Soul of the Berserker

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Chapter 16: Temptation

Winter. Some would call it the best time of the year; others would call it the second best, summer being the first. Even in duel academy such sentiments were shared. Anyone who walked by the docks would notice it as rows of students began to board a ship headed towards the mainland and home.

'I get to go back home' a blue haired boy thought as he started shoveling some dirt to cover a hole. He sighed and then smiled 'I'd rather not just throw it into a hole like this, but it isn't my sword so I can't make it banish, and anywhere else that man could easily find it' he then began to sweat and got nervous 'And if dad finds I stole that sword and hid it… he might just cancel the deal. I really don't want to enter the stadium again and I passed my entrance test here so I'm free'

Contempt with this train of thought the boy left headed towards the docks. One last time he turned to look at where he had buried the sword making sure neither the hole nor the discarded metal case could be noticed.

Smiling once more, Shin left towards the docks and prepared to head home.

On other parts of the island students were happy as well as they packed or boarded their corresponding boat.

In many offices teachers either prepared to leave or, if they were needed on the island, sat calmly overlooking the now empty halls or the departing students. Professor Aihara walked towards the docks, overlooking the departing students and smiled at the sight.

"Why are you smiling?" asked a voice from behind him "as dorm heads we have to stay on the island"

"Maybe Matthew" answered Aihara as he turned to see that both the blond teacher and a female teacher wearing a yellow uniform were walking towards him "but at least there will be some peace and quiet" the red haired teacher laughed a bit "and we do get a two week vacation right before new year's, so I'm not complaining"

"Regardless, the principal asked us to report as soon as all boats leave" said the female teacher "so, we have to go in a few minutes"

"Thanks for telling me Ayame" said Aihara as he saw the boats in the distance start to leave "I guess that's our cue to leave"

Inside his office in the Ra yellow dorms a man sat quietly as he saw the forest from his window. He turned to look towards the photograph on his desk and gave a pained look as he turned away.

"It's been months since then…" said the man "but no new contact, and I haven't found anything that could qualify as a shrine on this wretched island"

He looked once more towards the photograph. In it a younger looking Uryuu Himura and a black haired girl were smiling towards a camera. With pain he allowed himself to sink into his memories…

... Only for his dream to shatter as the phone began to ring. Himura glared at the contraption but decided to answer, taking a few seconds to calm down so he wouldn't yell at whoever was calling.

He believed it would be Kunisaki, given the hour, asking why he wasn't at the board meeting. Yelling at his boss, tempting as it was in his own anger, wouldn't be good for him, and while he hated the island, the job paid well and he had no intention of losing it because he couldn't control his temper.

He answered and his eyes narrowed at the voice at the other end of the line "you? It's been months, and that doesn't seem to even BE here!" he yelled indignantly.

"True I haven't been in contact for a while have I?" said the voice the other speaker, no remorse in it "but… I'll tell you this, the shrine is on the island, and the only thing is you'll need some energy to open it. Normally you could open it yourself but for security I'd suggest at least three others."

Himura gave a simple and dry laugh "and who, would even consider helping in a project this insane? Hell, even I'm considering looking for another way, you've only communicated through voice and most of what you told me sounds impossible"

The voice on the other end of the line chuckled "Two of those others are me and an acquaintance, and the third you'll have to get. But I'll tell you who and what you should do and offer"

Himura's eyes widened as he heard the next words. He hung up the phone and turned to look towards the photograph once more… his face no longer showed a pained expression, but rather one of hope and quickly a dark grin spread across his face.

"Soon… soon, a little more and you'll be back with me…"

The man gave a grunt as he threw the item he was carrying onto the pile and then turned away. The man observed with his grey eyes the empty halls behind him and he gave a simple sigh. Osamu Nakamura passed his hands through his graying black hair and quickly went to pick up the rest of the gym items from the ground. For the past few years he had been the gym teacher at the academy and in his opinion it was best to enjoy the silence.

As soon as the place was clear he gave a simple look and began to run laps around the hall, something he would be unable to do if the students remained in the island.

