Chapter 2…

Later on, there is a reference to the meaning of Hanabi's name. Hanabi means 'fireworks' in Japanese.

I despise the fact that semicolons don't work in summaries. It's supposed to be 'Shortly after Tsunade accepts the office of Hokage, Naruto learns of his family's bloodline; the precursor to the Byakugan. [NaruHarem' but Nooooo!

Naruto was up at dawn, as he usually was, but today was different. Today was special. Today he was going to go to the Hyuuga compound and ask his two Hyuuga friends for Doujutsu training. He was standing in front of the main gates to the Hyuuga compound at six in the morning, when one of the guards took note of him. "What business do you have here… boy?" He asked.

Naruto winced slightly at the tone in the Hyuuga man's voice. "I'm here to see Neji or… Hinata…" The man was instantly glaring at him, opening his mouth to berate Naruto before the blonde cut him off. "The Hokage told me to see the Hyuuga for Doujutsu training, and they're the only two I know!"

"Y-you have a Doujutsu!?" The guard yelled.

Naruto sighed, not even realizing the effect his next words might have… "Okay, then… I guess I'll just have to go talk to Kakashi-sensei or Sasuke about it, then…"

"The Uchiha?" The guard scoffed, and grumbled before opening the gate. "Follow me… You will meet with Neji-sama."

As Naruto stepped through the archway, he jogged up beside the man and asked; "Why can't I see Hinata?"

"Because you are… different… and it is unsafe for her to be near you." The man said, never looking at the boy.

"Damned fox…" Naruto muttered, catching the guard's attention. Naruto could've sworn he saw fear in the man's pale lavender eyes for an instant. "But… Tsunade told me she was holding both of their teams back from missions so I could get this training… it's practically an order, I think…"

The man stopped walking, cursing under his breath. When Naruto noticed he was walking alone, he turned back to find the branch-member stock still save for his twitching eye. Naruto was about to ask if he was alright when the man spoke up; "I will take you to the courtyard where Neji-sama should be… and then I will summon Hinata-sama for you…" He said through gritted teeth.

"Uhhm… okay…" Naruto muttered, watching as the now furious Hyuuga led him down the hallways. Eventually they came upon a door leading outside, and Naruto watched as the guard slid the door open, revealing a familiar face. "Neji!"

"N… Naruto?" Neji muttered, obviously surprised to see the blonde boy.

"Yup!" Naruto yelled, running over to him as the guard retreated back into the hallway. "I'm sorry if I came at a bad time, buuut… I kinda need help with something…"

Neji sighed. "I don't know what I could possibly help you with, Naruto…"

"Well, there's Taijutsu, Genjutsu, I think I might be a little better than you with Ninjutsu…" Naruto said, stroking his chin in thought. "I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two about fancy manners and girls, too…" Neji paled slightly, and this did not go unnoticed by the blonde. "What's wrong? Erm… girlfriend trouble?"

Neji shook his head vigorously. Naruto could tell the Hyuuga boy was quite flustered for some reason, and was intent on finding out if he could help in any way… "I… I'm… erm…"

Naruto's face lit up in a mixture of confusion and realization for an instant before he cleared his throat. "Wait… um… boyfriend trouble?" Naruto muttered.

Neji's face turned into a visage of horror and disgust when he heard his friend's implication. "REHH!? NO!" Neji screeched. Naruto had sometimes wondered if having your voice break during puberty was a rumor, but hearing it happen first hand convinced him otherwise. "I'm… in an arranged marriage." Neji continued after he'd taken a moment to calm himself. "So, I don't know how I could be of help with… girls… I've never been out on a date before, and I doubt I ever will."

"Ahh… that makes sense… so, who's the lucky girl?" Naruto asked.

"Well… I am betrothed to my cousin…"

"H-Hinata!?" Naruto yelled, causing the older boy to jump slightly.

"Wait, what? NO!" Neji yelled. "She's my mother's stepsister's daughter…"

"Oh…" Naruto said, letting out a sigh. "Well, why don't you tell me about her?"

"Well… She reminds me of Hanabi-sama, which is… oddly frightening…" Neji said, Naruto could barely make out the fact that the older boy was shuddering. "She just turned twelve last month… and I was informed of the arrangement then. We are to wed when she has reached the marriageable age of fifteen…"

"Fifteen?" Naruto asked, openly gaping. "Isn't that a little young?"

