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Via Yula Athha woke up as the sunlight poured into her room. As she lay in bed, she turned her head and saw that was only 7 am. The girl cursed as she turned away from the clock.

Via had planned on sleeping in today. It was the only thing she had to look forward to since her suspension from school.

Realizing that trying to go back to sleep was futile, Via sat up and threw the covers off of her. Wearing a pair of green pajamas, the fifteen year old blonde stretched her body and yawned.

Swinging her legs onto the floor, Via stood up and walked into her personal bathroom. Stripping off her clothing, she stepped into the shower and turned the water on. This was her favorite part of the morning; Via felt truly at peace.

When she was done, Via walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped tightly around her body and headed towards her dresser. Opening up the drawers, she was prepared to put on her school uniform when she remembered her current status. Via then pulled out a pair of blue slacks and a gray t-shirt as well as her undergarments. Once she was clothed, Via left her room.

Passing a pair of guards, she strolled down the hallway. Via had no doubt that they were there more for making sure that she would not sneak out than her protection. It was well known that every time Via and her mother fought, the teen would sneak out of the mansion. There were secret places that were never found in which she could hide at.

Heading down stairs, she passed a few more guards and let out an irritated sigh. Via hated being the daughter of Orb's Chief Representative; it assured that her life would never be normal. Worse, she was heir to the position when her mother passed on, a thought that she hated ever more. Via's only hope to dodge taking the position was to pass in on to her younger sister.

Heading into the family dining area, Via saw that her sister Juri and her mother were already seated at the table. Her eleven year old sister was eating breakfast and her mother was reading some documents with a half-eaten bagel on a plate off to the side. Via slightly frowned at her mother; the family dining area was supposed to be the one place within the home where any official Orb business. With the frown still on her face, Via took her seat next to Juri and waited for the maid to bring her meal.

Cagalli Yula Athha sensed her eldest daughter enter the room but did not look up to greet her. She was still angry at the teen for getting suspended from school and did not want to start an argument in front of her youngest child. There was plenty of time for that for their trip.

Cagalli breathed a sigh of frustration for having to go to the Atlantic Federation's Panama base. She would much rather stay home to address the issue of her eldest daughter than go. However, the recent actions of the Titans were a problem that needed to be addressed.

"When will daddy be here?" asked Juri, wanting to break the silence and tension in the room. She knew full well that her sister and mother were still mad at each other.

"Both he and Meyrin will be here in a few days" said Cagalli, in a monotone voice and not looking up from her reading.

"Are they coming alone?" inquired Via, eating the eggs that the maid brought.

It was said that Via looked almost exactly like her mother when Cagalli was fifteen. The only difference was that Via had slightly longer hair than her mother did as well as having blue eyes instead of gold like her mother. Juri looked more like her father with long navy blue hair and green eyes.

"No, your brother and sisters will be coming as well" answered Cagalli, trying to be civil.

Via inwardly groaned at the thought of her visiting siblings. She never got along with them that well despite having the same father. Even after all this time, it still felt weird that her mother and Meyrin were both married to her father Athrun Zala. All three of the parents shared a very close bond with one another that unfortunately never was passed to their children. Via loved Meyrin like a second mother but it was not there for her other siblings except Juri.

Juri and Via were very close. Juri looked up to her elder sister and did her best to act as an intermediary between her mother and sister. Juri also got along with her other siblings as well since she was the baby and most innocent of the family.

"Will Aunty Lacus and Uncle Kira be coming too?" asked Juri, eating a sausage.

"No; Lacus is still a little weak from delivering her seventh child. They can't make it for a while" answered Cagalli in faint amusement. Cagalli concluded that both her brother and Lacus were trying to populate Mars as fast as possible.

The two had moved there feeling the need to get away from it all in order to live out a peaceful life and you could not get much farther than Mars. The Martian Confederation was the most peaceful state out of all the nations of the Earth Sphere with a population devoted to avoiding war if necessary.

The rest of the meal was in silence until it became time for Juri to head to school. Cagalli gave her daughter kisses before the maid lead her out. After Juri was gone, she turned to her elder daughter.

Via felt her mother's stare upon her as she was focused on her food in front of her. Ignoring the woman, Via continued to eat while mentally preparing herself for the on-coming argument that was about to occur.

"We still need to finish our conversation from last night" stated Cagalli in a firm tone.

