Me: Hi! Sorry if I don't get the personalities right but this is an Aerrow x Piper Fanfiction and it's my first in the Strom hawks Section. I hope you like. I was watching the episode Fire and Ice on the Tivo and I thought of this. Enjoy.

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Me: Actually, She's me.

Piper: But your name is her name spelled differently.

Me: So? People tend to have issues with pronouncing my name right so if I spell it there way maybe they will get it right.

Piper: Whatever. Wouldn't that make it just a formality?

Me: Piper, I give up.

Piper's POV

'Once again my directions were a little bit lost and again Stork is saying how too many things can sneak up on you at night. It was a shame Junko wasn't in the room because I would have had him grab Storks ankle scaring the living daylights out of him. No radar did that and Stork off. Poor stork banged his head on the ceiling and Yelled at Junko. I had pointed out that Junko wasn't in the room. Stork was even more annoyed than he was. Stork doesn't really like radar but o well, he belongs to Aerrow, what a hunk he is. Yeah I'll admit it like Aerrow, from his bright red locks to his strong and well-toned chest to his quick abilities, every thing. Don't ask how I know what Aerrow's chest looks like.'

"PIPER! Come on out of there!" Finn's Voice came into my room as he pounded on the door. I tucked my dairy under my mattress and walked to the door. I opened it to watch Finn fall into my room.

"AHH! What was that for?" He asked jumping to his feet.

"Finn what do you want?"

"We're going to Tropica to do a little surfing and we need your help to get there. We're taking a vacation. Do you have a because there cool and you'll need it."

"Finn first off I don't because I won't wear it second off you didn't need to pound on my door for this. Third, I'm not going to help."

"But Piper you need to help us. Come on don't you want to be cool dude?"

"Finn I can be cool my way or your way and I'm not taking your way." I walked out of my room to hear Finn yelling that I really need to learn to cool and change my style of music and show more skin because it's cool. I walked onto the bridge ignoring Finns comments on how to be cool.

"Piper come on it's not like I'm asking you to walk onto the beach !" Okay so that got my attention. Sadly the others heard that. I turned around.

"What did you just say?" I start growling.

"Um… nothing." He squeaked as I gave him a really ly glare.

"That's what I thought." I turned and started studying maps.

"Finn did you say what I think you said to Piper?" Asked my commanding Officer/ best friend on the condor. I heard Radar running across the room and jump onto Aerrow's Back. I don't know how he can stand Radar on his back.

"Hey who took my map of all the terras?" I called as I looked through the maps looking for the map I needed to get a direct route to Tropica and perhaps the shortest route. I turned and leaned against the table. Finn ran over to me and gave me the map I was looking for.

"Thank you Finn, O and by the way if I hear one more pervert comment come out of your mouth I will beat the everlasting daylights out of you."

"Sorry." I watched Finn hide behind Junko. I studied the map and found a nice short route.

" Got anything Piper?"

"Yep, the shortest root of them all. Stork turn right in a minute." Sadly I never noticed the mountain in the way and stork had to take a sudden turn to the left making everything slid. I grabbed the table but it wasn't enough as the table moved with me. I would have slid into the wall with the table had stork not steadied the ship. I sat down.

"Where'd Piper go?" Aerrow I knew was looking around for us. Finn answered before I could stand again.

"Dude, I don't know." I stood and moved the table. I put my hands on my hips and went back to studying the maps.

"Piper you could have warned me about the mountain. We're luck I saw it before we crashed." Stork complained.

"Sorry stork I didn't realize it was on the map. We have another mountain in about two minutes and then lots of them but it we do this right we can avoid the big group no problem. I'd tell you to fly in between them but there so many and we'd have to be flying something smaller. So when you see them fly around them then you'll come across Terra Atmosia and you can turn left again and then it's straight from there."

"Thank you."

" Don't make any Sharpe turns like that again please. I don't feel like getting squished by the table again."

"You were squished by the table?" Aerrow asked raising an eyebrow as he asked.

" All most. I was lucky Stork leveled the ship and the table stopped sliding."

"We need to get that nailed to the floor."