"There are several cases that would permit marriage at a much younger age… but most Hyuuga are married around their mid-teens." Neji explained.

"Erm… well, yeah…" Naruto muttered, clearing his throat again. "That's really interesting…"

"Naruto, I must ask you, why have you come here today? I need to leave for my team's mission briefing in just under an hour…" Neji said, earning a smile from Naruto as the door to the hallway slid open, unnoticed by either of the boys.

"Oh no, you don't!" Naruto yelled merrily. "I talked to Obaa-chan yesterday, and she said she was cancelling missions for you and Hinata so you could help me with my Doujutsu!"

Neji's eyes shot open wider than they ever had before. "D-Doujutsu!?"

"N-Na-Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked from the doorway.

"Hinata!" Naruto shouted cheerfully.

"I-is it true, N-Naruto-kun? Y-you have a D-D-Doujutsu?" Hinata asked, a flurry of emotion streaking across her form.

Naruto could tell, even with his limited understanding of body language and facial cues, that Hinata was uncomfortable. Sure, he saw a hint of excitement and happiness for him, but that was easily dwarfed by curiosity, anxiety, and if he wasn't mistaken, fearWhy would Hinata be afraid? I'm not scary… and she doesn't know about the Kyuubi… "Hinata… are you okay?" Naruto asked softly, walking up to her, and placing his hands on her shoulders in what he hoped was a comforting gesture.

Naruto has a Doujutsu! Hinata thought after she heard it from him herself. He doesn't have the Byakugan or the Sharingan… so what could it be? It's obviously rare… meaning he'll wind up married off to some whore just to breed his bloodline… I'll never make Naruto-kun love me now! Her mind raced, until Naruto walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders. Oh Kami… he's touching me! He… he CARES about me! I can still make him love me if I just tell him now! "N-N-Na-Naruto-k-kun…" She started, trying with all her might to embrace him, to meet his lips with hers, but all she did was shudder in his grasp, moving maybe half an inch towards him. "I… I… l-lo..."

The pair were broken from their thoughts as Neji cleared his throat. "Well, what is this Doujutsu?"

Naruto smiled once more before answering with a single word; "Shinzenbigan."

"Shinzenbigan?" Neji confirmed. That sounds familiar… probably it's similarity to the word 'Sharingan' it's probably nothing…

"Yup!" Naruto cheered, holding up his family scroll, and tossing it to Neji. "I already looked through it last night… I could hardly sleep…"

Neji walked up, and took the scroll with a slight bow, setting it on the large stone patio surrounding the courtyard's fountain centerpiece. Within the first few words regarding the Kekkei Genkai, Neji had to actively restrain himself from activating his Byakugan in an attempt to read the scroll's entirety instantly. "This… is impossible…"

"N-Neji-niisan?" Hinata asked, walking up behind him when her cousin flagged her over.

Naruto arrived behind her just after she'd clamped her hands over her own mouth. "What're you two… ooh… yeah." Naruto muttered.

"These…" Neji started, double-checking the name. "'Kazama' must have indeed been a clan most formidable and ancient…"

Hinata gasped again, this time because Naruto wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "What, you're put off by the fact that we probably have the same great-great-great-great…" Naruto started, counting on his fingers as he continued. "…great-great-great-great grandfather?"

"I will… want a look at your clan's historical documents…" Neji muttered.

"Th-there is a c-copy of the K-K-Kazama clan archives here… a-alongside our own…" Hinata said, softly.

"That makes sense… I mean, our history is your history, ne?" Naruto asked, rubbing the back of his neck curiously.

"I thought 'Shinzenbigan' sounded familiar…" Neji muttered. "I'll read through those archives later. For now, let's work on activating your Doujutsu…"

"ALL RIGHT!" Naruto yelled, running around the fountain several times, jumping occasionally. Neji could tell Hinata was giggling at the sight of it, but he didn't say anything.

"Naruto!" Neji snapped. "I will help you on one condition…" At Naruto's nod, the older boy continued; "Shut up."

Naruto was about to go off on a tangent, but the look on Hinata's face stayed his temper. "All right, I'll quiet down a little, happy?"