"Why? I thought it was done; I got suspended, so what?" said the teen in a matter of fact tone.

"It is not done; if I had not spoken to the principle, you would have been suspended" said Via's mother in an annoyed tone.

"All I did was defended a fellow classmate" said Via, glaring at her mother.

"I am not mad about that; what I am angry is that you hit the boy while his back was turned and walking away" said the Orb leader.

"He called me a freak; the bastard had it coming" said Via angrily.

"How many times have I told you to control your temper? You cannot keep acting this way for being the future leader of Orb" said Cagalli.

Via stayed silent at that. She was tired of telling her mother that she did not want to be the next Representative of Orb; Via had other dreams and that involved being a mobile suit pilot.

Unfortunately for the teen, the Earth Sphere has been at peace for the last eighteen years. With the rebirth of the United Nations and the signing of the treaty limiting the number of mobile suits a nation can maintain, a major conflict has not been seen in a while. Even with the terrorist factions causing problems in South America, everything seemed peaceful.

"Anyways, I have to go to Panama for a meeting with some Atlantic Federation officials. You're coming with me" stated the Orb leader.

"What?! Why do I have to go" yelled the teen, standing up and knocking her chair over.

"Did you think you would be able to sit around all day and do nothing? You are coming with me so I can keep an eye on you. Now we leave in an hour so go put on some proper attire" ordered Cagalli in the firmest tone she could muster.

Via just glared at the woman and stormed off without saying another word. Cagalli just rubbed her temples and thought about what she was going to do with her daughter. Now she knew how her father felt and wondered how he could cope with her brash and wild nature when she was young.

When her children were born, Cagalli did everything she could do to spend time with her growing daughters. It was hard but Cagalli coped. As Via grew up, it became quite apparent that she had not only inherited her mother's looks but most of her personality as well. Kira had joked to Athrun that he did not have to scare any potential boyfriends of his daughter because she would do that for him with her behavior. Cagalli then hit him upside the head for the comment.

The Orb Leader knew that her daughter did not want to take over her position when she died. Even though Via did not say it out loud, Cagalli knew that her daughter wanted to enlist in the military. She blamed Athrun for that since he had taught the young girl how to pilot a mobile suit at so young of an age.

Though she was a Natural, Via had a lot of potential to be an excellent pilot. For reasons that no one knew, Via had out preformed her Coordinator brothers and sisters in mock combat. Athrun and Kira were curious to see why this was but Cagalli firmly denied having any scientist use Via as a lab rat. It took a few hits on the head with a pot to convince them of that.

Standing up, Cagalli decided to get ready herself. She had to look presentable for the meeting and to be a good example to her daughter. The last thing she wanted to be accused of is being a hypocrite.

The transport flew through the air. Used primarily for transporting the Orb Representative, the vehicle was large and resembled an old aurora bomber. Escorting it was a group of four newly built MVF-M11E Murasames in their mobile armor mode. Though Orb still maintained a small defense force following the Copernicus Treaty, Morgenroete Inc still designed mobile suits for the Orb defense forces.

The new Murasames were not much different from its predecessors in the terms of design and mobility. However, the new units housed a compact fusion reactor which provided far more power than what the batteries provided. The fusion reactors even provided the suits with more power than the Gundams with their nuclear reactors.

It was the Atlantic Federation which had first utilized Fusion as a power source. By the time the nation had shared the technology with the rest of the nations of the Earth Sphere, it had already begun adopting it for their mobile suits and there had been protest from the PLANTs and the Prussian Hegemony. However, the Copernicus treaty forbade the use of fission reactors in mobile suits and thus had no say over the matter.

Via stared out at the units through the window as she sat in her seat across from her mother. Cagalli was reading a book and paid no attention to her daughter.

The teen was dressed in a yellow dress which her mother bought for the girl to wear for formal events. Via absolutely hated the dress and hated wearing any dress. Cagalli knew this though and considered it a part of the girl's punishment.

An Orb soldier appeared from the front of the cabin and walked up to Cagalli. Via ignored him and remained focused on the Murasames.

"My Lady, we are approaching Panama and they are sending some mobile suits to escort us in. We should be landing in about ten minutes" said the soldier. Cagalli thanked him and he headed back to the cockpit.

