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Chapter 2

The Fate of Heart

"Of course, your majesty," Namine said bowing to her brother.

"Namine," he the king said chuckling, "You're royalty as well; you can address me by my name, as I do with yours."

"Well then why can't Roxas?" she asked stomping her feet.

"Oh so this is about Roxas," he asked, although it sounded more like an statement, his smile dropped with his words concerning the boy, "Should have known." He said under his breath, most of the problems Namine had recently concerned Roxas one way or another. 'Why won't you not let me and Roxas be alone?' 'Well Roxas is allowed…' the arguments of the past week returning to mind.

But he was rudely ripped from his thoughts by a shrill scream.

"That's not answering my question!" she yelled.

"Namine, don't make me say it…" his tone rising with each word, but he was cut off.

"I asked WHY?" she demanded.

"Because he is not royalty!" he screamed at his sister, partly lifting himself from the throne on which he sat.

"Well mom treated him as if he were her son!" she retorted again stomping her foot.

"Well mom has been dead for five years now!" he yelled, the words slipping through his lips before he had a chance to process his thoughts. Immediately catching his breath, after realizing what he had said, his face saddened a bit.

Her face fell, she was only 10 when her mother died and because her brother became king, only shortly after, she never truly got over the loss.

"Namine," he said, the tension leaving his face, his voice soft with remorse.

"Just shut up, Cid!" she screamed anger filling her eyes, tears building at the brim of her eyes. She had been sad for the most part, but throughout the years, had covered it with anger.

"Namine I know you are angry…" he tried begin, but was at a loss of words.

"What is so wrong with Roxas, Cid?" she asked taking only a short pause in between sentences, "he has been living in the palace for practically all his life, and he has done nothing wrong!" she screamed throwing, out of frustration, confusion, but mostly anger, in the air.

"It always comes back to Roxas," he said chuckling, rubbing his hand against his chin, a trait he had inherited from his mother.

"Why don't you like him, Cid?" she screamed her head tilting toward the ground as she thought, 'I can't help but like him.'

"Namine he is just…" But he was interrupted, he himself building up anger.

"You know what, I don't want to hear it!" she screamed her head snapping up.

"I get it! You don't want me to see Roxas," she screamed glaring at him, "Well too bad!" she ended running out of the room.

"Where are you going!" he demanded, rising from his seat.

"To go see Roxas! She yelled, the vibrations in her voice proved that she was already down the main palace hall. Thinking to herself as she stormed out of the room, 'At least he understands me!'

The king laid his head in his hands and sighed, before finally alerting the guards.

"What is the matter, your highness?" The head guard hurried in, bowing to his king.

"Follow her!" she said, rather calmly.

"If you don't mind me asking," the guard stuttered, but then swallowing, continued with his statement, "Is there something the matter with the boy?"

"Yeah, I just don't feel right about him," he said standing, took a breath, "Now lets move!" he screamed, jerking his arms forward, and it was not before long that an entire section of the army was out in the desert in search for the young princess.

"Roxas!" Namine screamed, jumping off her carriage.

"Oh, hey Namine…woah!" Roxas smiled turning round to meet his childhood friend, but yelped as she collided with his chest knocking his to the ground.

He lay on his back, himself sinking in the sand; she lay on top of him, her hands placed on either his of his head.

"Roxas it is so great to see you!" She giggled, smiling, "With you working on this dig, I hardly ever get to see you." She stated, her face falling, but not wanting to sadden the boy forced herself to keep a smile.

"Oh well I am sorry, about that." He said his face still flush from his current position with the young girl. But he claims it was due to the heat of the vast desert.

"No you don't have to apologize, I know that this is what your father came to our country to do, and I am happy that you're following in his foot steps." She said her smile once again retuning.

It was true that Roxas father, his identity to this day still remaining a mystery, came to the island of Paradise Island, to uncover the vast set of mysterious artifacts, the main one being the one Roxas was presently working on, located in the center of the desert, far from any civilization.

Roxas was about to inform Namine of her position on him, his face expression becoming uncomfortable at the thought of speaking with her about such things, but she continued her thought from before, saying such words, "…and that is why I brought you some food." She pulled out a picnic basket, hand woven and laced with trim, an item of royalty.

"I thought we could have a picnic." She said lifting herself off of her friend.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," he said getting up, now towering over her, he had grown so tall, he claimed from his memory that his father was tall, but then he also pointed out that most things were tall when he was a mere six year old.