"Very." Neji muttered. "Now, your Shinzenbigan is much like the Sharingan in that is it segmented into 'levels' whereas the Byakugan has a single form."

"Okay, so then how do I get it to work?" Naruto asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Focus chakra into your eyes, and fight someone." Neji said, his eyes never leaving the scroll. "It activates in life-threatening situations, but it is very difficult to do so. Channeling the chakra into your eyes should make it far easier to do so. Even heavy training might work for it then."

"All right then!" Naruto said, bringing his hands up in a ram seal. After a few moments of silence, Naruto couldn't stand it any longer. "Why isn't anything happening?" He grunted.

Neji sighed before snapping his fingers. A young woman from the branch family, obviously acting as a maid, emerged from the door. Neji stood and bowed to her before making his request; "I am researching the Kazama bloodline on behalf of Hinata-sama. I would like for you to bring me any materials on their family history or their Doujutsu that may be in our archives, please." The woman nodded and left, leaving Neji to turn back to Naruto's scroll.

"Wait… I think something's happening…" Naruto said, noting the tingling sensation in his eyes.

"N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata yelled, as she watched his azure-blue eyes slowly shift to a deep emerald green.

"What? Something happen?" Naruto asked.

"Hold that chakra there, and spar with Hinata." Neji suggested. "I will continue researching these documents…"

"F-fight with N-Naruto-kun!? I couldn't!" Hinata objected, turning towards the blonde boy she loved.

"It's okay, Hinata… it's just a friendly spar…" The aforementioned blonde said, dropping into a rough Taijutsu stance.

"I g-guess…" Hinata muttered, taking her own stance.

Several hours later, Naruto and Hinata were both breathing heavily. Both had shed their respective jackets, revealing that Naruto was wearing a black t-shirt, while Hinata wore a lavender tank top. It got rather hot, constantly wearing a jacket. It didn't seem weird at all that she wore something like that under it. Both were sweating rather profusely, easily visible even on Naruto's black shirt, and especially visible on Hinata's clothing.

Naruto was leaning up against the fountain while Hinata was lying in the grass as the door slid open again. "Hinata-nee…san?" The younger of the two sisters asked, quite confused by what she was seeing. Hinata was on the ground, panting, while Neji sat waist-deep in scrolls, reading constantly. What caught her eye, though, was the green-eyed blonde in front of her. "Who…are… you're the one who beat Neji in the Chuunin exam, right?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact… and you're… Hinata's younger sister, right?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. My name is Hanabi." She answered, nodding her head in place of a bow. Naruto however, failed to understand how disrespectful that was, and kept going with the conversation.

"Really? I love fireworks!" Naruto proclaimed, causing the young girl to match the blush her older sister always had around the blonde.

"Erm… well… thank you." Hanabi said, practically choking on the words. No one had ever said anything like that about her name before…

"Hey, you wanna' spar?" Naruto asked, catching Hanabi completely off guard with the question. "Neji and Hinata are helping me figure out my Doujutsu, but Hinata seems a little worn out…"

"I… sure…" The girl muttered, dropping into a basic Jyuuken stance, blankly staring into the boy's beautiful green eyes; so focused in fact, that he managed to catch her with a sweeping kick before she even realized he'd moved.

"You're the Hyuuga prodigy? I'd never be able to catch Hinata or Neji with that…" Naruto muttered offhandedly.

"You'll pay for that, pretty eyes or no…" Hanabi proclaimed, causing all eyes to fall on her. Even Neji looked up from his reading. "I… I didn't say anything!"

"I didn't know Hanabi-sama liked green eyes…" Neji muttered under his breath as he went back to his research. Today was just one surprise after another…

Naruto managed to leave both sisters exhausted from training at a little after noon, and decided to ask Neji about training with his team tomorrow, which he accepted. Hanabi was probably going to be busy with her own training while Hinata had missions to do anyway…

Naruto was sitting on his stool at Ichiraku's, lazily slurping away at his noodles, occasionally fingering the cloth strap holding his clan scroll to his back. Around his fifth bowl, a familiar boy sat down next to him. "Shikamaru?" Naruto asked.

"I've been looking all over for you, Naruto… You know, this was the first place I looked, but you weren't here." The Nara boy stated lazily.

"Well, what's up?"

