Soul of the Berserker

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Chapter 1: Enter, Shinichi Kurokawa

Inside of a dark arena hidden from public view, the sound of blades clashing with each other could be heard.

Two silhouettes could be seen, one carrying a dagger, it seemed to belong to a tall, bald, man, and the other one was smaller, it appeared to belong to a ten year old boy, he carried a sword with him and seemed to be overpowered by the older man…

A red glow seemed to cover the Arena eliciting gasps from the shady audience that saw these events.

As quickly as the glow came it banished and revealed the older form impaled by the sword of the child as the man's body quickly seemed to disperse into mist and be absorbed by the blade.

The crowd applauded and cheered at the massacre that had occurred.

Five Years Later…

The streets of Domino were cold and empty as the rain fell. It would be a strange site to see anyone passing by in a cold and stormy day like this.

And yet, there he was…

A teenager of about fifteen was running on through the streets, had there been more people on the streets they would have yelled at him or thought him crazy.

Shinichi Kurokawa or Shin as his friend would call him, if they were alive that is, kept on running, he was thin and of average height and had a pair of dark brown eyes; however this seemingly normal appearance was ruined by his hair.

His hair was short and spiked at the point where it reached the neck while the rest was more combed, this however didn't overshadow its unnatural color, it was light blue, but so clear that at first glanced it was almost like seeing a light blue crystal.

He carried with him a backpack, a duel disk and a long metallic case to his side, and yet he kept on running, only one destination to go to.

'I have to keep running, only one test and I'll be free from that place' he thought as he ran towards the Kaiba Dome to take the entrance exam into duel academy. He felt that he could smile, as soon he would get to feel it…

True and total freedom.

He was soaking wet after he had finished the registration and was allowed to enter the dried haven that was the dome's lobby, but to him it didn't matter as all he had to do now was pass a written test and beat a duel and he would be into the academy.

He didn't take pride in his knowledge but was certain he was ready, and of course his dueling skills were good enough to pass…

Or at least they were in his own opinion.

Seeing as he was in a dry area he decided it best to remove his rain coat, underneath of which he was wearing a white shirt and black leather pants.

He walked around for a bit, waiting until his group was called to take the written portion of the test, he was focused on it so he didn't notice until he bumped into something…

Or rather, someone, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a young girl of about his age with white hair who was collecting her stuff from the floor.

"Sorry, sorry" he said as he quickly began to pick his stuff and helped her up "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going are you okay?"

The girl didn't look neither annoyed nor hurt but rather than answer his question she merely responded "You have a strange aura" and disappeared into the crowd.

'Strange' he thought after she had disappeared.

"Will the next group please pass forward to take the written exam" he heard from the speaker system, and he shrugged off the event and walked towards the exam hall.

Shin groaned as he waited inside the main stadium, sure he was skilled in some academic aspects but even then he usually failed because of his bad memory.

He hadn't flunked the test entirely but… he had made it average at best as he couldn't remember some of the card effects or strategies.

'Who needs duel history anyway?' he pondered in his mind as he sat in the hall.

With nothing better to do he took out his deck and began to look through the cards if only to keep him self occupied, as he saw card after card of his deck his mind began to slip into the past, to the afternoon and the strange girl he had bumped into.

'She was strange, and what did she say about my Aura or something?' his train of thought continued onto the girl 'well, she may have been strange, but' as his thoughts continued a slight blush appeared on his face 'she sure was pretty'

After a moment or two of looking through his deck he decided that pondering of possible strategies was useless and that he would just do as necessary to win, he pocketed his deck and turned to look at the steel case he had with him.

At the sight of the case he frowned and gave a sad look as he remembered his past…

"No" he shook his head, he wouldn't think of that, it would only hurt him and he had no reason to try and remember.

He sat there waiting and watching other possible students get called and duel their respective proctor, he had arrived a bit late so his group was still some time before being called to take the duel test.

About an hour passed and he was starting to get board, sure he loved dueling but an hour of seeing many duelists, various who used the same strategies or deck type, and not dueling himself was just tiring.

And that's when he heard it…

'Will students with the numbers 80 to 100 please go to the duel arena' he finally heard the speaker call, he stood up, took his deck and walked towards the examination area.

He walked towards his designated arena to take his test, on one arm he had his duel disk on, while he carried his deck in his hand, with the other arm he kept on carrying the case, making many people give him strange looks.

He didn't care what they thought but he sped up the pace a bit, he was focused on passing the test…

To the point were he had arrived to his arena, but kept on walking until he crashed into a wall.