"Let me just inform my workers of the break." He said walking over to the group of large me.

Yes it was true, because of his father, but mainly the Queen, Roxas became a head worker, for the uncovering of artifacts and ruins, of the city. And because of his dedication he had his own crew of men by the age of sixteen, and after working together for almost a year now, that had great respect for one another.

Standing there in the desert, the wind blowing her royal garments in the wind, her hair getting slightly matted, she gazed the vast landscape.

Her country, the desert extending in all directions, it was true that most of the island was desert, becoming more and more sand like as you traveled further inland, most people and towns residing on the outside, because of the ocean, and due to the incident a little over ten years ago, to avoid harsh, uncaring sand storms.

She walked over to the country's latest attraction, the artifact Roxas was in charge of uncovering. It lay in flat on the ground, but covered a vast amount of land. It took the shape of a heart imbedded in the sand, hard stone outlined its edges, fancy, old, pictures and symbols engraved its face.

In a way it was beautiful, but the longer she gazed the more she felt wrong, a slight shiver moving down her spine, as a thought struck her mind.

It was her, she sat in a room made of glass, her reflection staring back at her in all directions, and in her hand she held a single heart, its soft pink curves barley touching the tips of her fingers.

She knew it was her, but she felt herself watching as well. She wanted to go over and comfort herself, ask what was wrong, but her feet were glued, as she felt herself unable to move.

She gazed upon the back of herself, and in the mirror she saw herself crying, she reached a hand forward, but she felt herself freeze, her mind slipping, and she felt herself falling back into the ground or was it the sky.

"Namine," Roxas said once he approached the girl, "Please don't go near this ruin, we don't yet know its power, and it could be dangerous." He finished now standing next to her.

"Namine?" he questioned, after not hearing her response. Her hair was blowing in the wind, covering her face, but more importantly her eyes.

"Namine, are you alright?" a sense of panic in his voice as he reached out and placed a large tired hand of her petite shoulder.

She slowly turned at the realization of his touch, her eyes blank and grey. She looked up at him. He tried to speak but her gaze over powered his words, and he stayed silent.

She brought a hand up to his cheek and grazed his skin with the tips of her fingers.

"Roxas," she whispered the slightest of smiles appearing across her lips, but then her gaze changed, and he blank eyes dropped, and she whispered, "Help."

His face tense, concern filled his eyes, when she once again looked up to face him, her eyes returning to the color of the sky, her expression was dull mixed with confusion. She seemed dazed, she tried to smile, but her knees buckled and she fell forward.

Extending his arms, he caught her, and held her. Her eyes were closed, and she felt faint, her face cold, and clammy. He quickly picked her up wedding style and carried her across the desert over towards the shade.

The world was dark, and everything felt like nothing, until his voice penetrated the dark walls.

"Namine, this ruin, we don't yet know its power." He said, silent weeps could be heard.

Brought back by the sound, she lifted her eyelids and started up at the top of a cloth covered tent. Her hand grasped within his, he was staring off into the distance, his face stern, his eyes locked, on the tent entrance.

"Roxas?" she spoke, her voice barley above a whisper.

His attention immediately turned to face her, and his expression lighted.

"I am glad you are alright, Namine." He said, his face still in a frown, "But please stay inside, the winds have picked up outside." He said again returning his gaze to the door.

She listened, the tent becoming silent, and she heard the wind swirling outside.

"Is it bad, are we going to be ok?" she asked quickly, breaking the silence.

"No worries, this has been happening a lot his week, I just don't want to see you get hurt." He replied, a smile reaching his lips.

She sighed deeply, laying her head back against the pillow.

"Roxas?" she stated his name, as she titled her head forward, in order to get his attention.

"Yes." He said, his gaze not leaving the door.

"How long was I out?" she questioned.

"No more than thirty minuets." He said his eye brows narrowing.

She paused, preparing herself to question.

"Do you know what happened," she asked, and his head jerked suddenly, his attention now on her. Startled by his reaction she paused, her mouth gaping slightly, showing that she was in mid word, to rethink the way she asked her question. Then started again, "Do you know why I fainted?" she asked her eyes lowering.

He answered not abruptly, but nor did he extend the silence.