Suddenly Via spotted a pair of mobile suits taking up positions along the transport and Murasames. Via recognized them as GAT-05 Windam Quels. Thanks to their fusion reactors, the suits did not need a striker pack to fly over long distances and instead housed a sort of jet pack on their backs.

The colors were different than the standard ones used by the regular Atlantic federation forces and Via recognized them as the colors used by the Titans. The suits were painted in a dark blue and grey. Via secretly became excited by this revelation. She had watched the news coverage on the Titan's exploits on television as well as tried to dig up every bit of info on the internet. She would do anything to join their ranks and become part of the elite.

As Panama came into view, the transport began to slow down in preparation of its landing. The runways were clear for the military part of Panama base though the civilian part looked as busy as ever. After the second war was concluded, most of Panama base was converted into civilian use for trade and flights to the PLANTs and Mars. A third of the spaceport was still used for military purposes.

The transport landed on the third tarmac where a small reception stood waiting. Cagalli and her daughter exited the aircraft to find a group of four men waiting for them on the bottom of the steps.

"Representative Athha, welcome to Panama Base" greeted Admiral Paptimus Scirocco, head of the Titans. His youthful appearance made Cagalli feel old. Via though thought the man was handsome.

"Thank you Admiral Scirocco" said Cagalli formally. She had met the man on a few other occasions at state dinners and UN summits. Cagalli always was creped out by the man and did not know why. He was always polite but there was something about him that Cagalli did not like.

"This is my subordinate Vice Admiral Glemy Toto" said Scirocco, motioning to his colleague. The man looked to be in his early twenties and both men were dressed in a black military uniform in which all Titans wore.

"Lady Athha" greeted the man in a monotone voice. He was smiling and polite, but Cagalli suspected it was just a formality.

"I am happy that you agreed to meet me" said Cagalli as the group began to walk towards the base. Via kept her distance and waited for her chance to sneak away.

"It is no problem at all; If you come with me, we can talk in a more comfortable setting" said Scirocco as the group made their way. Cagalli was so focused that she never noticed that Via was missing.

Scirocco noticed though and smiled.


"Damn It!" screamed Cadet Alex Malson, throwing the rag down in anger. The small stain on the Windam Quel's leg still would not come off despite his scrubbing. At this rate, the mobile suit would not be clean by the time Colonel Whethers returned.

Taking a seat on the foot of the Windam, Alex wiped the sweat from his brow and sighed. He could almost imagine what the Colonel was going to say and do to him. There were times that he wondered why he even joined the Titans.

He leaned back and stared at the ceiling, contemplating where he could get a blow torch. If the stain could not be wiped off, then maybe it could be burned off. After all, Colonel Whethers did say that anything could be used as long as the stain was removed.

Alex longed to out with the others in mock combat. He was just three weeks until graduation and he still sucked at landing his Windam Quel. Yesterday, he had crashed on the tarmac, nearly crushing his commanding officer. The Colonel had been so angry that Alex thought he would shoot him right then and there. However, the Colonel had other plans.

Alex was to scrub and clean every portion of his mobile suit until it was shining. He was also to do it within the time it took the mock battle to conclude with the other cadets. Alex did not want to think about the consequences if he failed.

As he looked around the hanger for a blow torch, Alex spotted a girl just inside the hanger. She appeared to be about his age and had blond hair. Believing the girl to be a lost civilian, Alex started to make his way towards her in the hopes of getting to talk with her. She was kind of cute and it had been a while since the teen had the chance to talk to a real girl. All the other girls at the academy were military to the bone with hardly any personality.

If he played his cards right, Alex's vast knowledge of military material might impress the girl into getting a date with her. His father always said that a uniform always impressed the girls.

As soon as Via ditched her mother and the other officials, she made her way to the hanger area to check out the mobile suits. There were hardly any soldiers about and Via took it as a sign of luck.

As she walked into the hanger closest to her, Via saw a pair of Windam Quels standing inside. Getting excited, she walked slowly towards them, not taking her eyes off the mobile suits.

Via had read about the suits on the internet. The Windam Quel was the latest of the Atlantic Federation's mass produced mobile suits. Though similar in design and appearance to its predecessors, the Quel housed a compact fusion reactor which provided it with far more power than a battery. It also had an extra beam saber and could be equipped with a rocket pack on its shoulders. It was said that the Windam Quel could out maneuver the Zaku III, but that was only speculation since the two suits had yet to engage in combat.

