Later on, Dib decided to go over to Zim's base to see if things were alright, wondering if he escaped or if he was safe. When he rang the door bell, there stood Gir, standing in front of the doorway, drinking a can of poop.

"Hiiiii, Monkeh!" Gir squealed.

"Listen, Gir" Dib began. "Have you seen Zim around lately?"

"Masters on TV" Gir squealed

"What!?" Dib said

Just then Gir picked up the remote and turned on the TV and there was Zim, trapped inside of a tube with a bunch of scientist observing him. "Oh no" Dib gasped. "He's at the observatory now, isn't he?"

"Yep" Gir said.

"And I bet they're going to be taking him to a topsy table any minute, too" Dib said, not pleased at all. "But then again I'm sure it might not happen"

"This is a fascinating discovery" the scientist on TV said. "Tomorrow, we're going to be taking a little trip down to the lab and to a topsy table to learn more about this rare life form.

"Oh no, I was right" Dib said, being even more concerned about Zim. Then he thought for a second. "Wait, why should I worry about what's gonna happen" Dib thought. After all, this is my dream, and plus if I rescue Zim. The world would be in danger once again. But…I can't help it, I have to do something.

Then, Dib thought of a plan. "Listen, Gir" he said. "You're master is in danger. And if we don't find him, you might never get to see him again"

"Whyyyyyy!" Gir cried. "ok, let's find him"

"Alright, now here's the plan" Dib said

(Page break)

That night, they quietly traveled through the city with tak's ship. It was pitch dark, except for the city lights that shone from below. Then all of a sudden, they came to a stop at a medium landscape of trees and landed the ship far in the woods near the mysterious mysteries center. Dib then stepped out of the ship

"Looks like we're here" Dib said. And then he turned to the direction of where the guards were. "Hmm, Alright Gir, remember our plan." He said. "You distract the guards, while I sneak in, alright"

"Okey dokey" Gir said.

"Great" Dib said. "Now go"

So Gir, along with minimoose went on. The Guards were sitting at a post resting. "Man I'm starving," one of them said. "Yeah, I could sure use some coffee and doughnuts right about now" the other said.

Then, before they knew it Gir and minimoose came out of nowhere and started dancing and running around the post. "wheeee, I'm dancing like a monkeh" Gir said dancing crazily around the post, minimoose hovering over him.

"Aw, would you look at that, mike" The guard said. "Aren't they just cute"

"Yeah, they are pretty cute" the second one said.

While the guards were distracted, Dib made his way to the back

"Alright you two" the guard laughed. "We have to get back to work now." Gir smiled and left with minimoose.

Meanwhile, Dib was on his way in and to his surprise, the door wasn't locked. So he pushed it open and sneaked in. he quietly made his way through the darkness of the hallway of the center where he found a line of doors.

"hmm, they must be keeping Zim behind one of these doors" Dib thought as he began to check each one. As he walked through the hall, something tripped him up causing him to knock into a door and fall on his face as the door flew open. Once he got up, he then paused and stared. Right in the glass tube filled with liquid was Zim.

"Zim" he whispered.

As he got closer to the tube, someone stopped him.

"Hey, kid!"