Will tried everything he could to comfort Melanie once Jack had turned away, but nothing truly made her any better. For some reason, she wanted Jack. Will knew it and even Jack knew it, but anytime Will tried to talk to him, Jack evaded his questions. He gave a heavy sigh; he was fighting a battle the two of them had already given up on after such a short time.


Melanie's voice was broken and fragile, even from a single word it could be noticed. Sounding coarse from all the crying, Will found it a very strange sound coming from her usually witty and playful lips.

"Will, can you get me something?" she croaked again. He nodded sadly and waited for her answer. "A writing book and something to write with," she said with difficulty, "Please."

He descended to the cabins of the Interceptor and searched many of them before he could finally find what she was asking of him. When he returned to the deck he looked over where Melanie had been when he left to find her in the same position, as if she hadn't even breathed. He turned on his heel and headed straight towards Jack on the wheel.

"Why did you do this to her Jack. WHAT could you possibly have done to make her like this?"

Jack fastened his lips even tighter than they were and kept looking forward at the horizon.

"Give her these then if you won't talk to me," Will hissed as he shoved the items Melanie had asked for in front of his face.

"No." Jack growled at him. He kept his gaze forward as Will retracted the items and left to give them to Melanie; Jack heard him mutter to himself as he left.

"Bloody pirate," Will grumbled as he crossed the ship one more time to the end where Melanie resided. He wanted to laugh at how immature the two of them were being; staying on complete opposite sides of the ship. He didn't understand it, he knew something had grown between them because of the looks they had been giving each other, but somehow, that, combined with the strange way Melanie had been acting, had set her off. When he reached her, he handed Melanie the items and returned to his seat nearby.

"I thank you for these Will, but now I have to ask you to leave me alone," she whispered as she looked over at him pleadingly. As he nodded, she gave him a small smile before Will turned to cross the ship once again.

Wise decision. Don't want anyone knowing your deep dark secrets, do you?

"Go away!" Melanie cried as she grabbed the pen and began to write.

Dear Diary,

It's been way too many rough days without you to tell my frustrations too. I don't know what's going on with me, something's changed from my last entry till now. Of course this really isn't you because you're in my secret compartment at home, exactly where I left you yesterday when I took that old medallion out. I wore it, I don't know why, but it seams to have caused nothing but trouble —

You're on to something now.

Melanie scribbled at the paper before continuing.

Lizzie has it now and I pray she's safe every moment I can, I miss her and I'm so worried. She is a strong girl; she will be okay. I know it. Will is worried sick about her, he loves her so much and I know Lizzie returns these feelings but I don't understand why the other one doesn't see it —

Such a sad, sad story, get to the better stuff will you. I see it all in here, waiting to come out.

The pen almost flew out of her hand due to all the pressure she was applying. She skipped a line and continued once again.

Something is happening to me, something terrible. I can feel it everywhere, constantly inside me. I need help, but I don't know who can give it to me. I fear that it's going to take over and I'll no longer be responsible for my actions, it's slowly been doing it all day… I wish I knew more.

But there's one more thing I want to let you know about.

I've found my freedom; I've found that person that shall be my Will to his Elizabeth. Somehow, though, it's so much more complicated than that. All I know is that I am in love –

Not so fast now.

A shrill laughter was heard all around her. It consumed all of the air she could breathe, closing in and almost isolating her from the world before she finally blacked out.

"We're here, William," Jack spoke quietly to him, "If you could be so kind as to wake Miss Swann I would be very much obliged."

They both glanced over at the sleeping form on the other side of the ship. Even from afar the way her features pulled together in distress was evident to Jack. This whole voyage he had deeply regretted leaving Melanie so vulnerable when he knew she needed him most. He had thought and thought about it over and over again, analyzing every detail of their encounters, until he could not think about it anymore. Would he continue to feel this way about her or would he not? That question sat at the highest of mountaintops, barely remaining stable. Any brush of wind or falling rock could cause it to plummet to one side forever.

Jack was pulled out of his thoughts when his companion finally spoke, "You really think bringing her with us is a good idea? Think about where we are."

Jack snorted, "And you really believe leaving her on a ship surrounded by sea, all by her lonesome, is a good idea at the moment? Go wake her up."

Once Will reached her, he began calling her name to rouse her; it did not take long.

"How are you feeling Melanie?" He asked her with concern once she was awake.

She stretched out the sleeping pains before smiling at him, "Much better." This shocked her due to the fact that she really was feeling much better; it wasn't just a lie. How could that be?

"We've reached Tortuga," Will said as he helped her up, "we're going ashore now." Once she was stable, he went to go prepare the longboat.

Melanie nodded to herself and began to follow him, only turning back briefly to place the writing book and pen on a crate nearby, "I'll be back for you later."

Jack watched as she joined Will and as he helped her down into the longboat. He briefly smiled at this; she won't swing across two ships on a man's back but would let them help her into a longboat? He shook his head and began forward, only to stop when something caught his eye.

Melanie's writing book.

He picked the tattered book up and toyed with the pages while glancing over to make sure no one was looking. Was there any harm in looking what she wrote? He thought no; maybe it could help them?

He felt guilty even as he opened the book but he continued flipping pages until he found her elegant handwriting. He quickly skimmed over the first page finding nothing of importance, though reading it did bring another smile to his face, she was so caring and emotional.

As he flipped the page, he dropped the book and staggered backwards. The words written on every available space of the page were no longer caring and elegant as they were before.

I HATE Jack Sparrow…


Wish he left me alone…

I will never love him!

It was all a lie!

I'm just using him

I hate Jack Sparrow.

I will NEVER love him!

Jack felt like an avalanche had fallen on top of him, crushed beyond belief or repair. The two ends of his question began to falter as all of the rocks started to build up on one side. Had he only dreamed the chemistry they had? This was why Jack should never have let himself feel for a woman, he should have kept to his promise to never let a woman do this to him again.


"Jack?" Will called.

His head snapped up as he was stirred from his thoughts, Right, the plan. He quickly shut the book before moving towards the railing and descending into the floating longboat. The trip was silent, almost uncomfortable, as Jack paddled forward. He couldn't have been happier to be facing away from the other two; he did not want to look into those eyes.

With every stroke came another thought, he knew it was never meant to be, that's why he did not help her when she needed it most. She had never told him anything; it was his mad mistaking that brought him to this point. He had mistaken lust for love. His sun struck eyes took until now to uncover the truth. He, Captain Jack Sparrow, could never love. Especially such a vile creature as she.

Such a stunning vile creature.

He briefly glanced back at her to let his eyes take in every detail of her body. He grinned at how luscious it was and allowed the lust to course through his veins. He returned his gaze forward and smiled. This was the Jack Sparrow he knew, not the lovesick puppy that had infatuated him. Once they reached the dock he watched as she left the longboat before following close behind her; if she wanted to toy with him he could do just the same to her.

"Melanie," he called out. She stopped in her tracks and turned around with a dazzling but confused smile on her face. He was talking to her? She watched as he advanced on her with one of the strangest half smirks she had seen before he finally stopped, inches away from her. In the moment it took her to blink, his salty lips were on hers; kissing her with such passion it made her weak in the knees. Their lips were crashing together like the waves of the sea on the shore, only it felt all wrong; too rough for what she imagined. He grabbed at her hair and pulled while the other hand roamed her body until he finally pulled away with a satisfying look on his face. He licked his lips briefly before turning on his heel and walking away, leaving Melanie standing there confused. She raised a hand and tenderly touched her lips before looking up and calling out his name,


He did not turn back.

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