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Pieces of Heart: a distant memory.

The final beginning

"Son!" the explorer called, pausing to take a breath.

"Roxas! We have to get out of here now!" the father said glancing out the window, as the wind picked up, his hair whipping across his forehead.

It was when he saw that water trestle, just feet away from the front door; pick up off the ground and crash into millions of wood shards some twenty feet away, his pupils dilating.

Out of pure instinct, he quickly took action, grabbing his son by the waist he lifted the small boy into his arms as he started to run through the house aiming for the door, small trinkets falling off the shelves and crashing to the floor as he passed from room to room.

Once out of the house, Roxas, the poor young boy, began to scream bloody crazy, "But Papa, my items!" he yelped struggling to break free of this fathers grip.

Once out of his father arms, the boy bolted back towards the unsteady mud maid hut.

"No son don't!" the father screamed, reaching his arms out, but the sand suddenly consumed the air, a sign that the storm was reaching its worst, making it unable to barely see the hand in front of his face.

"Roxas!" "Roxas!" He screamed, shielding his eyes from the whirling clouds of sand.

"Papa," he heard a faint wail coming from mess of dust.

The explorer bolted forward head first into the center of the storm, searching for his son.

"Papa," Roxas screamed. "Papa, I am scared," the boy screamed once he saw a shadow enter the room.

The explorer ran across the room clutching his soon in his arms, "I am right here," he whispered rubbing his sons back.

"Let's get out of here." He said, once again lifting Roxas into his arms and ran for the exit, dodging small objects and pieces of debris spinning off the walls.

Roxas pushed his head into his father's chest, gripping his fingers tightly around his worn and ragged shirt.

"Almost there," he spoke reassuring his son, but as he ran he could feel the ground rumbling, and he could not help but feel that at any moment the house was going to fall on top of them. The sweat on his brow thickening, he ran faster, keeping his eyes forward.

As he leapt out of the hut Roxas screamed, and turning his head just at the wrong second a large rock hit the side of his head knocking the fairly large man off balance.

He fell to the ground, just after dropping the poor boy, and they both hit the ground hard.

Roxas rolled some feet away, crying as he felt the pain of the sand bombarding his face.

Roxas shook his head free of sand and shielded his eyes as he rose, his feet sinking deep within the sand following each step.

"Papa!" "Papa!" he screamed his eyes wandering the vast desert, but unable to see a single thing.

It seemed like hours, until he finally got a response, but in reality it only took a few seconds for the explorer to scream, both happy and frightened that his son was out there separated from him.

"Son!" pausing to catch his breath he repeated "Son!"

Roxas heard the faint sound of his father's voice, and perking up his ears he tuned out the sound of rushing air and flying debris, only concentrating on his father.

Holding his arms out in front of him, the young boy trudged through the sand, and seeing the blurry image of a man lying in the sand, he bent over.

It was his father lying face down, little pockets of sand filled in the wrinkles in his shirt, his hair matted, and head bleeding from the impact with the rock.

"Papa," "Papa," Roxas cried frantically shaking his fathers back, tears swelling in his eyes.

Regaining consciousness the explorer slowly shook his head, removing the sand from his ears and face, as he lifted his head.

His vision blurred he shakily reached a hand out placing on his son's cheek, "Roxas?" "Roxas is that you?" he asked, and he felt the flesh move beneath his hand, indicating a nod.

"Thank god you are alright," he said forcing a smile, he himself feeling his life slip away.

"Roxas I love you," he said rubbing his thumb across his son's cheek. "You know that right." He paused, "Oh what am I saying of course you know that," he said chuckling a bit.

"You are the best son a man could ever have," he whispered, gazing over his son's features one last time.

"Can you do me a favor?" He questioned, the sand still swirling the pair.

"Yes, papa," he spoke, his lips barley moving, and he could feel tears sliding down his son's small, soft cheeks.

"I need you to go," he said lowering his eyes, breaking the powerful gaze his son held.

"Papa!" Roxas screamed, shaking his head forcefully.

"Don't be afraid Son," he said his eyes glowing with pride.

"No go," he said removing his hand from his son's face.

But Roxas did not move a single muscle, he just held his gaze, right at brittle ground.