What really got Via excited though was the fact that the pair of Windams wore similar colors to the suits that escorted her in.

"Can I help you?" asked a voice, catching Via off guard. Turning her head, she saw a boy about her age walking towards her. He was slightly taller than her and had dark blue hair. His eyes were hazel and he was wearing the uniform of the black Titans.

"No; just admiring the Mobile Suits. Are you a pilot?" asked Via, making herself out to be a simple civilian. The girl noticed that men tended to fall for that sort of thing.

"As a matter of fact, I am" answered Alex with pride.

"Have you fought any battles?" asked the blond, knowing full well that the question was stupid. Via had noticed the boy's insignia indicating him a junior officer. From the research she was able to gather, Titan junior officers almost never entered battle.

"Of course; I have been in dozens of battles" lied the Titans Officer. Seeing how the girl was just a dumb blond, she would believe anything he'd tell her.

Via just smiled, knowing full well the lad was lying through his teeth. It annoyed her a little but would benefit the girl down the line.

"Do you want to hear about them?" asked Alex, thinking that he had the young woman.

Via nodded and the boy motioned for her to take a seat on the Windam's foot. She sat there as the Titan talked. It was boring, but it would benefit her since she could get more information on the Titans this way. If Via played her cards right. Maybe she could pick up a way to join the group.


Just outside the base, a group of five mobile suits lay hidden in the jungle. They were camouflaged with jungle colors and were ready to strike the base. The suits were older models with two being Zakus, a Gouf, and two old Murasames.

Carlos Diaz of the South American Liberation Group leaned back in the cockpit of his Gouf. He was grumpy and irritated at having to wait for the signal to attack. He was also upset of having to work with the pilots of the two Murasames. They were not even a part of his organization and had their own agenda for carrying out the attack.

"When are we going to attack?" asked Hector Ramon in a whiny voice as his Zaku moved its arm.

"When the signal is given" answered Lisa Collins in her Murasame. She brushed her black hair from the front of her face. She hated having work with SALG soldiers, but it was the only way to accomplish her objectives.

As part of the radical wing of Orb's Pure Democracy Movement, she was tasked by her superiors to eliminate Representative Athha. Only by her death could Orb be truly free to govern itself. Lisa truly believed that the citizens of Orb would see this once Cagalli was out of the way.

There was a sudden flash of light as a flare went off in the sky. Carlos smiled as he gripped his controls. Now he would make the Atlantic Federation pay for meddling in his homeland's affairs.

"Alright, everyone listen up. Ramon and Chavez, you guys take care of the hangers. Me, Collins, and Samson will go after the targets. Leave nothing intact, let make these Federation bastards pay" said Diaz.

The suits rose into the air and towards the base.

"I can assure you Representative Athha that the Titans have no ambitions to violate a nation's sovereignty. Our current operations in South America and the Middle East Republic are at the request of their Governments. Our only goal is too remove the terrorist threats in those countries" said Admiral Scirocco as the small group walked down the corridors of the base.

"I understand that; however there have been some concerns from the Mediterranean Union and the Prussian Hegemony that the Titans are only making things worse for the regions" said Cagalli in a diplomatic tone of voice.

"I would like to point out that the two nations in question have a deep grudge against the Atlantic Federation for some time now. There concerns could be very well be just bias against our nation" said Paptimus in a neutral tone.

"You have a point" said Cagalli in a neutral tone of her own. Her advisors as well as members from Orb's Parliament had raised the very same point. It was no secret that many across the world still held a feeling of resentment towards the Federation for its actions during the two wars against the PLANTs.

"If Orb wishes to view the records on our past battles with the terrorists, it will not be a problem" said the Titans leader with a smile.

"I would appreciate that" said the Orb leader with a smile as well.

Scirocco was about to say something when he suddenly frowned and lunged at Cagalli, knocking her down and shielding her body with his own. Toto made a similar move with a female base personnel. There was then a sudden shaking, causing a chunk of the ceiling to collapse where they were previously standing.

"What is going on" asked Cagalli alarmingly. More shaking ensued and explosions could be heard.

"We are under attack" answered Admiral Toto with a frown.

"How do you know?" asked the blond, confused. Toto was about to answer her when Scirocco interrupted.