After a bit he stopped, panting "Still in good shape" he said to himself "but this old man's strength won't last forever" he gave a sad smile and simply wanted to hit himself "what am I saying, I'm barely forty-five; I still have a few years to go"

"True" said a voice from behind him "but you fear that the time will eventually run out"

"Excuse this old man, but I didn't expect company" said the professor as he turned to look towards the speaker

"Oh? Then forgive me, I merely wanted to be in a silent place" said the speaker as he approached "and I didn't think I'd here the musings of an old man"

Nakamura's eyes widened as he saw the speaker "Oh, it's just you Himura, shouldn't you be at the board meeting, like the rest of the Dorm Heads?"

"Yes, I'll go in a little bit" said the yellow clad teacher as he adjusted his glasses, the glare in them making it impossible to see his eyes "but at the moment I'd like to make an offer, one that…"

He was swiftly cut off by Nakamura "I swear, finish the phrase with "you can't refuse", and this old man will beat you up and leave!"

'Spoil my fun why don't you?' giving an unnoticed sigh Himura returned to a serious expression "I wasn't going to say that, I was going to say that… it would benefit both of us"

Giving a doubtful glance towards the man, Nakamura decided to hear him out, after all if it was something crazy he could simply leave "If so, then explain your offer to me, as well as a reason not to report you're insanity to the principal"

"Very well, I'm planning on getting a great power, one that will allow me to fulfill a dream so to speak" the younger of the two men said as he looked towards the other "what it is; it's confidential, but getting it would be dangerous and I find myself in the need of some extra help. If you help with this, part of that power could be used to fulfill your dream, eternal youth and strength…"

Nakamura blinked, taking a moment to let what the other one had said sink in, and then he simply began to laugh "How did you get hired again? By the way you talk it seems I'm dealing with a madman. Eternal Youth, Power, do you think this old man is dumb?"

Himura seemed un-phased by the other man's reaction, in fact he seemed to have expected it "if you don't believe in it, maybe I should demonstrate. But it depends on what you're willing to put on the line"

Nakamura stopped laughing as he saw what the other man brought out "You plan to show me proof of this lunacy through a duel?" he said as he eyed the other man with caution "very well, just let me get my deck and duel disk…"

Sitting in his office Kunisaki saw towards the five people before him, notably absent, however was the head of the Ra Dorm.

"I've already inserted the data into the main computer system" said a female teacher wearing a blue outfit "starting now all duels will be with 8000 life points instead of 4000, is that fine, principal?"

Kunisaki turned to look at her trying to ignore the feelings of uneasiness that he currently had "yes, that's fine, this way duels should last longer and we can avoid losing face to the other branches of this school, they are starting to question our methods by using a, how did they each put it?"

"Ah, yes, the brat at East Academy called it obsolete, the principal from the north just laughed, the principal in the south called it boring and the one from the west said we were being soft on our students…" grunting and glaring at each of the images in his mind Kunisaki turned once more to look towards the teachers signaling for their opinion.

Aihara looked calmly "By my way of thinking this should at least make duels more interesting, it stops the other schools from complaining and it helps as practice for next year"

Taking from where the red headed teacher left of Matthew gave a calm answer "I agree, and given where it will be held, we can expect the standard life points being 8000 instead of 4000 so having the students get used to the new rules would be useful."

Everyone nodded except for a teacher wearing a red outfit. The woman just scowled "You say we will no longer be soft by doing this but my opinion is we will, with so many life points they simply get more space for errors…"

"That may be" Kunisaki cut in "but they will also have to endure longer duels and strategies that got a win quickly by depleting an opponent's life points will be slowed down a bit. Also it will force students to look for new tricks other than to copy burn strategies or beat down to win."

Kunisaki smiled as he saw the teacher sit down in defeat "Now that that has been decided, can anybody tell me the whereabouts of professor Himura?"

Ayame stood up to look towards the principal "I've tried contacting him but he isn't picking up."

In the Gym both men stood apart from each other with a duel disk on their arm and five cards in hand each.

"Now then, show this old man the proof of this power!" said Nakamura as he turned on his duel disk "and for it I'll let you go first"

Himura nodded as he took something out from his pocket and turned on his duel disk.

(H: 8000)

(N: 8000)

"What is this?" asked both Himura and Nakamura upon seeing their life points.

A second later Himura gave a calm shrug and drew his sixth card "must be the new life point rules. They were to be discussed during the meeting I was supposed to go to, so I guess they're in effect, but that doesn't matter…"

A smile came upon the teacher as dark mist began to surround both of them "you've got bigger things to worry about than merely a change in the life points, such as the Darkness Game that just began!"