The sound of the small mud hut being ripped up from the ground could be heard from the distance, and suddenly the pride in the explorer's eyes was replaced with fear, and he yelled.

"Roxas! Run now!" he screamed pointing off towards the castle in the distance.

"Go there, NOW!" he said himself weeping.

Roxas slowly got to his feet, the sand whipping around him, blowing his hair all over his face, it was a surprise that he the boy being as small as he was, was not blown away. "But Papa" he whispered.

"NOW!" he yelled at Roxas.

And with those words Roxas backed up and ran away, his father saying, "Be safe, my son," knowing he was already out of earshot.

He never stopped running, his feet crashing at the ground, sand flying in all directions, and no matter how tired once he saw the palace gates he sped up.

His shoes clicking on the floor as he ran down the cobble stone pathway.

Still weeping he ran past the guards, sounding the entrance alarm. He stormed up the stairs searching in desperate need of someone who might help.

And when he heard the slight sound of a woman's voice coming from a large room only a story or two away, a flicker of hope passed through his eyes, although the sounds of the quickening guards chants, "He is heading for the throne room, hurry stop him!" once again brought fear into his eyes.

As he climbed the last stair, he gasped for air, then bolted to the throne room, panting heavily he burst through the passage, to find a women sitting atop a large pillow dressed in fine silks.

And without a single thought, he rushed over to her leaping into her arms, he gripped her garments tight and cried, the guards rushing in after him.

"There he is get him!" the guard in lead screamed.

And first the women looked confused, but then swiftly took action.

"Stop!" The women he clutched yelled, bringing her hand in the indicated stop position.

"He is nothing but a mere young boy, I say about five years of age, and you chase him into my thrown room as if he was a killer!" she raged.

"but he…" one of the guards began to plead.

"I am the Queen of this palace, and I say leave to matter to me, now go!" she ordered, her voice stern.

Once all the guards had filed out of the room, she slowly rocked him back and forth, compassion in her voice, "Baby, what is troubling you so?" she questioned.

"My papa…" he choked, tears streaming from his eyes, "…Sand Storm…" he spoke, "…help." He finished pressing his face into the arm of the women.

Compassion leaving, her eyes became tense, her kingdom was in danger and she was not even alerted.

"Baby, Where?" she asked again turning her attention to the young boy in her arms.

"The village," he slowly said covering his eyes, tears flowing beneath his dirty fingers.

"Do you know which one?" she questioned her tone becoming more hurried.

It was then that the Queen's daughter sang her name, "Mother," as she skipped into the large room, from the hall.

"Not now Namine," he said sternly, only taking a second to glance up at the blond child before looking again upon the small boy.

"The southern, I believe" he said politely, as if gaining his speech back, as he rubbed his eyes, now red and swollen from the tears.

She immediately screamed for the guards telling them the news, the left within the minuet.

"My papa!" the boy screamed after the guards, the tears returning to his eyes.

"Shhhh, everything is going to be ok," she said sweetly.

The boy's cries becoming a bit softer.

"Are you tired?" she questioned.

He nodded in reply, again scratching at his puffy eyes.

And she began to sing, a lullaby that she had sung her daughter when she was young, and rocked him back and forth for a long time, until she was sure that he was fully asleep.

She gazed over his facial features and he soundlessly breathed in her arms, his hair matted and tarnished with sand, but she could still see some hints of blond, his face small but dirty, she rubbed a hand through his hair, slowly massaging his scalp.

The young princess still at the door shifted her feet, she had been waiting all this time, and the queen finally noticed her presence, nodding her head beckoning her to come in.

The young girl stepped lightly in order not to wake the sleeping boy, but her foot steps echoed throughout the large throne room.

"It's ok," her mother stated, when she noticed that Namine had paused in fright, due to first glance at his appearance, for the first time she noticed cuts and bruises all over his body, his clothes tired and worn.

She glanced back at the door before continuing on walking, and kneeled down next to her mother. She stared at the small boy's dirty face and tattered clothes, concern filling her young, blue eyes.

"He is about your age, Namine," the Queen said smiling sweetly, but the girl did not blink her eyes or move a muscle, she just continued her examination of the sleeping boy.

