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Harry Potter and The Light of Honor

Year 6

End of All Hope

Just a little while ago...

"Alright, let's take him out...Once and for all." Zeus said.

His love nodded in agreement.

"Right, Grim, you and Ferret take up the left and right flanks. Fides, you and Justitia will be support for Zeus, and Thor will provide general cover. We're counting on you." Hermione told him.

Thor's eyes were hardened and the steel in his spine was immense.

"He called down the thunder, now he has to reap the whirlwind." Thor agreed.

With that the eight of them entered the Common room.

Voldemort was sitting in Harry's customary chair in the corner near the fireplace, and the two others were in Hermione's and Ron's seats respectively.

"We've been waiting for you." The two said as Voldemort smiled cruelly.

"Hello Harry Potter, this moment has been long in its reckoning." The snake-like man smirked.

"Who are your little friends?" Harry asked.

"They are the light and darkness, unified in one purpose...Eliminating the one who causes such havoc in the cosmic order; you."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Neville asked.

"Good question, but the second reality and the counsel have agreed that Potter is too great a threat, and so proposed an alliance, and a new set of rules to be put in place. Harry, you don't represent the light for the counsel anymore, that war will end when we have found a more suitable host for the light."

"Your counsel isn't the light." Harry retorted.

"Perhaps you may think so, perhaps even the emperor may think so, but that's besides the point, the counsel's will is absolute, and you have defied us time and time again, pulling the darkness' pawns out from them, allowing 'equality' between the worthy and unworthy, gaining the blade Durandril... These are all things that we will not allow, and you knew it."

"I don't care, the future was entrusted into my care for a reason, and not even the counsel can stop the future." Harry replied.

"Don't be daft! You exist because we allowed you to!"

"But I cannot be controlled? Whatever, I have a war to end." Harry pointed Excalibur at Voldemort.

It was then the spells flew, light and darkness, killing green, pale yellows, and bright silvers smashed at both sides.

The battle was fierce and it traveled. One moment they were in Gryffindor tower, and the next they stood in the second floor corridors.

Grim wasn't around, Harry wasn't sure where he was, nor was Fides, or Justita, or Aurora, nor was Thor, or even Ferret...

Had they fallen? Harry hoped not, but he wasn't sure, it had been all that he and Hermione could do just to hold off the three foes that pounded at them.

It was in the great hall that Harry found himself fighting the two representatives and Hermione faced Voldemort...alone. She had held off well enough, until a crucio caught her.

"Hermione!" Harry yelled and attempted to switch to his Dragon/Phoenix form. Yet it failed.

"Too bad boy, it won't work for you."

"What do you mean?" Harry demanded.

"We sealed that ability off, after all we knew you'd use it eventually."

"The magic of the counsel is quite potent."

As he clutched his wand feebly he looked at the horrific form of Voldemort towering over Hermione. The dark wizard smirked as he spoke.

"Keep Potter back for a while gentlemen." Voldemort told his allies.

"Yes sire." The dark one agreed and tossed a wave of darkness at Harry who barely managed to tumble out of the way in time.

"Now, filthy mudblood, it's time for you to suffer." Voldemort pointed his wand at her and a deep crimson light struck her in the chest.

Hermione screamed in absolute agony.

"Crucio is too simple, just pain, but what about this? Interesting isn't it? Now listen closely little mudblood, this is important." Voldemort touched her cheek mockingly.

Hermione glared at him weakly and spat in his face.

Voldemort laughed and with a flick of his hand the spittle vanished.

"Now, now, I'm your healer right now, and I have terrible news to tell you. You my dear little mudblood, are barren. I'm so terribly sorry." Voldemort added mockingly.

Hermione's eyes widened in horror.

"That's right, that nifty little spell not only causes pain, temporarily blocks your magic, but makes it so you can never have children too."

Harry's rage exploded, darkness enveloped him, and blades made of shadows began to pelt the two keeping him from Hermione.

"Chaos Magicks? He can use the arts of Chaos?" Voldemort said in surprise.

Excalibur was bathed in light as well.

"I was going to let you live as a slave, but with your husband's unique abilities now appearing, I don't think I'll let you have that honor." Voldemort aimed his wand at Hermione who was only able to move weakly.

"Avada Kedavra!" The green light left Voldemort's wand and moved towards Hermione. It struck her but the magic didn't kill her.

"What...?" Voldemort wondered.

"She has the Tears of Friendship!" One of the two Harry was battling screamed.

"So...Potter's keeping her alive is he? Not if he's dead..."

Harry's strength had been failing him, Chaos Magic was potent and demanded a great amount of power, yet the arts of the Paladin within him weren't developed well enough to stand on their own.

He dropped to one knee at last, spent.

The figure bathed in darkness looked at the silvery cloaked one.

"Do you want the honors?" The darkness asked.

"I'd be honored."

"Hold it! I am the one destined to kill him am I not?" Voldemort asked.

