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Chapter 13:





"Namine," I whispered, my lips barley moving out of exhaustion. I lazily opened my eyes and saw a gray ceiling.

I had been dreaming about her…we were in pain, together…

But she was still beautiful, still unbelievable beautiful – as she always had been – as if she always would be…but, but - she won't be, because of me, because I let her go, and now she is gone.

The memory of the dream was quickly leaving me, reality consuming everything; the reality that she wasn't really here.

All the visions of her that were once so clear, were now blurred…she was disappearing, could I always remember her, or would my memory of her fade just as her existence had.

I grunted lowly, unable to control my thoughts due to the throbbing pain in my head. I struggled to keep my eyes open, and I even tried rubbing them in hopes to clear the unclear room but despite my efforts my eyelids, heavy with fatigue, lazily fell down.

I willingly and unconsciously fell back into the darkness where my vision, dream, nightmare, came back.

It continued where it left off as if I had never opened my eyes….and it felt like it was my reality – my future, what was the point? Namine was gone - I don't need to ever open them again.

"Do you want her to die Roxas?!" He screamed, as he brought a shaky knife closer to Namine's throat.

"No! I would never…"

"Then why, why did you come here?" He questioned, raging fire in his eyes, because he knew that I wouldn't answer, that I couldn't.

Because he knew I was breaking, and it was thrilling to him.

I stayed silent, unable to form a sentence, let alone a sensible answer. Instead my eyes darted back and forth from Namine to the silver haired man, all the while pictures of her death flashing in front of my eyes.

"Exactly," he snarled, "you should have never come..."

"…It is all because of you, if you never tried to save her, to be the hero…or better yet, if you never tried to remember in the first place, you wouldn't be here, she wouldn't be here and you wouldn't be responsible for yet another insignificant death."

At those words he began to bring the knife closer, and closer, and closer…

It was piercing her skin, ever so slightly, ever so slowly…

the blood was trickling down…

and staining her white dress…

she winced…and I screamed.

"DON'T!" I begged, tears pooling at the corners of my eyes, "anything…" I whispered, begged, "anything…just not her,"

"Please…" I shuddered, unable to bear the thought.

That is all I could think, just not her.

I hung my head low, letting the forces of gravity take its all natural toll, and watched as my vision blurred, my silent sobs continued and my tears streamed, fell and splashed onto the dirty, concrete floor.

"What?" The man questioned, clearly intrigued by my words.

"You heard me," I rasped, furrowing my brow and pressing my lips into a pained scowl.

There was a pause, a pause that managed to torture me all due to it unbreakable, meaningful silence. Then the man spoke, "release him."

In one swift movement, and one abrupt second, I felt my wrists released from their tight binds, and my body collide with the concrete ground.

I turned my head slightly, and searched for her. Our eyes collided, she was on the ground as well…thrown aside, but hopefully not forgotten. Her neck was slightly pierced from which a small stream of blood flowed, and trickled down across her collar.

Her eyes were dazed, but she was still aware, and she smiled slightly at me. She looked as if she were about to fall unconscious, she looked weak…and that hurt me more than any type of physical torture.

I placed my hands flat on the concrete, and pushed myself up from the ground. Lifting my head I looked up into the cold, dark eyes of our captor.

"You said anything, didn't you?" He questioned, smug and still clearly intrigued.

I nodded my head slowly, "anything," and I meant it; because nothing meant more to me than her, and her safety.

"Good," He paused and sent me a menacing smirk - I felt like I had just been lured into a corner, "Grab them."

"What!?" I snarled, enraged, but it was too late…because before the second past I was back in chains, and Namine was being pulled to her feet by her hair.

"Keep your word Roxas," the man called as I was being dragged away, I pulled aganist them...but there were too many. They were binding me, pinning me aganist myself. I continued to struggle and yelle, "What are you going to do to her!?" I begged, but it was no use...there was no answer. I was too weak…and too blind to help her, or myself.

"Forgive me, Namine," I whispered when she was out of sight, "For I might be the death of us both."

And then it was silent, seconds passed where there was nothing but the noise of my chained feet being dragged on the floor…but then the worst possible noise ruptured my ears, her scream.

