Twisted Destiny


She wasn't known for stealth, in fact most people would shake there heads in despair when she tried... especially when she stalked a certain quiet youth.

Heero... she practically drooled when she thought of his perfect body... even if she wished he was a bit taller and maybe broader in the shoulders. But maybe he would gain that as he grew older.

He was her dream man, her protector… but damn it. She really wished he would pay more attention to 'her' then as a bodyguard.

She was planning to be his future girlfriend then wife, why wouldn't he cooperate with her.

First things first, she had to make sure those looks between Duo and her Hee-chan were just looks. He was hers; and hers alone.

The blond had tracked his latest place to a small apartment building; she was planning to confront him.

If not, then she was so going to go through his things, with them she could... Trap... err… use to help him decide to date her.

Inside she squealed, the light to her crushes apartment was on... she could see him!


Heero Yui opened his personal computer. There was one new email titled; Final mission

"Mission accepted" Heero whispered as he clicked on the letter and read its contents:

Heero, this will be your final mission. I want you to take Wing Zero to Satellite XQ3-4. There is a person who has the schematics for the Zero System and he is creating a Gundam. I want you to stop him.

Doctor j

Heero closed the laptops lid, and went to his closet, he had a place to stay thanks to Relena, but it was nothing more than a place to rest and restock ammo. He pulled out a green duffel bag and filled it with a couple spare clothes and some extra clips for his gun. He also grabbed the keys to his bike.

He walked to the window and jumped out just as Relena walked into the room.

"Damn it Heero." She hissed as she saw his bike tear out of the drive way.

Heero wove his way thru night traffic to an old World War 2 bunker. He parked his bike just outside the door and entered. The light turned on and there stood Wing Zero, shining in the light.

"Well old friend, we have one last mission. Let's go do it." Heero said as he tossed his bag into the cramped confines of Wing Zero's cockpit, and he turned the system on. The roof to the old bunker opened up and Wing Zero took to the heavens and beyond.

Heero Yui was never heard from again.