"I don't know Namine, but it scared me." He admitted, "I never want that to happen to you again," he paused his eyes softening, "And that is why I promise to always protect you." He said, the silence in the room growing, but he was soon called out of the room by one of his esteemed workers.

She felt her face blush at his words, and the promise ringed in her ears over and over again, but her thought were interrupted when one of the palace guards entered the tent, his clothes somewhat disorientated due to the wind.

"The king whishes to see you, Princess." He said bowing. "He would like to take you home, now." He said politely, without moving from his spot at the door.

Namine panicked, her brother wanted to take her away from here, from Roxas, he wanted to break the promise. And she quickly came to the conclusion that he was not going to let him, and do everything in her power to stay by Roxas's side.

She quickly jumped from the bed, her feet landing on the floor with a thud, her head a bit woozy but she ignored the dizziness and went. She dashed for one of the four cloth walls, bent down and lifted up the cloth curtain. The muffled sounds of the guards voice yelling after for her to stop.

The wind had picked up since she was last outside, and she was having trouble holding onto her sun hat, but after hearing the sounds of the king's men she forgot the hat and ran in the opposite direction.

She ran towards the dig, knowing that Roxas would be there, after all he always was.

Once she got close enough, she yelled his name, "Roxas! Roxas!" she screamed, cupping her hands around her mouth, further projecting her voice. The winds were picking up and the sand began to swirl, the faint noise of voices could he heard around her.

"Namine!" he yelled rushing over to her, pulling her into a tight hug. "Namine," he said into her ear speaking softer, "what are you doing outside, you were supposed to go back to the palace." He said a hint of anger in his voice.

She was shocked at first by his words, but then shook her head clearing her thoughts, and spoke as she slightly pushed away from him, "I don't want to go back!" she yelled over the wind, "I want to stay here with you!" but her voice was being muffled.

"It is too dangerous." He yelled, his memories falling back to when he was young.

It was then that a huge gust of wind swept by, the sand stinging their skin. He once again pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her, her face lying against his chest. He bowed his head, and leaned it against hers. The whole time, thinking, praying for her safety.

Being so close to him felt good, and once the wind past she did not want to let go, but she could hear the voices of the king's men, and even the king himself yelling for her, and she no matter what it took, was not going back with them, because she knew for sure, that she would be band to leave the castle if she did.

She pulled away, shielding her face from the wind, which had slightly died down since the earlier gust. "I have to go!" she screamed, "they are coming, I have to hide" she said to him.

His eyes glossy, for the thoughts of his father, and his last hours, flooded back to him, fresh in his mind as if they had happened yesterday. But then he felt emptiness in his arms, and shook his head free of these thoughts. Namine was gone, and without even thinking he began to run after her.

She ran towards the ruin, feeling that if she was there, she would be forever safe.

He saw her in the distance, running towards the ruin. And fear struck his mind, it was going to take her, and he ran faster.

But as he ran through the sand filled wind, he saw the faint image of her stepping into the imprinted heart shape ruin, he screamed, "Namine! NO!" but as he ran to the edge of the ruin, she saw him look back at him, her feet placed in the center.

He reached his hand out to her, but the sand surrounding the edge rushed up, as if creating a wall of sand and wind.

He flung down to the ground, placing his hand over his head, protecting his neck, as the wind flowed over him.

Namine ran into the ruin, her heart beating fast, and she stumbled to the center. Hearing Roxas, she turned to look back, and as he reached out his hand, the sand swirled upward, creating a wall. She shielded her eyes with her arm, but slowly brought it away.

She looked around, it seemed as if she was in a room, the walls of sand, though not solid, seemed to be impenetrable, and the sand whooshing outside the walls, sounded fierce and uncaring. While the air inside the now heart shaped room was still and cold.

She could faintly see the image of Roxas his head buried under his arm, the sand ripping at his fragile self. She tried to run forward towards him, but she was jerked back. Held in her place she felt herself become weak.

Her eyes once again turning dull, the image of the glass room flashing before her eyes. The sand making the walls began to spin rapidly in all directions, and she felt dizzy her mind clouded, her eyes fell.

She felt as if she was being torn from her body, as she was lifted from the ground. The wind swirling her hair and clothes, she outstretched her arms and blinked her eyes.

Then the pain rushed in, as she felt her heart being ripped from her, her soul being torn apart. She wanted to scream, but all she could do was feeling the pain.

She once again she felt like she was looking at herself from other eyes, but the pain reminded her it was real.