"He looks so sad," she stated looking up at her mother. The Queen at first shocked at her daughter words, was speechless, but then again like she always did shook her head, rendering herself of thoughts, and replied.

"Yes, Namine, Yes he does," she said a frown across her lips, as she lifted a hand brushing a loose strand of blond hair behind her daughter's ear.

It was silent for a long time, the Queen humming and the princess just sitting, both of their eyes completely focused on the small boy.

"Will he be ok?" Namine finally questioned, her eyes looking up at her mother.

"Let's hope so," the Queen answered, not wanting to scare her daughter about the sand storm.

"Is there anything I can do?" she asked innocently, her words directed to the boy.

The Queen paused, pondering her answer to the question, and her daughter did not seem upset at all, just sat and waited patiently for the Queen's answer.

"Yes," she said letting a slight smile slip, "You can be his friend."

And with those words, the princess smiled, and looked down at the boy.

"I can do that," she spoke, and air of confidence in her voice.

Roxas awoke from his dream, and slowly blinked his eyes open, a slight bit of dirt falling from his eyes lashes and hitting his pupil. He rubbed his eyes, to get rid of the pain of the sand, and slowly sat up.

His eyes still closed he felt a hand being lightly placed on his chest, "No please don't strain yourself," a young blond haired girl said removing her hand as he opened his eyes.

He looked at her for a long moment, confusion written all over his face, but then the girl spoke again, and her voice soothed his running mind.

"Please, if you will, lie back down." She whispered, her head lowered as she twiddled her hands.

He slowly nodded, choosing to obey, and as requested of him, laid back down; his head hitting a soft, fluffy pillow.

"My name is Namine," the young blond said smiling, placing a hand over her chest showing that she was speaking of herself.

He replied to her gesture in the most polite way her saw possible, "I am Roxas," his voice a bit hoarse, and he found it difficult to talk, being that his throat was swollen and itchy.

She gradually lifted a hand from her lap and placed it atop Roxas's, "It is very nice to meet you Roxas," she said smiling.

He was debating on weather to reply when he heard a loud bang signifying the opening and closing of a large, stone, door.

"The guards are back," Namine said titling her head in the general direction of the sound.

Roxas looked over as well and although his vision blurry he made out the figure of a women talking to some guys, which according to Namine were guards, in armor.

He leaned forward along with the girl sitting beside him, both doing their best to listen in on the conversation.

"Regarding the boy?" the Queen questioned.

"Yes the father said…." But his hearing failing him Roxas felt himself squinting his eyes, as he clutched his head in pain.

"Different, huh?" the women said.

Roxas now drifting in and out of consciousness, he saw the sides of the room further blur, as he blinked his eyes rapidly.

"Yes, his words were Special, Miss."

And then the pain becoming too much to bear, Roxas allowed himself to drift back to sleep, the room going black.

Although Roxas was now fast asleep, the blond girl was still fully awake and had every intention on listening.

So the adult conversation continues.

"So the fate of the father is…" the Queen asked.

"I am sorry your highness, but he died on the scene." The guard stated.

"Did he say anything regarding the fate of the boy, before he passed?" The queen asked a look of remorse in her eyes, as she glanced over at the bed behind the curtain.

"Any relatives?" she stated, not waiting for the guard's answer.

"Actually yes, he was very specific on the whereabouts of the boy, he asked for you to take care of him." He paused deciding to explain to whole story.

"I was walking the area, the southern village, once the sand storm passed, and stumbled upon him half buried in the sand he was, asked if I had seen a boy about the age of six, I told him about how a boy fitting that description ran into the palace, and then he told me the lot of information I just told you." "He said that his son, the boy, finding you was meant to be, and that he was not one to mess with fate." The guard said smiling, satisfied that he could be of such as help.

"Yes, thank you," The Queen paused pondering his words, "You are dismissed." She said rubbing her chin.

She was almost turned when the guard once again called for her attention, "One more thing your majesty," he said holding up a single finger.

Turning on her heals, she nodded and the guard continued, "Before the man, um, passed, he said that he was not the boys, true father, but treated him as his own."

