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School life: the second and third

Risa POV:

"Riku we are going to miss the limo!" I screamed from the front hall, my voice echoing up the stairs and throughout the house.

I continued my screams until I heard the patter of feet above and I turned my attention to the stairs. I laughed when I saw my older sister stumble down the large extravagant staircase connecting the two floors in our house.

Her book bag was slumped over one shoulder, halfway unzipped, her hair was a mess, and she was only wearing one sock the other was held in her right hand along with a notebook, a small piece of toast and her cell phone.

Once she officially entered the main hall she readjusted her book bag and shifted the objects in her hands to balance herself out.

"Riku! You made us late for the limo!" I hollered, my voice sounded as an elongated whine.

"Silly, little sis, we can not be late for the limo, it waits on us." Riku said stifling a giggle as she passed me by and exiting through the door frame.

Ignoring her comment I blankly stated, "We're twins Riku." As I always did, my voice followed by a sigh. And as she always did she giggled and walked passed me.

We had the same routine when our ages came up, she called herself older sis and I always reply that we are twins, and then she proceeds to giggle and smirk off my comment.

I sighed as I followed her closing the door behind us, and I walked down the cobble stone path preparing myself for another in the car makeover session for my sister.


Riku got out of the limo first, her hair tied in two nice bows with my help, and I stayed to bid the limo driver good bye.

After doing so I lightly placed my feet on the curb, pulled myself and by bags out of the car. I walked over to a bench under a cherry blossom tree and waited for my blue haired acquaintance to arrive.

As I waited patiently my eyes caught sight of my sister and her recently new boyfriend, Daisuke. I watched as they greeted each other good morning with a kiss on the cheek; they then exchanged conversation before walking inside.

I sighed inwardly wishing that I too had a boyfriend like that, mother even says that I will find a nice man someday, but sometimes I just don't know who I am looking for.


Third Person POV:

"Hey girls," Risa says as she sits down at her usual table in the center of the lunch room. She set down her lunch box and took out the contents of a paper napkin and a small square banana and peanut butter sandwich.

"Hey Risa," They all greet, as they take a small break from eating their lunch. She smiled sweetly, her face still turned to her lunch, at the greeting she had received.

Risa was about to bit into her sandwich when she felt something nudge her arm so she reluctantly pulled the food from her mouth and turned her attention to her friend, Hio, beside her.

"Hey Hio, What's up?" Risa questioned anxious to get back to her meal.

"Oh, nothing much just wondering who that boy is that has been following you around all day long." She said dragging out the word 'long.'

"Who?" Risa asked a perplexed look coming over her face.

"You know who I am talking about, the cute one with blue hair." Hio said winking.

"Oh! Satoshi!" Risa said her voice reaching a higher pitch at her realization.

There was a momentary silence, as Hio grinned and whispered something to another girl on the other side of her. Risa was unable to hear many or the words exchanged between the two, but it sounded along the lines of '10 bucks says she will be dating him within a week.' Risa smiled awkwardly at the comment her friend had made a hit of blush coming over her cheeks, but quickly pushed the feeling aside and continued on.

"So what about him?" Risa questioned, noticing that her friend had her eyebrow quirked.

"Well…Is he your boyfriend?" A large smirk appearing on her lips as she spoke.

"No…what gave you that idea?" Risa asked nervously as she wondered if Hio was able to see that she wanted a boyfriend that badly.

"I am just showing him around school," Risa said, as if she was trying to convince herself that it was a lie, because in fact it was very true.

"Ahuh, well I think you are doing a pretty bad job," was all Hio could say in reply as she took another bit of her sandwich.

"Why do you say that?" Risa asked her voice full of question and irritation.

"Well isn't that him…over there?" Hio replied pointing her finger towards one of the many doorways to the busy lunch room.

Risa followed her finger over to the entrance to the lunch room to find a rather lost looking blue haired teen holding a small paper bag in one hand.

"Oh, your right! Well see you later guys!" Risa said in a rushed voice as she hurriedly packed up her lunch and made a dash for the door.

Her seat was quickly filled but Risa did not even take notice of this fact because most of her attention, besides the small bit that was put to not tripping, was focused on getting to that doorway.

"Satoshi!" Risa yelled when she had walked within earshot.

He seemed to search in all directions before setting his eyes on the young brunette, he raised his hand to wave to her, but it only managed to stay in the air for no more than five seconds due to the fact that almost half the male population surrounding the area was shooting glares directly at him. He could not imagine why, in his eyes Risa was just an average girl, but as all would do in his situation he shakily lowered his hand and awkwardly placed it in his pocket.

Risa approached him with a large smile on her face, it being apparent that she had not yet noticed the death glares.

