served for years and a few that joined at the same time as he becoming a squire to become a knight. He was happy that Sir Phillip didn't company them that time so at least he knows his master was safe as far as he knew. And to add to that, it frustrates him that he couldn't even get an orc to think he was cute. How silly as it was he knew, but having this girl ignore him even while he was still naked wrapped in animal skin tired up put a downer on him of his self-confidence to a new level mostly because even back home he couldn't get a girl to like him. And finding not even the lowly creatures like orcs their very own women won't even look at him; there must be something wrong with him.

He sighed again and knocking his head on the wooden post behind him. He side glance at the orc girl who finally looked at him, as she stood up and walked towards him. He found himself flinching slightly as she suddenly pulled out a knife. He eyed it, the blade was long, at the top of the blade was jarred and the bottom was smooth like any knife. At its halt was loop around the girl's wrists with what looks like charms dangling from it.

As the orc girl knelled in front of him, he closed his eyes waiting for that knife to plug right into him. But nothing like that sort happened, instead he felt the ropes that bound him was cut off from his hands and feet, the girl throwing a shirt, pants and a wool made coat at him. It was clear of that the orc wanting him to do. Why now he wasn't sure. Beside him he now realized that his boots from his previous life was there next to him to wear as well, the only link he has left.

Ryder slowly stood up with wobbly legs still feeling embarrass of being naked in front of the orc girl, as he slowly gotten dressed of what was given to him. The shirt was itchy and the pants were a little too big for him as well little worn, the coat too but at least it was warm. It's now winter and it gets very chilly even with the fire going. After he was done, the girl took his hands roughly as he hissed in a little pain, as his hand was slightly red from being tied up previously, as the girl locked iron cuffs that he can clearly recognized as Gondor-made (where did she get that?) and she then locked a collar on him around his neck. The collar itself was a beautifully made, it was smooth not tight around his neck but tight around that he couldn't take it off because his head is far too big. It was silver coloured with words inscribe on that he couldn't identify what language it was.

It was then the Ryder thought of the possibility of the reason why he was saved; he was now a slave. This thought never concurred to him before until the girl put a collar on him as in Rohan there was no such thing as slavery; the closest was criminals being forced to be slaved labor as their punishment if their crimes were not that severe of being put to death or banishment. Of course he heard of slavery; as the Easterlings themselves is said to steal women as sex slaves or became their wives and if the front army soldiers were telling the truth that Man are either food or made into slave labor for orcs who was unfortunate to survive after a failed battle or stupid enough to get lost from the garrisons.

Is this orc girl his new master? That thought darkened his mind. He was no one's play thing! Nor will he allow himself to be lowered into a slave to these lowly beings. Ryder then pulled on the chain that was connected to his collar that the girl's hand was grasp with, surprising the girl as it was until this point he never was physically violent towards her. He pushed her to the ground, grabbing the closest thing as weapon near him that happened to a walking stick of some kind and before the girl got the chance to get up to defend herself Ryder started hitting her with it until he saw blood seeping from her head and mouth. It was then he dropped the weapon onto the ground, looking at the scene in front of him in horror of what he had just done. Part of him was happy that he done it, another said he shouldn't have because even if she was an orc, the orc was still a female as the Knight Code clearly said 'never struck a woman'. However he knew what he did was foolish and he did it without thinking; how can he get out of wherever he is now with blood on his hands? It's not hard to see he is human, a slave covered in fresh blood. If they see him now running off they will surly kill him at sight. But what kind of life will he have now anyway? The girl is dead (she can very be the one that saved his life from that poison to begin with, however he will not think of that possibly making him regent of what he has done); a slave surely will be put to death by the crime he just committed. Even if they allow him to live what kind of life is there for him as an orc slave? He rather die than be one.

He slowly walked back of the limp form of the orc on the ground not taking his eyes off of her. He didn't know if he really killed her or not and he can't make sure because he will surely be discovered soon. He walked to the tent flap exit looking outside the tent looking around.

None of the orcs had noticed him yet even after a few just walked passed. He slowly got out trying to make himself look small. Just as he got at the edge of the tent to turn around and start running, he smacked himself hard into someone's chest.

Whatever or whoever he knock into was a solid, strong and even though the solid something was shorter than him, Ryder was knocked onto his back hard. Dazed he looked up in horror. Bright red eyes stared back him; his nightmare was standing right in front of him.

