disclaimer: i don't own gakuen alice

My Star

My shining star

That twinkles afar

Why don't you shine beside me?

Like a morning star.

I wish I'm the one that make you smile,

And I wish I'm the one that you're looking from miles

I hope that you will say you love me too,

And I hope it will come true.

I have cried a thousand tears

Because of my fears

I'm afraid that one day you'll tell me

That you don't love me

Friends, just friends

That's what we are

I know that it will take long

Just like a song

I might not forget what I'm feeling

Also stop realizing

To forget you is the hardest thing to do

Because it's hurting me too

Loving a person that don't even love you

Can make you feel blue

Friend, just friends we will be

That's okay because I'm setting you free...

author's note: the poem is for ruka+mikan+natsume fans..,ja ne! the poem is made by me..,