"Hokage-sama asked me to teach you the finer points of a political debate… something about having you ready for a council meeting…" Shikamaru answered. "It's just too damn troublesome if you ask me…"

"Okay, well, let's get going, then…" Naruto said, tossing a small handful of coins next to his stack of bowls before hopping off the stool.

"Hmm… are you sure?" Naruto asked as he and Shikamaru went over the Kazama scroll again. They were sitting out back in the Nara district, with the sun shining down on them, and a clear view of the sky, should either of them decide to do any impromptu cloud-watching.

"You want to rebuild your clan, don't you?" Shikamaru asked. "This is the best way to do it, no matter how troublesome it is."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right…" Naruto muttered, rolling up the scroll and slinging it over his back. "I'll see you tomorrow then…"

"Yeah…" Shikamaru muttered back.

Naruto decided to head back to his apartment and turn in early. Team Gai started training a lot earlier than most people…

Naruto made it to the aforementioned training ground exactly where Neji said to… at five in the morning.

There he saw two green-clad blurs colliding with each other repetitively, while a young girl just older than him watched, thermos and cup filled with what Naruto assumed to be coffee in hand. "Hey, um… Tenten?" Naruto asked.

"Huh? Oh… Naruto." Tenten muttered. "Neji said you'd be coming by… I didn't think he'd make you come this early though…"

"Yeah, well… I want to get my Doujutsu figured out already…" Naruto replied, rubbing the back of his neck.

This piqued the girl's interest. "Oh? I heard something like that from Neji… but he disappeared on me before I could ask him any details…"

"Yeah… It's called the Shinzenbigan. It's supposed to be what the Byakugan evolved from." Naruto answered. Tenten's mouth dropped open.

"Are you serious?" She asked, now rising from her seat on one of the rocks and looking him dead in the eye. "Can you get it to work yet?"

"No… that's what this training is for… to try and get it to activate." Naruto stated. Seeing the girl's attitude take a nosedive, he quickly thought of something. "But I can get it to do something…"

Tenten watched as Naruto made a ram seal, and shifted his eyes from blue to green. "Amazing…" Tenten muttered. "They're beautiful…"

"SUCH A YOUTHFUL SHADE!" They heard erupt from right behind Tenten.

"YOSH, LEE! NARUTO-KUN BURNS BRIGHTLY WITH THE FLAMES OF YOUTH!" Gai yelled from the side of his doppelganger.

"…Erm…" Naruto started, putting his hands up in a placating gesture. "No need to excite yourselves over little ol' me…"

"Gai-sensei… I suggest Naruto-san and Lee-san spar." Neji said, walking up from behind a nearby tree.

"YOSH!" The green-clad men yelled as one.

"Aww damn…" Naruto muttered as a foot collided with his face, sending him sprawling twenty feet back.

"LEE!" Tenten screeched. "What was that for!?"


"I'll… let you handle that…" Tenten muttered, shaking her head and retaking her seat on her rock.

"AND I SHALL REFEREE!" Gai proclaimed.

Neji backed himself up until he was leaning against the rock Tenten was sitting on. "You know… I wouldn't be surprised if you were interested in Naruto-san…" He said.

The young weapons-mistress nearly fell off her rock, her face flushed deep crimson in embarrassment and rage. …mostly rage. "What the HELL are you talking about!?" She roared.

"His Kekkei Genkai…" Neji answered. "Do you want to know what the Kazama were known for above everything else?"

"Er… what?" Tenten asked, her rage ebbing away while her embarrassment stayed strong.

"Their flawless accuracy with projectile weapons…" Tenten openly gaped at what he said.

"You mean… their Doujutsu…" Tenten started, staring at the blonde who'd finally gotten the hang of 'light sparring' with Lee.

"It enhances their vision and hand-eye coordination to the point where they can see anything within their line of sight, and strike it with any projectile weapon." Neji stated. "It also makes the user nearly impervious to all Genjutsu, and coupled with his Hijutsu, I have little doubt Naruto-san could assassinate nearly anyone in the village, regardless of rank."

"You can't be serious…" Tenten muttered, just in time to hear a sickening 'CRACK' as Lee's foot smashed into Naruto's jaw, sending him flying up five feet off the ground and soaring away from the green-clad boy, already at least ten feet away by the time Tenten could look up to see what had happened.