Kaghad stared at his slave; the look of malice was across his face. He smells blood and the human were covered in it.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 7,540

(1) Elros: Was a Half-elven son of Eärendil and Elwing and the brother of Elrond and the first King of Númenor and the founder of the House of Elors. He married an unnamed mortal wife with four children. As a Half-Elf he had the choice to choose a mortal life or an elven one. As Elrond choose Elven, Elors choose mortal. At age 90 he ascended to the throne of Númenor in the city of Armenelos where he was inscribed as Elros Tar-Minyatur. Elros died at the age of 500 years old after ruling for 410 years.

He is the ancestor of Aragorn son of Arathorn and Isildur son of Elendil, the High King of Gondor and Arnor.

(2) I have given Elros a Gift of Knowing just as his twin, Elrond have a Gift of Seeing. Elros knew he had a duty to Man, which is why he chooses to be of that man, when he was giving a choice. Just to be clear, the Gift of Knowing is to know things, not be confused of the Gift of Knowledge, of which knowledge can be learned, knowing is that when you KNOW without learning. And the reason why the gifts come hand to hand, Elrond and Elros ARE not only twins but identical; like a soul split in two. For the first 500 years the two were unstoppable, as Elros died Elrond had to look up stuff & learn of what he seen in his visions perhaps that is why he is always in his office?

(3) Valinor: meaning "Land of the Valar" was the realm of the Valar in Aman, the place of which they moved after being driven from Almaren by Melkor. It was also known as the Undying Lands as only immortal souls were allowed to reside there, with some exceptions when it came to the bearers of the One Ring, and it is said that Gimli also accompanied his friend Legolas to these lands. It has also been suggested that the concept was based off Hy Brasil, a mythical land that can reputedly be seen off the coast of Ireland for one day in every seven years or alternatively "Heaven".

(4) Maiar: (Singular Maia) were those of spirits which descend to Arda to help the Valar to shape the World. They were supposed to be numerous, yet not many were named. Their chiefs were Eönwë, banner-bearer and herald of Manwë, and Ilmarë, the handmaid of Varda.

Among those that are known: Sauron (also believe can be not of Maiar but Valar), Aiwendil (Radagast the Brown), Olórin (Gandalf), Curumo or Cunneir (Saruman), Ungoliant, Altar (Morinehtar) and Durin's Bane.

(5) Isildur: (born SA3209 and died TA2) was the son of Elendil, the High King of Gondor and Arnor. His name is Quenyan word that means "Devoted to the Moon". Isildur was the one who during the War of the Last Alliance to cut the One ring from Sauron's hand but had refused to destroy it. He was later killed by orcs as the Ring was lost for 2,500 years before found by Sméagol (later named Gollum) and then five hundred years later Bilbo took it who in turn given it to Frodo who finally destroyed it…after it been stolen back from Gollum to fell into Mount Doom.

And in turn Isildur is as well Aragorn /Estel / Mokûrz ancestor.

(6) Blue Topaz/ Topaz: with using certain stones that are in tune with chakras are used to cleanse that said Chakra in which it is in tune and bring balance. Blue Topaz is in tune with the 5th Charka mostly known as the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha. The 5th Charka Qualities are Communication, Creativity and Healing. Using any Topaz however is as well in tune with the 3rd Charka known as the Naval Charka or Manipura; which governs Energy, Vitality, Desire and Power.

(7) Prana: by Hindu Ayuvedics it means Charka or energy vortexes as Ch'I by the Chinese.

(8) Philip: (Pronounced FIL-ip in English or FEE-lip in Dutch). From the Greek name Φιλιππος (Philippos) which means "friend of horses", composed of the elements φιλος (philos) "friend" and 'ιππος (hippos) "horse". One of the famous people in history with this name is Philip II who is the father of Alexander the Great.

Author's Notes: What Brura is teaching Aragorn are true accounts about Charkas the names and what stone is used. There are other stones, colours and methods but a Topaz would be the best bet that orcs can get a hold of that is logicly enough.

SO sorry for the long wait. As I said above this chapter was a killer to write along with real life kicking my ass lately. Not going to to list excues and what-nots about key points between the last update and this one. Because that would be boring and I don't think most people read Author's Notes. So why should I? :)

HOPE you enjoy the chapter. I made it long just because of long the last update was.

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