"That superstitious lunacy, you believe in them?" asked Nakamura

"Lunacy? Hardly, if it were then explain our surroundings."

"A fog machine maybe…" said Nakamura uncertainly as he saw the surroundings "but even if you believe in them, the crazy people who do, say they disappeared years ago"

"Those people are filled with no lunacy, rather they are simply filled with idiocy" said Himura as he looked at the cards in his hand "after all, so long as there is light there will be darkness, regardless of its origin."

"Stop saying confusing things and start the duel!" Nakamura replied with a glare "This old man isn't getting any younger"

"My apologies" said Himura mockingly as he placed a card onto his duel disk allowing a man with blonde hair and golden wings to rise next to him (1400/800) "I call Shine Angel to the field and then…" he fitted a card into his duel disk causing the angel to banish "I play The Two Sides, by releasing a monster of light or darkness I can summon one from the opposite element from my hand, so I call…"

A furry monster with three eyes and a big mouth rose in the place where the angel had banished (1000/600) "you should know this card seeing as Critter is fairly common"

Nakamura eyed the field calmly "that can't be it, for you to trade your monster for a weaker one…"

"True, it's not all, I now play Monster Gate" the three eyed creature disappeared in a vortex as Himura began to take cards from the top of his deck "by releasing a monster I pick cards from my deck until a monster that can be summoned appears" he quickly discarded two cards and placed the last one onto his duel disk allowing a silver haired woman to rise on the field. She gave Nakamura a determined look as her white dress willowed in nonexistent wind. On her head was a silver helmet, on one arm a silver shield with golden rim and on the other hand she held a silver spear; silver armor covered her dress (2600/800).

"For my luck the wise Athena shall honor us with her presence, but that's not all…" he said as his deck spat out a card which he calmly caught "for when Critter goes to rest into the cemetery, his owner can add a monster with an attack of 1500 or less to their hand. One facedown card and I'll let you begin your turn" a card materialized in front of him as his opponent drew.

"I'll set a monster and two cards facedown, then I play Service Ace!" a card appeared next to the set cards as Nakamura signaled to one of the two cards left in his hand "with this you have to guess whether a card I select from my hand is a spell, trap or monster, guess right and this card goes to the cemetery as my blow misses…"

Nakamura then began to grin "but guess wrong and you take the first blow, one worth 1500 points!"

"Risking whether I take damage or not on a game of chance is pathetic, but I'll play along and say the card is a monster" said Himura, his eyes widened as his opponent began to smile and a blast of energy hit him.

(H: 6500)

"Sorry, but first round goes to me, that cards was actually a spell, one I'll play right now I might add" a green jar materialized on the older man's field as he drew two cards "and with that I think I'll take a rest before round two"

Himura took a minute to regain his breath before drawing 'I'll admit I didn't expect it being this painful' he thought before looking at his hand considering his next move "I summon Orange Declarer (300/500) in defense, of course that hardly matters as I'll activate Athena's effect"

A weird creature made of orange crystal and wearing metallic armor with small orange wings rose on Himura's field. The silver haired deity next to it merely raised her shield towards Nakamura. The shield began to glow brightly as a small burst of light was fired from it.

(N: 7400)

"What was that? Why did she attack? And why did it hurt?" asked the old man as he glared towards his opponent.

The younger gray haired man gave a dark grin "The pain is caused by the Darkness Game, as for the damage" he motioned towards Athena "when an angel subtype monster is summoned, Athena's first ability deals you six hundred points of damage. And next I'll activate her second ability, but for it I must release an angel monster, other than herself. Divine Restoration!"

The orange monster banished in light. Once the light died down Shine Angel (1400/800) was in its place. Once more the goddess's shield burned with a bright light.

(N: 6800)

"Once per turn, by releasing an angel other than herself, Athena can summon an Angel from the cemetery" the man pointed towards the set card "Shine Angel attacks your set card!"

The golden winged man began to fly towards the set monster, hitting it with a kick, unnoticed by Himura; his opponent began to smile "To your attack I chain my two cards! Go, DNA Transplant and Backfire!"

Himura's eyes widened as both his monsters had flames coming out from their bodies. The Angel, now with flaming wings, hit the set monster, only to reveal a small kangaroo wearing a belt (800/700). It quickly got destroyed by the angel but not before hitting him, sending it back to Himura's field unconscious. A small burst of fire hit Himura shortly after.