Until it was gone, she felt empty a shell, and then she fainted, her body falling back to the earth, she felt like her dream, her vision, as she fell back to the ground.

Then it suddenly stopped the wind calmed and the sand settled all within the same second; the desert returning to normal. Roxas lifted his head brushing the sand from his hair, and pushed his torso from the ground pushing off with his arms. His vision blurry he glanced forward, the figure of a small young girl laying in the center of the heart ruin, once again flat, the walls of swirling sand had disappeared.

He shook his head, his vision becoming clearer, and darted forward.

Without thinking he ran into the heart, stepping on the sandstone tiles, his feet clacking against the rocks.

She laid oh her side, their in the center of the circle, her head resting against the cold stone, her arms out in front of her also laying against the rock. Her legs crossed, her blond locks covering her face.

He sprinted forward, kneeling down next to her. He lifted her head, placing it on his leg, and brushing the bangs for her face. Her face was pale and cold, her expression was blank. He took her hand in his and laid his head to her chest, hearing the slighted of beats.

She was alive the joy rushed through his body, he kneeled on both knees placing a hand under the top of her back, and then another in the crook of her knees, and picked her up wedding style.

He walked out the heart ruin, and he felt as if he walked through a force field, ignoring the change he continued walking.

The men and guards were recovering from the storm, most only with slight wounds.

Roxas walked past them his eyes focused on the king; stopping when he was only a foot away. He coldly spoke, "This is your fault," without making eye contact with the king.

The king was shocked, but did not reply harshly, but rather calmly, for he knew that they young boy that he had despised had saved his sister, the princes to Paradise Islands, and that there should be no punishment for that.

"We will escort you back to the palace." He said gesturing his hand toward one of the unbroken carriages.

Roxas only nodded, knowing very well that Namine did not want to go back with her brother, but because he wanted to do what was best for her, he entered the carriage, placing her in his lap.

That day Roxas sat beside Namine's bed all day, holding her had, silently praying. Her eyes never opening to blink.

The sun finally died, the world becoming night, and the earth becoming cold.

His eyelids falling heavy, he slipped his hand from Namine's covering his mouth of his gaping yawn then carefully slipped his fingers into the palm of her hand. Laying his head down, he slowly drifted off into a heavy slumber.

Gracing his finger tips against the soft smooth skin of her palm, he smiled, and dreamed of happy times.

"Roxas," a voice called.

"Roxas," it whispered again, its echoes channeling through the large palace corridors.

His eyelids lifting slowly, he looked around the dark room, glancing from wall to wall, nothing but darkness, so he once again closed his eyes hoping to return to his dream of past birthdays, large forests, but most of all Namine and his memories shared with her.

"Roxas," it said after some time.

Roxas once again heard his name, but not wanting to leave his dream.

He clamped his eyes shut hoping to recapture the feel of his dream and drift back into his slumber; he needed to see the end, what would happen.

"Roxas," it called, beckoning him.

But his dream also called for it was of her.

"No, Roxas don't go." She said, her blond hair shadowing her face.

He tried to reach out his hands to her and protect her, but reality was calling.

"Roxas," the voice said now directly speaking into his ear.

"No, Roxas, help me." She said, her eyes lifting, tears streaming down her face.

"Roxas, dear, please wake up," the voice spoke, sounding clearer, it pitch seeming women like.

"Help me!" she screamed, her voice disappearing into the echo's as his mind awoke, and his body shook with fear.

His eyes shot open of the image of her descending into the darkness, him being taken away leaving her there.

"Namine!" he screamed sitting straight up, relived that his night mare was over.

"Oh dear, Roxas you scared me." The voice, now clearly coming from a women said, she said covering her hand with her mouth, covering up the laugh, and pointing to the sleeping girl beside her.

Roxas's pupils dilated and his face turned white, his lips quivered and a shiver inched through his veins. For the Queen sat in front of him.

Realizing that Roxas was in shock she spoke, "oh Roxas it is just me," she said shooing the air, and then giggled to herself, "I never knew you would grow up to be such a lazy boy." She said taking a pause, "I took so long to wake you up." She finished.

There was a long silence that filled the room, the vast darkness setting in between them, the sounds of the sleeping blond could be heard, and the shifting movements of the young man in his chair, but then the deceased Queen spoke.