"Are you alright kid?" asked a voice from his side.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just wasn't looking were I was going, I guess" he said as he stood up while scratching the back of his head and giving a nervous laugh.

At this moment he took notice of who had said that, it was a man in his 40s with red hair a beard and mustache, he wore a grey outfit and black glasses, and had a duel disk on his arm.

"Ah, you must be Shinichi Kurokawa" said the old man "I'm Professor Hojo Aihara, I teach chemistry at duel academy and will be your proctor for this duel"

Shin saw the man and acknowledged his words.

"It'll be a pleasure dueling you" the teen responded as he shuffled his deck and his duel disk unfolded.

(S: 4000)

"Now no need to rush things up" said the Professor as he too placed his deck into position and turned on his disk.

(A: 4000)

"You may begin this duel mister Kurokawa" Professor Aihara informed him and motioned for him to go.

Shin nodded in acceptance as he pulled the top card of his deck, seeing his hand he grimaced.

'Okay… not the best hand ever but I better try and get around it' he thought as he saw the cards in his hand, quickly he decided his move and took three of the cards in his hand, placing one horizontal on the disk and two into the Spell/Trap zone "I play one monster in defense, two face down cards, and end the turn"

"Now I hope you understand that you need to do more than just defend to get in, but I must commend on a cautious play" said the teacher as he drew his card, at seeing the card he grinned and through it onto the duel disk "though not cautious enough!"

The monster that appeared seemed to be a Minotaur with an ax and armor, it growled in sheer anger.

"This here is my Enraged Battle Ox (1700/1000), and it will more than gladly attack your defense!" without waiting the ox jumped and charged towards Shin's set monster.

'My defense won't be strong enough but at least my points will be safe' he thought so he was surprised when the Ox destroyed his monster, a man in a cloak (1000/100) and smashed right into him. (S: 2400)

"What? Why did I receive damage? My monster was in defense" asked the blue haired boy at the teacher.

"Tsk, Tsk, don't you know that Enraged Battle Ox has a pierce effect?" he merely answered.

"Oh well, at least I can activate this" he said with a sigh as he wasn't planning on taking damage.

One of his two facedown cards flipped up.

"It's called Succeeded Will and when one Berserker on my field bites the dust I can search for another one and add it to my hand" he took his deck, eyed through it until he found the card he was searching for and quickly shuffled and replaced it.

'Berserkers huh? I heard about them but don't remember what they do" thought the professor as he slipped two cards into his duel disk "Two cards facedown and it's your turn"

Shin drew and quickly placed the card he had gotten by his trap into the duel disk, it turned into a brown haired young man wearing a sleeveless green shirt and pants, he cracked his knuckles and looked intently towards the armored beast (1800/1400)

"Say hello to Iron Fist Berserker, but wait" he said as he took his deck "he needs his equip card and I don't have it in my hand"

"Mister Kurokawa please return your deck to place as this is a test and cheating is not allowed!" yelled the professor outraged at the examinee's conduct.

"What are you talking about teach? I'm not cheating, just following my monster's effect" he said as he took a card and slipped into his duel disk "when my Iron Fist Berserker appears on the field I can equip him from my hand or deck with Berserker Fist- Unbreakable Iron"

The professors nodded in understanding at this "I see, very well, carry on"

"This card grants him an extra five hundred attack points" explained Shin as his monster got a pair of Iron gloves on (2300/1400) "Now attack the Ox with Iron Break!"

The young man jumped towards the Ox but at that moment both cards on the professor's side flipped up.

"I commend you on getting a strong enough monster but you fell for my traps, first Reinforcements gives my Ox an extra 500 attack points (2200/1000), and next my Skull Dice let's me roll a dice and reduce your monster's attack by that time 100"

The dice fell on the field and rolled stopping on a… 1

"one?!" asked Aihara shocked "well both monsters will be destroyed so…"

"Your only part right" said Shin pointing to his Facedown "cause I activate Never Ending Battle, with this card my Berserker monsters can't be destroyed this turn"

Both creatures collided with each other but in the end the Ox was destroyed.

"No damage for you, but" he said as he drew a card from his deck "my monster's effect can activate, for when he destroys a monster in battle I get to draw a card"

"Your turn"

The professor drew and quickly thought of a plan, the combo Shin had used caught him by surprise and he wasn't happy.

Seeing his hand he got a grin on his face and quickly made his move "I place a monster facedown, one card facedown and end"

"Good, now let's see what I can do" said the teen snapping another card from his deck.

'If he goes solely for the attack he loses, my face down Des Koala will wipe him out' thought the professor.

