Title: One More Day (Part VII)

Pairing: Chastine

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own the book and now the game and maybe a few of the comics... but that is about it. Amilla is mine though!

Summery: He carried around a lot of things, but among his arsenal was a hat

A/N: LAST CHAPTER! The story is finally over! *parties* It killed me to write the last one but I hope someone appreciates it.

John sat there in shock, staring at his apprentice. He didn't mean it, he couldn't. So he didn't respond and left Chas to freak out on his own time. Chas was doing just that due to the rules of the agreement, he was going to be sent back to heaven now. "Fuck!" he cursed, eyes tearing up from the obvious mistake he had made and the blank look on John's face. He got up and ran out of Midnight's. Constantine barely registered his leaving- his mind was still on the fact Chas was in love with him

Chas was crying and knew they were going to come for him now. He shouldn't have come back and now everyone in heaven was going to wonder what happened with him wanting to leave. Hell they were going to be curious about how he got out in the first place. He slumped on the side of the road, tears running down his cheeks as he thought about what he had just done. How could he be so stupid? Of course the John Constantine didn't want him. He was his apprentice. He wasn't the lover he was looking for.

Chas wallowed in his misery and looked up when he heard footsteps coming closer to him. He knew what was going on, and if John didn't want him then he was ready to go. He looked up to face one of the angels.

"Are you ready to come home?" He asked, looking down at a broken Chas who wasn't doing much to cover up the tear tracks on his face.

"Could you just… give me a moment? Please?" he asked, looking at the city around him. He really did think good people lived here and he wanted to savor it one last time. He had been so focused on Constantine that he hadn't any time to focus on the city he had spent so many years living in. He always did like it, even if it was dirty and dank there. He envied the richer part of town, some of those upscale apartments, but figured that they were so caught up in themselves they didn't even notice the poor around them or their fellow rich. At least where he was, there was a sense of community. Look out for your own- and that's exactly what they did too.

"Yes, but only a few." The angel confirmed and watched Chas as he got up and started to wander down the street- taking in the city of angels one last time.

Back at the bar John finally snapped out of it when he got hit on the back of the head, hard. "What is wrong with you?" a familiar voice hissed at him and he turned to see Amilla there glaring at him.

"Aren't you supposed to be home?" He asked with a brow arched at her.

"Let's call this intervention. Do you know what you have just DONE? Chas was here as long as he didn't tell you and I'm sure one of my superiors is on his way to collect him right now." She was trying to get it through his thick skill, she really was. He stilled for a long moment. He knew people were staring at them, but is mind was doing too much overdrive to care.


"Exactly, now go before you miss your only chance." Amilla dragged him up from his chair and pushed him out the door. No wonder they kept her around, she really was the only one that could put up with these types. Johnny would be hopeless without her help, at least in this field. She tensed, feeling the presence of a fellow angel descend upon the earth. She hoped Chas would stall, if only for a few moments.

She looked at all the halfbreeds in the bar and grinned at some of the half-angels. If anyone called her a disgrace, what came of those angel's that fucked humans? Sure demons didn't have morals but that didn't mean angels were perfect. Heck, if she could have children she most likely would have by now. Leave it too the guys to impregnate the world's women. "Sorry about that; he tends to be a bit slow at this stuff. Go back to your conversations." She waved dismissively and winced when she heard a command from heaven come through her head. She needed to come home and quick.

She walked out of the bar and looked down the darkened streets, biting her lips. "God speed, John Constantine- you need that boy as much as he needs you." She said and made a prayer that they would find each other in time. Her wings spread and she made her way back to heaven- even if they did yell at her it had been worth it all the way.

John ran in the direction he thought Chas went off in- trying to find him. Amilla seemed pretty pissed, maybe he had already been taken back. He hoped not, he really fucking hoped not. He ran faster- trying to sort out his thoughts until he saw two figures in the distance. The closer he got, the more he could see the pristine white of wings. Fuck.