"Do you want to eat outside?" Satoshi asked in hast to get out of the angered lunch room.

"Yes I suppose, there are not that many tables open in here anyway." Risa agreed.

They then proceeded towards the door and when Risa was just about to lead the way out the door to the hall, she was stopped when Satoshi placed his hand in front of her path.

And without saying a word he gestured for her to stay put, then proceeded to open the door swiftly and gesturing his hand for her to move through the opening, "Ladies first" he said with a smirk.

Risa only blushed and giggled as she walked under the arch his arm had made, "Satoshi we are in school not in a sophisticated dinner party, but if you want to play fancy then…" she said with a laugh then proceeded to curtsy.


"Risa you know we did not have to sit under a tree," Satoshi said to the shivering girl.

"And your point is," Risa said as she rubbed her arms in hope to get rid of the millions of goose bumps that freckled her skin.

"You are shivering," Satoshi said blankly.

"So?" Risa questioned a bit angered that he actually cared for once, what if she wanted to sit under a tree in the shade even if it was fifty degrees out, she should be able to.

"Well, do you want to move?" Satoshi said slowly cautious of what he said to the stubborn girl.

"No." Risa said blankly her stare now fixated on the ground.

"Ok," Satoshi agreed reluctantly, he himself was perfectly fine, but he was not raised to let a girl go unhappy even if it was only for a second. He sat thinking for a few seconds before pushing it to the back of his mind, and finally deciding that she wanted to be cold; so he proceeded to bit into his sandwich.

It was silent for sometime as the two ate, but then Risa broke the silence of the crisp air by the harshness of her hissing voice.

"Well aren't you going to offer me your jacket?" She asked her lips blue and her teeth chattering.

"I thought you said you weren't cold?" Satoshi asked immediately deciding that he was giving it to her, but choose to tease her first.

"I never said that, you said 'I was shivering' and I said 'so' I was not denying the fact of my condition, just paying it no attention." She said in a matter of factly tone, proud of herself for how smart she just sounded.

"Yes and then I offered for us to move and you denied it, so I could just sit here in my warm fuzzy jacket and feel no guilt what so ever." Satoshi said with a smirk on his face as he lifted a finger into the air to prove a point.

"No." Risa said flatly, she had no intention of moving.

"Well we could still move it is not too late to go back inside we still have some time of lunch." Satoshi said his voice in a slight bit of concern.

"No, that is ok." Risa said clutching her arms tight.

Satoshi was silent for some time then after seeing the cold frosty breath escape Risa's mouth he spoke, "Is there any particular reason why?"

"No." Risa said flatly as she did her best to conceal her real emotions.

"I am sure there is," Satoshi said, the smirk once again sliding onto his lips.

"No, there really isn't," Risa said, this time a small smile breaking through her lips but as soon as it did she tried her best to conceal it.

After her last answer Satoshi noticed that he was not going to get an answer of out the girl without taking action. It was silent for a moment as Satoshi shuffled through the items in his bag and pulled out a large metal container.

"Mmmmm, this nice WARM drink is so refreshing and toasty on a COLD day like this." Satoshi said pausing to take a large sip of the metal thermos containing a hot liquid of some sort.

"If only someone would tell me what is so special about his place, then maybe I might share." Satoshi said smirking as he looked directly at Risa, the inside of her mouth watering at the thought of hot liquid sliding down the back of her throat.

Satoshi only had to take two more sips before Risa finally broke down, "Fine!" She said loudly and frustrated.

"Go on," Satoshi urged, he was enjoying this by far more than home schooling.

"Ugh…ilikethecherryblossoms," She said quickly and not understandable.

"What was that?" Satoshi questioned cupping a hand to his ear.

Risa took a large sigh before stating her reason clearly, "I like the cherry blossoms."

There was a long silence before Satoshi broke out in honest, pure laughter.

Risa blushed slighting at her embarrassment, and turned her head away from the blue haired boy, "Shut up ok, I like flowers so what." Risa mumbled under her breath.

Once his laughing stifled, which was only moments after it started, Satoshi inched closer to the brunette, "Its ok Risa I was just playing with you." And just as he said those words she felt her shoulders suddenly warm and a metal container placed in front of her face.

She took the cup from his hands and slowly drank the hot tea, just as she had imaged it and better.

When she looked up from the lip of the thermos Satoshi was back to his original place under the tree, about a foot away from her.

"Thanks," she said extending her arm with the cup in her hand towards him without making eye contact.

"It's not necessary, you can have the rest," Satoshi said shrugging his shoulders he was not attempting to make eye contact either.

There was some silence as Risa pulled her arm close to her once again, the cups heat going through her hand and up her arm. She felt relaxed and decided to ask Satoshi a question out of the random.

