Author's Note;

I started this story quite a while ago now and I felt I needed to mention a few things.

First and foremost. The beginning chapters make me wince in agony. I mean that with all sincerity. I need to fix them. But I want to finish the race, before editing the entire thing. Light of Honor is painful until you get through the muck and mire that I had arrogantly called 'First year'. Second Year is better but still painful and honestly a tad dull. At least until Harry starts to alter things. Third year it begins to become interesting while the next two it becomes a fic of its own. It truly flourishes once it reaches into the fourth year.

It's riddled with grammical errors and spelling problems. I know it, you'll see it. But, if you can manage to plow through the first pains (or just skip them entirely) you'll see there is a gem that's buried in this, just deeply buried. The deeper you dig through this the better it becomes. Careful not to jump too far though otherwise you are going to be completely lost.

Will I remedy this problem?

When I finish this and tie up some other personal loose ends, most likely yes.

Now, I don't own Harry Potter, I wish I did, because that would mean I could play video games and write all day instead of struggling economically.

Still, I hope you can be patient with LOH and watch as it slowly grows from painful adolecence to maturity.

(As a side note though, I do not suggest that you skip the Prolouge, you'll miss a lot)


Defender Paladin