The guard paused for a moment before continuing, "He did not say how he got the boy, I guess he did not find that information important, but he did say that much."

"Then it is settled we will keep the boy her in the palace and he will keep his father's name." she said she tone changing when she spoke 'father'

"Did we get that?" she questioned the guard, "His Name?" she repeated.

"Yes," the guard stated, "Hikari, you majesty, Hikari." He repeated.

She nodded to the guard, and the men behind him then turned on her heals and walked away.

"Hikari, hmm," she said to herself, "Why does that sound familiar?"

From then on Roxas stayed with the Queen and her two children Namine and Cid, in the castle.

And although he never did know the Queen's real name, always addressing her as your majesty or your highness, he did see her as a mother figure, and she shared her lives history with him, when she found it necessary.

She told him of her husband, the true king to Island Paradise, of his strong status among the people, and of his unforgettable personality, laughing and smiling as she brought forth the happy memories, but ending with a frown as she spoke of his death, when Namine was just a baby. She paused for a moment, and he still remembers the silence or her weeps, and how it cut through the air, like slicing butter with a stake knife.

Composing herself, she once again continued where she left off with the fact that Cid was the next in line, him being the only son of the family, but himself being only five at the time, was not yet of age, and so she took her husbands place as a temporary ruler.

But as all natural things occur, she died, when Roxas was age eleven, forcing Cid to take an early kingship at the age of sixteen.

But those tales are to be held for later, and returning back to Roxas's first days within the castle, the days he claims to be the prime of his youth, he recalls were spent a majority of the time with Namine, blushing slightly at his words, the story continues.

The six year old Roxas and five year Namine sat in the outdoor sandbox, playing silently. It had only been a week since the terrible storm, and Namine was told by her authorities to be sensitive as to what she said around the young boy.

Breaking the silence the young girl asked, "So do you know hold old you are?" she spoke without looking up from her small sand castle.

He solemnly shook his head; he had hardly spoken at all since he was told of his father's fate, but when he rarely did speak his words were only directed to Namine or the Queen.

And as he did, spend most of his time with Namine, he found himself talking more openly about things to her.

"Well do you know your birthday?" the young blond questioned again.

"No," he said quietly as he shifted the sand clumps through his hands.

Silent for a moment, Namine brought a sandy finger to her chin, pondering on her next words, she felt as if she had hurt his feelings, and was carefully choosing what to say.

"Well then, you can share my birthday," she concluded happily.

Roxas's expression suddenly changed as he looked up from his sandy hands to her, sweetly saying, "Thank you."

She says she recalled him smiling for the first time that day, of course Roxas denies the fact, Namine only pushing him lightly on the shoulder and giggling each time the matter was brought up.

They played silently in the sand for some time after the questions had been asked, until once again she spoke, "Well?" the petite blond said raising her head, her eyes directed towards the boy.

"Well what?" the boy answered her statement somewhat confused by her choice of words.

"Don't you want to know the date of our birthday, silly?" he asked playfully a large smiling wrapping her lips.

He paused for a moment, still getting used to her generosity then quickly replied, "Yes."

She paused, for suspense, giggling as she held his gaze, then yelling with excitement, "April twenty-third!" her voice projecting over the small sand dunes as she threw her hands in the air.

"It's in the spring time," she spoke, and he watched as she giggled and laughed, he felt her tense up every time she was around and I felt it good to see her smile.

After the excitement faded, they both went back to their sand globs.

"You know if we work together on one, then the sand castle will be bigger," Roxas said pausing, he stared down at his sand pile, the top tower falling lopsided, then continued with his thoughts, "I think a bigger one is better than two small ones," he suggested picking at his fingers, the nervousness showing through his behavior.

The words ringing through her ears, they sounded like music, and she leapt for joy, for the fact that Roxas had said something that was not a reply, and then nodded, doing her best to conceal her wide smile.

"Yes Roxas, I would very much like to build a sand castle with you," she giggled, her face beaming with joy.

And with that Roxas stood up, sand falling from his lap, and trudging through the sand he sat down next to Namine.

Even though it was declared that Roxas's official birthday would be the day he arrived to the castle, the day being December ninth, he still found a little present on his bed each morning on April 23, for all the years to come.

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