Aerrow's POV

Aerrow's POV

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Piper and Storks screams came from inside the house.

"PIPER!" I yelled, running toward the house, slaimming the door open and stared at the scene before me. The basement door was open and there only inches from the door, crawling toward Piper and Stork, was a disembodied hand. Piper had jumped up onto her chair and stork was hanging from the chandelier. Saphire came up behind me and gasped.

"It's gotta be fake." I exclaimed, walking to the house, making Piper calm down a bite. I went to pick it up when it jumped up onto me leg and started climbing.

"No way is that FAKE!" Piper Shreiked, causing Junko to come through the door and stare at the scene before him.

"What is Piper screaming about?" Finn asked, walking up behind Junko before screaming himself.

"CHILL! It's just Topaz. She wants to scare you. It's a robot." Emerald exclaimed.

"Oh come one Emerald. You couldn't let me have my fun?" Topaz asked as we saw her walk up the basement steps with a remote. The hand let go of my leg and ran back to Topaz. Who picked it up and walked back downstairs. Piper followed her, and you know me, I followed Piper.


I walked down the steps and stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stared at what was before me. A black leather sofa , matching love seat and arm chair were in a corner with red velvet love seat and arms chair not far from them along with three other white leather loveseas were around the room. There were numerous bookshelves around the room with books and movies, and games. There was even a HUGE and I mean HUGE flat screen tv up against the wall by the black leather sofa and matching living room pieces. I walked over to it, running my fingers gently over the black leather of the love seat and velvet of the red arm chair along the way. I stood next to the TV and discovered it was taller then me by a few was even taller then Junko.

"Wow." Aerrow exclaimed, looking around. I sat down on the velvet loveseat and looked around and saw Topaz disappear behind a door. Aerrow walked over to the TV. I giggled.

"You look short." I exclaimed.

"And you look shorter." He told me.

"Of course. I'm sitting." I retorted with a smirk.

"EEECK!" Stork exclaimed, bolting out of the room Topaz has disappeared into.

"What's with him?" Finn asked, walking toward the room Stork had just come out of. He came back out running and screaming a few seconds later. Topaz came back out and closed the door behind her, an orange pumpkin shaped sign with the words ' Halloween Room' clanging against it.

"Chill." Emerald exclaimed as her twin sat down on the back of one of the loveseats.

"WHY?!" Finn asked, shivers running up his spine.

"It's fake. It's not called the Halloween room for nothing. The sign clears that one up." Topaz exclaimed, pointing to the sign.

"The door was wide open so I couldn't see the sign." Finn protested.

"No it wasn't. If it was you would have seen the plastic mummy right there in the doorway and not have gone in." Emerald retorted, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Aerrow gently pulled my hair out of it's pony tail and fired it at Finn.

"Was that a hair tie?" Saphire asked.

"Yep." Emerald exclaimed.


"Piper's?" Aerrow answered. " And I fired it."

"And managed to his Finn squarely in the butt." Emerald exclaimed with a laugh.

"AERROW!" I scowled. He laughed at the glare on my face.

"Hey, I could have taken a bobby pin too." Aerrow exclaimed. I glared even more.

"Smart ass." I called him.

"WHOA! What did you call Aerrow?" Finn asked, shocked.

"Anyone want to watch a movie?" Emerald asked.

"Hey look! I found are we done yet! It was never opened before it was lost." Topaz exclaimed, pulling the movie out from under the loveseat she sat on. So we all watched the movie and fell asleep. Don't ask how.