"Satoshi, why were you home schooled before now?" Risa asked her voice was not monotone nor did it have a distinct emotion, to her it was a simple everyday question, unfortunately Satoshi did not feel the same way.

"Just my dad's choice, I guess, he never really told me his reason." Satoshi said, quickly coming up with a lie on the top of his head. Well it actually was not a lie, it is what his dad always told him, but he felt that there was something more, something he was not being told.

"Oh," Risa replied as she focused on the ground, but as if we had achieved world peace her personality suddenly changed, "and I am very glad that you are here now!" she said a large smile appearing on her lips.

Satoshi was stunned by her sudden change in personality, but as if she had an effect on him, his mood changed as well, and he found himself smiling back at her.

"Yes, Mrs. Harada I am very glad that I am here as well," was all he replied, knowing that it would get on Risa's nerves.

Risa pouted at his words, he knew that using formalities bothered her, and she knew that he used her fathers name just for that reason.

"Oh, Mrs. Harada is there something wrong, is it something I said?" Satoshi questioned as he tried to hide his very large smirk and leaned in closer to see her face, which was currently directed towards the frost covered ground.

"Oh come on Satoshi you know I don't it when you use my father's name," she said showing him her full out pout.

"Sorry, you know it was never my intention to make you sad, I would never hurt a pretty girl." Satoshi said looking directly at her.

Risa froze when his words hit her ears, and the tingly sensation of being called pretty never left her body.

"Mrs. Harada you are blushing," Satoshi said slightly lifting his finger to point to her cheeks.

Risa full out blushed and turned her head directly to the side in panic mode. She quickly acted without thinking and spun around to face him once again, "Satoshi stop making me blush or I am going to call your parents!"

But the large grin and blush disappeared from her face when she saw Satoshi's face abruptly drop.

"Parent," he mumbled his eyes glancing sadly towards the ground and not leaving that spot to look at her again.

Risa let out a large awkward sigh when she realized the mistake she had made, and she sat their awkwardly for some time, shifting in her seat and placing small leftovers back into her lunch box.

When she was almost finished packing he eye caught the side view of the bluenette beside her, and she hesitantly stopped her actions and stared.

She noticed the sadness slowly leaving his eyes, but she also noticed that his lips had turned a light blue and he was shivering slightly. At the realization that she had taken his jacket and drink she felt ashamed and called him name, "Satoshi."

He looked up at her, the sadness practically gone and he smiled, "Yes Risa?"

By his choice of words she could tell that it was not the time for joking, but gestured to him, "you seem cold."

It took him a few seconds to respond but when he finally did he said, "No, Risa, it is really fine."

"No, no, this is your jacket I want you to have it back." She said as she began to take the jacket off her shoulders, she never had slipped her arms into the sleeves to it was easy to take off.

"Risa I already told you, I can't stand to see a pretty girl sad, in your case cold." Satoshi said his eyes looking directly at Risa's.

She felt like she should be blushing redder than a fire truck on speed, but she could tell that he cheeks were just as pasty white as always.

"Well, I don't want you to be cold either," Risa replied as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Well, we could share it," Satoshi suggested after a long pause of silence, shrugging his shoulders lightly, hoping that his suggestion would make the girl happy.

"Um, ok." Risa agreed her voice a little shaky at his sudden solution.

She stood up and walked over to him and sat down directly beside him so close that their shoulders were just barely touching.

She looked up at him, the proceeded to put the other side of the jacket on his shoulder, but stopped when it did not fit, "Satoshi it is not big enough for the both of us."

"Don't worry we can make it fit," He said smiling slightly as he scooted closer to her and put his arm around her shoulder.

She tensed up under his touch but eventually relaxed when she heard his voice, "Does it fit now?"

She nodded her head as she snugly fitted the jacket over his shoulder, "Are you warmer now?" Risa asked hoping the answer would be yes.

"Well actually no, this one is cold," He said pointing to the shoulder not covered it being the same one that was touching hers.

"Well here, let me see if I have a scarf…" Risa said as she began to get up, but Satoshi put his hand out, just as he did before, motioning for her to stop. And he brought his hand up and lighting placed his fingertips on the side of her head directly above her ear.

He pushed her head slowly and gently until it was leaning on his shoulder, then he removed it and placed it once again by his side.

Risa just looked up at him a surprise look in her eyes, but all she found in his were confidence and calmness, "Much better." He said smirking down at her, then he faced his eyes outwards towards the scenery.

"You were right, they cherry blossoms are very pretty," He said breaking a few minuets of silence; Risa had almost fallen asleep on his shoulder and only nodded her head in reply.

And they sat there against one of the largest cherry blossom trees on campus; the closeness of their bodies keeping each other warm.


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