Rating: T

Summary: Gwen and Toshiko's meeting in the conference room has an audience. Boys will be boys.

Disclaimer: I own none of it

Authors Notes: Just something I came up with on a wet Tuesday after remembering being gawped at while cleaning a table at work.

"If you polish that glass anymore Tea Boy you'll wear a hole in it," said the sneering voice of Owen Harper. Ianto Jones sighed; trust Owen to interrupt one of his few pleasures,

"Just admiring the view," he replied with a smirk.

"What, your idea of a view is the bloody table, I knew you were weird but..." he pushed Ianto aside to get a look at what was fascinating the Welshman and saw it was Gwen and Toshiko, bent over the table looking at a series of photographs. "Ok I take it back, that is a view worth admiring," replied Owen

"Gwen should wear a skirt more often," remarked Ianto. Owen looked at him in surprise

"Thought you batted for the other team," he said,

"I play for both" Ianto grinned at him "twice the pleasure" he replied

"Take your word for it" Owen remarked. He choked on his coffee when Toshiko shifted her weight from one foot to the other and back again making her hips swing

"Some little mover is our Tosh," Owen muttered.

"What's going on here?" asked Captain Jack Harkness

"Admiring the view" Ianto and Owen replied in unison

"C'mon you don't seriously expect me to believe you're watching walls..." Jack looked through the window and saw what had captured the other men's attention "but I can believe you're watching this, why didn't you call me earlier" he admonished.

"Didn't think you'd be interested," said Owen with a chuckle, Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head

"Any excuse to get away from writing reports and this is one hell of an excuse" he replied as he settled down to enjoy the view.

"We're being watched," said Toshiko, Gwen moved her head slightly and caught the reflection of the three men in the glass

"Bloody voyeurs the lot of them, should be part of the job description 'do your hobbies include being a peeping tom'". Gwen replied, Toshiko giggled

"One day I'll give them a surprise" said Toshiko

"Flash you tits at them?" asked Gwen.

"Maybe, they always see me as a goody-two-shoes so they won't be expecting it" she replied

"I've got a better idea", said Gwen as she put her arm around the other woman's waist and winked, Toshiko slipped her hand across Gwen's behind and let it rest on her hip as she leant over and kissed her on the neck. Above them, they heard muffled curses as coffee cups were dropped. Gwen and Toshiko giggled and shared a look that said boys will be boys.