(H: 6000)

"By DNA Transplant all monsters are the attribute I choose, and this old man has chosen fire!" said Nakamura with a grin "with Backfire, when one of my fire monsters is destroyed you pay five hundred points, effectively creating a very powerful defense! Oh, and the set monster was Kangaroo Champ, who forces your monster into defense!"

"I see, well them I'll attack with Athena, since the field's clear" The silver haired woman raised her spear and allowed a blast of light to hit the older man.

(N: 4200)

"To conclude I'll just set a card facedown and end my turn" said the younger man as he adjusted his glasses.

"For starters I play Fusion mixing the determination of Death Kangaroo and the sheer power of Big Koala to create one of the greatest champions ever!" the old man grinned as a green kangaroo with boxing gloves and a giant blue koala were absorbed by a vortex.

From the vortex descended a titanic creature easily reaching the ceiling of the gym, or at least where the ceiling should have been. It was a green koala like creature with a mustache; it was draped by a small purple vest, a championship belt hanging over its shoulder. On its hands it had boxing gloves and also had red shoes over its feet, on its chest was a kangaroo's pouch and inside it were various weights (4200/3700).

"Say hello to the Master of Oz! This pupil brings a tear to this old man's eye because of the heights he reached" Nakamura gave a hearty laugh as the behemoth gave a few jabs. Himura remained quiet as he observed the giant creature.

Nakamura pointed towards Athena "so now let's stop the damage shall we? So go get her, with all of your strength… Victorious Jab!"

The green marsupial brought its fist down towards the goddess, only to be stopped by a glowing barrier.

"Sorry but your strength shall be your undoing" said Himura as his card revealed itself "and Drain Shield, not only will keep my goddess safe, but it will also replenish my life point by an amount equal to your monsters attack…"

(H: 10200)

"So thanks for the life points, and since you only have one card I'm guessing it's my turn" the gray haired man began towards his deck only to be cut off

"Not just yet, before that I play Life Shaving Treasure" the old man began to draw and had a maniacal grin on his face "this risky little card will give the boost I need by allowing me to draw till I hold five cards in hand, but in five turns I have to discard my entire hand" he looked at his cards before sliding two into his duel disk "though I doubt I'll have to worry about that. Now take your turn"

"Very well I draw!" no sooner had Himura taken his card when one of his opponent's facedown cards began to flip "a trap?"

"Correct, and you can't run away, because the Dark Tournament has just begun" Nakamura said as a dark mist spread through the field and Shine Angel began to wake up "with this all monsters are changed to attack and they must battle this turn, though they can't be destroyed as a result of battle!"

"Oh? Well that's fine, but to start I play Distressing Choice" the man smirked as five cards appeared over him "and as you know, you have to choose, which of this cards goes to my hand and which shall reside in the cemetery"

With the conviction the older man pointed towards the central card "Keep Emissary of the Sky Zeradias"

"Very well" responded Himura as he added the card to his hand "now I activate my facedown card, the trap Return to the Land of Peace!" The trap card began to glow as the field began to change, clouds covering the floor as a white temple rose behind Himura and the darkness banished, replaced by a clear blue sky "This allows me to activate one field card in my cemetery, so I chose The Sanctuary in the Sky which was discarded through Monster Gate"

Nakamura looked around and grimaced 'Great, even though my trap stops monsters from being destroyed it didn't stop damage, but now that he has this, I can't touch him this turn'

His eyes widened as four cards spat out from Himura's grave.

"Next by removing three angels of light and one demon of darkness I can call one of my fallen angels" he placed the cards into his pocket as he placed a card onto the disk "so by removing Orange Declarer, Critter, The Agent of Creation- Venus and Hecatrice, both the last ones discarded by Distressing Choice, I can summon Sky Scourge Enrise (2400/1500)!"

Some of the clouds became gray, opening into a vortex. From it rose a humanoid creature wearing black pants, gloves and a bandana covering his eyes. The creature however had white, grayish skin and a pair of wings of similar color, in its stomach a purple hole opened. Seconds later a blast of light hit Nakamura.

(N: 3600)

"It's a pity but this is the last turn of the duel, first of all you take damage, since Enrise, fallen as he is, is still an angel. And next I summon the monster you allowed me to keep. Zeradias, come forth!"

