So, here we are, with the CSI: Miami/Harry Potter crossover that just decided to pop into my mind one day. Think of it as a CSI: Miami episode put into the Harry Potter section, considering it stars our favorite lovable werewolf and our favorite clumsy Metamorphmagus. So, enjoy this little story, specially made to order for y'all.

Summery: Four years after the Second War ends, Tonks drags Remus to Miami, FL, for their delayed honeymoon. But while there, a magical creature attacking and killing people attracts the attention of the Miami CSI, not to mention Tonks and Remus. The question is: will they catch the werewolf before Horatio and his crew do or will the magical world be exposed?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or CSI: Miami. I own none of the characters, spells, or established facts known in both universes, save the ones I have invented. So don't sue, as no lawyer would take the case. It would rank right up there with the "Coke versus Coke Zero" case.

Notes: Total story length for story itself, approx. 45 pages; set early March to late April 2002; 14 chapters divided into 7 sections ; post-war HP, pre-season 1 CSI: Miami; pairing, Remus/Tonks; crossover CSI: Miami; AU: original manuscript of Deathly Hallows. All else same.

(A/N: Edited 1-2-08)

An English Werewolf in America

Part I

It was a sunny day in Miami, Florida. The temperature was a balmy 86, calm for early March; and April looked to be even nicer. People in bathing suits laid on the beaches, absorbing the sun's rays. All in all, life was perfect.

At least, for those still alive.

Calleigh bent over the victim, a young Caucasian male, and took a picture. She maneuvered around Alexx and took yet another. Horatio walked up, shadowing the two of them, twiddling his sunglasses.

"Who do we have here?" he murmured to Alexx, who was studying the body.

"According to his driver's license, our victim is approximately nineteen years old, and a Florida resident who lived just around the corner," she said, frowning. "And he appears to have been attacked by an animal in this alley. Blood splatter all over the wall here."

Horatio nodded. "I see that. But why would an animal kill him, only to leave the body behind?"

"Maybe the police startled it?" suggested Delko, who had appeared from the dead end of the alley, carrying a few small bags with several black hairs in them.

"I don't think so," said Calleigh, standing up. "These wounds are several hours old."

"Hmph," said Delko. "No trace in the surrounding area. Blood pooled around the boy's head. This is definitely the crime scene."

"So what we've got," summarized Detective Yelina Salas, Horatio's sister-in-law, who had wandered in sometime in the middle of the discussion, "is a dead body, in an alleyway, in the middle of downtown Miami, killed for no other reason than just to be killed?" She tilted his head in confusion at the last part.

Calleigh nodded. "That about does it, Yelina. What do you think?" she asked Horatio.

"Oh, boy, here it comes," muttered Alex, grinning. "A famous one-liner."

Horatio paid no attention to Alexx. "I think the fur's about to fly," he said grimly, staring down at the body.


We don't get fooled again…
Don't get fooled again…
No, no!

Part II

"C'mon, Remus, we'll miss the Portkey!"

Remus sighed as he looked around the room. Only three nights ago had been the full moon, and he was still tired. He loved Tonks dearly, but really, he needed another day to recuperate. Remus supposed she would have to get used to her first name now. She couldn't be called 'Tonks' when her legal last name was Lupin. Of course, the government had tried to interfere, but with Umbridge arrested and in Azkaban for crimes against Muggle-borns, there wasn't much they could do. Their leading voice was lost.

It was now almost five years after they had married and Tonks wanted to go to America, specifically Miami, Florida, for Remus's birthday and their long-overdue honeymoon. Of course, Remus agreed. A little sunshine might do him some good.

"Yeah, fresh sunshine smells good," said a voice in the back of Remus's mind. He knew it was the wolf's voice. Usually the week before and up to three days after the full moon, were the times that he had to deal with its voice in his head.


"Coming, Dora!"

"Remus John Lupin, you get your furry behind down here right now! Teddy's teasing Jessica!"

Remus sighed heavily, knowing the battle was lost the moment he called her 'Dora'. He took out his wand, performed the Shrinking Charm on the last of the luggage, put them in his pocket, and went downstairs. Tonks was waiting in the kitchen, tapping her foot impatiently. Today, her hair was short, blazing red, with blue spikes in it. Beside her was three-year-old, Teddy, holding onto his mother's robes, his hair bright turquoise. On her other side was their little baby girl, Jessica, fussing in her carrier. She was only a year old, but her hair was a curly purple.

"Finally!" she said, exasperated. "We've got an hour until our Portkey. Harry's waiting on us."

Remus rolled his eyes. "Right. Um, are you sure Harry's okay with this?"

"Hey, he's the one who wanted to have a little experience with children before they started having them. And besides, he wants some company. Ginny's off with the Holyhead Harpies in America and Harry wanted some time with Teddy and Jessie."

"Uncle Harry?" asked Teddy, his hair turning black at the familiar name.

Remus smiled. "Yes. Uncle Harry wants you two to have some fun with him while Mommy and Daddy go have some private fun."

Teddy's eyes widened, his hair returning to 'normal'. "Cool! Uncle Harry always lets me ride his Firebolt!" he shouted. "Oops," he said as Jessie started crying again from the sudden noise.

Remus raised an eyebrow at his son, and the boy blushed red in both face and hair.

"I'll take Jessie, you take Teddy," said Tonks, scooping up Jessie and her carrier. She turned on the spot, Disapparating with Jessie.

Remus sighed again, and checked the Household Alarm Spells. All in place and ready to arm ten seconds after he left. He did so and, clutching Teddy, once more with turquoise hair, close to his chest, Apparated over to Harry's house.