She honestly never once thought the blonde haired boy could be so lithe… flipping himself in midair like a cat, landing twenty feet away from Lee with his back to his opponent. He then took three kunai, and threw them at the Taijutsu prodigy as he turned to face him. Lee was caught off guard by this, true, they never forbade thrown weapons, but Lee assumed it was a match of pure Taijutsu. And thus was he struck by the three missiles. "LEE!" Gai yelled as he watched his student stumble backwards and fall to the ground.

"Lee?" Tenten asked, nearly yelling as she jumped down off the rock, before slowing to a stop and looking at the other boy. "…Naruto?"

She walked over to the blonde, and stared him straight in the eyes. To say that Naruto was uncomfortable would be a monumental understatement. Especially when she reached out with her right hand, and began to caress his cheek, sliding her thumb along his whisker marks as she continued to gaze into his soul. "Erm… I got somethin' on my face?" Naruto asked, now sweating bullets.

"Amazing…" She said, finally, placing her left hand on his other cheek, now firmly holding his face as she slowly inched them closer… "Your eyes changed again… they're beautiful, Naruto…"

Neji cleared his throat beside them, causing the girl to nearly jump out of her skin. "If you two are done with the romantic drivel, we need to take Lee-san to the hospital, to assess the extent of his paralysis."

"P-paralysis!?" Tenten yelled.

"Yes. Naruto-san struck three major nerve pockets with his kunai, rendering Lee-san immobile." Neji stated stoically.

There was a 'squelch' sound as Gai tore one of the kunai from his student's chest. "GAI-SENSEI, I STILL CANNOT MOVE!" Lee yelled.

"I see at least one good thing came of this…" Neji said, taking a small mirror out of his sleeve. "You have obtained the first form of your Doujutsu."

Naruto looked into the mirror expectantly, to see his eyes matched the golden yellow of his hair. "HELL YEAH!" Naruto yelled, jumping into the air, eliciting a giggle from Tenten.

The next two days went by smoothly enough. Lee was only temporarily paralyzed, and Shizune had him fixed up in under twenty minutes. Every morning, he would train with Team Gai to try and master his Doujutsu, and the Hijutsu that came with them. He only ever managed to do one, but that one was enough. Just like Neji said, Naruto's eyes may be weaker than his, but they had techniques that augmented their use tenfold.

Naruto's afternoons were spent in the Nara district, learning the finer points of law and etiquette with Shikamaru. The tutoring went extremely well after Shikamaru told Naruto it was little more than "Tactics with words…" after which Naruto, using this analogy as a basis for his studies, took to it with gusto.

It was noon the next day, while Naruto was heading from Ichiraku's towards the Nara district like he did every day, that he was ambushed by Team Seven, all of whom were extremely irked, (save for the ever-stoic Kakashi) "NARUTO!" Sakura screeched.

"What?" Naruto asked, turning back to see what sort of banshee could make such a racket, only to be greeted by his team. "Oh, hey Sakura-chan, how have you been?"

"Lousy!" She said, stomping her foot down where Naruto's sandal used to be until a split second earlier.

If she wasn't so angry, she might've noticed the fact that Naruto would never have pulled his foot back in time three days ago… "Well, why is it my fault? Tsunade pretty much ordered me to take some special training. I mean, she ordered other people to GIVE me the training, after all." Naruto said, trying to placate the rampaging girl.

"You see? I told you he had authorization from Hokage-sama." Kakashi lazily rebuked. "I'll admit, I don't even know what this training is, but it must be important…"

Naruto shrugged. "I'm just training my Doujutsu…"

Everything froze in that moment. Sakura gaped in a mix of horror and confusion, Sasuke tensed as his rage towards the blonde was fueled by envy, and Kakashi stood there like an idiot. His visible eye twitched, and the grip he held over his precious book loosened as he lost focus on reality. Naruto was simply standing there, waiting for a reply, giving the Jounin ample time to think things through. It can't be the Byakugan, or the Sharingan… I've never heard of a blue-eyed Doujutsu other than… he can't be a Kazama, can he? It makes sense… Uzumaki could easily be a false name, after all. But, there were only so many left, and none of them had children except… the resemblance is uncanny, how could I never have noticed before!? The perverted novel, which had been slipping from his grasp ever so slowly since he lost his focus, finally fell from his hand as he concluded his thoughts. Naruto is Arashi-sensei's son…

Naruto was the only one to see the book fall, and a look of confusion washed over him. "Kakashi-sensei?" he muttered.

