Loud disco music greeted him as the plainclothes policeman stepped inside the pub. A spectrum of lights shone in every direction as teenagers and adults both danced the night away, heavy on booze and ecstasy. He took a seat and asked for some wine to relieve himself from a days' work. His eyes, like the rest of the customers', were pinned upon the low stage in front of him.

He took a sip from the edge of the delicate wine goblet and savored its taste as the lights fixed at the top of the low-lying stage began to shine, like his eyes. His mouth pulled itself into a straight smirk of content as his favorite bargirl made her appearance. To him, she was rather familiar, though he couldn't quite place his finger on it. She started to dance with her usual moves, moving gracefully yet sensually at the same time. He not only liked her because of the way she danced, he had seen her with her friends before, and he could tell she was a nice person at heart.

He liked her so much sometimes it hurt him to see her acting like this. Pity would gradually sweep over him when he realized her only way of earning income for herself was being a prostitute or a bartender and pleasing other men. Yet at some other times he'd feel that he wanted her all for himself but as a high-ranking police officer, he can't do that, for fear of him losing his job.

Sometimes, though, after work he would head down here to satisfy himself and rest, even though his job here was to raid the place for underage girls. He couldn't bring himself to do it as he felt too much emotion for that particular girl. This had been his secret for over a year already, he had kept it from both his colleagues and relatives, as he would already know what they would think of him. A high-ranking official falling in love with a slut that works as a prostitute? How can that be?

Slowly finishing the rest of his beverage, he relished the bitter flavor in his mouth before casting one final look at the dancer. He picked up his things and began to leave the place.

Just as he was about to leave, sirens of police cars filled the air.

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