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Abby stared into the policeman's face, and let ocean blue meet brown. The latter then sighed, an undertone of relief and uncertainty grafted into her voice. With her heart feeling like it was weighing down on her ribcage, the convict slid reluctantly into her cell. Moonlight drifted gently through a small window in the vicinity, bathing the girl's face in hues of white and gray as the latter sighed again, this time clearly in angst.

"What's wrong Abby?" Nigel inquired.

The prostitute looked up at the man, and let their eyes lock again.

"Don't you think this is rather awkward? I don't think we can last doing this. You'll get fired and I don't know what will happen to me. I just know it's not going to be good for either of us…" her voice trailed off, as another depressed sigh rumbled in her throat. Nigel copied her sigh, stating that in a way she was right.

"Maybe it will be better for us if we stop seeing each other, but it's kinda hard to let go." The policeman managed to spit out, his voice aquiline with pain. "I mean, I've been pining for so long," his eyes were pools of grief and longing, uncertainty clearly evident in his voice. "Abby, I'm confused. I don't know what to do." The girl held his stare, before creasing her brow with worry.

"We should really end this. It'll be better if we remain just friends. You might lose your job all because of me."

Hesitation etched over his tone, he slowly replied. "Yes, you've got a point there, but I want you to know, I'll wait for you. No matter how long it takes, I'll be here for you…how long are you supposed to serve time anyway?" The latter quickly added in.

"I'm not sure, but if I'm accurate I think the jury will commence tomorrow. I'll let you know."

The policeman scanned the prisoner up and down hastily. "It's all my fault you're cooped up in here. Maybe if I had found you earlier you wouldn't have been in this state. I'm sorry."

Abby wanted to open her mouth and argue that it wasn't his fault, but at that very moment Nigel stole a quick glance at his watch and told his companion that he had to go off already or his colleagues will think something was amiss. The girl's desperate gaze followed the policeman as he bolted out of the vicinity and sighed again, withdrawing her head nearer to her body such that her chin was roughly rested against her collarbone.

What did fate have in store for her? How long will she stay cramped up in this horrible place? Would she and Nigel ever get together? All these thoughts surged through her mind at once, making the convict feel extremely uncomfortable. Oh, how she longed to have someone to love, to understand her every thought and feeling, but deep inside her she knew this was simply a sweet dream, like a fantasy. Reality was harsh on her, you could obviously tell just by looking on her current plight. The latter started to feel rather sorry for herself.

The moon outside had waned to a crescent, slightly resembling a curved claw, but it wasn't half as sharp as the one that impaled Abby's torn heart.

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