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Switched III

By Super Reader

Chapter 1: Chocolate Cake and Sadness

Cupid's Castle:

"Please Grandpa!" Begged a girl with short red hair and butterfly wings.

Cupid shook his head. "Your mother said she needed you, Holly."

"Well yeah. She always needs me but please!" Holly begged. "I loved the switching last time and I'd like to go again. You're letting Birchwood go for the third time!"

Birchwood looked uncomfortable at being dragged into the little argument. He had to agree with Holly that the switching was great and he himself would hate to miss it. The switchings were what Cupid did if there were people with serious love problems. Like if it was so darn obvious that they liked each other but they never said anything. Cases like that gave Cupid heartburn.

In the past two weeks, Cupid had gotten some of the strongest heartburns yet. It came from 6 teenagers. Nigel Uno, Hoagie Gilligan, Kuki Sanban, Wally Beatles, Abby Lincoln and Fanny Fulbright. First Cupid had switched Kuki Sanban and Wally Beatles, or Numbuhs 3 and 4 as their friends called them, and then Hoagie Gilligan and Fanny Fulbright, or Numbuhs 2 and 86.

Now Cupid was getting ready to do the hardest of the switchings, Nigel Uno and Abby Lincoln or Numbuhs 1 and 5. It would be the hardest yet because 1) Nigel already had a girlfriend and 2) because Abby was incredibly good at hiding her emotions. But it was Cupid they were talking about. He'd get them to confess if it took all year.

Birchwood's head snapped up as Cupid responded to his Great Granddaughter.

"Holly, please. Birchwood is my assistant and you're my granddaughter. There's a difference."

Holly glared at her grandpa.

Birchwood winced. He would NOT like that glare directed on him.

"Um...Cupid? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she came along." Birchwood mumbled.

He liked Holly and wanted her to calm down before she burned her grandfather to a crisp with that fiery glare.

Cupid looked at Birchwood and then at Holly. He sighed. "Fine, you can come, Holly. But no causing trouble, understand?"

Holly grinned, and nodded her head.

"Thanks Birchwood." She said smiling at the elf.

Birchwood smiled back weakly. He couldn't believe what he had just done. He had argued with the love fairy! Wow he must need a vacation.

"Alright, let's go guys." Cupid said picking up his magic bag, which he had filled to the brim with powder, bow and arrows and...

"Where's my sandwich?" He growled looking at Holly.

She looked back at him innocently.

"I didn't take it grandpa." She said smiling.

"I bet you didn't." Cupid muttered before flying out the window.

Holly looked at Birchwood and winked, holding up a half eaten sandwich.

"That was for leaving me alone with grandma last week." She said as the two elves flew through the window after Cupid.

TND Treehouse

"So you two aren't going to tell us?" Numbuh 1 asked for the millionth time.

Numbuhs 2 and 86 grinned and shook their heads. No they weren't going to tell Numbuh 1 how they had gotten together. Mainly because he'd never believe them but also because they suspected that he and Numbuh 5 would be switched sometime. They shouldn't know how to break the switching, as they should figure it out on their own.

"Numbuh 1, they aren't going to tell us so Numbuh 5 says we drop it." Came the voice of the calm, cool African-American as she walked into the living room.

Numbuh 1 scowled, crossed his arms and sat back on the couch looking annoyed. Numbuh 5 giggled softly before sitting down at the other end of the couch.

"This is JUST like Numbuhs 3 and 4." Numbuh 1 grumbled. "They didn't tell us either and what's worse is that Numbuhs 178 and 563 seem to know what's going on."

Numbuh 86 smiled sympathetically. "Don't worry Numbuh 1, you'll know soon."

"Yeah just as soon as IT happens." Numbuh 2 said smiling.

At this Numbuh 5 started scowling. "Now you two are getting Numbuh 5 annoyed. Just shut up about the whole thing or tell us."