"You have grown up to be such a hansom, young man." She said, her voice full of pride, as she lightly touched his cheek.

Her touch calmed the anxious teen a bit, and he found the nerve to speak.

"You majesty…" he said, the words barely slipping from his mouth, but as his thoughts over rode the shock his words became mumbled and his thoughts jumbled.

"Yes, but would you please follow me, I don't want to wake the sleeping girl." She said taking a step towards the large door on the other side of the room.

She stopped glanced over her shoulder and smiled slightly then continued walking.

Roxas slowly got up from his chair, being aware of his every move, in order not to wake the sleeping princess, and then hesitantly took steps following the Queen.

She exited the through the large door, and seated herself on one of the cushioned benches just outside the medical room.

She patted the seat next to her, motioning for Roxas to take a seat, after noticing that he was once again glued to the floor in what was now, after shock.

He slowly nodded his head and took a seat.

Roxas wanted to sit as close to the Queen as possible, for he missed her dearly, and whished to feel her wrap her arms around him, like she had all those many times before. But he sat on the opposite side of the bench, crossing his legs in an awkward position and started down at his hands.

She spoke after only a few moments, she knew not to waste time, "Roxas, I know this meeting must be weird for you, but before I begin, is there anything you want to ask?" she questioned to young boy.

His head jerked up with the sound of her words, the sound of her voice so captivating, so unreal that he could not help but stare.

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts and tried to organize enough words to make a clear sentence.

"Yes," he said slowly, pausing, repeating the question once or twice in his head in order to make sure it did not sound as stupid as he knew it would, "Am I…," but his eyes dropped and he clasped his hands together, "Am I…" he started again, "Am I dead?" he asked his eyes serious as he locked gazes with the Queen.

Her face expression brightened, and she smiled, "No Roxas, my son…" Roxas shuddered at the words, she other than his father was the only one to call him 'son' and it felt warm and inviting as it touched her lips, but when gone it left the feeling of distance, and remorse. "…you are not dead, you are very alive in fact." She finished.

"Then how?" Roxas said lifting and clenching his hands into fists then releasing them again. His face tense, as if he had just witnessed a murder.

"This is only a dream Roxas," she said placing her hand on his, "This is only a dream," she repeated smiling then pulling him into a large, inviting, loving, motherly hug.

And as the sunlight hit the glass, and slowly inched its way into the room, the Queen felt it burn her cheeks and she pulled away, leaving Roxas again empty.

"We must hurry," she stated, now standing, as she glanced up towards the large windows lining the corridors. "We don't have much time," she said her face crinkling, showing age with wrinkles.

And with that she rushed to the door way of the medical room, stopping quickly she faced Roxas. He being taller than her, she stood taller to reach eye contact.

"Roxas, listen to me," she spoke sternly, "Namine, she is dying, and she needs your help." She said rather abruptly. At the news of another death of someone close to him, Roxas shuddered, but quickly regained his composition, and looked directly into the Queen's eyes.

"Please take my daughter, and help her." She said hurrying over to Namine's bedside.

Roxas confused on what to do, just stood there slightly lifting his hands, then putting them down by his sides, again.

"Quickly, now" the Queen motioned with her arms.

And Roxas scooped Namine into his arms, wedding style, her head resting on his arm.

"Now follow me." She said, rushing forward and out of the room. Winding through the corridors and down stairs they went; Roxas never stopping to question the Queen's actions.

Before he realized it, they were outside, the sun peeking up above the horizon; a gentle breeze hitting his face.

"Go!" she said, motioning towards the desert.

"But…" he began but was interrupted.

"Listen, Roxas my dear, I will always be with you, and I am sorry for leaving you at such an early age, but you must go!" she said touching his cheek.

He nodded, never failing to obey the Queen's orders, and walked forward, his shoes hitting the cobble stone, making a small clacking noise as he stepped.

"Go, and follow you heart." Roxas heard the Queen speak, he turned around, but she was gone, disappeared into the shadows, he frowned and turned again and began to walk.

The frown leaving his face he thought, 'This truly is a very odd dream.' But despite his thoughts he still continued on walking.

Roxas trudged on, his feet sinking deep within the sand with every step. The sun now high, was beating down on his head and shoulders and he had removed his cloak and placed it over the girl in his arms to protect her from the sun.