"I believe that we should head for the emergency command center since the main one has been destroyed. If you follow me Lady Cagalli" said Paptimus as he grabbed her arm and started to hurry down the hall. The Orb leader nodded and the group made their way.

Both the teens jumped up as the sounds of explosions could be heard. Via had nearly fallen asleep as Alex's boasts were getting too much to handle.

The Titan cadet ran to the exit of the hanger to see what was going on. Peering from behind the door, he watched in horror as a pair of Zakus fired on a hanger, causing it to explode. There were various technicians and mechanics running about, trying to avoid getting stomped on by the two enemy mobile suits.

"We are under attack!" yelled Alex as he watched the carnage.

"By who!?" asked Via, looking around for a ladder.

"I don't know! If it's ZAFT, then there suits must be really lagging" answered the Titan, not looking at her.

Deciding that he had to something, he turned to head back to his mobile suit only to see Via climbing up the ladder which lead to the cockpit of the other Windam Quel. Normally, he would be pleased to see up the skirt of a female but he was more alarmed about her intentions.

"What the hell are you doing?" screamed the soldier as he watched her run along the catwalk after climbing the ladder.

"Doing something; we are under attack remember?" yelled the blond as she prepared to climb into cockpit of the MS.

"But you are just a civilian!" exclaimed the teen, shocked by her answer.

"Your point?!" asked Via as she jumped into the seat of the Windam. Gripping the controls, she pressed a button which closed the cockpit and activated the suit.

As the OS booted up, Via closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had secretly piloted a mobile suit before with her father and Uncle Kira, but they had always been inside the suit with her. Though both Kira and Athrun said she was a natural pilot, this would be her first time alone piloting and she was a little nervous; especially given the situation.

When everything was online, the blond gripped the handles and concentrated on walking just to get a feel for the suit. The Windam moved forward at a slow pace. After a few more steps, she was almost out of the hanger and Via decided to move a little faster.

Exiting the hanger, Via maneuvered her camera to scale the battlefield. There was wreckage everywhere and most of the hangers were on fire. She also saw bodies lying about which angered the teen greatly. Grinding her teeth, Via moved the suit forward again.

Catching the sight of the two enemies, Via sized up her opponents. They were Zakus but Via doubted that they were from ZAFT. The models were too old to be in active service and the way they were fighting did not match the standard ZAFT engagement doctrine.

Suddenly, one of the enemy Zakus caught sight of her and turned to engage her. As Via prepared to meet the enemy suit in battle, she realized that she had left the hanger without grabbing a rifle.

Grabbing her beam saber, she activated it as she dodged a shot from the Zaku. Activating her thrusters, Via flew forward and slashed at the Zaku. The Zaku evaded and attempted to fire its rifle in close range but it failed when the Windam used its left arm to knock the rifle away, causing it to miss.

Taking the initiative, Via used her left arm and punched the Zaku in the chest. Though it did no damage, the Zaku was knocked off guard and the Windam slashed again. This time it made contact and managed to slice off the Zaku's right arm.

The enemy suit fired at her again and Via dodged the blast with ease. Whoever she was fighting, he was clearly an armature though he did possess a little bit of skill.

As the Zaku fire again, Via activated the Windam's thrusters and jumped over the Zaku and landed behind it. Before the enemy could react, Via slashed sideways and sliced the suit in half. Jumping back as the Zaku exploded, the blond realized that she just killed someone.

As the burning wreckage lay around her, Via just stood there and was breathing hard. Both her father and uncle said that their first kills were upsetting but for some reason, Via did not feel that way. Though she did feel a little sad that she had taken a life, Via felt that it was necessary for the greater good.

Via suddenly sensed something and activated her thrusters which caused her to dodge an incoming attack. The Windam turned to see the other Zaku firing at her and dodged each attack. Though Via could easily outmaneuver the enemy barrage, it left her little time to launch counterattack. All she could to was keep dodging the enemy fire.

As the Zaku prepared to launch another round at the Windam, it was suddenly struck in the side by a beam shot. The beam tore through the enemy suit's torso which caused it to fall to the ground. As the Zaku struggled to get up, a second shot was fired into the chest area which killed the pilot.

"Are you okay?" asked Alex as he lowered the rifle of his Windam. He maneuvered his suit to where Via was standing and handed her a spare beam rifle.

"Yeah; just a little winded" answered the blond, grabbing the gun. She actually felt a little exhilarated by the encounter.