"Chas, we need to leave this place. This isn't where you belong." The angel said, trying to sway the young man's mind. He was under orders and no matter how much he licked the kid he couldn't break them.

"I know but… I'll never be back here you know?" He sighed, looking up at the tall builders- some caked in graffiti and others looking band new. It was odd to see the old and new so close together like that.

"We need to go." He reassured again.

"Alright we can-" But was stopped by the yelling that came from down the street.

"CHAS! NO! STOP… DAMN IT CHAS… STOP!" Constantine cried, running up as fast he could. He was really happy to note that this would have been nearly impossible if he had still been smoking.

"John?" Chas asked, voice cracking with emotion as he watched the older male run to him. "John… why are you calling to me- please…" he whispered to himself. He started to run off to his mentor, only to be grabbed by the angel.

"You do not belong here, you belong in heaven with your God." The angel said sternly and unfolded his wings. Chas tried to escape his grasp, but to no avail.

"No… please no… let me go… oh God, please…" Chas pleaded, but the pleading fell on deaf ears- so he instead called to John. "CONTANTINE! Please… he's taking me!"

John hit a bump of adrenaline and went faster, trying to reach his apprentice before he was dragged back to heaven. He couldn't let him go, not now- not when everything he had ever wanted was his for the taking. Chas was calling to him and he needed to get to him. He needed to get to his Chas.

Amilla was in his apartment, eyes downcast. "I'm so sorry… I am so very sorry it had to end this way. If I could have I would have made it last forever, but I'm not that powerful. I am so fucking sorry." If angels could cry, she would have been doing it right then.

"You did what you could." The emotions weren't there, but she knew he must have been dying inside. She was even dying a little, she really did like him.

"But it wasn't supposed to end this way. You guys were supposed to be together forever." She finally collapsed over, clinging to him. He wasn't as young as he once had been, but she hadn't changed a day. His black suit was itchy and it was that day she realized that angels really could cry. "I'm so sorry Chas…"

"Hey now, perk up! We both know where he went, now don't we? I'll meet him in heaven- plus I had years with him! He caught me before they could take me- he told me he loved me. I don't feel too badly because I know no one can escape old age forever… well maybe you can but you're just special that way." She got up and wiped her eyes, a weak smile on her lips.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Man, you're getting sentimental in your old age."

"Oh yeah right! Now go to heaven and send my regards- I'm sure his brooding is already pissing off half of heaven by now." That made her laugh and she nodded.

"Yeah, probably; our very own fucking ray of sunshine." She nodded spread her wings, but before she jumped out of the window like she had done a million times before she turned back to him. "You guys really will be together forever, won't you?" she asked.

"I think I'm the only one that can put up with him!"

"True that, see ya old timer." She saluted and jumped.

Chas sat back and thought of that fateful day and exactly what had happened.

He was getting dragged, feeling the angel about to take him back to heaven. He was crying- fearing that all of this had been for naught. He was calling for Constantine, his Constantine, wanting nothing more than to be with him. John made it with a fraction of a second to spare, sealing their lips together in a forceful kiss. The angel stopped, looking at the two men before letting Chas go from his grasp and stepping to the side. The kissed deepened, full of love and desperation- when they pulled apart both were panting for air.

"Took you long enough, asshole." Chas commented, exuberant smile on his lips.

"Yeah well… you know me and my timing. I love you, Chas. Don't scare me like that again." But before Chas could protest he sealed their lips together again. He didn't want to argue after that, not anymore. All he wanted was John and that was exactly what he was getting.

Chas died for the second time fighting a demon, not unlike the first time he got killed. Only this time he was more than happy to go to heaven. Waiting at the gates of Amilla and John, and he ran up to them. First he came up to John, kissing him soundly before turning to the angel and hugging her tightly.

"Thank God! I was worried I'd have to put up with Johnny boy forever!" she moaned over dramatically, but the smile on her face was more than enough to kill any credibility the statement had.

"Took you long enough, asshole." John groused. Chas grinned ear from ear.

"Yeah well… you know me and my timing."