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Well, this is going to be my first chpt. In the fanfic. And this time I'm making the characters exactly like themselves, but later on in my story their behavior will change.(but really, I'm gonna make sure that the characters are like themselves the whole time , I swear.)well anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy, peoples!

(Chpt.1) "Finally GIR, my plans on how to defeat that pitiful hideously disgusting earth stink is finally completed! Now with this electrical device, I'll surely be able to take him out with one shock. Soon Dib will feel the wrath of …The Claw!", Zim said in triumph.

GIR sat their clueless of what his master just said. "The what?" he asked. "The claw", Zim said again in triumph. The WHAT! THE CLAW!THE WHAT! THE CLAW GIR THE CLAW! Oh, I'm gonna watch the angry monkey show, GIR said as he turned to a rerun of it. "GIR, this is no time to be fooling around. This mission has to be perfect, PERFECT! Now time for phase#1 "aw do we have to go now?" Yes GIR, the sooner we destroy the disgusting earth chimp, the sooner we'll be able to take over this filthy excuse for a planet. WHA HA HA!

"Alright GIR, now stay here and let phase#1 take over". So Zim walked up the walk way to the door and rung the door bell. Gaz , of course was watching him from the window. " hey Dib, look who's here". "huh", Dib said racing over to the window where Gaz was. Zim! What's he doing here? Uh wait. I think I know why he's here. He's probably here to erase all of my memory, or destroy us all, or…or … "or you could just answer the door and find out, stupid" , Gaz suggested

" Well, I don't know why he's here, but for the sake of the earth, Dib said. I'll find out"