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Chapter Eight.

"Hey guys," I caught up with Kate and Sarah on the way out of English. "I just wanted to say thanks- for everything. You guys really are amazing friends."

They both smiled sweetly.

"Aw, girlie, " Sarah gave me a hug. They really were great friends. I couldn't help but get a little chocked up. When Sarah pulled away another set of familiar arms wrapped around my waist, and this time the smile that stretched across my face was unstoppable.

"Hey." Reid pressed his lips to the crook of my neck. Let me tell you ladies- I nearly melted there.

"Hi." I blushed. I can't believe he can make me do that so easily. He chuckled and I playfully pushed at his chest.

Reid and I had a long way to go. We started our journey at a young age and grew up faster then most because of circumstance. Children aren't easy, but they are worth it. He and I still have a lot to work out but this time it will be different. After all, Reid was my gravity and I was certainly his moon.

The day that Reid whispered those three powerful words was the day that my life seemed to change…again. We went to see Jane's grave and for the first time I didn't feel that soul quaking loneliness going there.

Reid, also, got me a puppy! He's so friggin cute- I can't stand it! I just want to love him to pieces! He's a lil' guy- for now at least. His name is Poe and he is a Samoyed. I love him so much.

I'm a dog person if you haven't guessed.

Anyway, as you guessed it: Reid and I are back together.


Riley and Tyler didn't end up working out, not that Tyler minded- I'm pretty sure that he has his eye set on someone else…

But that, my friends, is a tail for another time.


If you are wondering, I will be writing another story- it will have the same characters as this one, almost like a continuation but it will be independent, and someone what of a sequel. The pairing will be TylerxOC- I'll post another chapter with the name of the story when it is up so that you don't have to go hunting for it.

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