Then the book struck the ground, drawing the attention of all three Genin to their sensei. Kakashi only knew two words that could express his feelings in that moment. "…Holy fuck…" None of them had ever heard their sensei swear so openly before… let alone so stoically. The cyclopean shinobi took three steps forward, until he was standing right in front of Naruto, about two feet from him. "Naruto…" Kakashi muttered; a serious undertone to his voice. "What is your name?"

The blonde and silver-haired shinobi stared each other down for a few seconds before Sakura cut in. "What do you mean, sensei? It's Naruto… the same old Uzuma-" She was stopped by a firm hand on her shoulder, and a pair of black eyes glaring into hers. Sasuke knew why his sensei had asked the question, and he wanted to know the answer as well.

"My name…" Naruto muttered. He still wasn't used to calling himself this… "…is Kazama Naruto."

Sakura and Sasuke were both equally confused when Kakashi knelt down in front of Naruto, placing his hand on the boy's shoulder. "And… your father?"

Naruto lowered his head for a moment before answering. "Kazama Arashi."

"…Sensei?" Sakura asked, seeing tears trickle down and soak into his mask.

"I'll be fine." Kakashi answered, wiping his eye with his forearm and taking a deep breath. "Okay, you two, run along…" He said, making a 'shooing' motion with his hands towards Sakura and Sasuke as he walked over to retrieve his book from where it fell.

"You can't do this!" Sasuke yelled. "I need training!"

"Then spar with Sakura…" Kakashi sighed. "I have private matters to discuss with Naruto. We'll train tomorrow, okay?"

As the two started back along the street in the direction Naruto had been travelling previously, Sasuke turned around to see an excruciatingly cheerful Sakura blocking his path. "So, where to now, Sasuke-ku-HWAG!" She managed to get out before Sasuke shoved her aside, essentially throwing her to the ground.

"Leave me alone." Sasuke muttered as he walked away.

"Kazama Arashi, your father, was my Jounin-sensei." Kakashi stated as they walked along.

"Whoa… that's actually kinda cool." Naruto muttered back.

"I could tell you about him if you'd like… over a bowl of ramen, maybe?" Kakashi asked, his smile easily visible through his mask.

"Maybe tomorrow, sensei… I've got some training to do with Shikamaru now." Naruto said, now walking a few steps ahead of the older shinobi.

"Ahh, yes…" Kakashi sighed. "You know, like the Nara, the Kazama were shadow-users…"

"Yeah, yeah, I know… 'who's combined skills could destroy an army' I've heard the stories too, y'know…" Naruto cut in.

"Ahh, yes, you've gotten a hold of your clan's historical scrolls, right?" Kakashi asked.

"Well, Hinata and Neji found them, and Neji's been going through them, relaying all the more interesting things to me during our morning training…"

"Including the fact that your great grand-uncle was a Nara?" Kakashi asked, a curious mirth to his tone.

Naruto sighed. "Listen, Kakashi-sensei, I need to go, and get done with my training, okay? I'll talk to you later…" Naruto said, jumping away. Maybe I should talk with him or Sasuke about my Shinzenbigan…

After the day's lesson at the Nara's, which surprisingly consisted mainly of marriage laws, Naruto set out to find an Uchiha. Or rather, any non-genocidal shinobi with an Uchiha eye…

It was dusk by the time Naruto gave up on trying to find Kakashi. Chances were that the pervert had locked himself away with his books somewhere… That just left Sasuke.

The young Uchiha was easy enough to find… the boy practically radiated angst, after all. He was walking down the badly-lit streets in the dark… not all that suspicious, given who he was… Then again, Naruto was more curious about why Sakura was stalking him.

Deciding to follow until he knew just what was going on, Naruto slunk into the shadows, activating his Shinzenbigan to see from that distance. "Sasuke-kun!" She called, once he'd nearly reached the gates.

Sasuke turned to glare at her, only one jet-black visible eye was enough to make her flinch. "Go home." He ordered.

"No!" Sakura yelled, inching forward. "I… Why can't you stay with me? …With us?" Sasuke merely turned back onto the path and took another step. "Why can't you get your revenge here!?"