"I place one card facedown and summon Heal Berserker (1000/1000)" a young girl appeared on the field, wearing a green robe and had blonde hair "Next, I don't even have to look in my deck because from my hand I equip her with Berserker Bow- Eterna Vitalita"

The young girl reached inside her cloak and brought out a pure white bow.

'Damn' thought the old man as he saw his plan ruined.

"Now Iron Fist attacks, and by the way the drawing effect was his but his equip also give him a pierce effect" Shin said as the Berserker slammed a fist through the facedown which turned into a Koala and let go of some leaves.

(S: 1200)

(A: 3500)

"My Des Koala, when flipped makes you take damage, 400 per card in hand, and now he is destroyed and you draw… Nice save mister Kurokawa" remarked the professor.

"Great but next my Heal Berserker attacks, oh and as for the effect of the Bow, I can't use it yet, but the damage Heal makes I gain as points" Shin explained quickly as the young girl aimed with the bow and hit the professor…

Soon after a green Aura covered Shin.

(S: 2200)

(A: 2500)

"And I pretty much undid the damage, so your turn" Shin motioned for the professor to go.

"While I must admit your performance so far has been good, and you've had a huge amount of luck" said Aihara as he added the new card to his hand.

'If only he knew?' thought Shin as he had barely managed his moves and was pure coincidence on his moves so far.

"But…"continued Aihara "I'm getting tired of this so let's see if you really have what it takes"

He smirked as he placed a card on his duel Disk and a giant red Gorilla appeared on the field Howling as if ready to destroy all (2000/1000)

"Since you like berserkers so much I thought it adequate to bring out my own" he motioned to the gorilla as he placed another card "this is Berserk Gorilla and with Wild Nature's Release I increase his attack by its defense (3000/1000), now CRUSH IRON FIST!"

The gorilla charged and destroyed the green draped fighter.

(S: 1500)

"Yeah but don't forget that your monster will be destroyed at the end phase" said Shin as he recovered from the hit.

"You're wrong; I activate Beast Soul Wrap, so I send my Berserk Gorilla back to my hand and replace it with one of the same level, namely, himself!" The gorilla disappeared momentarily to immediately reappear though weaker (2000/1000)

"And since he technically just entered the field…" Shin grimaced realizing he would get another attack.

"Correct, it survives my spell's effect and gets to destroy your second monster!" finished the professor as the gorilla charged and effortlessly smashed the archer.

(S: 500)

Aihara expected to see his opponent lose hope like most examinees in this situation , but what he saw surprised him as there was Shin, not crying or looking sad but rather…

He was laughing.

"May I ask what's so funny mister Kurokawa?" asked a confused professor, after all this he hadn't expected, he had never seen someone so calm at a moment like this.

"You just activated my trap, Challenge of Power" he said pointing towards his face up trap "I can activate it at any moment during a battle phase that berserkers have been destroyed in battle, I remove from play the berserkers destroyed in battle this turn so far and…"

He quickly took both cards from his graveyard and placed them in his shirt's pocket "they will be counted as tributes so I can special summon from my hand a berserker that, in this case would require two tributes"

He took a card and placed it on his duel disk, a man appeared on his field, he had long messy crystal blue hair and was wearing crimson and white clothing.

"Let me introduce you professor… to Crimson Berserker (2500/2000)" he looked sadly at the monster in front of him, but he had determination in his eyes "and like all berserkers" he took his deck and began to check the cards "I equip him with" the man drew out a heavily decorated crimson sword "Berserker Blade- Crimson Rugnica"

"Fine I end my turn" said the professor halfheartedly not only because he fell into such a trap, but also something in the monster in front of him seemed to generate an aura that demanded respect.

Shin drew and looked at his hand "it's over… I win" he said "I play Double Attack, discarding this level 8 monster so that my level 7 Crimson Berserker can attack twice"

The swordsman ran across the field and slashed the gorilla which seemed to be absorbed by the blade and the professor.

(A: 0)

Shin was happy; he had won and would finally be able to go to Duel Academy.

Professor Aihara approached him and extended his hand.

"Mister Shinichi Kurokawa, I am pleased to inform you that because of your victory in this duel you are officially allowed into duel academy" the professor smiled "and also let me be the first to welcome you and congratulate you!"

"Thanks!" said Shin and quickly departed towards registration to get the paperwork he needed for his entrance and once again was so focused that he crashed into a wall.

Professor Aihara sweat dropped 'This will be one interesting year' he thought and unknown to him so was thinking a white haired girl that had seen the duel.

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