He walked a few more steps, but the sun did not quit, and his eye lids became heavy, the sweat beating down his forehead. His mind became blurry, and his vision unclear. He began to see hallucinations, unclear what was for real or not.

A large rock, providing shade was seen in the distance, and Roxas decided that it would be best to rest in the shade to regain his energy. All the time whishing the dream would end.

His eyelids became heavy and tiredness over came his body, his muscles ached, and his mouth ran dry. He needed to keep going, but felt as if he was going to end.

He took one last step placing his right foot in front of his left and his balance was caught off guard, he stumbled and feel, the poor princess, hot and sweaty, but still overcome by and endless sleep, laid in the sand beside him. He needed to continue he needed to fine hope, but they journey never seemed to end, and he could not find the strength to rise.

Pulling the princess close, he closed his eyes, allowing his brain to melt, a sense of peace over came him, and he left, the world closing, he was leaving, and it felt good.

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He woke, his eyes drifting from left to right, his eyelids still covering his eyes, obscuring his vision.

The sound people covered his ears, people sweeping, shopping, dining, the noise pollution pulled him from his long slumber. He propped his hands palm flat on the floor, and lifted himself off the ground. His vision blurred he blinked, thinking that he was in a small room with wood walls, and a mat bed, confused him, so he blinked once again rubbing the sleep away, only to find a clearer picture of what was described.

He jumped to his feet, he did not recognize the place in which he was and that was a bad thing.

His mind tracing his thoughts, he found nothing, nothing at all, nothing except a dream, and an old woman. Then the blood rushed to his face at the realization that in his dream he was carrying a girl. He rushed out of the room, not knowing who she was, but he felt a strong connection with her, and was concerned about her well being and safety.

As he slid open the grass door, he ran into a older women, herself plump and round, he smiled sweetly and bowed slightly.

Roxas stuttered at first, but then managed to get the words out, "Um is there a girl here, Blond hair, blue eyes, about my age?" he asked, pointing to himself.

She only nodded her head and gestured for him to follow. She led him to a room, slides open the grass door, and there on a small straw mat lay the girl of his dreams.

He rushed over to her, kneeling down by her head. He cupped her head in his hands, breathing heavily out of panic.

A Woman made a hiccup noise and he looked up, noticing her for the first time.

She smiled sweetly and questioned, "Do you know this girl?" she gestured toward the sleeping blond.

He nodded slightly responding, "I think I do."

She only nodded at his response, and then glanced over the girl once again.

"She is forever sleeping, and is missing something important to her." She said never glancing at him.

"I don't know." He said looking down at her, gazing over her features.

Without realizing that the girls attention was now on him she spoke, "Are you alright yourself, you look quite confused." She stated, worry in her eyes.

"Yes," he answered quickly, "I don't remember much…" he paused thinking, "…of anything really."

The girl then smiled and slid closer to him, "I can help with that" she said placing her hands on his temples, one hand on each side of his head.

"You probably have temporary memory loss, judging by this wound on your head." She said then examining his head trauma.

"I can bring your memory back, I am called a witch, but I just think of it as higher level healing, do you wish to remember?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Ok then, all your memories will flow back as once, so please be prepared for even the worst of experiences." She said her voice a bit shaky.

He nodded once again, then closed his eyes, preparing himself.

Then it began, a memory or two coming, "April twenty-third!"sand castle will be bigger…then they began to flow rapidly.

Going from bad to worse.

Papa… I love you… afraid… Son… I am scare…d The village… Roxas! Run now…Regarding the boy… Different, huh… you can share my birthday… Island Paradise… Princess… Namine… very odd dream… Roxas, help me… Roxas it is so great to see you… have a picnic… this ruin… we don't yet know its power dangerous… this ruin… we don't yet know its power… Namine! NO!... back to the palace… Sand storm…This is only a dream… Roxas follow your heart.

He ripped his head away from her finger tips and clutched his skull with the pain, physical and cytological.

He lifted his head crying, for the memory of his father, or the Queen, of Namine, and of his promise, "I never want that to happen to you again," he paused his eyes softening, "And that is why I promise to always protect you."

His eyes dropping to the girl, the princess, Namine, 'I will always protect you' the words echoed in his head, and he smiled slightly. Whispering the words after the nurse had left,

"It was not a dream, it was real, this is real."

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Roxas: ahuh. And I quote, 'Just a part' meaning your not really a king.

Cid storms off.

Roxas: your words not mine.

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