Sasuke stopped and spun around. "Because of people like You and Kakashi, holding me back, and that damned Naruto…" Sasuke said, rage permeating his voice before he continued under his breath. "How dare he pass me up…"

"What? What about Naruto? What about me?" Sakura asked, tears streaking down her cheeks. "I love you, Sasuke-kun! I would do anything for you!" She yelled. "Naruto isn't even worth talking about!"

"He's passed us up!" Sasuke yelled. "He's been training under a Sannin, he's been the favorite of not one, but two Hokages, He seems to have nearly infinite chakra, and he now has a Doujutsu!"

"I don't care about Naruto!" Sakura yelled "He'll never be as good as you, Sasuke-kun!"

Naruto winced when he heard that. Sakura really never liked him… at all. Whatever happened now, Naruto was just going to let it happen. Sakura deserved whatever she got for being stupid enough to love Sasuke instead of him.

"I already told you…" Sasuke said, turning away once more. "He passed us up. I need power, and I need it now."

"S-Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled after him. "If you won't stay… then take me with you… please."

"Sakura…" She heard from behind her as Sasuke vanished. "You have never been more than a hindrance to me…" She felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck, and fell unconscious, Sasuke stepping over her fallen body and going on his way.

"Dammit…" Naruto muttered, Jumping down after Sasuke left, forming a Kage Bunshin, which picked Sakura up off the street. "Take her to the hospital. Then find Shizune and tell her about what happened here…" The real Naruto said, and they dashed off in opposite directions. Sasuke is still faster than me, but he doesn't know he's being followed… I should be able to catch up soon.

As the clone made it to the hospital, he plowed right through the doors, and slid to a stop in front of the main desk. "Where's Shizune-neechan!?"

The nurse behind the desk sighed. Once glance told her the girl was fine, just unconscious… "What is it now, demon brat? Your little girlfriend got a sprained ankle again, and you ran her here thinking it's the end of the world?" She chuckled maliciously.

"No, now listen the fuck up!" The clone roared, driving everyone in the room to a frightened stupor. "I'm just a Kage Bunshin! I need to report a missing-nin that the real me went after before I pop!"

The woman nearly chuckled, 'before I pop' was an interesting way to word how a Kage Bunshin is destroyed, but nonetheless, she could hear the severity in his words. "Sh-she's right down that hall…" The woman muttered, pointing off to her side.

The clone didn't even bother to thank the woman before he dashed off down the hall. When he caught a glimpse of the woman he was looking for, he yelled; "Shizune-neechan! Sasuke went rogue and attacked Sakura!"

Naruto just caught up to Sasuke, who stood next to four people who were obviously Oto ninja; a cute red-haired girl, a freak with six arms, another freak with two heads, and a fat kid about twice the girth of Chouji. Naruto knew he couldn't take them head-on, but he couldn't sneak around and catch them off guard either… it was now that Naruto thanked Neji repeatedly for insisting he learn at least one of his clan's Hijutsu before he continued training his new eyes. "SASUKE-TEME!" Naruto yelled, from just behind them.

"Dobe… even you can't possibly be this stupid…" Sasuke muttered as he turned around to find yellow eyes glaring into his. "Tch… so this is your Doujutsu? Pathetic…"

Naruto began flashing through hand-seals before Sasuke could activate his Sharingan. "Only an Uchiha would be so arrogant as to forget that my eyes are the perfect weapons against yours!"

Sasuke's now-red eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?" He muttered, only to be met with a smirk and a battle cry.

"Kuraikiri no Jutsu!"

I'm going to say this now so there can be absolutely NO confusion. Neji doesn't carry a mirror around with him everywhere. Gai and Lee, odd as they are, probably don't have mirrors on them at all times, and Tenten isn't NEARLY that girly. So, he brought one, just in case he needed one to show Naruto his new eyes.

'What is the Kuraikiri?' 'How can the Shinzenbigan beat the Sharingan?' 'What will become of the Sound Four?' Why the fuck is the guy that knows the answers asking you? SARCASM! (Ain't it great?)

All questions will be revealed next chapter… well… most of them.

NEXT CHAPTER: Oto Incognito; Part 1! (By Kami I love that chapter name… XP)