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I feel like such a disgrace

I feel as if everything

I have ever done was wrong

Why does this happen to me?

I'm angry at them all

Frustrated that no one accepts me

Tired from trying to get them to notice me

All of that work

Those hours I put in

Staying up late

Working out ways to get someone

Anyone to notice me

I have done everything

I have studied

And excelled in the doppelgangers

Mastering a just

no genin can do

So why does no one congratulate me?

I have been alone for so long

And I don't understand

I have been shunned



laughed at

I am not an idiot

I know something

is wrong with me

I just want to be accepted

I don't want solitude anymore

I wish that I can be noticed

And that people will say hi to me

And not be afraid

Because I am tired

Of feeling like a