By Laura-chan

Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura, minor couples

Rating: T

Summary: 'I won't fangirl Uchiha Sasuke, I WON'T FANGIRL Uchiha Sasuke, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FANGIRL Uchiha Sasuke, who cares if he has a god-like body, amazing eyes, soft black hair... Crap.'

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Warning: I am Italian, English is not my first language, please forgive my mistakes.

IMPORTANT Author's Note- In this story I use the japanese school system - to understand better the story, you might want to know a few facts:

1) In Japan, school starts in April.

2) Students start high school when they're 16 and attend it for three years, at 18-19 they start University.

3) In most japanese schools it's forbidden to walk in the school with shoes: every student has got a locker with slippers to change into when they arrive to school.

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Dedication: I usually don't dedicate chapters, but this one is for HPBabe91, who helped me with the title, she was also the first person to read this chapter. Thanx a lot girl ;)


I huff, moving a stray hair from my face, as I look at my new school.

Yep, new school. Sucks, don't you think? I should be used to it, changing schools I mean, with my father always traveling around for work and my mother and I always following him... Sometimes I haven't even the time of making friends, that I already have to leave.

But now, something has changed. Father said that we're going to stay in Konoha for a long time, because he's got a promotion; I silently crossed my fingers. I had been here when I was about 7-8 years old and I remember making my first best friend... I wonder how is she now.

So, here I am, in my Konohagakure Gakuen uniform - black skirt (with black fitting pants underneath) and black shirt with the school's crest on the back - and a mop of pink hair - I know, can I be more unusual with pink hair? My mother has got pink hair too, I guess I took it from her...

Since I went yesterday to the office, I already have my schedule – time to look for my class. With a last suspicious look, I enter the school, searching for my locker and taking off my shoes. I notice that the hallway is almost empty, save for a teacher, a group of students and a janitor; it must be because lessons are going to start soon.

"II-B..." I murmured: I am in the second year, since I am seventeen. Now, where's my class?

"Hey, are you in II-B too?" asks a loud voice to my left. I turn around only to see a blond boy watching my schedule... he is very cute, but how impudent! Then, something he said catches my attention.

"Too? Does it mean you are in II-B?"

He smiles lop-sidely. "Yep."

"Then, do you know where the class is?"

His smile is frozen for a long time, then he suddenly looks behind him and yells over his shoulder, "Yo, teme! Do you know where our class is?"

"You're so annoying dobe I keep wondering why I spend time with you."

"It's because I'm your best friend, teme!" He turns to look at me and I know I probably have this shocked expression on my face: was it normal for two best friend to call each other names, I wonder. I can't see the other boy, because he's talking from behind the lockers.

"I'm sorry, he is such a bastard!" he says apologetically to me and I almost giggle. "Are you new? I've never seen you around here and I would surely remember a beautiful girl like you." It's a cheesy line, but the way he said it makes me smile widely.

"Well, my name is Haruno Sakura and yes, I'm new."

"Nice to meet you, Sakura-chan!" Sakura-chan? He grips my hand almost painfully as he shakes it enthusiastically "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and teme over there is Uchiha Sasuke – he is in a brood mood."

"I heard you, dobe." Says the other voice, closer than before. I turn my head to look at the newcomer and I almost drool; I pride myself of controlling well my emotions, so I guess they hadn't seen me almost gaping at this Uchiha Sasuke.

He is the most handsome boy I've ever seen, and traveling a lot I met a lot of boys: his skin is fair and pale, contrasting wonderfully with his spiky black hair and onyx eyes; he's lean and tall, but he has got this kind of bored expression that warns me he may be a complete jerk. A second more and I know I'd be staring rudely. I decide to introduce myself, just to be polite.

"Hi, I'm Haruno Sakura." I bow my head and extend a hand.

He looks at my hand like I have some kind of plague, then raises an eyebrow and... "Hn." ...grunts.

He. Just. Grunted. At. Me. When I decide to be all nice and polite, he grunts at me in greeting? Erase immediately the fact that he is a God physically, he is a jerk!

And I hate jerks. Even good-looking ones.

I give him my Sakura-glare and he looks shocked; probably used to get away with whatever he does. "Now, that's not nice at all." I says coldly, with my bossy tone. "When someone introduces himself or herself to you, you must shake his or her hand and introduce yourself. You know, just to be polite." I smile dangerously. "Now, take my hand, shake it and say your name!" I hiss, dropping the smiling facade.