"Very well." The two of them picked up Harry and drug him to Voldemort.

So this is the end of us, we went so far...and yet...I failed her...Hermione...I'm so sorry...

Harry stared at his pale wife who was trying desperately to reach her wand, mere feet from her, yet in her injured state, might as well have been on Pluto.

Harry sensed the Soul of Unity stir.

Nice time for it to begin to wax poetically...

"Goodbye Potter, I'll remember you as the only one who ever had a chance to win." Voldemort smirked at Harry.

"Avada Kedavra." Voldemort said, and the light struck a body, but not Harry's.

It had been a jump but another intercepted the beam of light, Ron.

"That was rather pointless. His sacrifice merely prolonged your life by a few words. I can still kill you, I still have your blood."

He's right...

As Voldemort began to recast the killing curse the Treasure about Ron's corpse began to glow.

"The light dims, the darkness broken, return from whence you came!" An etherial voice roared.

"The Emperor's voice..." The counsel messenger said as he vanished.

With the two holding him just disappearing Harry crumpled to the floor.

"Thy strength has proven true, and thy heart noble, stand anew!"

Harry slowly stood.

You didn't give up. Durandril whispered in his mind,

Just know this, it is going to require one last sacrifice to eliminate him.

What sacrifice? Harry wondered.

Either you or your wife will die here. Those two armed him with a magic that will detonate as he dies, it will kill one of you. The Emblem of peace and death can only protect one of you. and the other two treasures can only protect one mind and one magic.

One magic? Harry asked.

What do you choose, to live or let Hermione live?

Hermione, hands down.

You are my rightful wielder after all. I shall evermore accept you to wield me. Very well, focus on her and pour your heart into the link between the two of you as you cut Voldemort down with me. Durandril formed in Harry's right hand.

In a few moments, Harry decapitated Voldemort, and as he did he focused on Hermione.

Sorry for leaving you Hermione... I love you... Harry thought as the blast of magic began to erupt from Voldemort's headless body.

Hermione watched in awe as Harry somehow found the strength to stand, and then what felt like both instantly and an eternity later, Harry had the mythical blue blade in his right hand and Voldemort was headless.

Sorry for leaving you Hermione... I love you... Hermione heard in her head.

"Harry!" Hermione cried.

The pitch black magic from Voldemort's corpse attempted to rip into her, as it exploded outward.

Yet as it fought her the treasure that lied under her robes began to glow. and it shielded her.

"Thy magic has been spared." The Tears of Friendship said.

A dozen feet away from her another voice spoke.

"Thy mind has been shielded."

"Another has given his life for yours." The last treasure spoke; even in it's monotone, it sounded sad.

"Harrrrryyyyy!" Hermione screamed.

The darkness that had emerged from Voldemort seemed to be never ending, but when it did end, her heart shattered, Harry was lying a distance away from her, his vibrant green eyes dull, lifeless and there was a sad smile on his still face.

Pain, incredible pain, potent pain, tore through her as she stumbled over to Harry's body.

"Harry! Nooo!" She sobbed clutching him to her.

It wasn't long before Ginny found her, and pulled Hermione into her arms.

"I'm sorry Hermione." She said as she ran her hands through Hermione's bushy hair.

"He can't be...He's got be..." She chocked as she clung to Ginny.

"I'm sorry, he's gone." Ginny also had tears on her face.

It wasn't long before Susan, her face a bloody mess made her way to them; a spell had made a slash down the right side of her face.

"Hermione! Mythos Team's Ok-Oh...Oh, I..." Susan saw Harry on Hermione's lap at last.

"He's gone..." Hermione mumbled inside her heart felt dead.

Susan kneeled beside her and the three girls hugged.

"He was a good, no a terrific man." Susan said.

Tears trailed down the good side of her face.

Over time the rest of Mythos Team made their way to them.

Hermione didn't care about the battle, but she listened hoping that the rest of them survived at least.

Sirius, was ok, as a matter of fact he was picking up Harry gently.

Amelia lifted Hermione onto her left shoulder, while her right arm was mangled it looked like with a little magic, it'd be ok.

Ferret was pale and walked with a limp but was beside Amelia as the group of seven, and Hermione's beloved Harry left the tainted halls of Hogwarts.

On their way to the Campsite she saw Dennis, Angelina, Katie, Tonks, Moody, Dumbledore, McGonnagal, Flitwick, Vector, Charlie, Percy, Shacklebolt, and many others and near the lake Hermione dimly noticed a large, and very dead group of Death Eaters, and Dark Creatures, that were currently being burned.

Dumbledore held Hermione as she sobbed in his arms.

"Harry...He's g-g...gone." Hermione cried.

Dumbledore rubbed her back gently as he talked to her, and after she had no more tears to shed began to notice things.

For example, Pomfrey had checked her out without using magic.

"Why isn't anyone using magic?" Hermione asked dully.

