He looked at the cloaked being and suddenly; the chamber in which they stood began to shift and diminish.

"Wha..?" Harry began as the camber vanished.

"You are being transferred to the correct era. Your physical form shall return to its younger self. The one that was entering Hogwarts for the first time."

"Great...I'm a midget..." Harry sighed and suddenly reminded of Ron.

Harry felt his body shorten and weaken. He had no idea how weak his younger self really had been. He felt the weakening of being depraved of enough food for far too long and realized it would take him a long time to adjust to his younger form. He felt exhausted as the world started to come into view, the being that had spoken to him had not yet disappeared either. When King's Cross had formed around them the figure spoke one last time.

"Time shall begin anew, one again a hero steps into the hands of destiny." It said in a formal voice.

It vanished and the people whom had been still began to move.

Harry thought quickly; he had two choices, one get on the train and hope that all went well or two wait for Ron. He hadn't forgiven his 'friend' for betraying him but, the black cloaked being had left doubts about Ron. Harry wasn't sure if he could trust his friends or not. However, he knew that he needed them to stop history from becoming so different that he wouldn't have a clue what would happen next. Suddenly Harry sighed ruefully, he really had no options after all. He would become Ron's 'friend' again. He didn't know if he could ever trust him like he did once though. However, he would have to try to act as though they were best friends. Maybe, even become best friends again, but when the time of the betrayal came Harry would harden his heart against that assault. He decided to do the same with Hermoine. It was for the best after all. Still, at least this time he would be able to confuse Voldermort's forces. By the 'Snake incident' in second year, just small comments, unusual talent. It would make the Death Eaters a little confused if he played his cards right... Still, that wasn't for a while. Now he had to get on the train for the seventh... or the first time...

"...Where are we supposed to go again?" Harry heard one of the Weasley voices.

"Platform 9 and 3/4." The little Ginny chimed in.

Harry furiously quelled the emotions rising in him as he reached the Weasleys.

"Hi, do you know how to get to the platform?"

"Your fist time to school?" asked kindly.

"Yeah, but I don't know how to get to the train."

"This is Ron's first time too so you two should go together." Mrs. Weasley said.

"Okay, thank you Ma'am."

She explained to Harry how to get to the platform and and told him that if he was nervous he should take a running start.

Harry nodded mutely as he calmly crossed to the barrier and went through. He figured that the speed he was going wouldn't really matter in the end. He wrote it off as a very minor he neared the train he began to pull at his belongings in an attempt to pull them into the train.

"Do you want help?" Two red headed twins asked in unison.

"Yeah...Please." Harry panted from the heavy work he had preformed.

Fred and George easily pulled Harry's trunk into the train. As Harry carefully wiped the sweat from his brow the twins introduced themselves.

"And who are you?" Fred asked Harry.

"Wait, I don't think you will have to answer that Harry." George said peering through Harry's thick hair.

"How did you know his-" Fred began but stopped as he noticed the same thing his twin had already noticed.

"Yeah...I'm Harry Potter but, I would prefer to have a little bit of peace. If you must tell someone tell your family, not the entire train please. I'll have enough people staring at me in school, I don't need additional staring beforehand." Harry pleaded.

The twins looked at each other before they spoke.

"Well... I guess we won't tell the entire train, for the sake of the Boy who Lived. But, we will tell a few people just so they don't faint in shock at the sorting."

Fred and George hurried away, leaving Harry to find a compartment. It didn't take him long to hear the twins telling their family that they had met Harry Potter.

"Can I see him mom? Please?" Ginny pleaded.

Harry had heard that voice before and it wasn't a normal crush voice but one that was enamored of his fame. For the first time he became repulsed by her voice and for the first time he doubted Ginny.

While he had been thinking of this they had continued to talk and the twins stated cheerfully to a now crying Ginny.

"We will send you a Hogwarts toilet seat!"

"Boys!" chided.

"Just kidding mom." They tried to calm their mother down.

After the train began to move he sensed that Ron was coming. It filled him with anger but, Harry forcibly concealed it.

"Hello." Harry said as Ron entered the Compartment.

"Are you really...Harry Potter?" Ron asked with a note of wonder in his voice.

Harry merely pulled his hair back to reveal the lightning shaped scar that was etched on his forehead.

"What do you remember?" Ron asked curiously.

Harry shook his head. Slightly amused about the experience of reliving his life.

"Not much. A flash of green light is about it." Harry replied.

Ron on the other hand thought that the green light was an amazing thing.

They continued to chatter until they heard the compartment open and the food cart came by. Harry stood and looked at the cart. He bought a large quantity items. When he returned he saw Ron looking wistfully at his sandwiches that he had brought out as Harry had gone to the cart.

"Dig in." Harry offered as he ate a chocolate frog.

"But this is-" Ron began to protest.

"-More than I can eat." Harry grinned at Ron.

Ron hesitantly took a frog.

"Go ahead." Harry urged.

"Why did you get more than you could eat?" Ron asked while holding the frog.

"Because my eyes were too big for me, this is the first time I have seen this stuff after all." Harry jumped for a reason.

"Excuse me, have either of you seen a toad? A boy has lost one." A girls voice asked them. A round faced boy stood behind her.

"Sorry, I haven't" Harry apologized.

"That's alright, by the way I'm Hermoine Granger. And who are you two?" The girl stuck out her hand to Harry.

Harry shook it.

"Harry Potter, and this is Ron Weasley." Harry introduced them.

Her eyes widened instantly.

"Harry Potter? You are in Hogwarts a History, Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts-"

"I-I am? Err... Sorry for interrupting." Harry apologized.

"It's alright. Although I hope that it isn't a habit of yours." Hermoine chided him.

"Well... Not usually. It is just that I'm not really used to this fame thing." Harry admitted.

He was missing his old friends, and was wishing to be able to trust them once again. He wanted to tell someone what had happened to him... But, it wasn't possible...

"Well then, I need to help Nevile find his toad."

Harry nodded.

"Sure, good luck."

In a few minutes after Hermoine left another person entered their compartment.

"I heard that Harry Potter is on the train." Draco acted friendly.

"Yes he is." Harry replied.

"Do you know where he is?" Draco asked.

"Right here." Harry replied.

"You?" Draco asked in a slightly surprised voice.

"Yes as a matter of fact."

Draco noticed Ron and mentioned the 'Red hair and hand-me down robes' before he turned back to Harry.

"you will soon find out that some wizarding families are better than others; you don't want to make friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there." Draco offered his hand.

Harry looked at Draco for a moment.

"Thank you for the offer, it is considerate. However, I have found that there is more to a person than that of just blood. I find loyalty, honor, intelligence, and compassion to be the most important things. If you can prove that you have those traits, I can accept you as a friend."

Ron looked a little irritated at Harry's answer. Harry realized that he had irritated Ron...He already knew that it would happen more than once. But he had hoped that it wouldn't have happened so soon.

Draco seemed to ponder his reply. Finally instead of replying he shrugged and left the compartment.

"That was weird." Harry noted after Malfoy had left.

"Why did you say that to him?" Ron asked after a few moments in a curious voice.

"Best way to defuse a potentially dangerous situation." Harry replied.

"I see..." Ron slowly replied.

The train neared the towering castle in the distance as they began to change into their robes.