Like coming out of a trance, he shakes my hand like it's going to transform into a snake, and says in a husky voice. "...Uchiha Sasuke."

I smile fakely. "Nice to meet you, Uchiha-san." My smile becomes real when I speak to Naruto. "So, Naruto-san, can you guide me to the classroom?"

The blond looks shocked, with his mouth agape, staring at me like I've grown another head; then, he grins widely. "That was awesome, Sakura-chan! And drop the san, just call me Naruto! Of course I'll take you to the classroom..."

"...but you don't where is it."

Naruto glares at the Jerk, and so do I: no matter how handsome he is, his attitude is unsufferable.

"Then, if you do, guide us, since lessons are going to start soon." I state. He observes me with his amazing, enigmatic eyes, then shrugs and start walking, with Naruto and me following.

"Is he always like this?" I ask Naruto in a low voice.

"Always: but I guess I got used to it." He smiles. "He is cold, but a very good friend when you get to know him – he is just very good at denial."

I laugh loudly: I enjoy very much talking to Naruto, he is funny!

We continue talking about meaningless things to get to know each other; Naruto tells me that Kakashi-sensei, the History's teacher, is always late, a pervert and likes Kurenai-sensei, our Genjutsu's teacher. Gai, the Taijutsu and PE's teacher, is Kakashi's eternal rival and a freak, with huge eyebrows.

"He's always talking about youth, and how we should do youthful things!" Naruto exclaims, "He's a great ninja, but he's crazy – crazy I tell you! Rock Lee is the only one who actually listens to him."

Then he tells me about his friends, the Jerk (aka Sasuke), Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, Chouji, Hinata, Ino, Lee, Tenten and Shino: I'm glad I'm good at memorizing things.

Finally, the Jerk stops before an open door and turns to us; he sighs and enters, and soon I hear squeals, screams and screeches from what I believe is my classroom. I look atonished at Naruto, but he shrugs. "Sasuke is very popular with the girls, even with his attitude. He hates fangirls, but almost every girl in the school is one." I can understand why. "That's why he was so cold with you, he thought you were just a fangirl."

I see Naruto in a new light. "You're very good at recognizing his moods."

He grins, "I know him better than anyone else."

We look inside the classroom from the doorway: the first thing I notice is that the Jerk is surrounded by a mob of girls, all squealing and trying to touch him. He is looking ahead with dark, enraged eyes and I wonder how the fangirls don't see his dark expression.

Naruto sighs and smiles at me. "I'm going to save him, it's better that you wait out here, so Kakashi-sensei can introduce you."

"Ok, thanks!" I grin and lean against the wall near the door, listening to the screams of "Naruto, go away!" "Don't take me away from Sasuke-kun!" "Sasuke-kun, go out with meeeee!"

I feel bad for the Jerk, I can understand why he treated me like that, even if he shouldn't have judged me without knowing me; maybe I'll start calling him Sasuke.


After I waited for a good half an hour, the teacher finally arrives: he has got messy silver hair, but he looks young, a mask covering his lower face and his teacher's headband, with the school's crest engraved on the metal plaque, covers his left eye. He is walking while reading a familiar orange book – I didn't know that Jiraiya-sama's "masterpiece" had arrived even here in Konoha.

He's in front of the class and when raises his head he finally notices me.

"You must be the new student. I'm Hatake Kakashi." I remember Naruto telling me that Kakashi-sensei is always late; seeing that I waited half an hour for him to arrive, I guess that's true.

I bow. "I'm Haruno Sakura, nice to meet you."

His eye twinkles. "Ah. Tsunade-sama's apprentice. Jiraiya-sama talks a lot about you."

I blush, knowing what that pervert could have said. "He mentioned you have a mean right hook."

I laugh out loud, then lower my head as I realise I just laughed before a teacher; Kakashi-sensei pats my head and he seems to be smiling under his mask.

"It's nice to have a lively girl like you in class. Wait 'till I introduce you."

I nod and see him slam his book on the desk to catch the class' attention, while I decide that Kakashi-sensei may be a pervert and a latecomer, but he is very nice.

"Ok class, this year we have a new student, I hope you'll make her feel welcome." He turns his head towards me and urges me inside with a finger.