Harry lived in a large house with Ginny. One of his inheritances, Harry had at first been reluctant to move in, then decided it would make for great flying in the house when little Potters appeared. Ginny had agreed, on the basis that all breakables were put away when the time came. 12 Grimmauld Place still existed, but Harry had donated it to some trustworthy people for an orphanage for magical children who had lost parents in the Second War.

"Remus!" said Harry as soon as he appeared. Harry looked almost the same, but already his hair had a few lighter spots in it, and his face made him look at least thirty. The war had left him as old in body as in spirit. He was wearing pair of jeans and a T-shirt advertising all seven Holyhead Harpies, but Ginny's figure kept pushing the others out of the way.

"Hey, Harry," said Remus. He looked around. The house was completely Teddy-proofed. The poor boy had inherited more from his mother than just her Metamorphosizing.

"Uncle Harry!" Teddy squealed, holding out his arms for Harry. Harry laughed and allowed Teddy to latch onto him.

"Hello, there, how's my favorite godson?"

"Great! I get to stay with you an' Mommy and Daddy get to play together!"

Harry raised an eyebrow at the innocuous comment. Remus blushed a deep red and coughed.

"Where's Dora?"

"In the nursery with Twinkle."


Harry shrugged, maneuvering Teddy onto his left hip. "I was walking through Diagon Alley one day and this wizard had his house-elf for sale. I bought her, freed her" – he winced as he remembered Hermione berating him about his actions and then praising him – "and hired her. She was quite taken with this house. She gets a Galleon a week and Sundays off."


At that moment, Tonks walked in. "Now, Jessie's bottles are in the fridge, and all of her supplies are in her diaper bag. She's starting to walk, so keep an eye on her. Those two can get in more trouble than I ever did." She sighed. "We'll be back in a month unless things change. We'll definitely be back before Teddy's birthday. There's no way I'm missing it." Teddy grinned at his mother, still holding tightly to Harry's T-shirt.

Harry waved his free hand. "Don't worry about time. You two have earned a honeymoon. Take two months if you need to. Ginny'll be back next week to help out."

"All right, if you're sure," said Tonks, biting her lip tentatively. "And I'm warning you right now. Mom might come over and help out too."

Harry smiled, fondly remembering Andromeda Tonks as a remarkable woman. She and Mrs. Weasley were the best two grandmothers he had ever seen. Little Victoire was absolutely adorable, even without the small amount of Veela pheromones she put out already. "No problem at all. Twinkle won't like the extra help in the kitchens, though."

Remus laughed and looked at his watch. "C'mon, Dora, we've got fifteen minutes to make it to the Portkey Center."

Tonks rolled her eyes. "Yes, Remy." Remus's eye twitched as she laughed and twirled to Disapparate. Remus followed shortly thereafter and found himself in a mess.

Somehow, Tonks had tripped off the Apparition platform and crashed into a luggage rack and was now surrounded by three Aurors.

"Now, now, no damage done, eh?" she said weakly.

One of the Aurors, obviously new to his job and eager to please his boss, tried to grab her arm and was surprised when she 'slipped' through. "Look, lady, I don't know–"

Tonks exploded into laughter before noticing Remus. "Oh, hello there. Did you hear that? He called me a lady!"

"Yes, Dora, I heard. Now c'mon, you're the one who was nagging me about the Portkey."

"She your daughter?" asked another young Auror. A grin formed on his face as he leered at Tonks.

"No, she's my wife." The Auror's face quickly dropped as he realized his actions. A corner of Remus's mouth quirked upward in a smile. He imagined he could hear James and Sirius hooting and laughing over this one now.

"What's your name?" asked the third Auror.

"Remus Lupin," he said promptly, gently grabbing Dora's arm and leading her away. "Excuse us." He vaguely heard the first Auror say, "Remus Lupin? Isn't Harry Potter his kids' godfather?" as they half-ran, half-walked to the Portkey Departure Point.

Remus chuckled as they were checked for departure. Even with Harry and Ron, the best Aurors in the service, who had worked so hard catching leftover Dark wizards, the government was still paranoid about its safety.

"All clear, sir. The Portkey will be leaving in two minutes."

Remus nodded to the Search Man and grabbed an old Daily Prophet off the 'American Portkey' shelf. Its front announced the Final Task of the Triwizard Tournament from Harry's fourth year. Beside him, Tonks firmly grasped the paper as well. Two minutes later, they reappeared in Miami. The sudden heat blasted Remus's sensitive nose, and he winced.

"Sorry 'bout that, sir," said the Portkey Manager. His voice had a lyrical drawl to it, different than Remus's English accent, due to it being a Southeastern American accent.

"The AC's broke, an' the repairman's runnin' late. At least y'all weren't here last Christmas. Place was packed."

Remus nodded absentmindedly as they were checked over for lasting effects and started walking to the exit with Tonks on his heels.

"Remus?" asked Tonks. "I think we should change our clothes to something more…Muggle."

Remus stopped and looked down at his tattered wizarding robes. As they were still in a Magical zone, Remus drew out his wand and Transfigured his clothes into a blue Hawaiian shirt and a tan pair of slacks. He also turned his shoes into sandals. Tonks Transfigured hers to a tank top with the British flag proudly displayed and red, knee-length shorts, with a pair of black sandals.

"Gee, way to be subtle, Tonks," he muttered.

Tonks gently slapped him upside the head and laughed. Remus couldn't help it. He laughed too.

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