By Laura-chan

Pairing: Sasuke/Sakura, minor couples.

Rating: T

Summary: 'I won't fangirl Uchiha Sasuke, I WON'T FANGIRL Uchiha Sasuke, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FANGIRL Uchiha Sasuke, who cares if he has a god-like body, amazing eyes, soft black hair... Crap.'

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Warning: I am Italian, English is not my first language, please forgive my mistakes.


A young woman walked briskly towards the Konohagakure Police Station; excitement was clearly visible in her eyes and by the way her hands were fiddling with her purse. She was restraining herself from laughing and behaving like a child.

She entered the glass doors and waved at the man behind the counter of the front office. "Good morning, Obito-san!" she smiled.

The Uchiha man put on his glasses and beamed at her. "Hello, Sakura-chan! You look happy today."

Sakura giggled and moved closer to him. "Because I am!"

Obito cocked his head and looked at her quizzically. "Ah? And why are you so happy?"

Long pink hair flied around as she shook her head "Not telling." She smiled secretely. "I have to see Sasuke first. Do you know where is he? He told me he didn't have missions today."

The dark-haired man rubbed his chin throughtfully "I think he's in his office; at least, he was there two hours ago."

"He's still there." Said a new voice, coming from Sakura's left. She turned and smiled widely.

"Yo!" the older man winked, ruffling the hair on her head.

"Mou! Kakashi-sensei, I'm not a child!" she pouted, straightening her hair. The jounin's eye closed in a curve, to show he was smiling. "C'mon Sakura, it's been a long time since I've seen you."

"Of course, you're never in Konoha lately, you're always on missions... gotten tired of teaching?" she joked and Kakashi chuckled. "There are no interesting brats to teach to."

Sakura raised an eyebrow but let it go. "So, were you saying that Sasuke is in his office?"

"Yes, he is. I went there to give him some files."

Sakura nodded in understanding. "Then I'll go." She waved at the two older men and ran inside the station. Obito and Kakashi watched her go, a smile on the former's face, an unreadable expression on the latter's.

"She's glowing today: I wonder what happened." Obito said to his former teammate.
Kakashi shrugged, then smirked under his mask. "I have a good guess..."

Sakura practically skipped through the ANBU and Jounin gathered in the Police Station, most of them Uchiha, but she saw also Neji Hyuuga and Shikamaru Nara and few of her high school classmates; she waved at them, but continued to walk.

Finally she reached a door with written "Uchiha Sasuke: ANBU Department – Local and Between-Countries Investigations" over it. She knocked and waited to be admitted inside.
The door was slammed open and Sakura found herself face to face to the man she was searching; he had his mouth open, ready to snarl, but stopped as he noticed her.

"Oh... it's you."

Sakura huffed, offended "Well, if my presence disturbs you this much I'm going away..." and she turned away, happiness fading.

"You know I didn't mean that, Sakura- c'mon." Sasuke gripped her wrist and tugged her inside.

As she entered, Sakura noticed Uchiha Fugaku standing near Sasuke's desk, and understood the young man's frustration: no matter how much Fugaku was behaving better, he still tended to understimate his younger son.

"Hello Sakura-san." The older man smiled. "How is my daughter-in-law?"

The medic-nin smiled politely and bowed. "I'm fine, thank you: there's not much work at the hospital right now. But—was I interrupting something important?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "No, don't worry. But why are you here?"

Her cheeks flushed as her giddiness returned. "I have to talk to you." She said, smoothing his black shirt on his chest: her husband kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms loosely around her waist.

"It's about your appointment? What did Tsunade-sama said? You aren't ill, right?"

"You haven't been feeling well, Sakura-san?" Fugaku asked, concerned.

"Oh...Nothing serious, Fugaku-san. And yes, Sasuke, it's about that." Sakura took a deep breath and smiled so sweetly that Sasuke felt his heart tighten. "Sasuke... it's wonderful..." she was refraining from jumping up and down. "Sasuke, I'm pregnant!"

The dark-haired young man's eyes widened and he chocked on his saliva "P-p-pre-pregnant?!" he asked disbelieving. Sakura found his stuttering absolutely adorable and endearing.
"Yes, I'm a month along."

It was too much for poor Sasuke: his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fainted.
"Oh my! SASUKE!" Sakura shouted, kneeling on the ground next to her fallen husband, her hand glowing green as she passed her healing chakra on his forehead.

"Funny how his reaction is the same as mine when Mikoto told me she was pregnant of Itachi." Fugaku grumbled.

After a few seconds, Sasuke opened his eyes and stared at her. "Pregnant?"

"Yes, Sasuke." She answered gently.
He sat up and took her hands. "I'm going to be a father? We're going to be parents?"
She smiled. "Yes and yes."

His wide smile warmed her heart: he smiled too rarely. He hugged her tightly, then caressed her still flat stomach. They stood up and the younger Uchiha turned to the older one.

"We're having a baby, Otou-san!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"I heard." Fugaku joked good-naturedly. "Congratulations, son."

Sasuke turned back to his wife and kissed her enthusiastically: then he opened his office's door and stopped the first Jounin he met, who happened to be his brother's best friend, Shisui. "I'm going to be a father!"

Shisui stared at his cousin shocked, then smiled "That's good news! Congratulations Sasuke!"

Sakura and Fugaku stared amused as Sasuke went to announce to the whole Station that his wife was pregnant. The older man smiled at his daughter-in-law, "You two have to come and visit Mikoto: she'll be as excited as Sasuke – sometimes they're very alike." And she nodded respectfully.

After some minutes Sasuke went back and hugged his wife, spinning her around, laughing. "A baby! A family of our own!"

"Yeah, I'm happy too." Sakura giggled as she brought his face to hers to kiss him.

In that moment, a familiar blond head entered the office. "Whoa, what happened?" he wondered out loud.

The couple turned and Sakura squealed "Naruto! It's been two months since I've seen you!" she ran from her husband's arms to hug her male best friend. "How are you? I heard from Sasuke you're now Hokage in training!"

Naruto laughed and hugged her tightly "I'm fine, thanks Sakura-chan! And yes, my father decided to train me." He was beaming. "But really, what happened? You're so happy you're practically... glowing!"

Sasuke walked closer to them and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist from behind as Sakura sighed happily. "Naruto, I'm pregnant."

The blond's smile widened as he laughed and slapped Sasuke's shoulder. "That's great! Congratulations teme!" Sasuke smirked but said nothing. "But, Sakura-chan, what are you going to do about work?"

She shrugged "I can still work for a few months, but then I'll take a maternity leave: Tsunade-shishou already knows about my pregnancy and has no problem with it. After all, I'm not the only medic-nin at the hospital!"

She turned her head sideways and looked in her husband's eyes. "Everything is going to work wonderfully."

Sasuke simply smiled and kissed her cheek. "Aa. We'll make it work, together."

Fangirling – The End

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