Her blood curdling scream ruptured my ears, "ROXAS!"

I shot my head up to find nothing but the remains of the gray hallway, she screamed again, and I felt my heart drop and clang painfully against my ribs.

"What are you doing to her!?" I seethed, whipping my head around to question the guards that were leading me off.

There was no response, and I repeated the question, this time in a much more frustrated tone, "I said…what are you doing to her!?" …again I got no response.

I scowled, frustrated at their silence and forcefully ripped one of my arms from their tight, constricting grasp, and wrenched myself forward and down the hallway…towards her scream, following the memory of her painful sob. "Namine!" I screamed, hoping that somehow my voice could reach her.

But they caught me, or rather I had never really escaped, I had only gotten one of my arms free and they used the other to pull me back and fling me against a wall.

They quickly cuffed my hands behind my head, and I screamed her name again, "NAMINE!" I yelled- out of panic, out of fear - for her, and regret for what I had done…to her, and myself.

"NAMINE!" I screamed, panicked, after the memories flashed back.

"Roxas?" I heard her whisper.

I kept my eyes shut, not wanting another painful dream to flog my mind, I turned my head away from her voice, but this movement only made it ring louder in my ears.

"Roxas?" she repeated, I could almost see the smile on her lips, and then her voice was louder, "Oh, Roxas!" She sounded overjoyed, "you are alright!" She cried - it wasn't a question.

Unable to resist temptation, I slowly opened an eye, and there she was…blurry, unclear, just a figment of my imagination…but all of that was irrelevant, because fake or not…I could see her, and I smiled.

I looked ahead following her voice, and then our eyes connected. I smiled widely, "is this a dream?" I asked, still unsure of what was real or not. She gave me a puzzled look and shook her head, "no," she whispered, a small smile coming to her lips…she looked concerned, but that hardly registered because I was too excited – I was hardly thinking about anything. I stood up, smiling - stumbling to get to my feet, and ran towards her.

But then my smile faded, because despite my joy, I could not help but notice…her tiny, fragile hands wrapped around iron bars.

I stopped a few feet away from the bars, unable to understand, she was in jail…a prisoner, I quickly jumped to conclusions – she was in jail because of me…my breath quickened, how could I let this happen to her.

"Roxas, are you alright?" She asked, her voice was weak, had they been taking care of her?

I looked up, unable to ignore her voice after such a long absence. Her hand was extended out towards me, but her arm could only reach so far because she was still restrained…by the bars I had unintentionally locked her behind.

I managed to bring a smile to my lips, and took a few steps forward taking her hand in mine.

She smiled at me, and I laced my fingers within hers.

"I really wish these bars weren't between us," I mumbled, wanting so much to have the opportunity to hug her, the privilege to do so.

She smiled at me again, and then I remembered how I had failed her - had she forgiven me yet? Will she forgive me ever?

"I am sorry," I pleaded, hoping that somehow she would understand.

"For what?" She asked, the puzzled expression coming back to her face, "You being here is even far too much to ask."

"For failing, I am sorry," She only looked more confused, I took a slow deep breath and exhaled, "Namine…in the end, when it came down to it, I failed to protect you…and now…your piece…and this prison" I stammer, unable to organize all my thoughts, I had done so many things wrong.

I looked at her, hoping that there would still be a glimmer of hope in her eyes. I hesitantly lifted mine to hers, but instead of sadness and fear, I met shock.

"Roxas," she mumbled, bowing her eyes and unlacing her fingers from mine.

My hand felt empty without hers in mine, and I wanted to reach out and grab it, I wanted to say yes, ask why, but my lips could not form the words.

She took a step back, and lifted her eyes to look at me through her bangs, "I am not the one in prison…you are."

I looked around in shock, only to find bars surrounding me on all sides. I felt trapped, suddenly claustrophobic, and confused.

I jerked my gaze back to Namine, she was further from me now; I was hoping to find safety in her eyes, but her gaze was directed towards the ground, and more importantly away from mine.

"Namine…?" I whispered, but as soon as I said her name there was a loud nose, a metal door unlocking, and Namine jerked her head to the side, her eyes wide with fear.