Holding onto a spear and wearing a helmet and cloth to cover his face, the angel descended flapping its green wings (2100/800) "and since he is an angel, Athena deals you damage"

(N: 3000)

"Next, Enrise shall enact his own effect, removing one face-up monster from the game…" the black hole in the creature's stomach began to expand as the fallen angel gave a dark smile, within seconds Master of Oz was dragged into it, leaving nothing behind.

"Master of Oz!" cried Nakamura as he saw his monster fall so quickly.

Himura gave a calm smile "of course this ability is not without drawback, for this turn Enrise may not declare an attack" his smile grew darker "not that it matters, after these attacks the game shall be over. Athena, go and lead this battle!"

The goddess sent a blast of light from her spear, Himura gasped as his opponent smiled and a barrier stopped the attack, a burst of energy hitting Himura as it did so.

(H: 8700)

"Sorry, but this old man isn't quite done yet, Receive Ace negates a direct attack and deals you 1500 points of damage, all it costs is three cards from my deck" he smirked as he saw the cards he dropped.

"Very well, then Zeradias shall attack" this time the green winged angel rushed towards the older man, ready to impale him with its spear, only to be stopped by a ghostly image.

"Once more sorry, but Necro Gardna was sent to my cemetery by my trap, and this courageous fighter will keep protecting me even when he's gone, so by removing him from play when in my cemetery he stops one attack" the old man grinned as he saw Himura's eyes narrow.

"Smile all you want, you still have Shine Angel to worry about!" the weakest angel flapped its wings, taking to the sky before descending and delivering a kick onto Nakamura's stomach.

(N: 1400)

"That hurt, but it seems you failed your killing move" Nakamura was surprised upon seeing a dark smile on Himura's face.

"You may have avoided defeat so far, but with Athena's effect I can still damage you, so I give up Shine Angel to bring back The Agent of Force – Mars (0/0) which I discarded with Distressing Choice, and it also deals you damage!"

In a flash of light the golden winged angel banished, replaced by one with purple wings and red skin that held onto a hammer. A burst of light quickly hit Nakamura.

(N: 800)

"And now that most life payments are too high or risky for you, I'm glad to tell you that when my Sanctuary is active, Mars has an attack and defense equal to the difference between my life points and yours, provided mine are higher" Nakamura could only stare in horror as the red skinned creature's attack rose (7900/7900).

Looking at his drawn card the old man glanced towards the field and turned a questioning look towards Himura "Tell me, I thought your deck was built to summon the scourges, yet I've only seen one demon so far. Is this a joke?"

With some surprise in his face Himura answered the question "No. My deck holds sixteen demons and sixteen angels not counting the scourges, I just haven't drawn too many demons. I don't see the point of the question but I hope you're satisfied."

"Just asking out of curiosity really, so for the turn I set a monster on defense and play Lightning Vortex" a card appeared in front of the gym teacher as lightning began to fall on Himura's field "and by one discard all your face up monsters get destroyed, or at least all but Mars, seeing as he is immune to spell cards"

Seeing the nod from his opponent Himura drew. The teacher simply placed a card onto his duel disk, allowing a demonic creature that seemed to be made of mist to rise onto his field "I summon Mist Daemon (2400/0), though since I called him without an offering he shall die at the end phase, taking one thousand of my life points with him" Himura remained calm as he placed the last card of hand into a slot on the duel disk "I play Treasure from Heaven, so we both draw till we have six cards in our hand"

'Why is he so calm?' thought Nakamura as he drew, eyeing the younger man with caution 'he pretty much admitted his monster will take his life points and die at the end of the turn, maybe…' he thought as he observed the red skinned angel 'he thinks with both attacks the duel will be over, but then, why play a card to replenish his hand?'

Once more a dark smile graced Himura's face as he placed a card into his duel disk "Once I win, you shall help me with this plan of mine; does that sound like a fair risk? Not that it matters, soon you won't have a choice! I play Creature Swap, and with this I give you my demon, of course since you only have one monster I'll take your set card"

In a flash both the set card and the demonic being had been placed in the other's position. Nakamura's eyes widened as he observed his new monster "and since I'm the controller…"

"Once the turn ends you shall take the damage, not me." Himura gave another dark look and made a slashing motion with his hand "Dueling you has been a pleasure, but this game is over. Turn End."

The words cut through the air as the demon exploded and the dark mist around them began to recede.

(N: 0)