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"Nuzleaf, Nincada, Ninjask…"

Scritch scritch scritch

"Nosepass, Numel…"

Scritcha scritcha scritcha

"O. Oddish, Onix, Omanyte…"

Scritcha scritch

"AUGH!" Willow screamed, sitting up in bed, "Could ya cut it out for an hour or so?"

Three days after the egg had started moving, it had started making noises. It had been about a week since then and the novelty of it had worn off, replaced by the exhaustion of sleepless nights. Willow had thought that perhaps by first listing Pokémon alphabetically by first letter and then by evolution family, she might possibly bore herself to sleep. She had now gone through over half the alphabet, still with no results.

Willow looked at her clock and noticed, with dismay, that it was 2:43 am. She groaned and stuffed her head in her pillow.

Scritcha scritch scritch

"Shaddup Ya Sorry Excuse For An Omelet!" she shouted.

"Someday ya gonna wish ya'd neva given me this numbah!"

"Grr, stupid phone," Willow growled.

"Gonna call ya in the middle of 'da Ni-YITE!"

"Where are you?" she wondered in frustration.

"Don't hate me 'cause I'm wondaful!"

"There!" She exclaimed, extracting the phone from a dirty pair of jeans.

"Just hate me 'cause I'm ri-"

"Do You Know What Time It Is?!" she yelled into the phone.

"Time for me to call my best friend at near 3:00 in the morning?" Candy snickered.

"I'm having a hard enough time sleeping with this hard boiled freak scratching the heck out of its shell!"

"Hope it's worth the energy."


"So what?"

"What did you call me for?" Willow asked in exasperation.

"Oh yeah," said Candy with a chuckle, "I just wanted to know if you had the answer to number five on the Pokéology homework."

Willow sighed resignedly and reached for her bookbag.

"Y'know," she said to her friend, "if you'd actually pay attention in class instead of constantly arguing about Pokémon rights with "The Mawile", you might actually learn something."

"Well someone's gotta stand up for 'em," Candy retorted.

Willow rolled her eyes. "Operculum," she said.


"The answer to number five is Operculum."

"Oh. Thanks," Candy said, a little sheepishly, "Hey, what if you sang that song Chords and Lyrics wrote for you? Maybe that would shut the egg up for a while."

"Worth a shot I guess," Willow replied.

"Well, I'm going to bed. See ya tomorrow."

"See ya."

Willow shut the phone, reached back into her bag, and pulled out a page of sheet music. -"Baby Dear" A Lullaby by Nina and Emily- was written at the top. She switched on the light and sat at her electric piano. She tended to be good with music in general and it only took her once through to get the hang of it. She brought the basket holding the egg closer to her and began to play, this time adding the lyrics to the melody.

Go to sleep
My baby dear
I'll be right here
So don't you fear
You'll be safe
Here in my arms

We might be
A funny pair
But there's so much
We'll find to share
I love you
My baby dear

I'll be here
I won't go away
You can count on me
And sleep without any fear

We're not just a team
We're much more than that
And I love you so
My baby dear

By the time she had finished, the egg had finally stopped making noise. She sat there a few moments until she was certain it was going to stay that way, then switched the light off and lay back down to sleep.

"Baby you don't know me!"

"No-oo," Willow moaned into her pillow.

"But Baby I know you-ooh!"

She picked up the phone, but didn't recognize the number.

"I've been watchi-"

"Hello?" she asked sleepily.


"Ritalin?!" Willow exclaimed, now fully awake, "How the heck did you get this number?"

"Your parents gave it to me."

Willows jaw dropped. Her parents had forbidden her to give out her cell number to any boy, including Andrew. She wasn't even allowed to call guys!"

"They figured that since, in a few days, I won't be able to reach you from your home phone, I could have your cell phone number," he explained.


"I was going to surprise you by calling you a couple days after you set out but," his voice became suddenly shy, "I wanted to talk to you and… I didn't want to um… wake your parents so…"

"Ritalin, what the heck is so important that you would need to call me at 3:15!" Willow exclaimed.

"Well, um, I uh," Andrew stammered, "You see, before you, uh, left, and before I, well, chickened out, I guess, I… I just wanted you to know… to know that… that I…"

"C'mon! Spit it out would ya! I'd like to get some sleep tonight!"

"I, uh… I really liked your essay," Andrew said, giggling nervously, " Y-yeah, that's it. I l-liked the essay. Y-your description of, Poe's, 'The Pit and the Pendulum' was, er, fantastic. Yeah, that's it!"

"Thanks weirdo," Willow returned, "my essay was on 'The Raven'."

"Oh… right. I knew that."

"Anything else?"

"We-ell," Andrew replied shyly, "just, if you happen to, you know, catch an extra… um, Clefairy…"

"I'll send it to you," Willow said, half amused, "along with my firstborn child."


"Your Welcome."

"Well, uh… see you tomorrow."

"Okay, see ya."

Willow hung up the phone and lay back down.

Scritch scritch scritch

"AAAUUGH!" she screamed, "DIIIEEEE!"

Scritch Scritch CRACK!

Willow gasped and turned on the light. A long, thin, beautiful crack had formed across the top end of the egg. From that crack grew more cracks. The cracks then began to turn into tiny holes. Those holes grew larger until finally Willow could see a beautiful pair of sapphire colored eyes staring straight into her own. For a moment they flashed brilliantly, then sparkled softly. Willow felt a brief moment of light-headedness, but attributed it to excitement as she continued to watch. The hole in the top of the egg continued to grow larger until the Pokémon was finally able to poke it's head out of the top and…

Willows excitement suddenly turned to unpleasant shock.

"DAD!" she yelled, "What is THIS?!"

Thus I was; in the day the drought consumed me, and the frost by night; and my sleep departed from mine eyes. (Genesis 31:40)

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