Dragon With Spunk

Prologue: A really big earthquake

It was a clear starry night (typical prologue sort weather) there was nothing strange about the weather; there wasn't any unnatural fog or anything. In fact the only thing that made this night strange is the fact that it was so normal. At least that's Eragon thought, but he's not normal, so his opinion doesn't count.

Any normal person would think this was a very normal night, so it is not a surprise that Angela is the only one who noticed something weird, in case you're wondering Angela is not normal. The reason she was able to feel the weirdness that night is because she is a witch and is connected with nature in a way that only a witch can be connected.

And even more connected to nature was Solombine the Werecat and he could only faintly feel the tremors that were starting deep down in the center of the earth. In case you haven't guessed that is the beginning of the really big earthquake I mentioned in the chapter title.

Fortunately the earthquake that was in the making would hit some miles away from where Angela and Solombine were currently located (they are located on the dry side of nowhere a.k.a. the Hadarac Desert).

I don't know to do the cool line thing.

Thousands of miles away from the Hadarac Desert, deep in the very heart of the Spine, the earth started to tremor. And at the very top of the snowcapped mountains, on the highest peak, the frozen lake that lay in the middle of a crater started to crack. The lake had sat undisturbed in that crater for millions of years, forever frozen. You would of never thought or guessed that on the very bottom of that lake a dragon was sitting there, frozen, but still very much alive.

As the ice cracked and the ground shook the dragon slowly but surely became aware and awake. Sure the dragon was still frozen in the bottom of a lake and unable to move, plus it was very hungry (Hey if you were trapped in a lake for millions of years wouldn't you be hungry). "What the heck is going on?"

"Why can't I move?"

"I can't see anything, did I go blind? God I hope not."

"O.K. this is officially weirding me out."

These were some of the thoughts that were going though the dragon's head as she slowly came back into self-awareness.

"Wait, what is my name again," the dragon thought.

"Oh crap I'm going insane, I can't remember my name. Is it Carry, CC, ARGH, I remember it started with a C, is it Carmen, Cammie, Cammie! Yes Cammie that fits perfectly!" thought Cammie the dragon excitedly.

"O.K. now what do I do, let's see, getting out of the bottom of the really big lake would be a good idea, now how do I do that…"

But before she could finish her thought a giant crack appeared in the lake, as if by magic, but it was really just the earthquake.

"How very convenient." thought Cammie as she wormed her way up and out of the frozen lake.

Of course if you have ever seen a dragon that has been growing for millions of years in the bottom of a lake (I seriously doubt you have ever seen such a thing) you would realize that this task is not at all easy, especially if your legs and the rest of your body went to sleep about…oh I don't know 9 billion years ago, the fact that she is most likely bigger than most hills you have ever seen, and the crack she was trying to get though is as big as a medium sized house, but other than that no problem.

So Cammie cussed and squirmed and wriggled, and then cussed a bit more, eventually she started to move up further from the bottom of the lake, of course she wasn't moving much faster than an inchworm. As that realization hit her she got very angry… so she cussed again (what did they teach dragons back then?)

I don't know how to do the cool line thing.

About three days later Cammie was five feet from the surface, she was cranky, tired and altogether in a bad mood, plus to top it off the earthquake was still going, sounds like fun doesn't it?

As Cammie pulled out that last bit of strength, wriggled like she had never wriggled before, and after much wriggling Cammie finally got her head above the ice, the first thing she did was take a big deep breath of fresh air. After that she observed her surroundings, she was in the middle of a large crater. She herself was amazed she could even breathe at this altitude.

While Cammie had been thinking all of this she had been pushing and pulling and trying to get her hips though the last bit ice. But she was stuck, so summoning up her last speck of will power she dug the claws on her front legs into the ice, and she woke up the dormant muscles in her legs, and for one last time she pulled. After about five minutes of pulling, the earthquake decided to take pity on Cammie, so with one last tremor it widened the crack in the ice just a little bit more. And as the crack widened Cammie came free, shooting up into the air like a dragon out of water.

Cammie was so happy she started to sing; of course it came out more like a big roar that scared the living daylight out of anyone within a hundred mile radius.

So flying around in circles and singing, she kind of looked like a dragon doing a bad imitation of a drunk ballerina (if that's possible).

"I wonder how long I was in there?" Cammie asked herself as she looked down at the lake. "Ah well, what's done is done," said Cammie out loud.

"Goodbye ya stinking lake," she said as she flew away, and right as she said those words, Cammie turned around and flew right into a wall of ice.

"Typical, just bloody typical."