There was a man's voice…yelling.

My heart started racing, Namine….what was going on?

She suddenly bolted towards me, throwing her body against the bars, and if she was trying to pull herself through.

Her breath was ragged and scared, and her eyes were filled with feared anticipation.

"I know you are in here!" The man screamed, but he didn't sound angry, he was teasing her, taunting with her emotions.

"Roxas, listen to me," She said quickly, in a hushed whisper. "I will be back, don't worry, everything is going to be fine…but you must be careful…it is a…" But she never got to finish her sentence, her warning, because something else, something much more powerful and clearly frightening interrupted her.

"Visiting hours are over," A man said to Namine, his hand now firmly griping her upper arm.

She gulped, and then attempted to smile at me, but it was clearly broken and forced. I sent a broken smile back, and lightly touched her hand before she pulled it away and turned her head in his direction.

"Sorry," She whispered, redirecting her attention to the ground.

"In fact, I don't even remember opening them," he said, tauntingly again, why was he doing this to her? What had she done, why was she here?

There were some many questions...so many, so much confusion...

"I said I was sorry…" She pleaded, "I just wanted to see if he was ok," I froze when she brought my presence to his attention.

He chuckled, and gripped her arm tighter. She winced, and he forcefully pulled her closer to him.

I narrowed my eyes, he was hurting her.

"Don't worry, he is going to be fine," the man said, hissing his response directly into her ear.

Then he looked up, bearing his eyes straight into mine, and twisted his lips into a sickening smirk, "At least for now."

He winked at me, and continued to hold my glare as he said, "But as for you…" he said redirecting his attention to Namine, "…you little witch…"

But I never let him finish, never gave him a chance to finish his threat, because as always I let my emotions get in the way of my common sense and I yelled, no growled, "Don't talk to her that way."

He stopped dead in the middle of his sentence, and she stopped breathing, I hardly blinked I was so furious.

"What did you say?" The man asked, the taunting had left, and was replaced by anger.

"Roxas don't," Namine pleaded, her voice barley above a whisper. At these words our eyes met briefly, and I almost didn't - almost, but then -

"Was I talking to you?!" The man yelled, just before he threw her against to the ground.

"Don't. Touch. Her." I hissed, just before he was about to striker her. I coiled my fingers even tighter around the bars, "And she is not a witch," I growled, the anger seeping through my teeth and into my words.

Again the room went silent, except for the sound of the mans uncontrollable breathing.

"I knew you would be trouble," The man said, letting a small chuckle fit with his words. "But it is almost amusing," he sang, lifting his finger to her hair, my eyes widened in response. "It is as if you are a puppet..." he was coiling a strand of her hair around his finger now. "...and with the slightest movement..." His words got stronger, more intense, as he suddenly clutched a strand of her hair, forcefully. "...I can make you go insane!" He laughed, throwing her to the side.

She feel to the ground with a large thud, she caught herself with one of her hands; they were scraped when she lifted them off the ground.

"How does it feel?" The man taunted, "How does it feel to be captivated...you are a caged animal, and you cant to anything about it."

For a moment my eyes flashed to the mans, I sent him a cold glance, showing him that I too could be strong, and warning him with my eyes not to push me. I snarled when he chuckled, and then turned my attention back to Namine...she was more important; she was the only person that was important.

Her hair was disheveled from the fall and her bangs fell in her face. She looked at me with wide eyes…as if she was looking at a stranger.

Something inside me snapped, that look - that fear, it triggered something...something powerful.I looked at her through my bangs and through the bars, and gave her a small, hopeless smile.

"Forgive me," I mouthed to Namine begging her one last time, but she only reacted by widened her eyes further. She was afraid, and she had reason to be…it was true – she had never seen me like this – I don't think anyone has, this sudden rage even surprised myself.

But for some reason, it also felt familiar, and it was strong – like it had been building up for a hundred years – just like Axel said.

I smiled and then turned my attention to the ugly, old man. "I didn't indent to be trouble…but you know how things go – situations arise, people get hurt…"

"Don't talk to me like that!" He yelled, desperately trying to hold onto his control, "I hold your life in my hands!"