She scowled fiercely at the couple before going back to her magazine. Numbuh 1 watched her with a thoughtful expression on his face.

She really is beautiful. He thought, looking at her amber eyes and beautiful chocolate colored skin.

Numbuh 86 smiled as she noticed Numbuh 1 gazing at Numbuh 5. She nudged Numbuh 2 and smiled.

"They are defiantly next." Numbuh 2 muttered before getting up and clearing his throat.

"Do any of you want some of Numbuh 178's chocolate cake?" He asked.

"Sure." "Why not?" "Of course."

Were the replies he got. He hurried into the kitchen, where Numbuh 178 was talking with Numbuhs 3, 4 and 563.

"Is there any cake left?" Numbuh 2 asked when they looked at him.

"Sure. Um is the coast clear?" Numbuh 178 asked.

Every time any of them entered the living room, Numbuh 1 bombarded them with questions. He was the leader and hated for things to be kept from him, plus he was just naturally curious.

"Sort of." Numbuh 2 said cutting think slices of the rich chocolaty cake. "Numbuh 1's kind of angry and Numbuh 5's getting annoyed. But there was a small advancement."

"Huh?" Numbuh 4 asked, not knowing what his friend meant.

"He means that something small happened between Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 5." Numbuh 563 said rolling his eyes.

"Oh...what happened?" Numbuh 3 asked eagerly. Romance was her thing.

"Numbuh 1 was gazing at Numbuh 5 with a thoughtful expression on his face for like 5 minutes." Numbuh 2 said smiling.

He had always thought that his leader and second-in-command would make a great couple.

"To bad about Lizzie. If Numbuh 1 wasn't dating her then he probably would have confessed a LONG time ago." Numbuh 178 said sighing.

Numbuh 2 nodded his agreement, walked back into the living room and handed out the cake.

"Thanks." Numbuh 86 said, taking the cake from her boyfriend.

"Kind of weird, isn't it?" Numbuh 5 asked. "Having chocolate cake at 10:30 at night."

"At least we don't drink soda right before bed." Numbuh 1 teased.

Numbuh 5 stuck her tongue out at him.

He smiled.

"You've got chocolate on your nose, Numbuh 1." Numbuh 5 said smiling.

Numbuh 1 smiled sheepishly and wiped it off like a naughty 4 year old instead of a 15 year old.

Numbuhs 2 and 86 looked at each other. This was a normal day (or night). Numbuhs 1 and 5 constantly flirted with each other. It was astounding actually that they hadn't realized that the other liked them just as much as they did.

Numbuh 5 stood up and yawned. "Man, Numbuh 5 is never going to get to sleep but she has to. Numbuh 5 has to visit her grandpa's house tomorrow. Is that ok with you, Numbuh 1?" She asked looking at her bald leader.

"Sure, I've got a date with Lizzie tomorrow but Numbuh 86 or someone can take charge." Numbuh 1 said thoughtlessly.

Numbuh 5 frowned and pulled her hat down farther down across her face.

"Ok then. See you guys tomorrow." She mumbled turning on her heel and leaving the room.

"Idiot." Numbuh 2 whispered.

Numbuh 1 had no idea that what he said would cause Numbuh 5 to be sad.

"I'm gonna go to bed too." The Brit said getting up and leaving the room.

"Maybe they'll switch tonight." Numbuh 86 said. She had been saying that for the past 6 days, ever since she and Numbuh 2 had switched back.

Numbuh 2 smiled hopefully. "I hope."

"Stupid Lizzie." Numbuh 5 mumbled slipping on her pajamas. "Why couldn't she just disappear?"

She crawled into bed sadly. She hated...no scratch that...loathed Lizzie Devine. She was fat, stupid, a mission hazard, whiny, clingy, possessive and obnoxious. She had used a boyfriend helmet on Nigel for Pete's sake!

But mostly Numbuh 5 hated her because she had something Numbuh 5 could never EVER have. Nigel Uno.

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