I walked into the classroom, uncomfortable with all the stares directed to me – that's the one thing I hate when I change school. "Good morning everyone, I am Haruno Sakura." I bow and I feel Kakashi-sensei behind me, writing my name on the blackboard.

"Let's see where you can sit... there's only one seat free. You'll have to sit between Uzumaki and Uchiha. At least I hope she can stop you two from talking or arguing." Kakashi-sensei says dryly, as the entire class laughs.

Naruto starts to wave at me enthusiastically, shouting "Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan!" and I grin at him, sitting down and greeting him, while ignoring the Jerk (ah, yes, I decided to start calling him Sasuke...). "Sakura-chan, this is Hinata-chan." Naruto says, as a black-haired girl smiles shyly at me. "The one sleeping in the back is Shikamaru. The blonde sitting next to him is Ino." The girl seems familiar. "Neji, Tenten and Lee are in III-B, they're a year older. Chouji, Shino and Kiba are in section C."

I start to listen to Kakashi-sensei, who is busy explaining the Great Ninja War. The weight of a stare unsettles me; Sasuke, the Jerk, is watching me and I raise an eyebrow. He just smirks and turns to look at Kakashi-sensei.

I do the same, but fight to keep the blush under control. I wonder why my heart started beating faster when he grinned at me...


It is lunch time and I'm walking in the large gardens of Konohagakure Gakuen; I enjoy nature very much.

Suddenly I feel five presences behind me: I turn around only to see a long-haired girl and four other girls I recognize from my class as Sasuke's fangirls. "Do you need something?" I ask kindly.

"Yes, pinky." Ok, that's not nice – I'm very sensitive about my hair's colour.

"We want to know what's going on between Sasuke-kun and you." That's weird.

"Nothing." I say sincerely. "I met him and Naruto before classes and they showed me the classroom. That's all."

"Don't lie!" a blonde, curly-haired girl in the back screams "I've seen how he looked at you in History!"

I sigh exasperated, "I don't know how he looked at me, I only know he was a jerk when we first met and I made sure he learnt some education."

Uh-oh, that was the wrong thing to say.

They are now red-faced. "You...threatened Sasuke-kun?"

"That's exaggerating it, but it was something like that..."

"I'll kill you!" the leader, the long-haired one, screams and throws herself at me. I quickly avoid her, not really wanting to get in a fight the first day.

"You know, I pity the poor guy, having to deal with you dayly. Maybe you should do him a favour and jump from a bridge." I know I'm being a bitch, but hey! They started it. And now they get to see Haruno Sakura in bitch-mode. After all, I still have the right hook Jiraiya-sama had told Kakashi-sensei about; I'm not Tsunade-shishou's apprentice for nothing.

With that, I got them even angrier at me; not that I care, I'm able of taking care of myself.

"What's going on here?" A voice interrupts my fun.

By the squeals the girls give, I realise immediately who the 'charming knight in shining armour' is. Of course, Uchiha Sasuke is standing there, hands in his trousers, bored attitude; I see him throwing a look at me.

"Hn. You're going to get in trouble for fighting." He says flatly. The fangirls are charmed just by his appearence, so they nod absent-mindedly and walk away, hearts in their eyes.

"You interrupted my fun." I state. He arches an (elegant) eyebrow.

"Getting beaten up by five girls is your idea of fun?"

"As if! I was going to win... I'm stronger than I look."

"Hn." I wonder if he's in love with the... word? Grunt? How should I call it?

"Anyway thanks, I don't want to fight with anyone if it isn't absolutely necessary."

He nodded quietly, then tilted his head. "I heard what you said to them."

"Oh... and then?"

He grins: not a small, sly smirk, but a wide, amused grin.

"Thank you. It's a pity they didn't take your advice. See ya." He says, walking away.

I stay where I was, still, frozen in time. This time, my cheeks blush full colour and I cup them with my hands, a small happy smile curling my lips, my heart beating faster and faster.

I notice what I'm doing and slap myself lightly. "Stop that!" I hiss.

I won't fangirl Uchiha Sasuke, I WON'T FANGIRL Uchiha Sasuke, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FANGIRL Uchiha Sasuke, who cares if he has a god-like body, amazing eyes, soft black hair, a very nice grin and that once you get to know him he may be quite nice...

I won't fangirl him, that's it.

No matter how many times he may smile at me...


I like Uchiha Sasuke.

Fangirling I – End

To be Continued

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