"I don't care about my life…" I said through gritted teeth, I think I just wanted to make him angry – I wanted to taunt him, tease him, let him see how it feels.

"Then whose life do you care about? Huh?" He asked stalking over to Namine and pulling her up by her wrist, she winched slightly but tried to suppress it, she didn't want me to notice – she didn't want me to get angry.

But it was already too late for that.

His other hand moved to her head, and pulled on a fitful of her hair, "I am sure you wouldn't want to put any innocents in danger…" I narrowed my eyes. No...that was, unfair - he couldn't.

Why was her pain always because of me? Then the memory, the dream...the nightmare flashed back, "It is all because of you, if you never tried to save her, to be the hero…or better yet, if you never tried to remember in the first place, you wouldn't be here, she wouldn't be here and you wouldn't be responsible for yet another insignificant death."

I shook my mind free, just in time to hear his final words.

"…what if someone got hurt Roxas?" He taunted...did he know how much his words hurt...did he know how powerful they really were?

"Look," the man directed, turning over his shoulder, "Look how weak he is...how weak I made him," he said, talking to the shadows.

That is when I noticed them - There were others in the room now, all dark - just like him, and they were standing in the shadows, watching - waiting.

"What if someone you loved got hurt?" The man questioned, an evil smile spread across his lips.

My eyes widened. Love.

One word. One very powerful word.

How did I feel…did I love Nam—

"He doesn't love me!" Namine said, raising her voice frantically. Our eyes connected...but what if I did?

"What?" The man asked, "Are you not two young lovers?"

"No." Namine answered quickly and coldly, "Tell him Roxas, tell him that you don't love me." Namine requested, haistly...her voice was short...she was nervous.

She wanted to live, she wanted me not to love her. "It's all your fault...if it wasn't for you she wouldn't be here..."

That's right, it was all because of me. I couldn't openly love her...because I cared about her too much...because I would rather her live than risk being with me.

Of course I didn't love her - but it was immposible to convince myself of those words. She didn't remember me, and even if she did, we shared nothing, a friendship and a one sided crush - absolutely nothing.

I looked up into her yes and answered, untruthfully, "No…I don't love her."

"Good." The man said, with a smirk, "Then you won't mind if she dies." He spoke nonchalantly, turning to walk out of the room and dragging Namine by the arm behind him.

"No!" I screamed, panicked at his words, I tried to stop myself, catching my mistake, but it was too late – I had already spoken, already showed too much emotion.

Once again her life would be risked by my emotions – my stupidity.

The man stopped in his tracks and turned to look at me, smiling wide. "Why such concern Roxas – is it because you were lying to me – is it because you really do care if she gets hurt?"

"Just because I don't love her doesn't mean I can still let someone innocent die." I responded, hoping the lie was enough. But who was I kidding, a lie was never enough - that is why there is truth, and nothing can ever compare to the truth.

"Take her away!" The man called to the others in the room. They emerged from the shadows silently, took her by the arms, and led her out.

She didn't fight...she was tired, and she was tried of fight for me. I caught her eye then, just as she was leaving; she was sad – the corners of her eyes were pooling with tears, she didn't want me to fight either. I held her gaze hoping that somehow our connection would prevent those men from taking her away, but it didn't. And before I knew it she was gone.

Her pained expression stuck in my mind, what had she done to deserve this - nothing; so then why her? Why did she have to be in so much pain – if it was just me, if I was alone in this, it would be bearable, but this – her pain was too much.

Her pain made me weak, but not weak enough...I will still fight, for her...even if she didn't want me to. I would get her out...even if it left me behind.

"Why?" I whispered. The man looked surprised by my sudden mood change, but I didn't expect him to understand – how could I possibly expect a man without a heart to understand something like love?

"Why what!?" The man snapped, clearly irritated by my weakness.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked, my voice a little louder than before, "How could you do this to her…of all people, why her?"

"Because Roxas, life is unfair, get used to it, and get used to saying goodbye." His voice was rushed and annoyed.

Then the door slammed and he was gone.

Gone. Life is unfair, his words echoed in my mind.

Life is unfair, and she is gone…but never forgotten, no she could never be forgotten.


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