"I'll say; where did you learn to pilot like that" asked the teen, still astonished by what he just watched. This was no ordinary civilian.

"My father and uncle are veterans of the First and Second Bloody Valentine Wars; they taught me a few things" answered Via, trying not to smirk at him.

"Really? So back there…" said Alex, not finishing what he was going to say.

"You really should work on your stories; I was practically falling asleep in there" said the girl with a smile.

"I'll make a note of that" said Alex with a frown.

As they entered the backup Command Center, Cagalli noted how sparse it was. There were only a handful of base personnel inside and the highest ranking officer seemed to be a Commander.

"What's the situation?" asked Scirocco in an authoritative tone. The Commander turned and saluted the man.

"We are under attack by an unknown enemy; a total of five suits in all. The internal defenses are offline and the Main Command Center has been destroyed" informed the Commander.

"What about our suits?" asked Toto.

"Most are out on the exercise from this morning; we have informed them of the situation and they are on their way back. The suits that remained are being targeted by the enemy while they are still in their hangers or guarding the civilian centers" answered the man as a sudden shaking shook the room.

"Sir! The enemy seems to be trying to get to us by firing into the ground above us" yelled a female ensign.

"How long until the relief arrives?" asked Cagalli, alarmed. She had no idea where Via was and she was worried for her daughter's safety. She had noticed the girl wandering off but gave no thought to it since they were supposedly in a secure area.

"Ten minutes" answered the woman. As Cagalli looked up at the central monitor, Glemy Toto moved to Scirocco's side.

"Did you feel that?" asked Toto quietly so that the Orb leader could not hear him.

"Yes I did; it seems that what I felt from Representative Athha's daughter was correct" said Paptimus Scirocco with a smile.

"This will be an interesting battle to watch" said Glemy with a smirk.



As Diaz watched the two Murasames hover in the air while firing into the ground, he had to admire the tenacity of his partners. They had been at it for almost five minutes now and showed no signs of relenting.

Diaz knew it was only a matter of time before Federation reinforcements arrived. He would not be surprised if there were Titans in the mix. Hopefully his partners would provide enough distraction for him to get away.

Via and Alex made their way slowly towards the enemy suits. So far they had yet to be detected.

"What are they doing?" asked Via, confused by the enemies actions. She was also surprised to see the Murasames as well. They were old models but to Via's knowledge, Orb never exported any suits and scraped them instead when the models became outdated.

"I think they are trying to get to the backup command center" said Alex, guessing.

"Why?" asked Via.

"It is where the VIPs would probably be" answered Alex. It then clicked that he needed to do something.

Fearing for her mother's safety, Via raised the rifle and aimed it at one of the Murasames. The Windams were still a good distance away and the shot would be impossible for a Natural. However, the blond did not care.

Concentrating with all her might, Via lined up the shot and fired. The beam soared through the air and much to her and Alex's surprise, it hit its mark. The beam tore through one of the Murasame's legs which caused it to explode and fall to the ground.

"Wow" was all that Alex could say. His admiration ended when he watched the Gouf and the other Murasame move towards them.

Carlos was surprised to see the two Windams. It was too soon for the Federation forces to arrive and Ramon and Chavez were supposed to have dealt with any immobile suits left on the base. He was also surprised that anyone could make that shot. The Murasame that had been hit was too damaged to offer any help and that now made it two on two if Chavez and Ramon don't show up.

He was about to confer with Lisa when he watched her suddenly dashed forward, firing on the Windam who shot down her companion. The way Lisa moved was amateurish with the woman just firing blindly at the enemy. It confirmed what he had suspected earlier; that the OPDM member did not know what she was doing.

Deciding that leaving her to the two Windams would be a bad move, Diaz charged forward to face off against the other Windam. Firing his arm mounted beam spray blaster, he watched as the enemy suit dodge the shots and bring his rifle to bare. However, the Windam was a poor shot and missed the Gouf completely.

Via dodged another blast as the Murasame moved around her. Deciding that fighting on the ground was pointless, she took to the air and fired her rifle as the enemy suit moved about. As expected, she missed and knew that this fight would be a little tough. Though it was an older model, the Murasame was still far more maneuverable than the Windam. Orb made their MS to last.

Lisa fired again at the suit yelled in rage as she watched the shot miss. She had been so close in accomplishing her goals and now the entire operation was in danger. Lisa knew that she had to take out the Windam quick if she was to resume her attack.