"It seems that every one has lost the ability to use magic, no, it's like magic doesn't exist anymore." Dumbledore said.

"That's not true." Hermione said as she drew her wand.

"Hermione, I'm sorry but-" Dumbledore stopped as he stared at Hermione's lit up wand.

"I see, besides yourself, it looks like no one else has magic in them anymore." Dumbledore said.

"What?" Hermione looked at him.

"I myself no longer have magic." Dumbledore added in an almost pleasant voice.

"Professor..." Hermione looked at him.

"Former headmaster, I can't be headmaster without magic can I? A few muggleborns, made their way here a few hours ago, turns out that this is a global thing. With you being the exception to the rule." He said in a regretful tone.

"Only me...?" Hermione asked weakly.

"That's right. I feel that once you feel up to it I could teach you all that I know, now naturally I can't show you it anymore, and I don't have a great deal of time to show it either but the option is there."Dumbledore added.

"What do you mean, there isn't a lot of time?" Hermione demanded.

"I mean that because I am now magic-less, I am going to die soon. I am over a hundred and fifty after all." He said gently.

"Magic increases a Wizards life..." Hermione quoted.

"That's right." Dumbledore said pleasantly.


"Please, call me Albus, after all, while I may have a short life ahead of me, I hope that we can be friends."

"Of course S-Albus." Hermione granted the dying man his request.

The entire Mythos Team entered the tent.

"It looks like magic objects still work, and magic is still in the air...we are guessing since the goblins, and house elves can still do magic. But we ourselves can't." Sirius reported to the headmaster quietly.

"Dobby!" Hermione called.

"Your magic powers the call to house elves Hermione, he won't be able to hear you." Sirius was saying as Dobby appeared.

"I know." Hermione replied.

"You still have magic then?" Draco asked.


"What do you want Hermione?" Dobby asked.

"Take us home."

"Including Headmaster Dumbledore?" Dobby questioned.

"All of Hogwart's staff, and the students, and their familes that participated in the battle. And help the troops get home too."

"Potter Elves!" Dobby called.

The entire group of elves appeared and over a period of a few hours everyone was transported to their homes.

A few besides the Staff at Hogwarts decided to stay at Potter castle with Hermione, the Bones, Patils, The Weasleys would stay for a little while, Hagrid, Sirius, Draco, the Longbottoms, Luna and her father, and most of the students that used to attend Hogwarts.

It was on September First of that year when Hermione had lost almost everything.

She lost the only one she could love, she lost the ability to bear children, and because of that horrific magic from Voldemort the world lost something that many had both taken for granted and cherished at the same time, it was something that further separated her from everyone else.

Magic no longer existed in any other human but her.

Yet she wasn't alone. Dumbledore's wisdom aided her while he lived, and the teachers gave her a purpose. She learned from them; everything she could. Secretly she hoped that one day, she might do what Harry did, turn back the hands of time.

Thanks to Dumbledore, gentle Dumbledore Hermione began to heal, it would never fully heal but it would allow her to live. She became a fast friend of the old man, and she feared the day that she'd have to say goodbye to him.

A year after the battle, Dumbledore died in his sleep.

McGonnagal and Flitwick passed on a few years later.

Those that needed magic to extend their lifespans passed on a few years after the final battle.

After they had healed life had become good for many of them, save for Hermione, she still longed for her Harry.

And she wasn't about to give up on him.


Whoa, I'm horrid, downright evil I know, Poor Hermione... Hermione's a powerful witch, and with as much magic as she possesses she can pass the lifespan that Dumbledore was going to have. (His projected lifespan, before the loss of magic was just shy of 200 years)

Now, I'd hate to leave this like this. Harry died to save Hermione, there's no more magic (Except Hermione)

We all know that Hermione isn't one to give up, and with all those years ahead of her, So, it is because of this a sequel, an unusual sequel to be certain, but a sequel has been decided.

Hermione and the Radiant Chaos.

Well, I can't give it away, but I'll say this much. Hermione is not one just sit back and accept this. Radiant Chaos is something I feel very good about.

I'll be posting its beginning here too, probably at the same time this chapter goes up.

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This took over two years to finish, it has been a hard piece, and demanding, I know at the beginning it was horrid, but over the years not only did it get better I learned where I wanted this to truly go. It took me a while, but I did it. I couldn't have done it though, without all of you. Thank you for reviewing, pointing out errors, or just saying 'keep it up!' they all meant something to me.

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The Soul of Unity preserved Hermione's life by using Harry's life force.

The Tears of Friendship, preserved her magic.

The Shield of Peace and Death kept her mind and soul intact.

Why didn't the Tears keep her alive the second time?

Well, it's because Harry died before her. If he had chosen to save himself (Selfishness) the power in the tears would have been weakened."Friend laying down his life for his friend" Concept operates with the ToF. That would mean that the ToF couldn't save her.

He had to choose, and he chose her, because he loves her.