"You're telling me." I said snapping. I sat down on the floor and listened to Aerrow talking to we arrive. Actually we would be arriving at 7 but that's not a whole lot of time before the sunsets. I stood and walked out of the room to go to my room where it was quiet. I could feel a Migraine coming. And when it comes it knocks me flat. I can be on my heliscooter and I'll fall right off from the pain. I needed to take care of it before it really starts.

I walked into my room and drank a little bit of water and took some medicine I sat down on my bed sadly the medicine didn't kick in before the Migraine. I laid down on my bed.

-2 hours later at 7. –

"Piper you in there?" Yelled Aerrow. My Migraine hadn't gone away yet so I threw something at door which I deeply regretted as it echoed through my room. Aerrow opened the door. Within my two hours of shutting myself in my room I had rolled over onto my stomach and tried burring my head into the pillow.

"Hey, you okay? You never showed up for dinner." He asked with worry in his voice.

"Migraine." I said watching Aerrow wince. I having known him since I was a baby he knew that when I got migraine it took me down, and hard. I started getting migraines since I was 12 and for the past 4 years it got worse over time but they also became less and less often.

"Do you need anything?"

"I'll be fine. I already took something for it. When it goes away I'll get something to eat."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." I watched Aerrow walk out of the room and close the door. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep without even realizing it.

Aerrow's POV

I walked down the hallway after closing Piper's door to make sure she doesn't hear anything as sound makes her migraines worst. I walked into the bridge to see Finn Chasing Radar making a racket.

"Quiet!" I yelled. Knowing piper and her very good ears she was bound to have heard the racket. Finn looked at me funny while Radar jumped onto my shoulder.

"Dude, why?" he asked.

"Piper has a major migraine and if I can hear it outside her room she's bound to hear because her ears are better than mine. With a migraine she becomes very sensitive to sound and in her case even the smallest sound hurts. So keep it quiet I'm sure when she's better which I'm betting isn't going to be every far from now you don't want her beating the everlasting daylights out of you. I learned that one the hard way. She beat within an inch of my life because I annoyed the out of her during a migraine. Might I mention all I did was ask many times if she was okay." I heard the door open and I turned to see Stork walk in with a …

"Is that piper's bathing suit?"

"Piper's mad. She threw this at me."

"Duh, she has a migraine. What were you doing near her room?"

"I was going to ask why she left when I needed her help on directions. Opened the door and started yelling and she just reached for something and started throwing things at me. You could have warned me she had one. A migraine can lead to a very slow and painful… doom."

" A migraine is not going to kill Piper. She'll better before tomorrow mourning. Sure as she gets older they get worse and last longer but she also gets them less frequently."

"How would you know?" Finn asked.

" I've known her since we were babies. We've been best friends for years. Almost 16 years."

"Isn't piper 16?" asked Stork.

"17 next week." I corrected.

"How would you know?"

"I'm not answering that question again." I heard the door open and in walked Piper.

Piper's POV.

I walked onto the bridge to see Aerrow talking to Finn and Stork. My migraine had become a really minor headache since I had thrown things at Stork. There on the table was my bathing suit. I took it as it one of the things I threw at Stork. I picked it up.

"I take I threw this at you didn't I?"

"Yes and it should be... washed."

"No I'll just burn it. It doesn't fit any way. Just in case your rash is contagious." I said playing along. Knowing stork it'd be about his "rash" that he has on the back of his neck.

"Bikini Piper!" Finn called. I rolled my eyes and threw the bathing suit at his head.

" Your right maybe I should buy … and make you wear it! I've said it once I'll say it again. I don't wear s. I already have another bathing suit." I smirked as Finn glared.

"But Piper! s are cool."

"I won't wear it because one, I don't like them two you'll chase me probably and three thier not my style."

"You seem better." Aerrow said trying to change to subject.

"I feel better. I' going to go get something eat if Finn follows me and lecture me on how I should wear a I will beat the ever lasting day lights out of him." I walked out of the room and got some honey mustard chicken nuggets. Yummy… I munched on some watermelon while I was at it. And Finn went off to his room. I went to sleep after forming the perfect plan for the beach. After a lot of thinking I deiced I'll see what Aerrow's up to then I'll tan, read, and then go swimming in the ocean and if Finns good maybe I'll go surfing.

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