After another long three minutes of fighting, Via now knew what she was facing. Whoever was piloting the Murasame seemed to be relying more on the suit's capabilities than his or her own. Taking this into account, the blond began to plan her next move to take her enemy down.

"Hey Alex, you still there?" asked Via as she prepared to move into position. Her plan required quick timing and she did not want to get shot in the back by the Gouf when it was over.

"Yeah, just playing with the guy" lied Alex as he dodged the Gouf's whip. In truth, this was a far more intense battle than he had with his peers.

"Like I said, you really need to work on your boasts" said the blond with a smirk.

Concentrating again, Via aimed her rifle but did not fire. Instead of aiming for the Murasame itself, she aimed the rifle ahead of the suit's course. Feeling the timing was right, the blond opened fire and the beam shot forward.

The Murasame flew forward into the path of the beam's blast. The shot tore through the suit's abdomen, hitting the battery. Lisa screamed in rage as she lost control of her suit as it fell from the sky.

As Via watched the suit fall, she became angry at its pilot. The person had tried to harm her mother and she could not forgive that. As Via aimed her rifle again, she knew what she was about to do was wrong. Her father and uncle had taught her the importance of not firing on a disabled enemy. The enemy was no longer a threat.

Via fired anyway. She did not know why she did, but she did not care. The beam tore into the Murasame's chest and caused it to explode. The wreckage then rained down all over the ground.

As Alex avoided another attack by the Gouf, he knew that he was in trouble. Whoever he was facing knew his stuff and the boy knew that his training was not going to get him out of this situation. Deciding on a risky move, he prepared to pull off the same move he watched Via do.

As the Gouf moved forward, Alex activated his Windam's thrusters and suddenly flew over the enemy suit. Unfortunately his landing was off and Alex fell onto his back. The Gouf then turned and hovered over the fallen Windam.

"Tough luck pal" said Diaz as he raised his sword.

Alex's eyes widened and his mind quickly pondered what to do. He then got an idea and fire his head Vulcan guns which fired into the enemy suit. Though the shots did very little damage to the Gouf's armor, one of the shots hit the main camera which blinded it.

As Diaz struggled with his blindness, Alex took the advantage and grabbed his beam saber. While still on the ground, he slashed sideways and sliced off the Gouf's legs. He then slashed off the enemy's arms which permanently disabled the enemy. Headquarters would probably need at least one survivor for interrogation.


"That's the last of them" said the female ensign as she watched the Gouf laid disabled on the ground.

The group watched the entire battle on the monitor ever since it first began. When they heard the brief exchange between the two Windam pilots, Cagalli's eyes widened when she recognized the voice of her daughter.

The Orb leader was both angry and scared at the moment; angry that her daughter had participated in the battle and scared that she almost lost her as well. There was also a hint of pride at her daughter's performance in battle but it was too buried at the moment.

"Very impressive" said Toto quietly to Scirocco. The purple haired nodded and smiled at the screen.

"I agree; we must take steps to recruit her. She would make a fine addition to the Titans. Her Newtype powers, if developed right, would be a welcomed addition to our goals" said Scirocco.

"How do we get to her without her mother finding out?" asked the subordinate motioning at the irate blond.

"An offer will present itself; this attack was actually convenient. Though we really must find out who was responsible and make them pay" said the Titans leader with a small frown.

"I'll make the arrangements; another good thing is that this incident may get Orb off our backs" stated Toto.

"Yes, that may be true" admitted Scirocco.

The duo watched as the suits from the exercise fly into view. They took positions all around the base and ambulances moved into the scene to tend to the injured. Cagalli then stormed off out of the Command Center in anger.


Via climbed out of the Windam and took a deep breath. She found it hard to believe that only twenty five minutes took place between the time she first entered the mobile suit to the conclusion of the battle.

As she watched the Windam Quels land all around her, Via marveled at the sight. She felt so exhilarated.

Watching Alex climb out of his suit, the blond was about to call out to him to give a thumbs up when she sensed danger approaching. Looking all around for another possible attack, Via prepared to jump back inside the cockpit.

What she then saw coming was worse.

As Via watched her mother approach, she could see the fury in her eyes. Closing her eyes, the blond took a deep breath and prepared herself for the worse.

It was going to be a long day.

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