A/N: The last chapter was actually the prologue, sorry for not putting that in.

Nigel pelted back to the police station, or his workplace. He nodded to a blonde in his early twenties as he made his way into the building.

"Hey Nigel! Boss said ya' gotta go fer' night shift today." The blonde called after him as he groaned. How he hated the night shift.

The policeman proceeded to open the door and walk down the narrow aisle, formed by the many cells in the area. Crooks and crime-committers sat in their cells, groaning and mumbling unhappily. Some had already dozed off, whilst others were busy idling the night away doing nothing. He continued to stride down the path, his eyes pinned firmly onto the crooks, making sure they weren't doing anything suspicious.

Satisfied that nothing was wrong, he smiled and started to walk and observe the very last area of the room. Suddenly, Nigel stopped in his tracks. Could it be?

Inside the very last cell sat the young girl at the nightclub he fancied so much. Reality flooded back into his mind as he realized his comrades had raided the place and she must be one of those underage girls. What really surprised him was that she wasn't making noise or idling away like the others were. Instead, she was sitting up against the prison wall with a piece of rough paper on her knees and she was writing on it. A small smile showed itself on her tanned face as she put her pencil down and read through what she had written down contentedly.

Captivated by her optimistic behavior, he approached her cell slowly. The girl showed no fear as he stood directly outside the bars of her prison and beckoned to her to come over. She cocked an eyebrow slightly, put her stationary and paper down and sauntered over, her arms akimbo.

"Yeah, cop. What do ya want?" She shot at him in an exasperated, snappy voice.

Nigel's head fumbled with words to reply her. "Umm…" he started. "I…I saw that you were um, optimistic? You're really not like the others…" The latter's gaze drifted over to the rest of the captives. "Tell me more about…. yourself." Nigel finally managed to force out.

To his surprise, a dainty laugh escaped the prisoner's lips as she clung on to the thick bars of her cell.

"Yeah, sure cop. I ain't got nothing to lose." She took a seat on a bench, which was placed inside her prison.

"My name's Abigail. Call me Abby if ya like. Anyway I have an elder sis, but right now she's in France with my mom who's having stroke, and my dad died 2 years ago so I'm left to take care of myself." She pursed her lips for a moment, trying to reminisce on what had happened. "I tried doing all sorts of odd jobs, but the pay was low and wasn't enough, I had to find another job. Soon, I had no choice but to work as a prostitute because…I couldn't find any suitable jobs and no one wanted to hire me for anything…" Abby trailed off, as small beads of tears began to form in her eyes.

Nigel could feel pity for the girl in his heart, but he chose to make it discreet. "How old are you?"

"Twenty. I know I'm underage but really, I just had no choice." She looked down at her feet, obviously feeling ashamed of herself.

"Hey Nigel! Boss wants ta see ya!"

Nigel stared at the direction of where the shout came from. He stared back at Abby.

"I'll see you some other time, I really have to go now. Bye." The policeman rushed back up the aisle.

"Sure. Nice talking to ya." Abby stared after Nigel's shadow as it followed him out of the place. She sighed.

A/N Abby might sound out of character here, my apologies. Anyway she's 20 so…