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Love at First Sight

To be free

Melanie Swann, age 14 with long, light brown flowing hair tied up into a messy bun, sat on the HMS Dauntless listening to her sister, Elizabeth, age 10, sing a song their mother had taught them before she had died, 6 years after Elizabeth was born. They were sailing to Port Royal, Jamaica with their father, who had been name governor by the King.

Among the three of them was also James Norrington. To use the word "hate" to describe Melanie's feelings towards him would be an understatement, Melanie despised him with a passion. Back when they lived in England, she would set traps for him whenever he would come to their home for dinner, or to chat with them or their father. Obviously the latter was not very pleased when she "played her little pranks", as her father would put it, on Norrington. Even if no one in her family would admit it, Norrington had always felt the same way about her. He would rarely speak to her and even when he did, he would not take her views on the matter seriously and go and speak with Elizabeth instead. She did not mind at all but with he sister's best intentions in mind, had always felt sorry after she had pawned Norrington onto her.

Melanie had finally snapped back into reality after the loud, booming voice of James Norrington had reached her ears. She looked up to see her sister surrounded by her father, Norrington and a sailor she believed went by the name of Gibbs. She listened to find out what they were accusing her sister of. Elizabeth had answered her question immediately.

"I think it would be exciting to meet a pirate."

Melanie noticed Norrington give Elizabeth one of his fake smiles and continue to tell her how pirates were "vile creatures" and that "each of them got what they deserved". If there was one thing that she and Norrington had in common, it was the topic of pirates. Even though their views on the matter were very different from one another. Just like her sister, Melanie had always wanted to meet a pirate. She wanted him to take her away from this non-sense of being proper and being an example for her sister. She wanted out from this family, she wanted something to change so she could be free; all she wanted was to be free.

She could feel tears forming in her eyes, what had she done to deserved to be brought up in a family with such restriction? What had she done to have no liberty or say in the matter? What had she done to be the swan that wanted to fly but couldn't open her wings? Melanie blinked back her tears and walked over to Elizabeth.

As she walked she realized how selfish she sounded, she was complaining about her family when some poor children didn't have any. She decided this was not the time to argue with her self and decided to forget everything for now and have a conversation with the only person she would ever regret leaving behind if she ever left.

"Lizzie," Melanie said as she walked up her sister, "did father give you a hard time?"

"When does father ever give me a hard time Mel?" Elizabeth said while giggling.

Melanie began giggling too; she knew this was true; their father rarely gave either of them a hard time. The only time he usually did was when it came to Norrington. Even then it was only Melanie that got his "talks", unless she let Elizabeth in on the plan, which Melanie did more often now that Elizabeth was older.

"Remember when you poured tea all over Norrington's head?" asked Melanie after they both had calmed down, only this time Elizabeth didn't laugh. She was staring at something down in the water and her expression was nowhere near to the one it was a few second ago. Melanie followed her sister's gaze down to the water and to a piece of wood. She didn't know why her sister's face was so shocked; it was just a piece of wood. Melanie went to look again but this time she couldn't believe what she was seeing. On that piece of wood was a young boy, maybe a year older then Elizabeth, knocked out cold. She looked from her sister back to the boy a couple times, bearing the same shocked expression as Elizabeth.

"Man over board!" Melanie finally called out and then went to hold her sister, who for some reason, had still not spoken.

As Melanie and Elizabeth watched the crewmen fish the boy out of the water, they did not speak. Both felt an odd connection to the boy even if they had never met him before. They watched as Norrington examined him and stated that he was still breathing.

"I think that's the best thing that has ever came out of his mouth" Melanie whispered into Elizabeth's ear and smirked. Elizabeth giggled a little which made Melanie smile.

"Mary mother of God" had been said in disbelief by the sailor Gibbs and was herd all throughout the ship. Almost all the sailors had crowded around one side of the ship leaving no room for Elizabeth or Melanie to see what was happening. When they finally wiggled their way through all the sailors to the side of the ship, they stared in disbelief at what they saw. The ship beside them was on fire and looked like it was torn in half. All of its cargo was floating on the surface around the wreckage.

Melanie and Elizabeth had abandoned their spot by the side of the ship when Norrington started talking and walked towards the unconscious boy lying on deck.

"You think he was from that ship?" whispered Elizabeth with a worried expression on her face.

"It would be odd if he wasn't," answered Melanie in the same tone.

Melanie and Elizabeth continued to stare at the nameless boy until their father came over to tell them to watch over him. As they did Elizabeth stood very close to him and brushed a strand of hair from his face. She gave a little yell when he became conscious and grabbed her hand. Melanie walked over to them when Elizabeth started introductions.

"Don't be afraid, my name is Elizabeth Swann and this," she gestured to her sister, " is my sister Melanie."

"W-W-Will Turner" he stuttered.

"We're watching over you Will." Was all Elizabeth could say before Will was unconscious once more.

"What's that on his neck?" Melanie asked after a minute of silence. Elizabeth took the necklace off of Will's neck.

"You're a pirate!"

With those three words Melanie's heart fluttered, could this possibly be her salvation? Could this boy be her ticket to freedom? She took a look at him again and her hopes diminished, he just didn't seam like the pirate type. She sighed at the thought of never leaving her family and ending up being married to some rich man and stuck at home to take care of their children. As Melanie continued to imagine the awful demise of her sanity, Norrington had walked up to them and was talking to Elizabeth. She had only snapped out of it to hear Norrington say to take the boy below.

After all the crewmen had left the deck, Melanie and Elizabeth went to the bow of the ship to examine the pirate medallion they had taken from Will.

"Let me see it," persisted Melanie since she had not seen it yet.

Elizabeth looked around then showed the gold medallion to her sister. As they looked at it they noticed a ship in the distance, its haul and sails were pitch black, the sails were ripped in every imaginable direction and it was surrounded by fog. When the sisters saw that this mysterious ship was sporting a pirate flag, Elizabeth ducked down below the sides of the ship in fright. Even Melanie did after a while, though she wanted to be taken away by pirates, even she knew that these did not look like ordinary pirates on an ordinary ship. This ship was different. It was a ghost ship.

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