A/N: Spoilers for Twilight Princess liek woah. Other than that, enjoy.


I watched him in silence. Now, I'm not one to show I'm concerned, but I couldn't keep the frown off my face. That last boss had been a real strain on his body, judging by the way he half drug himself to the water to heal. I couldn't imagine how it felt to be jerked around by those claw-shot things of his for so long, not to mention the few times he was too late or too soon and fell a good 10 stories to the ground.

Thankfully, as I was still a shadow, the boy didn't seem to notice my expression when he glanced over. The motion was weary, but his eyes... those twin feral ice gods of his were as strong as when I first found him. He'd taken a beating, for sure, but he was far from broken.

'Then can we please get home and save the Twilight Realm?' one part of me nagged. We were wasting time just sitting around now that we had all the other mirror pieces. Who knew what Zant was doing there... casting more evil magic to further torment my people..

My people... Now there's a joke.

When he looked back away, I figured it was time to move on. I opened my mouth, almost got out his name-


I blinked in confusion as he flopped onto his back in the water with a splash.

Did he just laugh?

Moving to hover over him, I saw a giant grin pulling at his lips, blue ice shimmering in mirth. I believe I may have gaped at him. Just what in this world was so funny?

I froze as he stretched his arms up towards me.

"We did it, Midna." - he was smiling now, and his smile was warm, like the glow of a Sol - "We got past everything that no one else could, and now Zant has nowhere left to hide. We're going to go save your realm, and if nothing has stopped us yet, what is there that can stop us now?"

What he said... it got to me.

It was true, wasn't it? We'd done so much – escaped from the castle, found the pieces of the Fused Shadow, returned the Tears of Light to the guardians, fought a way to the Mirror Chamber, then tackled three more temples – and now we were here. Somehow alive, somehow breathing, somehow able to still go on...

I rolled my eyes with a smirk. "Yeah, we're not done yet. So get up and let's go!"

With one last chortle, he rolled to his feet. I focused my energy, care pricked him with the shard of dark power to transform him, then warped us back to the Mirror Chamber. As we arrived, and he walked towards the pedestal, I found myself smiling.

He didn't know it, but he was the only reason why there was a 'we' at all.

'You're the one who's got us this far, Link. You're the one who saved me.'