Choices We Make… by GRLWITSPUNK224

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This is a story about Landon and Jamie. I don't want to give to many details away. This story will go back and forth between Jamie and Landon's POV.


It was late in the afternoon, Landon and I had just gotten back from our honeymoon, when we got a call from my doctor. Since I

was in a fragile condition, Landon and I decided to go to the beach house Landon's father owned for our honeymoon. It was so

beautiful at the beach just being with Landon and laying out. Landon's father had also been generous buy us a house near

my father.

When the phone rang in the living room I picked it up.

"Hello, this is Jamie speaking."

"Jamie, its Dr. Ford. I have some news for you."

Suddenly my heart pounded hard. I was hoping my time wasn't coming soon.

"Yes?" I replied

"Jamie it seems you have gone into remission."

I smiled. Was it truly possible? I looked up and whispered, "Thank you Lord"


"Yes, doctor. Thank you so much for this news."

"I'll need you to come in later this week for more tests"

"I understand. I'll make an appointment"

"Take care Jamie"

I hung up the phone. "Baby, where did I put the tape?" asked Landon coming down the stairs. "You put it by the fridge." He looked at

me and smiled. "Who was that calling?" I looked at him. "We need to talk", I said. "It was Dr. Ford wasn't it?" I saw fear in his eyes.

"Yes, it was. He had good news to tell me" Landon gave me a puzzled look. "I'm in remission" Landon ran over to me, picked me up

and twirled me around. I laughed and kissed him. We held each other for a minute and let go. "I can't believe this Jamie! We've got to

call your father" I nodded.


After the summer had passed, Landon decided he was going to college but live at home. The doctor and I had decided I should stay at

home for my health. For money, Landon worked at a car repair shop as well as going to school. Also Landon's father was always

very generous to us . I guess for making up lost time with his son. One day in September I'd started to feel sick. I'd woken up and

saw that Landon already had left for school. He left me a note,

Hey sleepyhead,

I'll be home for lunch. I love you.

I smiled and got out of bed. Suddenly I felt of wave of sickness. I ran to the bathroom. After I had flushed the toilet I looked at myself.

I looked pale and gazed. I decided to go back in bed and grab the phone. I looked at the clock: 9:23. Landon wouldn't be done with

classes till 11:30. I sighed and turned on the TV and then drifted back to sleep. While I was sleeping I had horrible dreams and I

woke up in a sweat. Again I felt nauseas and fled to the bathroom. That's when I heard the door unlock. "Hey babe, where are you?"

I moaned. "Up here" He came upstairs. "What's up?",he asked. I looked at him. "I don't know what's wrong but…" Then everything

started to blur. Suddenely I fell down and collapsed. I could hear Landon. "Jamie? Jamie, Jamie?"